tagFetishVisiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 03

Visiting Joanna's Feet Ch. 03


Note: This is this the third chapter in the series and a direct continuation of the story. Although it mostly stands on its own, I'd recommend reading the first two parts for more context on the relationship of the characters.


The morning had started out so perfectly: a nice sunny day with Joanna and I along with Bryan and Steph, the four of us all alone at our favourite surfing spot, sitting on our boards within the deep blue Indian Ocean, leisurely watching the nice swells and catching the cleanly breaking waves as they rolled towards the sandy shore. As usual, I had made the six hour drive from my campus in the middle of nowhere, dropping off my luggage at Joanna's place in the city before the both of us heading to the secluded beach. It had been three months since we had officially become a couple, on that same magical night in Lancelin. Since then, we had visited each other as often as our busy schedules had allowed but it had been three weeks since we had last met. This time though, we would spending the entire two week mid-semester break together. Even better, all her housemates had gone away for the holidays, leaving a completely empty house for us to enjoy.

Everything had gone smoothly for an hour or so until disaster suddenly struck. Failing to catch a particularly big wave, Joanna had wiped out in spectacular fashion, her board violently swept from under her feet as her ankle leash had snapped clean off. Falling off balance, the wave had crashed onto her, engulfing her and dragging her down into the foamy water. As she had broken the surface, she had let out a sharp cry for help, by which time we were already paddling furiously towards her. Reaching the shore, her left arm badly bleeding, she had dropped to her knees, still conscious but woozy, coughing up and retching the water she had swallowed. Wasting no time, we had rushed her to the nearest hospital, where the agonising wait had then begun.

A half dozen stitches on her left arm, several scans and a few hours of observation later, the doctor had finally allowed her to be discharged. As the latter had explained, Joanna had been extremely lucky considering what could have been. Apart from the deep gash on her arm, some slightly bruised ribs, and a bit of whiplash, the other minor cuts and bruises she had suffered were only superficial. Still, her body had taken a serious tumble and she would be needing be needing help moving around for the next few days. And so, with a bottle of prescription painkillers in a little brown bag, we made our way back home.

Bryan and Steph arrived at the house moments after us, having made a small detour to get us some take away for the night. They had then left Joanna into my care, promising to come visit the next day. As the door shut, the both of us were left within the silence of the empty house, the amber rays of the afternoon sun shimmering through the windows. The air inside was oppressively hot and humid, the central air conditioning doing seemingly nothing to lessen the latter. With her unhurt arm hung around my shoulders for support, we slowly made our way upstairs. It turned out that once standing, Joanna could walk without much discomfort. However, any twisting or bending motions would cause her excruciating pain, knocking her breath out and forcing her to stop. She had not said a word since we had left the hospital and I could see in her vacant eyes that she was still under the shock of the accident. Her dirty blonde hair was a dishevelled mess, dried by the sea water with specks of sand stuck within. She had changed out of the hospital gown into the hoodie I had given her, which draped loosely over her body and mostly covered her little pair of jean shorts. Her forehead glistened with sweat from the pain and exertion, combined with the unrelenting heat within the house.

"Do you want to take a shower first? It might make you feel better..." I asked her as we reached the hallway.

Joanna nodded feebly and we headed to the bathroom.

As we entered the bathroom, Joanna instinctively began unzipping the loose hoodie. As she tried to twist her arms out of the sleeves, she suddenly froze in pain and let out a sharp cry. In that moment, I saw her vacant stare turn to a shocked realisation that she could not do it on her own. I held her steady and wordlessly began helping her undress, first the hoodie then pulling down her shorts and bikini bottoms to her ankles.

"Hold on here for a sec..." I told her as I helped her lean against the counter.

Joanna's cheek flushed slightly in embarrassment as she stood in silence, her head hung down. I reached out my hand into the glass cubicle and pulled on the tap lever, the water rushing from the large circular overhead showerhead. As I waited for the water to warm, I took off my shirt and walked back to her.

"Let's go..." I whispered, leading her into the shower.

As the stream of water hit her body, Joanna hissed.

"Too hot?" I asked.

"No...just stings a bit...I'm fine..." She bit down on her lower lip.

Once again, she instinctively lifted her hand to push her hair back and again, she froze in pain and let out a scream, this time an edge of frustration in her voice. Looking at her, I could see that she was finally processing the effects of her injuries and was having a hard time doing so. Joanna prided herself on being stubbornly independent and I could only imagine the mental blow she was going through, being unable to do such basic tasks. I could tell that she was putting on a brave face but underneath, it was clear that her mood had soured. Relentingly, she put her arm back onto my shoulder but averted her eyes downwards.

Joanna's hair flowed down to her shoulder blades, the dirty-blonde colour appearing nearly light brown under the flowing water. I squirted a dollop of shampoo from the pink bottle and started massaging it onto her scalp and running my fingers along the strands to dislodge the salt and sand. Her body pressed against mine and I could smell the coconut scented sunscreen on her skin.

"Do you want to do your face?" I asked her once I had rinsed off her hair.

This was the only way I could think of to help her maintain some form of control. Joanna nodded and I squirted some face wash into her hand. As she closed her eyes and cautiously began lathering her face, I took the time to more closely inspect her wounds. Her lower body was pretty much unscathed, the brunt of the damage being mostly on her left side where she had presumably hit the shallow sand bed. A series of small cuts and scratches extended from the top her arm and ending at her upper thigh. On the left side of her ribs, the palm-sized bruise had already started to turn into a darkish yellow. Although not broken, I knew from personal experience how painful bruised ribs could be, not only hindering mobility but also potentially excruciating when breathing heavily or tensing. Still, despite all her injuries, I couldn't help but admire the beauty of her athletic and toned, yet utterly feminine figure. From her delicate collarbones that drew my gaze down to her full perky breasts and perfect pink nipples. The gentle curve of her back sloped to a cute toned butt and down her long legs towards those beautiful size eight feet. It was truly a sight to behold and I couldn't imagine anything more perfect.

Joanna finished washing her face and put her arm back onto my shoulder. Her dejected face was getting more sullen by the minute. For a moment, it seemed like she was holding back tears, although the steamy shower made it hard to tell. I took it as a cue to take over and generously squirted some soap onto her frilly loofah. In small gentle motions, I began lathering her sun kissed body from top to bottom, intently gauging for any signs of discomfort on her part. As she steadied herself against me, I could sense the frustration in her breath and body language. I could tell that her increasing irritation was not only due to the pain, but also the resentment that her body was not responding the way she wanted. Meanwhile, the heavy atmosphere was slowly getting to me as I fruitlessly racked my brain to find a way to make her feel better.

"Shit, I forgot to get you some clothes." I told her as we stepped out of the shower and started towelling off.

"No clothes..." she mumbled. "It hurts to put them on..." her voice trailed off.

I opened my mouth to argue with her before reconsidering. Although the last rays of sun had finally set, the heat and humidity had yet to drop. We had barely been out of the shower for a few seconds and already the clinging air was making us perspire. I nodded to her and with her naked body pressed against bare torso, we padded back to her room. As we crossed the threshold of her door, Joanna abruptly stopped and leaned in against me.

"Thank you..." she whispered, her head still facing downwards. "I'm sorry you have to do this..." her voice choking up as she held back tears.

"Don't." I interjected before she had finished her sentence. "I'll be by your side till you get better." I whispered back in a reassuring tone.

Joanna's squeezed her hand tighter against my shoulder but remained silent as we made our way to her bed. It took a while to get her comfortable, especially as she insisted on sitting up instead of lying flat. Eventually, with a couple of pillows supporting her back against the headboard, she found a comfortable position and I slipped out of the room to take a quick shower. I returned a few minutes later, a towel draped around my waist, only to find her sobbing uncontrollably.

"Are you ok?" I asked tentatively.

"This sucks..." Her voice quivered, hot tears streaming down her cheeks.

"This fucking sucks!" Her voice now seething.

"I can't shower...I can't get undressed...I can barely even walk by myself!" Her words breaking up in between sobs.

I walked in and stood in front of her.

"Hey! Look at me!" I said in a firm voice and waited for her to look into my eyes.

"I already told you, I'm here for you and I'm not leaving your side till you're back on your board! Knowing you, it'll only take half the time the doctor said. So until then, just focus on getting better and let me take care of the rest! We're in this together!" My voice gradually becoming more inspirited.

Joanna's eyes widened, taken aback by the sudden loudness of my voice. As her reddened eyes looked into mine, her mouth slightly agape, I immediately regretted my words. I had definitely spoken too harshly and getting into an argument was the last thing we needed right now. For a moment, she just stared at me. With each passing second, I resigned myself to the inevitable consequences, fully expecting her to further break down...

Instead, Joanna cracked a smile as she pointed towards my crotch. As I looked down, I realised that my towel had somehow fallen off during my impassioned speech.

"You're naked..." she whispered, her smile now widening.

This time, I was the one whose cheeks reddened in slight embarrassment, caught off guard by her reaction. Yet, as I thought about it for a second, I realised that even though my words hadn't gone as planned, that little bit of unexpected nudity might have been the key to cheering her up. In a moment of panic, I scrambled for a quick retort.

"You're...damn right!" I said confidently.

At that, I began swinging and helicoptering my cock in front of her, making even more of a fool of myself.

"What are you doing?" she pushed me away, trying to stifle a chuckle.

"It likes you..." I replied cheekily and started gyrating even more vigorously.

"Get that thing away from me!" she replied, this time bursting into a fit of laughter.

I started bouncing up and down, this time bringing my balls into play.

"I'm serious..." she said, trying to feign annoyance. "Stop it and go get me some food!"

"Fine. I guess I'll just save it for dessert!" I gave her my corniest wink and pranced out of the room.

"Hurry up! I'm hungry..." I heard her voice trailing as I barrelled down the stairs.

I reached the kitchen and breathed a huge sigh of relief. My heart was pounding and I was still unsure what had just happened. Somehow, I had just fumbled my way into getting her mood back into high spirits. Either way, I decided not to overthink it and went about perusing around the kitchen. Bryan and Steph, being the great friends they were, had gone by our local food place and bought Joanna's favourite grilled chicken salad. I grabbed the latter, along with a couple of cold gel packs from the freezer before heading back up.

"Here," I handed her the takeaway bowl. "Hold on, let's put these on your bruises first.

They'll help with the swelling." I held up the cold packs.

I crawled onto the bed and carefully placed one behind her neck and wedged the other under her bruised ribs. Joanna sucked in a gasp as the latter touched her skin. Her naked body let out a tiny shiver and goose bumps started forming on her breasts, making her nipples instantly harden. I reached out my hand and began gently caressing her soft breast, feeling the tiny bumps before wandering onto her areola and tweaking her perky nipple between my fingers.

"Stop." She said suddenly, poking me with her fork. "I'm eating..."

"So you just expect me to sit here and watch you eat?" I asked snarkily.

"No...you can sit down there and rub my feet while I eat." She replied casually, teasing me as she flexed her feet and wriggling her toes.

"Now I feel that you're just taking advantage of me!" I said in fake outrage.

"Well...you don't have to if you don't want to..." she started, knowing full well there was no way I would turn that request down.

I look towards her only to be met with a sly grin. That woman's deviousness knew no bounds.

"Fine...just eat your salad!" I replied as I quickly scooted towards her feet.

I could feel my hands trembling in anticipation as I sat at the edge of the bed, positioning myself to face her soles. My face mere inches from her feet, I marvelled at how far we had come that she was now demanding me to rub her feet when only a few months ago, the mere thought of having her feet touched would have caused her to freak out and close off. As I looked up, the view that greeted me instantly brought me to a half chub, making me shift position to accommodate my growing erection. Not only could I see her beautiful soles, but as my eyes followed up her slightly parted legs, what peeked through between her luscious thighs was a cleanly shaven pussy, her perfect flower winking at me. My gaze drew upwards to admire her full breasts that hung perkily from her athletic frame. Her eyes were fixed on me, that confident smile now plastered on her face as she toyed with her fork, waiting to see what I would do next.

"Let's get started then..." I rubbed my hands together before gently straightening both her feet towards me.

It had been a while since I had last handled those beautiful size eights, and yet, as soon as they were in my hand, I could instantly remember how they felt to the closest detail. Each moment I had previously spent with those feet, along with her reactions to every touch of my fingers, mouth and cock, had been deeply etched in my memory. And so, I began reacquainting myself with those extremely high arches, those creamy insteps and those evenly spaced toes as I caressed and fondled every inch. It was apparent that she had been taking better care of her feet since last time; the skin on her soles, especially her heels were flawless and even softer than I remembered. As she had mentioned and texted me a picture the day before, her toenails were painted a lovely shade of pink that beautifully contrasted with her tanned skin.

"I see you've been taking good care of your feet." I told her, giving her a look of approval.

"You'd better enjoy them!" She said expectantly, swallowing a mouthful of food. "It took me ages to get them looking like this!"

"Oh you know I will..." I replied once again turning my attention to her feet.

I cupped her left ankle from underneath with one hand and began gently rotating her foot in both directions. Her heel firmly supported, I cradled the middle of her insole with my other hand. As I squeezed my hand and pressed my thumb into her instep, I felt her body relax, her toes wriggling as she pressed her foot even more towards me.

"Hmm..." she moaned in pleasure.

"How's that?" I asked.

"Yes...harder..." she mouthed.

With a firm rocking motion, I slid my thumb along the midline of her sole, increasing the pressure to comply with her request as I moved up towards the ball of her foot. Her soles were still damp, partly from the shower and also from the high temperature and humidity which had made them start to perspire. This provided the perfect lubrication for my fingers to slide across. As I moved my face closer to her sole, I could already smell the wonderful aroma emanating from her sweaty foot, a mixture of body wash and her intoxicating foot odour. My mouth started to salivate, longing to taste them and slobber all over her soles and toes. However, I forced myself to hold back, torturously delaying my gratification as I switched to her other foot and repeated the same process. For a few minutes, I kept rubbing her soles along the arches, not forgetting her beautifully shaped toes. By the time both feet had been thoroughly explored, Joanna had stopped eating and discarded the bowl, her head now tilted up against the pillow with the eyes half closed. She was clearly enjoying it, giving me the occasional moan of approval as I hit a particular tender or pleasurable spot. Glancing up her leg, I could see that the inner lips of her pussy had become slick and her fingers were now pressed against her clit. It was finally time...

I opened my mouth and engulfed the toes of her right foot. The full taste of her sweaty foot hit my taste buds, making my mouth salivate as I fully savoured what I had been longing for three weeks. I took a deep breath, inhaling the emanating odour of her feet to further heighten my senses. As this happened, I felt Joanna's foot twitch in surprise as let out a loud gasp, followed by a stifled scream. I popped my head up to check on her.

"Keep...going..." she whispered, her voice wavering between pleasure and pain. It seemed that the surprise had cause her to shift uncomfortably but she had held on and quickly recovered.

I kept my eye on her for another second just to make sure she was ok. Seeing her relax once more, I dutifully complied with her request. Once again, I wrapped my mouth around her toes, this time using my tongue to probe through every nook and cranny in between them, exploring their shape and savouring each bit of savoury goodness I could extract. As my tongue swished around, I bobbed my head up and down, letting my teeth scrape across each toe from the base to the tip, enjoying the change in texture from soft skin to hard nail. I was in heaven, and by the moans of pleasure Joanna was making, it seemed like she was also having a pretty good time. Every now and then, she would let out a giggle as I hit a ticklish spot. Her mood became playful as she started wiggling her toes within my mouth, occasionally catching my tongue between them.

With a pop, my lips released her toes and I moved on to her soles. My saliva had slobbered down from her toes, following the curves of her arches and was dripping onto my hand that was holding her ankle steady. I pressed my tongue flat on her heel and licked up along her instep towards the ball of her foot, lapping up the sticky mix of sweat and saliva that had coated her feet and tasting even more of that intoxicating aroma. As I reached the top of her foot, I gently nibbled the pads at the ball before kissing my way down the outer edges to once again reach her heels. I opened my mouth and let her heel slip in, my tongue dancing around her Achilles tendon as I once again nibbled on the edges of her heel. When my mouth began to tire, I switched to my hands, rubbing and fondling her wet foot before moving on to the next and repeating the process. Glancing intermittently towards Joanna, I could see that her breathing was getting heavier by the minute. Yet, I noticed a sense of frustration in her eyes. As I observed her more closely, I noticed her attempt to slip in a couple of fingers in her wet pussy but immediately winced and stopped as her bruises strained and halted her from bending forward. This went on a couple of times until she gave up and slumped back, instead keeping her fingers pressed on her clit.

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