tagErotic CouplingsVisiting Sis Ch. 02

Visiting Sis Ch. 02


Shannin and I had been dating for about six months when we decided to spend a couple of days together, visiting her sister Stacy.

Friday Morning

Friday morning, I woke up to the soft pitter-patter sound of a running shower. It took me a moment to realize where I was. As soon as I had remembered, the events from the past evening started to rush through my head. Apparently Shannin was careful to not wake me up when she crawled out of bed. I was desperately hoping she had not been in the shower very long because I really wanted to join her.

Up until last evening, our sex life had been fairly ordinary, confined to the bedroom and not very adventuresome. I thoroughly enjoyed the physical intimacy we have shared in the recent past, but I kept getting the feeling that Shannin was holding back; that was until last night. Last evening, I felt that she had relaxed and shown me the sensuous, exotic woman that she eagerly desired to have me see. Getting out of the city had apparently awakened a little exhibitionist slut buried deep inside of her sexy being. This trip had unleashed an inner beast and I was hoping to encounter that beast during the morning shower.

I slowly opened the door and quietly stepped into the steamy room. The warm heavy air felt good against my cool naked skin. I tiptoed across the cold tile floor and stood next to the shower. My heart jumped while I obsessed over the image before me. I could see Shannin's sexy tight body silhouetted by the opaque shower curtain. She was bent over, with her sleek narrow back to the curtain and her foot on the back of the tub. It appeared she was shaving her legs. Without making a noise, I pulled the shower curtain back and stepped into the tub behind her.

With her sexy round ass there in front of me, I stooped down, leaned forward and then placed both of my hands on her hips. As soon as my hands touched her body, I leaned forward and kissed her soft ass cheek. I heard Shannin moan so I continued kissing her soft sexy body. I pulled her cheeks towards my face as I felt her straighten up. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feel of her soft skin under my strong hands and the taste of her exotic body.

I gently sucked her tight skin in to my mouth and nibbled with my teeth. Looking up, I saw that Shannin had leaned forward a little and placed both hands against the wall of the shower for support. I wrapped both of my arms around her waist and pulled her ass towards my face. To help maintain her balance, Shannin leaned forward and pushed her hips back towards me. I was considering my next move, thinking she was encouraging me; I wasn't mistaken when I heard a soft moan escape her beautiful mouth. I grew bolder and pushed my nose deep between her cheeks. I had never done this before and wasn't completely sure what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to please this amazing angel. I stuck out my tongue and placed it directly on her sensitive little hole. I shook my head back and forth, raking my tongue over her tight pink ass. My ears were rewarded with another long sexy groan.

Shannin started to slowly grind her hips back and forth. It was difficult for me to keep my arms wrapped around her so I loosened my grip and pushed my hands up her body and cupped both of her ample tits. Her skin was still slippery from the soap and the feeling was amazing. As my hands went up her body, I felt her hands sliding down. I felt her fingers tickle my chin as Shannin started to rub her pussy. I bent my head back a little bit and stooped a little lower, so that I could push my tongue into her warm tasty vagina.

Shannin lifted a leg and placed her foot on the edge of the tub, allowing better access to her delicious body. I couldn't believe how well we were communicating, without saying a word. It felt like we have been making love for several years, knowing exactly what each other wants without doubt or inhibition. This is the most satisfying physical and emotional relationship that I had ever experienced. I didn't know it was possible to feel more love for a person as each day or even as each minute passed, but it was happening. I would do anything to make this fantastic woman happy.

Shannin was now alternating between slipping her fingers into her pussy and then pulling them out and shoving them into my mouth. I really liked the taste of her pussy but I wanted to continue to explore her darker side. I maneuvered back around and pressed my face into her crack. I pushed my tongue against her pink hole and felt her shudder. I pushed and licked a little harder. She shook again and then stiffened up as an orgasm wracked her body. I continued licking until she lowered her leg from the side of the tub, stepped forward and then turned around. She knelt down, looked into my eyes and gave me a hot French kiss, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. The water started to cool down as she broke off the kiss. She looked at me and said, "I wish we could finish this but we have to grab some breakfast and you need to finish showering before the hot water runs out." Reluctantly I nodded in agreement and we both stood up. Shannin gave me a quick kiss and a quick tug on my hard cock. She winked at me and said, "I'll take care of that later today." Then she quickly exited the shower leaving me to wash up in cold water.

The remainder of my shower was quick and very cold. I shut the water off and dried my self. I wrapped the towel around me and stepped into the bedroom. Standing on the other side of the bed with her back to me, I saw Shannin bent over looking through her suitcase. She still had a towel wrapped around her but it wasn't long enough and I was getting a great view of her sweet bare ass and delicious pussy. I quietly stepped up behind her and lowered my towel to expose my still fairly rigid cock. Contrary to popular belief, the cold water did not have a shrinking effect on my member. I was just getting ready to grab her and slip my cock against her bare ass and hopefully a stroke or two up against her sweet puffy wet pussy lips, when I heard a sharp, clear and distinct, "What are you doing?"

I turned in the direction of the voice and seen Shannin standing in the doorway to the bedroom, with a surprised look on her face. I was even more shocked when I turned around to see Stacy standing before me wrapped in a towel and a similar, surprised look on her face. I couldn't say anything. In my confusion, I turned towards Shannin, again and then back at Stacy to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing and trying to make sense of it all. I looked at Stacy to see that she just kept staring at me. It took me a second to realize that she was staring at my exposed, cock. Embarrassed and scared, I quickly covered myself up. I walked over to Shannin in a panic saying, "I thought it was you, going through your suitcase. I honestly didn't know it was Stacy." I was so shocked, scared and embarrassed. I thought I had screwed up the best thing to come into my life.

Stacy abruptly apologized, saying, "It's my fault. Shannin told me that she had a cute top that I could wear. I got out of the guest room shower and just came down here to get it." Shannin looked a little bit relieved and started to very quietly giggle. At first, I thought she was crying and I felt bad, almost sick to my stomach. After a moment, her laughter got louder and I was relieved when both she and Stacy were laughing out loud. Without saying anything, I timidly stepped around Stacy, reached into my bag, grabbed my swim trunks and stepped back into the bathroom. I closed the door and could hear the girls bust out laughing as they walked back down the hallway towards Stacy's room.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I was still in a little bit of shock. If Shannin wouldn't have stopped me, I would have grabbed Stacy, pulling her to me, rubbing my cock up against her ass. My cock stirred at the thought. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what Stacy's ass and pussy looked like. I burned the image into my memory. My cock was rock hard now. I put my swim trunks on and stood in the mirror. It was evident that I needed a diversion to take my mind off of the recent events. I continued to get ready, brushing my teeth and combing my hair, hoping to reduce the swelling in my trunks. I slowly entered the bedroom and walked over to my overnight bag. I grabbed a tank-top, put it on, examined myself in the mirror once again and walked down stairs.

By now, the girls were in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking "girl stuff". I entered the room and the conversation ground to a halt. Shannin and Stacy were sitting at the kitchen table. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. In the quiet silence, I retained my composure, walked over to the coffee pot, grabbed a cup from the counter and poured myself a cup of coffee. I turned back around to look at the girls and leaned up against the counter while taking my first hot sip.

I noticed that the top Stacy was wearing was one that I had bought Shannin. It was a bright orange tank top with tiny satin spaghetti straps and a thin satin band of the same color across the top of the neck line. We were shopping at a small boutique near her apartment and were arguing about which top looked better on her. She liked the green one and I liked the orange one. Her favorite color is green but I liked the orange one because it really brought out the deep blue color of her eyes and highlighted the strawberry reddish blond color of her hair. Either one would expose her sensuous, lovely shoulders and tightly swaddle her awesome chest. I finally convinced her to let me buy both of them for her. This top looked great on Shannin when she wore it and Stacy made it look just as good.

She was sitting sideways at the table and I could see that she was wearing short black nylon running shorts that made her look like a mature "Hooters" girl. She was hot. I didn't have to look close but Stacy was definitely not wearing a bra and her nipples were very pronounced. The silence and tension hung in the room, along with the fresh aroma of brewed coffee. I took my first sip, let the strong, bitter liquid slip down my throat and then looked directly at Stacy. I smiled and clearly but somewhat quietly said, "Nice top."

Simultaneously, we erupted in laughter, shattering the tension in the room. After the laughter died somewhat, Stacy looked at me, almost sputtering, and said, "I'd like to say nice bottoms, but that isn't exactly what I saw this morning!" She barely got the last half of her comment out without screaming in laughter. With that the hilarity started all over again. During a brief pause in the craziness, I saw Stacy look at Shannin with what appeared to be a slight glimpse of envy and I could see in their eyes that they have been talking about me. It was as if Stacy was saying, "You lucky girl. I've got to find me a man with a cock like his."

We laughed so hard my stomach was beginning to hurt. I discovered that Stacy snorts when she laughs and that makes Shannin laugh even harder. The way we were all moaning, groaning and sighing after the laughing fit, an outsider would have though we had all just had orgasms. In reflection, this was a major turning point of the weekend. It really took the edge off and we all three were much more relaxed afterwards. After the weekend was over, Shannin confided in me that she and Stacy had never been that close and she felt their relationship as sisters took a huge step that morning.

As we ate breakfast, our conversation turned back to normal subjects like work, life in the city, how we met, etc. Stacy told us that she got the house, free and clear, in the divorce. She had to give up her ex-husbands retirement but it was worth it. After breakfast, Shannin said that she was going to go put on her swimsuit and lay out by the pool. I already had my swim trunks on so I headed out to the pool by myself while Stacy went to the laundry room to retrieve her swim suit. I pulled three lounge chairs out and into the sun, taking a seat on the one in the middle. I took off my shirt and laid back, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the thoughts of the last 24 hours spinning through my head.

After a few minutes, a shadow crossed in front of me and I opened my eyes to see Stacy sitting down to my right. "Got yourself in the middle for a reason there, Stud?" I heard her say. I really didn't think about why I was sitting in between the other two lounge chairs. I flustered a little and tried to start to reply when she put her hand on my arm and said, "Stop. Sit back. I'm just bustin' your chops."

I looked at her body and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Stacy was wearing a small black bikini. It looked fantastic against her dark tan skin. There couldn't have been much padding in the top because her nipples were visibly hard, again. I was shaken from my thoughts when Shannin opened up the patio doors and emerged from the air conditioned house. She was wearing a one-piece, Speedo suit with a yellow tropical print. It too didn't have much padding either, straining to contain her beautiful breasts. The suit also rode high, exposing a lot of her sexy shapely legs. It hugged her fantastic ass. I couldn't wait to see what it would look like when it gets wet. I thought it looked amazing on her but Stacy commented that although it will turn heads at the public pool they would need to go shopping the next morning and get her one that is fitting to wear sunbathing around the backyard pool. Shannin agreed and we all three sat back in our lounge chairs and soaked up the sun.

After a while, Shannin said she was getting hot and could feel her skin burning a little bit. Handing me the bottle of lotion, she asked me to put some lotion on her back. I sat down on the lounge chair next to her and poured some lotion into my hand. I rubbed the lotion into both of my hands before putting them on her sexy tanned shoulders. The feel of her smooth soft skin was amazing. It was difficult to maintain my composure because of the lubrication provided by the lotion and the feelings that were running from her sleek soft skin, through my fingertips directly up my arms and down to my raging cock. I rubbed the lotion over her shoulders and down her arms. I applied more down her mid and lower back. The back of her swimsuit was cut low and wide in the back, exposing almost her entire back. I rubbed some more lotion across her back and down the side of her ribs, pushing my hands forward to graze the sides of her breasts. My swim trunks were getting tight.

I put my hands on her shoulders and twisted her around to face me. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, saying, "You're finished and now it's time for me to take a quick dip in the pool."

As I backed away, Shannin grabbed my hand and said, "Not so fast. I'm not finished. I need you to put lotion on the back of my legs before you get in the pool." My cock stirred as I looked down at her sexy long legs and sweet round ass hidden by the thin nylon material of the Speedo swimsuit. My hard cock was going to be obvious when I was finished.

Once again, I rubbed the lotion into my hands to warm it up and then spread it around on her legs. I started at her skinny ankles and worked my way up both of her sleek calves, rubbing first the right and then the left. I poured out more lotion and then worked it into the back of her thighs. Shannin spread her legs a little bit as if inviting me to apply the lotion to the insides of her legs. I began to watch her breathing and she would stop when I was pushing my hands up the inside of her legs approaching her warm center. I looked over at Stacy to determine if she could see what I was doing. She had her eyes closed so I pressed my hands up Shannin's legs even further.

I poured one last drop of lotion into my hands, rubbed them together and placed my hands directly on the bottom of her ass cheeks. I pressed my fingers tips down into her skin and slipped them under the leg openings of her suit. Shannin moaned as I cupped both ass cheeks with my lotion slippery hands. By now my rock hard cock was nearly poking out of the top of my swim trunks. I looked over at Stacy again. Her eyes were still closed. I was resisting the urge to just lean forward, pulling the front of my trunks down a little bit and slipping the head of my cock under the leg opening of her swimsuit and rubbing my stiff shaft up and down her lotion lubricated ass cheeks. I knew it wouldn't take very long for me to shoot a big load of hot spunk all over Shannin's ass. Upon further reflection, I knew I'd be caught so I restrained myself and reveled in the feeling of her soft body under my finger tips.

As I finished rubbing Shannin's cheeks and legs, I looked up towards Stacy again to see that her eyes were now open and glued to the obvious bulge in my swim trunks. My balls were aching and in need of some serious relief. I stood up and walked directly to the pool and jumped into the cool water. I started to swim, just to get my mind off of the two sun bathing goddesses. After a couple of laps someone jumped into the pool next to me. When the water cleared, I couldn't see anyone, anywhere in the pool. All of the sudden, I felt someone jump out of the water behind me and press down on my shoulders, dunking me below the water. I took a quick breath just before going below the surface. I managed to push forward underwater, away from my attacker. With the pool wall in front of me, I pushed off against it at an angle and shot past a body in the water. I saw a black swimsuit as I went past, confirming my suspicion that it was Stacy. I quickly turned and surfaced. Stacy had her back to me and was in the process of turning around to face me. I quickly put my hand on the shoulder closest to me and pushed her down. She didn't dunk all the way so I just lunged forward, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her under.

After only a second or two under water, I released my grip on Stacy and let her surface. I swam away from her and surfaced at the other end of the pool. Stacy swam over to the stairs and signaled for me to come over. She said she wouldn't attack me and just wanted to chat a bit. I swam over and sat down next to her on the pool steps. We were both sitting near the top of the steps so only our swimsuit bottoms were below the surface. I was getting a great view of Stacy's wet chest and it was driving me nearly insane. She must have known what she was doing to me, the tease that she was, because she kept flirting with me, leaning towards me and patting my shoulder or arm. Each time she leaned forward, her bikini top opened up a little bit giving me a great view of her magnificent cleavage. We both talked about life in general, my goals, my intentions with her sister, etc. After a while, she asked me if I wanted a beer. I said, "Sure".

While she was gone, Shannin woke up and walked over to cool off in the pool. She sat down in the water next to me and asked, "So what have you and Stacy been up to?" She looked at me with an implication that something inappropriate may have been going on while she was asleep. I stammered for a second when she started to laugh. She leaned over and gave me a wet open mouth kiss. She pushed her tongue past my teeth and deep into my mouth. Her kiss was full of passion, lust and heat. Reluctantly, she broke off the kiss and then said, "You've got to loosen up a little. I know my sister is gorgeous and you've been getting an eyeful, but I also know that I'm the one that you'll be fucking tonight."

As she said this, Shannin reached under the water and grabbed by aching balls. I jumped slightly and backed away. She looked concerned and asked what was wrong. I told her that since we didn't get to finish this morning and then having to put the tanning lotion all over her body, I was a little "worked up". I didn't tell her that I was also excited by having seen her sisters ass and nearly, accidentally rubbing my cock all over her. She smiled and delicately reached up my swim trunks leg again, grabbing my hard cock with her warm soft hand. I looked at her and then leaned my head back, not caring if Stacy came out and saw what her sister was doing to me below the surface of the water. Next, I felt Shannin move around in front of me so that she was standing on the bottom of the pool. She removed her hand from inside my trunks and I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She told me to move down one more step.

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