tagIncest/TabooVisiting Sis Ch. 08

Visiting Sis Ch. 08


In Ch 07, My girlfriend Shannin, her sister Stacy and I were relaxing near the pool when Shannin asks me to apply some lotion. Shannin gets more than lotion squirted onto her back. My weekend continues to get interesting to say the least.

Once again, I kissed Shannin on the neck behind the ear as she turned her smiling face towards the sun. I looked over my shoulder and was shocked to see that Stacy was facing us. She smiled at me and wet her lips with her sweet little tongue. She winked, and then without uttering a sound, she mouthed, "Let... Me... See..." I must have had a slightly confused look on my face as she deliberately diverted her eyes to where my stomach was resting on Shannin's back side.

Realizing what she wanted to see, I smiled and started to roll away from Stacy, revealing to her my softening cock and my cum, smeared all over Shannin's back and my stomach. I froze when Shannin spoke up saying, "Sweetie. I don't think you're finished." With some relief, I looked down at her face to see that she still had her eyes closed, soaking up the warmth of the sun. In an almost sleepy state she continued, "I think you put too much lotion to my back. Would you please spread it around? I don't want streaks in my tan."

Without saying a word I quickly tucked my sticky, softening cock back into the tiny swimsuit. As I did this, Stacy exaggerated a frown with her face. Using both hands, I started to massage my cum into Shannin's warm firm body. I looked over at Stacy as I scooped the cum from my stomach and smeared it onto Shannin's golden cheeks and upper legs. With a sort of longing and hunger, Stacy watched every move that I made.

When I was finished, I leaned forward and planted a kiss on Shannin's ass cheek. I looked into Stacy's eyes as I gently sucked on Shannin's soft flesh. She let out another soft groan. I winked at Stacy as I stood up. I turned around, walked over to the pool and dove into the cool water. It was refreshing. After swimming laps for about ten minutes, I stopped at the shallow end, sitting on the steps for a brief rest. I looked over at the girls to see that neither one had moved. My cock was satisfied for now and fit nicely into my new g-string bikini swimsuit. I stood up and looked down as I emerged from the water. The suit was not as see-through as my nylon running shorts but it didn't leave much for the imagination. I had hopes that the suits worn by the girls were similar.

I grabbed a towel and dried myself off as I walked back to the lounge chairs. As I was taking my place in the middle, I heard Stacy say, "Would you be a dear and put some tanning lotion on my back, too?" I smiled and thought, 'So much for the swim suit fitting.' I looked over at Shannin to see if she would object and only saw that she remained turned away from us, soaking up the warm sun.

Stacy was already positioned on her stomach and as I stepped up behind her I looked from her ass to Shannin's, comparing the two. Shannin's was softer and narrower but Stacy's was very firm and tight. I was really going to enjoy putting lotion on this amazing beauty. I saw Stacy's body wiggle slightly and heard her softly clear her throat. I looked up to see her smiling at me and then she glanced down her back as if to say, "Quit admiring the merchandise and get on with it."

As with Shannin, I started with Stacy's feet and legs. Her body was as hard and firm as it appeared. I smiled, thinking to myself, 'I'll bet she has all of the swinging dicks at the gym hard as the barbells when she leaves after her workout.'

I wasn't sure how far I should go up her legs so I applied more lotion to the outer sides of her legs than the inner portions. I poured more lotion into my hand and applied both hands directly to her cheeks. Stacy moaned as I massaged her firm cheeks. I looked over at Shannin to discover that she had not moved. I used the same massage technique with Stacy's ass as I had previously done with Shannin's. I watched the small blue string appear and then disappear as I pushed and pulled on her fleshy mounds. After the lotion dried a little, I straddled her body and sat directly on her ass. I resisted the urge to press my cock into her crack like I had done with Shannin. As the weekend passed, I sensed that we were all getting a little friendlier, but I thought that may have been pushing it. I really didn't want to do anything with Stacy, without Shannin's consent. I applied more lotion to her back and rubbed it in from the small of her back up the sides and down the middle of her spine. When I tucked my fingers up under the string of her bikini top, Stacy turned slightly and looked up at me. She mouthed, "Untie it."

Once again, I looked over to Shannin who was still facing away from us. I wasn't yet completely sure how she would respond to find Stacy and I getting this friendly. Slowly I pulled on the bikini string ties and let them fall to the lounge chair besides Stacy's breasts. I thoroughly enjoyed massaging Stacy's naked back without obstruction. She has a very sexy, sleek, muscular back. I burned the image into my memory so that later I could fantasize about fucking her doggie style.

With a final, bold move, I finished putting the lotion on her back by sliding the palms of my hands up her spine and then pausing at each shoulder blade. After only a brief moment, I pushed my hands to her sides so that they were just under her arms. I cupped my hands around her rib cage and slowly pulled them back down her body. My finger tips grazed the sides of her magnificent breasts. Stacy squirmed a little bit as if she was ticklish. I thought of doing it again but decided it would be best to end this before things went too far or we got caught by Shannin. Before getting off of Stacy, I reluctantly but slowly and neatly re-tied her bikini strings.

My original thought was to stand up straight while straddling Stacy and the lounge chair and then stepping over the side, but I had a nasty thought and decided to take another course of action. Once again, I quickly looked over at Shannin to see if she had moved. To my relief, she had not. I put both of my hands on the lounge chair on each side of Stacy and slid my hips down her ass towards her upper legs. As I did this, I arched my back slightly and let my cock slip into her ass crack. I felt Stacy flex her muscles as she clamped down on my stiffening rod. She lifted her hips and pressed her ass against me as I slid further and further down her body. My hard nipples grazed across her firm round glutes as I slid closer to the foot of the lounge chair. Pausing briefly, I put my lips to her hot fleshy cheeks and as I had done with Shannin and I gently sucked. It was brief but it was very sweet. At that moment, I knew that I had to taste more of this lovely lady.

Reluctantly, I stepped back, took a deep breath and lay down on my own lounge chair trying to regain my composure. I turned to look at Stacy. She put her hand up to my face and then blew me a kiss. In return, I tenderly grabbed her hand and kissed her palm. I could tell by the look in her eyes that if given the chance, Stacy would submit to her own desires, and me. My only hope is that Shannin would understand, and agree. My thoughts briefly returned to the night before, in the living room, with the pizza delivery guy watching. Shannin did initiate the kiss.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the warmth of the sun, the company of two beautiful, amazing women and knew that my weekend was far from over.


Thank you all for your feedback. This story is going where you all want it to go but you won't belive how we get there. Please continue to enjoy.

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