tagAnalVisiting With Katie Ch. 02

Visiting With Katie Ch. 02


In chapter 2 Katie gets spanked, fucked in the ass, seduced by women, involved in swinging and a very fun filled adventurous day.


Katie had some business to take care of first thing in the morning so we would not be able to meet until 11:00, but the good news is we would have all day and evening after that. I was planning a day in my mind and this delay would give me some time to make some preparations before I picked her up. In my devious mind I was coming up with some ideas that I hoped she would enjoy. Based on or first day I was confident she would approve or at least go along. Since our relationship started based on her desire to be spanked I knew I would have to include some spanking in our day. She also revealed herself as a horny woman who was willing to try just about anything and this was playing into my planning.

I headed out to a women's boutique I knew of that was small and very customer service oriented. The owner was a sexy middle aged woman who loved to provide hands on service with the goal of pleasing and pleasuring. I wanted to speak with her and take full advantage of her desires to my advantage later when I brought Kate into the store. I arrived at the store was promptly greeted by Beverly, the owner.

"Well hello Bob, it has been a long time since I have seen you."

"Yes it has. Too long for my liking but I haven't had a special friend in town to bring and you certainly don't have anything I can wear in your store though I suspect you would love to see if you could get me into a few of your items."

"Why you naughty boy, I am sure it would be a fun time if I could convince you to try such an adventure."

I was not surprised by her desires but I was a bit surprised she remembered me after so long a time. But then again we did have a rather enjoyable adventure in her store with the last girlfriend I had in town, but that is a story for another time. "Well Bev I have just never had any leanings in that direction, though a woman friend of mine tried once, but if I ever do get a desire for such an adventure I will definitely call you or just stop in."

We both laughed, and I told her of my new friend that I planned to bring by around lunchtime. She got a mischievous smile and said lunchtime would be perfect as she usually closes for lunch when she is hungry. She thought she just might be "hungry" by the time we arrived. I described the type of items that I was interested in for Katie and we looked at some items and picked out some things to have available later. Bev always has some delicious lingerie and some sexy dresses and blouse/skirt combinations. It was getting time for me to head to get Katie so I bid adieu to Bev and said we would see her in an hour or so. I should probably describe Bev. Bev is around 45 years old, 5 feet 6-7 inches, weighing in at about 130 lbs. with a measurements about 36 (c cup and still perky), 26, 36 plus maybe a little. She has shoulder length auburn hair and smile that would seduce any man she wished to seduce, and probably any woman for that matter. She also had what I can only describe as very sexy bedroom eyes that were light brown and once you stared into them it is hard to be anything but captivated.

Off I went to pick up Katie. She answered the door wearing a full beige silk slip, bra and panties to match and stocking that I guessed to be thigh highs. She pulled me inside and locked her lips to mine and pushed her tongue between my lips to make the kiss quite wet and delicious. I wrapped my arms around and put my hands on her butt and pulled her tight. I immediately started to get hard and there was no way she would have failed to notice that.

"Uummm, I like this reaction to my kiss." And she kissed me harder and more passionately until we had to stop to get our breath.

"If we keep this up we are never going to leave this house until tonight."

"That doesn't sound so bas now does it?"

"But I have big plans for our day that I am sure you are going to enjoy and at some point we will need to eat so that we have energy to do what I have planned for you my dear."

"Oh, and just what do you have in mind to do to this poor unsuspecting innocent girl? And would her mother approve?" We both cracked up laughing at that and I took her hand leading her to her bedroom so she could get dressed, or at least that what was my stated intention. However, upon our arrival in her bedroom I sat on her bed and pulled her over my lap.

"Do you always start your days being so naughty or is that just for me?" I asked this as I rubbed her butt through her lingerie. She wiggled herself pressing into my hard member but did not answer. I gave her butt a few good smacks causing her to moan approvingly. I responded by raising her slip up over her panties and delivered a couple more smacks. I sneaked my hand under her panties and rubbed over her butt cheeks and pressed a finger into her back hole.

"Oh honey you are a naughty man. But I must say that does feel good."

"Open my pants and free me because I could use a little sucking on my hard cock."

"Yes Sir!" She complied by unzipping my pants and releasing the hook, She reached inside my boxers and pulled me out. Her head was right there at my hard self and she took me in both hands and rubbed up and down a couple of times while she stared right at me and licked her lips. She then stuck her tongue out and licked around the head of my cock like it was an ice cream cone that needed to be licked to avoid the ice cream dripping. After a few minutes of licking she took me into her mouth and went down on me until I was completed engulfed and deep into her throat. She gagged and raised her head up to catch her breath and went right back down. I will definitely say that Miss Katie sure knows how to give a blow job.

"Oh baby that feels so good!" Her head was bobbing up and down and I was just in heaven getting one of the best blow jobs of my life, but I wanted something else right now. I grabbed her head in both of my hands and brought her lips to mine and kissed her hard and wet.

"I hated to stop what you were doing but there is something I have just got to do before we get out of here and we are getting short on time for our first stop." And with that I stood taking Katie with me. I walked her over to her short chest of drawers and turned her around so she was facing away from me and leaning over her chest of drawers.

"Stay here and do not move until I get back." She obeyed and I went to her bathroom where I knew she had some KY Lube. I retrieved the lube and returned to her. I took my pants completely off so that I was naked from the waist down. I pushed myself against her sweet ass and she pushed back. I reached down and slowly started to work her slip above her waist. The silk of her slip felt so good in my hands and the feeling of her skin was making me hotter. I pushed myself into her ass again and she responded.

"What do you want baby?"

"You just wait; I think you know what I want."

"Oh I think I do."

I rubbed my hands over her ass on top her panties. Her satin panties felt so good as I rubbed her through them. I hooked my fingers into her panties and slowly rolled them down off her ass cheeks. She wiggled her rear at me as I did so. I grabbed the tube of lube and squirted some at the top of her ass crack and watched as it dripped down over her brown back hole. When it covered her back door I pushed some of the lube into her anus. I squirted more on her hole and began to finger fuck her back entrance which caused her to moan in pleasure.

"Oh baby now I do know what you want and my ass is yours master."

I took my finger out of her and added lube to my hard cock. I pushed the head of my cock right at her rear opening and pushed lightly just getting the tip to go in a tiny bit. I rubbed it around and she pushed back but I grabbed her hips and held her so that I could enter at my own pace. I pushed in slowly feeling her tight passage against the veins in my cock. Slowly and steady I pushed in into her ass savoring every slight movement in. Finally, I was buried all the way in her ass and she was crying in ecstasy. I held still for a moment and I then I pulled almost all of the way out before I pushed hard and fast all the way in her ass again.

"Oh God that feels so good! Fuck my ass Baby and fuck it good!"

And with that I pulled out and rammed back in. Out and in, out and in I fucked her sweet ass for everything I was worth. She was screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder and faster and faster. I complied and fucked her at a great pace until I knew I was ready to explode.

She screamed, "Baby I am cumming so hard baby!"

As she screamed while cumming I emptied into her filling her ass with my juice. We were both worn out with our hearts beating fast. I picked her and carried her to the bed where we collapsed in each other's arms. We lay there for a few minutes before I said, "we must get up and get going. We have somewhere to be."

"I must clean myself up first."

"No just put on some clothes over your underwear and we will get on the road."

Katie looked at me like I was crazy but she put on a sundress and I put my pants on and we left. We didn't say much on the drive to Bev's shop because we were both a little worn out. We pulled up to the shop and I told her we were at our destination. I think she thought I was crazy but she went along and into the shop we went.

Bev took one look at us, with a special eye towards Katie. She grinned and welcomed us to her shop. I introduced Katie and Bev mumbled that this was going to be fun. Katie looked at me wondering what was going on but I just put my finger at my lips and shhh. Bev put the closed for lunch sign on the door and locked up.

"Come with me Katie." She took Katie by the hand and led her to the back where the items we picked out earlier were laid out. Bev rubbed her fingers through Katie's hair and told her that I had picked out some things for her and she needs to try them on.

"Turn around dear," and Bev started to unzip Katie's dress. Katie looked at me wondering what was going on and I just sshhh'd her again with a stern look and she just stood there as Bev unzipped her and started to remove her dress. One look at Katie's slip, all wrinkled, and seeing the lack of panties she said "I guess it's obvious what you two were up to before coming over here."

Katie was embarrassed for sure but she is a good compliant submissive so she kept her mouth shut and allowed Bev to continue. Bev took her dress and the rest of the way off and put it over a chair. Still standing behind Katie she reached around and held Katie's breasts in her hands and said, "I think you were right about her size Bob." She then started to gather up Katie's slip pulling it up slowly. That got a pleading look from Katie to me but no sympathy in return.

With her slip raised over her head and off Katie stood in her bra and thigh high stockings. There must have been some residual cum on Katie's ass because Bev reached down and ran a finger over the lubes ass and smiled at me with a mischievous smile and a few more explorations with her finger on Katie's back door.

"Well I see you two were enjoying yourselves from the back and did not even bother to clean up before coming here. That is very naughty Bob. Katie you should not come to a shop to get new outfits with cum dripping out of your ass." She slapped Katie's rear cheeks and told her to stay where she was while she went to retrieve a wet washcloth. When Bev got back she ran her fingers up and down Katie's ass crack before taking the wet cloth to clean her up.

Katie just stood there looking somewhat horrified but completely compliant looking at me for some sign, but I just smiled at her. Once Bev had her cleaned up she unhooked Katie's bra, taking the opportunity to reach around and squeeze and play with her tits and nipples. Bev then picked up one of the bras we picked out earlier and put it on Katie. She then picked up one of the pairs of panties and stooped down to put it over Katie's feet and raise it up until it was on completely. She did, of course take the opportunity to feel Katie's pussy in the process. Katie's expression from that was surprise but I could tell she liked it even though she seemed determined not to show it.

"Bob do these meet with your approval?"

"Yes they do look very nice, thanks for your recommendation."


Bev moved Katie in front of the mirror so she could see her new see her new underwear. "What do you think my dear?"

Katie smiled and nodded her head affirmatively. Bev reached around and rubbed over her bra saying the material feels very nice and motioned to me to come over. I too rubbed the material over Katie's breasts and they did feel very nice. Bev moved her hands down over Katie's panties and I followed suit. We were both rubbing Katie over her new panties and Katie let out an approving moan. The next item was a garter which Bev fastened around Katie's waist and she led Katie to a small love seat to sit. Bev proceeded to roll Katie's thigh highs down her legs one at a time. Then she put one stocking on Katie and attached it to the garter. When attached she rubbed Katie through her panty for a moment before getting the second stocking to repeat the process. This time after attaching the stocking she leaned in and rubbed her nose right into Katie's panty covered pussy. Katie said nothing but responded so it was clear she liked this attention. Bev stuck her tongue out and licked Katie's panty right over her pussy which was showing a wet spot through the panty. Finally some sound from Katie came via a moan of pleasure as she looked up with a smile.

I was happy that Katie was enjoying herself. Bev took her hands and raised Katie up from her seat and had her stand before the mirror. Katie looked into the mirror at her image and smiled. She looked very sexy and I smiled at Bev to let her know I approved.

"Should we try a camisole or slip over this outfit or just try on a dress over this ensemble?"

"That slip we picked out would look very nice and I think Katie will enjoy the feel of the silk. What do you think?"

"That sounds like an excellent idea. I know you like slips particularly after her condition when you arrived. You are quite the perv but you always have been, haven't you?" I just smiled back and Bev got the slip and put it over Katie's head and let it drop to cover her. As would be expected she smoothed out the slip being sure to rub her hands over all of Katie's body parts. Bev picked up a sexy little dress that would come just below the slip and a couple of inches above the knees. She helped Katie into the dress and after zipping it up she turned Katie around to face her.

"Katie my dear you look very beautiful and sexy. You look perfect for a kiss." And kiss her she did. And, Bev did not give her a quick peck but a passionate kiss, tongue and all. She pulled Katie tight and squeezed her while kissing her while kissing her letting her hands cup Katie's butt cheeks in the process.

Bev let Katie go and said, "well she is yours I think a kiss from you would be in line don't you think?" I walked over and took Katie in my arms holding her tight and delivering a passionate kiss to which she responded with equal passion and wanting. We rubbed into each other looking ready to carry this to a fast fuck.

"All right you two there will be time for that shortly."

We broke our kiss and embrace so Bev could get back to work. She helped Katie undress down to her underwear and proceeded to try on a skirt/blouse outfit which was also stunning. All of the outfits looked great and I let Bev know we will take them all.

"Don't forget now we have one last item to try on and that is the nightgown you picked out." And with that she began to undress Katie. When Katie was naked Bev rubbed her nipples and then bent down to suck on them to get then hard and standing out. Then Bev put the night gown on Katie. It really wasn't a gown but more of a baby doll piece that came to just above her knees. It was transparent and Katie's nipples stood out making for a very sexy picture. Bev was rubbing her hands all over the nightie paying attention to Katie's nipples to keep them hard. She motioned to me and we both ran our hands all over Katie's intimate places causing Katie to purr in pleasure and get weak in the knees.

"Bob she looks absolutely delicious in this nightie, may I?"

I nodded my consent and Bev sat Katie down and got onto her knees in front of Katie. She pushed the nightie up and buried her tongue in Katie's pussy and began licking and fucking her with her tongue. Katie was almost screaming with pleasure. I unzipped myself and began to rub myself as I was very excited. Katie opened her eyes and motioned for me to come over. I di and she started to suck on me while Bev was bringing her to pleasure with her tongue. I could tell Katie was getting close to orgasm and I was also getting close to filling her throat with my load. After a couple of minutes Katie began to writhe and cum and I also squirted a huge load of my juices into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled away from me after swallowing every drop and just started to scream with pleasure until Bev stopped her oral assault on Katie's pussy.

"I must get this shop open again lunchtime is more than over. Bob why don't you come with me up front and we can get these items paid for and Katie can get dressed. Katie dear there is a bathroom where you can clean up and get presentable for the outside world. I really enjoyed out little adventure together and I hope to see you again."

"Katie you can wear whatever outfit you like and I will just take care of business of business with Beverly."

Beverly and I went up front to settle the bill. After about 20 minutes Katie was ready and we headed off to our next stop. I figured by now a little lunch was in order so I headed for one of my favorite restaurants. Katie had chosen the skirt and blouse outfit with her new stockings and garter; I knew this because I could not help but to run my hand up under her skirt on the ride. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a corner table in the back most private area of the dining room.

"Well Katie have you been enjoying our day so Far?"

"Yes it has been very surprising and very pleasurable. What else have you got planned for the rest of the day?"

"Well my dear, after lunch I think we should discuss how to satisfy your desires and have some fun at the same time. I was also thinking that we should head back to my hotel as I am sure you could use a shower and perhaps a little rest. How does that sound?"

"Very good sir. I could use a shower for sure."

Our food arrived and the waitress, a pretty girl of slight build was being quite flirty. I, however was not the object of her flirting as she seemed to like Miss Katie. After she brought our lunch and left I put my hand on Katie's knee and rubbed it. As I played with Katie's knee and ran my hand up under her skirt pushing her skirt up a little high on her thighs exposing her stocking tops and garter belt.

"You know Katie I think our waitress has taken a liking to you. Maybe we will leave your skirt up like this and she if she notices. I am sure she would enjoy the show."

"Yes sir that does sound like it might be a little bit of fun and sexy."

I moved Katie a little where the waitress would be able to notice her skirt which exposed her stockings, garter belt, and a bit of her panty. I signaled for our waitress to come over so I could ask her about a glass of wine. She came to the table and noticed Katie's exposed state immediately. As she answered my questions about the wine selections she kept her eyes on Katie's exposed thighs and beyond. I ran my hand up Katie and stuck my finger onto the front of her panties while continuing our conversation. Katie smiled at the waitress and spread her legs a bit wider to increase the view. I do believe our waitress was having trouble concentrating on the task at hand. I ordered the wine and asked our waitress if she could please show Katie where the ladies room was. She agreed enthusiastically. Off the two of them went and I wondered if the waitress would accompany Katie into the ladies room. After about 15 minutes Katie returned from the ladies room and sat close to me making sure her skirt rose up so I could see that she was no longer wearing panties.

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