tagNovels and NovellasVivian Laaning Ch. 10

Vivian Laaning Ch. 10


As Vivian Laaning was about to enter her final year at Arthur MacArthur High School in Lydiaville, WI, she had high expectations for a most enjoyable year. Her previous years in high school were not pleasant. She was perceived to be standoffish, and gave out an aura of arrogance. She had no friends, and was easily the most detested girl at Arthur MacArthur HS. At 6'1" tall, she was taunted mercilessly for her towering height. To add to her miseries she became ill at the start of her senior year to such extent that she had to sit out the year and commence her final year again the next September.

However the summer before her repeat senior year was gratifying. She finally lost her virginity on the occasion of her eighteenth birthday party. Although her initial lover did not stay in the picture, it looked like she had acquired a stud boyfriend. Vivian was the maid of honor at her sister's shot gun wedding, and her date was the best man, Luke Woodbury. Luke was literally the best man for Vivian as they had a hot weekend at the Quality Inn in Lydiaville where Luke was the manager.

Luke proved to be a most satisfactory lover par excellence. Even more importantly he appeared to be attracted to her beyond merely a one night stand. Yes sex with Luke would be a most welcome tonic to counter any bullying that might still haunt her in the forthcoming school year. Since all of her previous immediate class mates had graduated, Vivian had the reasonable expectation that the bullying would be diminished somewhat. And she even dared to hope she might establish a friendship with one or two of her new class mates whom she previously had had little contact.

Unfortunately it was not to be. On the first day of school Gary Gainer confronted her. Gary was the younger brother of Ray whom the latter had divulged his experience with Vivian. Ray even told Gary that Vivian had confessed to allowing herself to be peed upon by her sister and her sister's boyfriend, now husband. So as soon as Gary spotted Vivian in the school he accosted her:

"Hey Pissface!"

Shocked Vivian responded:

"Huh! Are you talking to me?"

"Yes Pissface who else? I hear you like being pissed upon. You even like drinking piss. You sure are a total skank! Aren't you Pissface?"

Vivian's jaws dropped wide open in total shock. She couldn't comprehend his vicious cruelty. She stared in bewilderment at his retreating figure as he kept taunting her with shouts of "Pissface" while he was sauntering away. Gary quickly spread the gossip of Vivian's indulgence of water sports throughout the school. The result was that Vivian soon became the complete social pariah at the school, and the bullying of her now became truly vicious.

The gossip became so distorted, and as Vivian had no inclination to defend herself the most vile impression of her took hold. She was now no longer addressed by her name but by the humiliating appellation of "Pissface". She was dispirited by this bullying that she virtually had no conversation with any of her school mates. Needless to say she had no friend to console with. Since Erica was now married she didn't even have her sister around to help soothe her feelings, and to help her endure her misery at school.

Her only solace was to look forward to anticipated trysts with Luke Woodbury. A torrid affair sure would go a long way to alleviate the harsh treatment she encountered at school. Alas that was not to be either.

After that wonderful weekend of lovemaking on the occasion of her sister's wedding, Luke had unwelcome news for Vivian on their next meeting, which occurred in her barn bedroom. His excellent work performance at Lydiaville was noted by top executives of the hotel chain. As a result he was being promoted and was transferring to Myrtle Beach SC; a most important assignment as it was a very busy hotel in that affluent tourist town.

Their lovemaking on that occasion, and on the only other meeting before he left was most unsatisfactory. The knowledge that he was leaving cast a pall over the enjoyment of their coitus. Consequently, their lovemaking was desultory at best and each of them sensed a relief when it was over. A truly ignoble end to what looked like at the beginning a possible long-lasting and terrific romance.

And as if this was not all the misery that was to be dished out to her, Vivian was subject to yet one more piece of disturbing news. Her sister, Erica miscarried about ten days after her wedding. It was totally shocking because two days prior to the miscarriage, Erica had been to see her gynecologist, and found out by an ultra sound testing that she was carrying a girl. And the pregnancy was as normally healthy as it could possibly be. And yet within forty-eight hours after that appointment Erica lost the baby.

Vivian was naturally empathetic to her sister's disappointment, but she also felt sorry for herself as well. She was not going to be an aunt after all. She had envisioned that the opportunity of possibly babysitting her niece might be a solace to blunt the misery she was suffering. The baby was due before the school year ended so Vivian thought she could hang in there and look forward happily to the balance of the school year. But even this perceived hope of relief was of no avail.

The doom and gloom of Vivian's existence during her last year of high school was dissipated in the person of Erin Falconbridge. Erin grew up poor in a small town in western Tennessee. She was not an ugly female but she was not pretty either. She just was unnoticeable. This made her very shy, and she made no impression on first meeting any one new.

There is an unresolved debate amongst gays and for that matter in the general population as well. Is one born gay or does one become gay by circumstances? In Erin's case she knew she was gay but she was never sure if it was truly by inborn inclination or by the circumstances of her experience. She knew before puberty she did not think anything about boys but then again neither did her female peers.

After she experienced her first menstruation, she did not become boy crazy like most of her girl friends. She realized she did not like boys because of their aggressive actions and interactions with her sex. Then again their was none of her girl friends she was attracted to either.

Erin had a great intellect and an exceptional work ethic. If she wanted to go to college, and that was her unshakeable desire, she had to work very hard as her parents were too poor to indulge or assist to achieve her goals. Consequently once she reached the age of fourteen she started a lifestyle that when she was not in school she was working for wages. Of course as a teenager she never earned great wages but she was very frugal. Thus with her savings coupled with scholarships, grants and student loans, she was able to put her self through college and acquire a BA majoring in History and English from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Because of the time consuming lifestyle she lead she had no sex nor for that matter did she even contemplate her sexuality. To her mind having sex was a luxury she could ill afford if she intended to get herself adequately educated. However in her senior year at Vanderbilt she became acquainted with Mary O'Keefe a fellow student at one of her tutorial class.

One day Mary suggested lunch together and they hit it off. Shortly thereafter they commenced a lesbian affair that lasted a little over two months. This affair confirmed to Erin that she was an unabashed lesbian. She loved everything about their affair and especially the sex they had engaged in.

Erin was disappointed that their affair ended as she was starting to love Mary unconditionally. However her belief that she was insignificant sexually with virtual no appeal helped to soften her disappointment. She was able to move on with her life without feeling any bitterness towards Mary O'Keefe; only a regret that Mary did not find her attractive enough to continue the good thing they had.

Erin in due course attained her teaching credentials and after a one year's stint at a small rural school in Tennessee she applied and obtained her present position in Wisconsin. This was her third year at Arthur MacArthur HS and amongst students she was neither popular nor unpopular. She was an effective teacher and an inspiration to those who were serious enough to want to learn. Lamentably there was a dearth of such students at this school, and her main concern was struggling to maintain control of her classroom.

As Lydiaville was a very small town there did not seem to be any lesbians around so Erin was having no sex. She was shy and thus she did not acquire too many friends either. Basically she was marking time until she could secure a better position in a bigger school in a metropolitan area preferably back down south like Atlanta. The severe cold winters of Wisconsin was definitely not to her liking.

To make such move more likely she was taking graduate courses part time at the University of Wisconsin. Every credit achieved made her resumé that much more attractive. Luckily Madison was not too far away so that it was an easy commute to get to her classes. She calculated that perhaps in two or at the most three years she would be able to get a decent position to her liking.

In the meantime just like during her undergraduate years at Nashville she worked at odd jobs to supplement her income. Within one year she was able to acquire the desk clerk part time position at the Quality Inn in Lydiaville. She worked weekend nights during the school year and full time during the summer recess. This proved to be very satisfactory extra job as she got along very well with Luke Woodbury the youthful manager of the hotel. She was gratified that she was plain to the extent that Luke was never attempted to hit upon her.

In Erin's second year at Arthur MacArthur, she had Vivian as a student in two of her senior year classes: English Literature and History. Since she was so busy outside of her teaching duties, she did not have a handle at how the students reacted with one another. Thus, she was totally unaware of Vivian's reputation amongst her peers. In Erin's eyes she could sense that Vivian was a superior student, and so to her mind a very interesting person. As fates would have it Vivian became sick after just two weeks and had to miss the entire year, and so Erin did not get to know her very well.

The next time Erin did spot Vivian was that fateful Saturday night when she was on duty at the hotel. Erin was shocked at seeing Vivian in a formal dress (she did not know Vivian's sister had married that day) and in company with her boss who was obviously intent on fucking Vivian in the premier room of the hotel. Erin Falconbridge was not a prude or judgmental, as she fully accepted as a norm the frequency of sexual activity amongst current teenagers.

Still she was dismayed at Vivian's appearance on this occasion. Despite wearing an evening gown, she appeared disheveled. Erin noticed that Vivian licked into her mouth some moisture sticking on her chin. Now there could have been an innocent explanation for Vivian's action still Erin's vivid imagination was right money as to the true nature of the same.

Erin was dismayed because her impression of Vivian had been that she was a female of substance, but her presence at this moment conveyed the notion that she was just a run of the mill bimbo after all. And reinforcing that conclusion was the fact she was still at the hotel when Erin's shift had ended. Still though, Vivian's parting saucy wink and the coy wave of her hand suggested a sophisticated sexy woman as opposed to an empty headed slut and this intrigued Erin.

At the start of the school year, Vivian's presence in her classes proved to be an enigma. Erin would have thought that if Vivian was truly your average typical teen age bimbo she would have a coterie of like minded companions. In Erin's mind most of the girls at this school were in fact bimbos, and they tended to flock together. However she noticed that Vivian was obviously shunned by all of the other students; females and even males alike. In fact there seemed to be outright hostility directed towards her.

This puzzled Erin totally as she could not comprehend the reason for such enmity. It was not that Vivian was an ugly girl; actually her features were very striking. If Vivian were a lesbian, Erin knew she would be desiring her for her looks alone. The sound of her voice was very appealing and she seemed to Erin to have a winning personality if given the chance. And her contributions to the class when called upon belied any notion that she might be an empty-headed bimbo in reality.

Intrigued by Vivian's seemingly contradictory character Erin resolved to determine at least whether Vivian was as suggested by her night at the Quality Inn, a bimbo or whether she was a good student as indicated by what she knew of her in the two weeks of the previous year. At the end of the second week she handed out an assignment in her History class. She asked the students to write a short essay at least two pages in length but not more than four pages a report on George Washington, the first President.

Most of the papers submitted were poor; feeble at best, atrocious at worst. One comedic student's main and only point was that Washington was featured on the one dollar bill. At least he was ingenious enough to fill up two pages containing that only proposition. A more ambitious student had the audacity to obviously plagiarize an essay probably from an encyclopedia entry. The bulk of the essays were emblematic of the mediocrity of the class.

However Vivian's effort was a diamond in the rough. Her report was concise and hit all the high points of Washington's life and his Presidency. She even ventured a sophisticated conclusion that Washington's reputation should not be diminished because he was a slave owner. That is like comparing apples (today's abhorrence to slavery) to oranges (slavery as a norm throughout human history). Erin felt that Vivian's report would garner an "A+" in college.

When Erin singled out Vivian's essay for praise in the class- she overheard a sniggering remark:

"Bravo for Pissface!"

And the class burst out in laughter as Vivian turned a beet red. Erin demanded:

"What did you say?"

The culprit had the temerity to answer:

"Pissface. That's her name."

Now Erin was angry as well as shocked and she asked:

"Why do you call Vivian by such a vile name?"

"Ask her yourself. Pissface knows why she is Pissface."

Erin now was totally angry and shouted:

"Class dismissed. Get out all of you. I don't want to see any of you until tomorrow. Vivian you stay behind."

Vivian was in tears and lightly sobbing as she remained seated at her desk. The students departed randomly and almost ever one of them in passing decried:

"Bye Pissface" or "So long Pissface" even "See you tomorrow Pissface" and one intellect (the plagiarizer) "Adieu Pissface".

Erin could hardly contain her fury by such behavior. The rude bad tempered remarks uttered by her students towards Vivian was a display of atrocious comportment that was a total anathema to her. Since she had to struggle so hard to achieve even her essentially modest station in life she could not abide such cruelty. Life is tough enough without having the burden of overcoming boorish dealings when interacting with fellow human beings. In Erin's mind even if Vivian deserved such low opinion as apparently her class mates unanimously harbored there was no necessity to make a public exposure of it.

Once all the other students had exited the room, and containing her anger in check, Erin asked:

"All right Vivian! Can you please tell me what this is all about?"

Vivian was now in tears which were streaming down her face. Her eyes were red and swollen as a result of her sobbing. She was totally unnerved at being the center of such unwanted attention. She just blubbered out:

"It's because Gary Gainer spread the news throughout the school that I had allowed myself to be pissed upon by my sister and her boyfriend, now her husband."

"Why would he tell such a story do you think?"

"Well...er...it's actually true. I did in fact do such a thing."

"How did he know about it? Was he there?"

"His brother must have told him. You see Ray, his brother was the one who busted my cherry this summer and the next time I saw him, I told him about it. He was very mad and called me all sorts of filthy names and I haven't seen him since."

"How did this event where you allowed your sister and her boyfriend pee on you come about?"

"Well on a Sunday afternoon, my sister Erica, and Matt English, my sister's husband and I had sex in a wooded area at our farm. Erica said that it is called a ménage à trois."

Erin corrected:

"Strictly speaking a ménage à trois is a living arrangement either between two men and one woman or two women and a man. Sex between three people is simply referred to as a threesome or a threeway."

Vivian continued:

"Oh! Well anyway Erica and I had a contest as to who could tolerate spanking by Matt more. I lost and so by agreement, I let Erica and Matt pee on me; on my face and chest. I even drank some of it as I actually couldn't avoid doing so."

"Gads Vivian! That must have been horrible!"

"Oh it wasn't so bad. Actually it was kind of fun as I was spellbound by the thought about how kinky it was in doing it."

Erin thought in her mind 'Oh my God she is a bimbo after all no matter her excellent school work'. However the fact she seemed to have had sex with her sister naturally intrigued her. So Erin asked Vivian to elaborate:

"So you actually participated in sex with your sister in addition to her boyfriend/husband?"

"Oh yes! Erica says it is called lesbian love when girls have sex with girls."

"Yes I know."

"Yes of course you would know being older, and with lots of experience. But I didn't know that until Erica told me. I guess I'm just an ignorant farm girl. Anyway after that afternoon Erica and I have had sex a couple of times but of course now that she's married that has ended."

Erin was flattered to hear that Vivian assumed that she had had lots of sex when in actuality the opposite was the case. Now in light of what Vivian just advised about sex with her sister, it was imperative to delve further into Vivian's sexuality. So Erin asked:

"Have you then enjoyed the sex you've had with your sister?"

"Oh sure it's been a blast. Erica is a fun girl and of course I've always loved her as my sister, which made the sex even spicier."

Now this answer caused Erin to revise her unflattering opinion of Vivian as well as pique her interest in discovering Vivian's true sexual proclivities. So she asked:

"But do you love boys better? As you are aware I saw you get it on with Luke Woodbury, my boss at Quality Inn."

"Of course! But my experience with Erica showed me that girl on girl sex is quite a good substitution much better than masturbation. But as luck would have it, Luke is moving to South Carolina and of course Erica is now married so my only outlet for sex is masturbation."

This information without warning instantly aroused Erin's libido as she lost all interest in contemplating the ugly class room scene. Instead the sudden possibility of making love to Vivian took hold of Erin's thoughts and so she closed in on Vivian. She bent down to softy whisper in one ear in a silky seductive voice:

"Oh no Vivian. Masturbation doesn't have to be your only sexual outlet."

Vivian simply questioned:


And then Vivian felt Erin's hand on the bare flesh of one of her breasts, rubbing, caressing it; Erin had surreptitiously slipped her hand inside Vivian's blouse and bra. Vivian gasped and in her low husky sexiest voice breathed out:

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