tagMatureViviana's First Old Man

Viviana's First Old Man


He watched her from afar, following everything she did; his gaze not once left her body. She was a small girl, with a curvy body, large tits sat on her chest and bounced with every step she took. Her ass was round and jiggled in time with her steps. He was addicted the moment he saw her enter the mall.

He followed the girls from one shop to another, always staying out of their sight and didn't make it look suspicious to the other customers that walked around; he acted as normally as possible for an old man going shopping. Soon enough the girls began to walk off leaving his little toy alone.

She soon was walking alone in the store, just gazing around and buying small things she would need for home, he was walking down the aisle she was in and stood next to her. Not once looking at her but at the items in front of him.

Which were lucky books; he looked at her from the corner of his eye and saw her looking intently at the book in her hand. She had unconsciously bit down on her lip and it was turning him on. He then moved to stand behind her, making it seem like he was looking at the books in front of her body.

They were both at the back of the store, where nobody could see them, he reached forward and went to pick out a book just above her head, as he did so he look down her top and caught a glimpse of her breast. "Shit! You startled me sir!" She moved back and bumped into the wall.

"Sorry dear, I tried asking you to move but you were so focused on the book." He moved away and stood in front of her. He was a frail old man that stood at 6" 0 he was slender with salt and paper hair that just touched his ears.

"It's fine, I should apologise haha. I was in your way, well I better go now bye Mr." she walked away and paid for the book she was reading. He looked at her and placed the book back, before following her out of the building. He noticed she had walked to the shops and was about to turn into an alley way.

He smiled and walked quickly to catch her, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pill. He quickly swallowed it and felt the affect slowly taking place with each step he took. Smiling he saw her slowly walking with ear buds in.

Happy she couldn't hear him, he looked around to make sure nobody was there to see what he was about to do. He quickly walked behind her and grabbed her around the neck and waistline.

She screamed and thrashed trying to get out of his hold. He quickly walked to the side and pushed her down onto the ground. Knocking her out when she hit her head against the ground.

He walked away to grab his car which was luckily parked close by, stopping at the entry he looked around once again and went to get her unconscious body.

He carefully placed her down in the back of his van and closed and locked the door with a padlock. He walked around the front and climbed in, he couldn't wait to have fun with her so he drove to the woods that were close by.

He could hear her move and moan and smiled he knew she wouldn't be able to get out. He then heard banging and screaming and knew she was wide awake.

He saw a secluded spot and quickly parked he jumped out and pulled a couple more tree branches to cover the back of the truck. Once he was sure no one was able to see he climbed back in and turned the engine off.

He sat back and pulled his fly down, he raging erection sprung out of his shorts and landed right on top of his thigh, it was long and thick, covered in veins he knew would make the girl scared.

He pumped his cock a few times before opening the door to the back; he looked in and saw her sitting in the corner curled up in a bowl crying.

"Please don't hurt me! I won't say anything just let me go please!" She begged him. Her eyes where dripping tears that just turned him on more.

"Now why would I let you go? You've been teasing me all day, strutting around the mall in your short shirt and barley there top! I want a taste of you and I plan on using the time well. After I am done I will let you go." He walked into the back and slammed the door shut so she would try to run.

Slowly he walked up to her and pushed her into the wall of the van, he pushed back a bit of her hair and smiled at the softness of her skin.

"So beautiful, it's been a while sense I've touched a young girl like you. How old are you dear?"

"19" she muttered and turned her head away from his bad breath. He moved closer and pushed his naked thigh between her legs. She tried to push him away but he only pushed his thigh up harder.

"Now girlie, you listen well. I am going to use your pussy for as long as I fucking want! You continue to push me away and it will last longer then I planned it."

She quickly nodded and placed her hands by her side.

"Good girl. Now let me see what you have to offer." He reached up and started to pull up her shirt, slowly he reviled her toned stomach; he lifted it higher and found a gold metal bar attached to her belly button.

"Hmm I love this." He pulled at the jewellery and laughed at her wince if pain.

"Lift your arms up love, I want to see if you have more." She slowly lifted them to allow him to pull her top off her body. Her black lace bra sat against her large breasts that bounced when they dropped from the shirt.

He could clearly see her pierced nipples and smiled.

"Hmm sexy. Do you have more girlie? And answer truthfully; I'm going to find out soon." She gave a timid nod and watched as his smile widened.

He roughly pulled off her bra and placed his cold lips upon her right nipple, bitting down in the ring he pulled back and tugged her nipple making her moan in pain. He moved his tongue against the abused flesh and moved onto the next one.

He moved his thigh away from between her thighs and pulled down her skirt and undies, already eager to play with her young pussy. The girl groaned and started to fidget. She could feel her wetness start to leak down her leg and hated herself for enjoying his lips on her body. She placed her hands on his head and pulled him closer to her boobs.

She felt him smile and bit down harder on her right nipple. She screamed and tugged at his hair, she loved the pain he was giving her and hated it at the same time. He pulled away and smirked at her.

"I knew you wouldn't last long. I'll tell you a secret, I popped a pill that's going to let me last a very long time girlie. I hope you are ready." Her eyes opened wide in shock and she tried to move away.

This time he was prepared and wrapped his arms around her waist, he threw her to the floor of the van and quickly jumped on top of her body. "Now, now girlie. What did I say about trying to run? You are only going to make it last longer."

Pulled his shirt up and over his head and threw it behind him, they where now both naked in the van one ready to fuck the other scared for what was about to happen. He dragged his finger down her body towards her wet pussy.

"Hmm you are very excited, you are so wet for me baby. I can't wait to sink my large meat into your snatch."

Her head rolled back and she let out a deep grunt at the feel of his fingers in her pussy lips. She wanted him in her so badly she started to thrust her hips upwards.

"Please! Please fuck me!" She threw her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips pulling him close to her body.

"Finally you ask!" He quickly went to work and started to move his hips causing his cock to rub against the outside layer of her wet lips. He watched as her head rolled around and smiled; happy he could give the girl pleasure.

"Here it comes baby girl!" Quickly he shoved his large cock into her right pussy, he could feel her walls pushing against him and squeezing his dick. He groaned and pushed harder into her tight hole. "Hmm fuck bitch, you are tight!" He continued to thrust hard into her, he looked down and smiled, peaking out between her lips was another ring, he quickly grabbed it and pulled, making the girl scream loud from a violent orgasm that racked through her body.

He didn't stop fucking her after the first orgasm she had, he continued to rock into her and grunt like a loud pig in heat. Her head was rolling around and her back arched with every thrust he gave her. He could feel the van move with them.

He soon grew tired of the position and pulled her up.

"Turn around and hold onto the wall." She did as she was told and waited.

"Bend down a bit more, that's it. Good girl."

He got behind her and kissed his way up her thigh, he licked at the juices she spilled and moaned at the taste. "You even taste sweet." Her legs where still shaking from the earth shaking orgasm he had given her and could really hold her up straight.

Standing up as much as he could he pulled her hips back and thrust back inside her warm wet pussy. He was in heaven, and he knew she was too. Soon enough he was banging into her snatch and playing with her clit, he was rubbing it hard and fast as he pounded into her from the back.

She soon collapsed and could only moan as he pushed into her more. He felt his balls tighten and knew it was close to the end.

"Hmm baby, I'm going to cum inside your pussy and all over your body! Get ready" he pushed faster and felt the first spurt of cum fly out of his cock. Soon enough he pulled out and wanked pushing the rest onto her back and ass. Once he was done he sat down and pulled her body onto his, placing his semi hard cock back into her pussy he moved her hips around and bringing her to another strong orgasm of the night.

"Fuck girl you are one good fuck, definitely hitting you up again." All she could do was nod her head. "That was amazing!" She smiled at him.

"I've never been fucked like that!" She could still feel his semi hard cock inside her and continued to rock against him. He pulled her off him and gave her his shirt.

"Wear this. I'm taking you home now." She nodded and pulled it on. Soon enough they were in the front of the van driving away from the woods and back onto the main road.

"So when can we fuck again?" She turned to face him and looked at his deflated cock that hung out of his shorts.

"I'll call you." He Leaned over and pulled her into a heated kiss. He pulled away and watched her leave the van, she walked into her house and turned back around with a quick glance around she lifted the shirt and flashed him her boobs, he smiled and licked his lips. He could wait to taste her pussy again.

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