tagIncest/TabooVixxen Ch. 01: Beginning

Vixxen Ch. 01: Beginning


The following story is fictional, and involves rough close relational but not incest sex. If you do not enjoy erotic stories involving sexual material I suggest you move on.

In the Beginning-

When she was very young, Vixxen's life began a tragic journey. Growing up in a black family was tough enough in the town they lived in, but real tragedy laid ahead. Her father was a Marine, and was killed in combat when she was a year old. Her mother mourned, but moved on in time, and married again a few years later to a respected church leader named Michael. Her mother died not long after and her step father raiser her as his own.

A tall black man, with receding hair and an expanding waist, her step father did the right thing and stayed after her, trying to keep her in church, watching her grades in school and trying to keep her with the right crowd in school, with a degree of failure. She never really took to the church life her family had practiced, instead finding comfort in the company of her friends, and when he was around outside of work and church, her step dad. Life continued in this way throughout her young life.

Her step dad was becoming a drinking man, often to the point of passing out, and he also became active with women. Vixxen knew some of them came from church, and one was a friend's married mom, but she did as she was told and said nothing when she saw them come and go. That her step dad didn't apply religion to his life further separated her from anything church related.

Over her teen years she developed quite well, although her step dad would never allow clothing which was revealing, by the time she was eighteen she had filled out to the point where she wasn't hiding anything from anyone. He would talk to her about her weight, as she was 5'10" and about 140 pounds, but she was hardly fat. She had genetics on her side and had very good muscle mass. Here stomach was flat and her boobs were filling out to a full 36c.

She dated often, but not consistently with one guy, and usually with older college age guys. She fooled around, never going all the way, but in dating she had her boobs out many times, and gave her fair share of hand jobs and blowjobs. For the town she lived in she was not all that promiscuous, at least compared to her friends, who to her eyes acted like complete whores.

When she was getting close to graduation, she came up to the anniversaries of her parents deaths, and her brother's, which had all happened in the month of September, and this is where the story begins:


Her step dad had been drinking more and more heavily, and one night when she was more down than usual and crying in the living room her step dad came in with a bottle, and sat beside her. He hugged her and held her, and let her know if would be alright.

Over the course of the evening he listened to her talk about her regret and barely remembering her family, and comforted her as they shared his whiskey. She didn't hold her alcohol well, and she ended up passed out on the sofa. Her step dad, who had noticed how her body had filled out, and remembering her mother's beauty could barely contain himself.

He carried her to her small room, and helped her out of her clothing, and noticing she was not wearing a bra and that she was wearing thong underwear, his state got the better of him, and he molested her sleeping body.

He started by squeezing her beautiful ebony breasts, the best he had seen in his life. She did not stir, but her nipples did, and were growing as he began to suck on them. Even in his drunken and horny state he remembered he had raised this girl since she was young as his daughter. He called her his baby girl, and him daddy, but in that moment it was lost on him. He spread her legs and tasted her pussy, it was a beautiful thing, the best he could remember tasting.

He ended up with his cock out, and he rubbed his semi erect cock along her. He cursed his case of whiskey dick, but even in it's not full state he was a good eight inches, over ten when fully erect.

He rubbed his black cock along her boobs, and her face, and gently put the tip in her mouth as he jerked off over the girl he knew as his daughter. As he came he slowed the pace, and slowly stroked his cock as he dribbled his cum into her mouth. Even in her passed out state she reacted, making an odd face, and he could see her slowly swallowing on instinct. He kept going until he was spent, and oddly he noticed her tongue come out and clean her lip, as if she had spilled some ketchup on her lip.

He grabbed his phone off her night table, and took a couple of pictures of her semi naked form, and one of his cock resting on her lips. It was a moment he did not regret, but he clothed himself, and grabbed a washcloth to clean her face. He took a last glance at her almost naked body, and went off to bed.

When she work up the next morning, she was in her bed and almost naked, remembering little of the night before. She knew she had been drinking, and had a bitter but familiar taste in her mouth. She knew she hadn't brushed her teeth, so chalked it up to too much drinking, and hoped she had not made a fool of herself as she showered and dressed.

When she saw her step dad much later that say, he looked hung over, a pretty common thing but he looked like he was taking it poorly. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug, and thanked him for spending time with her the night before. He smiled, gave her a lasting hug, and gave her a kiss on the forehead as she left.

Her step dad was no fool, and wasted no time. He called and said he was bringing dinner, and brought wine with it, and started serving alcohol in some form with dinner. They shared beer, wine, and on occasional whiskey. He started getting more friendly in these times, making a lot of contact, embracing often, and the conversation even started to get very lightly flirtatious.

He would joke of her breasts when she was only wearing a tank top and no bra, commenting that he was already drinking, he wasn't sure what her 36c breasts would drive him to. He got to the point of making masturbation comments when he would leave.

They became more and more comfortable, and as they shared a bathroom in their small house, he made sure that "accidents" happened with nudity. He made sure the lock on the bathroom door would never work again, and set to work walking in on her in the shower, stopping to look before saying something about her body and what it did to him. She walked in on him jacking off all the time it seemed, in the shower, in his room, in his room a lot.

When she turned nineteen he made his move. Again following this she became sad as the anniversary of her family's deaths approached. When he again found her crying he again brought alcohol, this time wine, but this time in a glass he had spiked with a crushed up ecstasy. Things went as he expected.

She had a few glasses of wine, he stopped at one and she hardly noticed. He wanted to be sober this time, having taken Viagra and not wanting to waste what might occur. They talked, they hugged, and he held her very closely.

He rubbed her shoulder, and caressed her arms, careful to brush her breasts as he did it. Gently enough that she didn't really notice it was happening, and often enough that her body began to respond. He was behind her and wrapped his arms around her and told her he loved her, and squeezed his arms so that each of his hands was on a breast, and leaned down and kissed her neck.

She looked up, and he kissed her on the lips. Things moved quickly, within seconds they had their tongues in each other's mouths, and within five minutes she was topless and he was sucking on her boobs.

She was on her back getting her boobs sucked, and he stood up, dropped his boxer shorts and sat on her tummy with his very large cock resting just between her boobs. He said "push them together baby, help your daddy with this", and gently began titty fucking her. He didn't speed up, but kept extending farther towards her, easily extending his cock beyond her breasts and towards her face.

This continued until he was bounding his cock off her chin, and then he eased up and started rubbing the head of his cock on her mouth. In her state she responded and began working her tongue on the tip.

That was it, after that she ended up sucking the tip of his cock, and when he moved to sit she knelt in front of him and went back to work. Working his cock furiously, and taking all she could of his massive black cock. Being sober, and having prepared for this he lasted. He lasted for almost thirty minutes of an amazing blowjob and when he came he came a lot.

He had been jacking off for the last few days, but had not allowed himself to cum. When he did cum, it was more than he had ever seen. He laid her back on the sofa and put his dick above her open mouth and stroked his cock as he came. Again he did so slowly, the spurts of cum falling into her mouth and on her face, but they continued for what seemed like forever. Vixxen felt like she was in heaven at that moment. She was drunk, high on ecstasy and horny as fuck, and in that moment all she cared about was the magnificent ten inch black cock spurting cum in her mouth. It must have been twelve spurts.

Vixxen swallowed as he did it, then cleaned off his dick when he was done. As he sat back down she used her finger to gather the cum on her face and neck and began eating it. In her state of arousal it was the best thing she had ever swallowed, and she got to all of it. When she was done, his dick was fading, but she knelt again and lovingly kissed and sucked on the tip, gathering just a little bit more cum. He helped her to his bed, and helped her out of what was left of her clothing.

As his cock began to stir he began to suck on her boobs, and kissed his way down to her pussy and ate her with abandon. He went at that pussy as he hadn't in many years, and began finger fucking her while licking on her clit. When he was able to get three fingers in her he rose up and put a condom on his cock and entered her with his cock. Her arousal and drunkenness helped, but nothing could quite prepare her for the size of his cock, and it as not meant to be. She went back to sucking his cock, and they ended up in the 69 position, pleasuring each other to another climax.

When she woke up the next day, she did so naked, and in his arms, she knew what had happened. As she eased herself out of his arms her head ached, and she saw his magnificent cock, still six inches long and fat when soft. She decided it was just the alcohol, and her step dad had really needed it. She kissed him on the forehead and went off to clean up.

Over the next months, this happened more and more often. There was less alcohol involved, although ecstasy was still involved, as he would get it to her before each night. Eventually it wasn't needed at all and she began to act as they were married.

They ended up fucking every night, slowly as she was able to accept his size, and then they fucked like porn stars. They watched a lot of porn together and acted on all they saw but anal, which she refused. They did it everywhere and all the time, almost every time her step dad Michael came, he did it in her mouth.

Eventually he began to cum on her face, and began calling her names as he did it. He said things like "You like that you fat little whore?", "suck your daddy's cock bitch" and you are a fat nigger whore like your mom was". He also stopped using condoms and just came on her when he finished.

Sometimes he did not pull out and came deep inside her, and late in the year she became pregnant. He insisted that she take care of it, gave her the money and let he know that no fat whore's baby was welcome in his house. She did as he demanded, and the procedure did not go well, after which she spent some time in a hospital. They did not have sex for a couple of months, but when she got home, he kept going to her, and made sure she kept sucking his cock.

He still went to church, they both still went to work, but they went ever further down the rabbit hole, and he became ever more verbally abusive to her. His weight had grown, he was now over 300 pounds, but he still insulted her weight whenever they were together. He began slapping her ass when he was fucking Vixxen doggy style, and slapping it hard. She didn't know where she had let him down, but the warmness had gone, replaced by what was starting to feel like contempt.

Her step dad Michael began trying harder and harder for anal sex, trying alcohol, and again ecstasy, but with no success. It became a sort of obsession to him to fuck her beautiful round ass, but the more he obsessed the worse he treated her, and the worse he treated her the less inclined she was to comply. One night when he came home drunk, he came to her and she wasn't interested and objected.

Despite this he had her naked in minutes, and had his cock in her pussy. He flipped her over leaned on her and tried to put his dick in her ass dry, and she kicked away. Whatever he had going on inside spilled out and he slapped her face hard. She went down and he kept hitting. When he was finished, he went and got some oil from the bathroom she used for her skin, poured it on his cock and her asshole, and forced himself in her.

She was awake as he took her ass against her will, but with the alcohol, ecstasy and the physical abuse she passed out. She work up in the middle of the night, grabbed a few things and left, rushing to a friend's house who would help her hide.

Vixxen used what money she had to leave town the next day, and left her life behind to live with a friend in the big city. She never looked back, never returned to her home town, and never saw her step dad again.

To be continued-

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by Anonymous

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by Sharpguy11/20/17

Nice Start...Eager to Read More

Enjoyed this tale, even though it has a sad, bitter storyline. I see you have more chapters...looking forward to reading more of Vixxen's life.

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by VixxTheLover02/10/17

-He needs to be punished-

Not everyone in life get's what they deserve. I assure you that while it may not be covered in one of these stories, he did. Eventually.

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by Anonymous02/10/17


Srry for your experiance i hope you have better to share

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by Anonymous02/10/17

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