tagIncest/TabooVixxen Ch. 01: Beginning

Vixxen Ch. 01: Beginning


The following story is fictional and involves rough close relational but not incest sex. If you do not enjoy erotic stories involving sexual material I suggest you move on.

In the Beginning-

When she was very young, Vixxen's life began a tragic journey. Growing up in a black family was tough enough in the town they lived in, but real tragedy laid ahead. Her father was a Marine and was killed in combat when she was less than a year old, she never met him.

Her mother mourned, but moved on in time, and married again a few years later to a respected church leader named Michael. Her mother had Vixxen when she was just eighteen and married her stepdad when she was just twenty-one. Her new Husband was in his mid-thirties.

Her mother died not long after in a car accident late one night, and her stepfather raiser her as his own.

A tall black man, with receding hair and an expanding waist, her stepfather did the right thing and stayed after her, trying to keep her in church, watching her grades in school and trying to keep her with the right crowd in school, with a degree of failure. She never really took to the church life her family had practiced, instead of finding comfort in the company of her friends, and when he was around outside of work and church, her stepdad. Life continued in this way throughout her young life.

Her stepdad was becoming a drinking man, often to the point of passing out, and he also became active with women. Vixxen knew some of them came from church, and one was a friend's married mom, but she did as she was told and said nothing when she saw them come and go. That her stepdad didn't apply religion to his life further separated her from anything church-related.

Over her teen years, she developed quite well, although her stepdad would never allow clothing which was revealing, by the time she was eighteen she had filled out to the point where she wasn't hiding anything from anyone. He would talk to her about her weight, as she was 5'10" and about 130 pounds, but she was hardly fat. She had genetics on her side and had good muscle mass. Her stomach was flat and her boobs were filling out to a full 36c.

She dated often, but not consistently with one guy, and usually with guys her age. She fooled around, rarely going all the way, but in dating, she had her boobs out many times and gave her fair share of handjobs and blowjobs. For what was normal in the town she lived in Vixxen was not very promiscuous, at least compared to her friends, who to her eyes acted like complete whores.

When she was in her senior year and just after her eighteenth birthday, Vixxen came up to the anniversaries of her parents deaths, which had all happened in the month of September, and this is where the story begins:


Her stepdad had been drinking more and more heavily, and one night when Vixxen was more down than usual and crying in the living room her stepdad came in with a bottle and sat beside her. He hugged her and held her, and let her know it would be alright.

Over the course of the evening, he listened to her talk about her regret and barely remembering her family, and comforted her as they shared his whiskey. She didn't hold her alcohol well, and she ended up passed out on the sofa. Her stepdad, who had noticed how her body had filled out, and remembering her mother's beauty could barely contain himself.

He carried her to her small room, and helped her out of her clothing, and noticing she was not wearing a bra and that she was wearing thong underwear, his state got the better of him, and he molested her body. In her alcohol-induced sleep, Vixxen did not stir.

Her stepdad was at this point fifty-one years old at this point but did not look quite as old as he really was. He could not resist Vixxen's eighteen-year-old body.

He started by squeezing her beautiful ebony breasts, the best he had seen in his life. She did not stir, but her nipples did and were growing as he began to suck on them. Even in his drunken and horny state, he remembered he had raised this girl since she was young as his daughter. He called her his baby girl, and she called him daddy, but in that moment it was lost on him. He spread her legs and tasted her pussy, it was a beautiful thing, the best he could remember tasting.

Vixxen's step-dad ate her pussy for quite some time, as he had not had such a lovely young woman in many years, and her young pussy tasted better to him in that moment than any dessert he had ever had. Vixxen's breathing changed as her body reacted, and in her sleeping state she squirmed and began sweating.

Her step-dad pulled his cock out, and he rubbed his semi-erect cock along her. He cursed his case of whiskey dick, but even when not hard his cock was a good eight inches, over ten when fully erect.

He rubbed his black cock along her boobs, and her face, and gently put the tip in her mouth as he jerked off over the girl he knew as his daughter. As he came he slowed the pace, and slowly stroked his cock as he dribbled his cum into her mouth. Even in her passed out state she reacted, making an odd face, and he could see her slowly swallowing on instinct. He kept going until he was spent, and oddly he noticed her tongue come out and clean her lip as if she had spilled some ketchup on her lip.

He grabbed his phone off her night table and took a couple of pictures of her semi-naked form, and one of his cock resting on her lips. It was a moment he did not regret, but he clothed himself and grabbed a washcloth to clean her face. He took a last glance at her almost naked body and went off to bed. He could not remember seeing something more beautiful in his life.

When she work up the next morning, she was in her bed and topless, wearing only a thong. She remembering little of the night before, but she dressed this way for bed most of the time. She remembered drinking whiskey and had a bitter but familiar taste in her mouth. She knew she hadn't brushed her teeth, so chalked it up to too much drinking, and hoped she had not made a fool of herself as she showered and dressed.

When Vixxen saw her stepdad much later that say, he looked hung over, a pretty common thing but he looked like he was taking it poorly. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug and thanked him for spending time with her the night before. He smiled, gave her a lasting hug, and gave her a kiss on the forehead as she left.

Her stepdad planning how he might fuck her, and wasted no time in setting his plan into motion. He called and said he was bringing dinner, and brought wine with it, and started serving alcohol in some form with every dinner. They shared all sorts of alcohol. Beer, wine, and occasionally whiskey. He started getting more friendly in these times, more touching, embracing often, more kisses on the cheek, and he started giving her pecks on the lips. Their conversation even started to get flirtatious.

Vixxen's stepdad continued to give her alcohol, and now sometimes share a joint with her. Marijuana was easy to come by, and they would pass a joint between them when her stepdad lit one up.

He would joke of her breasts when she was only wearing a tank top and no bra, commenting that he was already drinking, he wasn't sure what her 36c breasts would drive him to. He got to the point of making masturbation comments when he would leave. Vixxen thought this was an odd development, but she knew her step-dad was lonely and drunk. She started occasionally jokingly asking if he needed a few minutes alone to work it out the bulge in his pants.

Vixxen had known him as her dad even if they were not blood-related, she could not miss however the rather large bulge he often had in his pants. She had seen dick before with boyfriends, giving plenty of handjobs and a good number of blowjobs, but her step-dad obviously had more down there than she had seen before.

They became more and more comfortable with each other, and as they shared a bathroom in the small house they shared. Vixxen's step-dad made sure that "accidents" happened with nudity, and that they happened more and more often.

He made sure the lock on the bathroom door would never work again, and set to work walking in on her in the shower, stopping to look before saying something about her body and what it did to him. She walked in on him jacking off all the time it seemed, in the shower, in his room, on the sofa in the living room. "Don't you ever put that thing away old man?" Vixxen would joke to her step-dad, seeing him with his long black cock in his hands, sometimes catching him in the act of cumming.

"Whatever baby girl," Her step-dad replied once when she walked in on him in his bedroom jerking his cock. "I see you with your tits out all the time." When he noticed her eyes linger on his cock, he decided to take a chance. "Help me out her Vixxen, I haven't seen a woman topless in a long time while I could do this." He slowly stroked his cock as he continued, "I just want to see your tits while I finish."

They had just finished dinner and had split a six-pack of beer, and had shared a joint, so Vixxen was more than a little buzzed. She had seen his cock a lot lately, it had started to feel normal. She knew he had seen her naked plenty of times lately, that had started to feel normal as well.

This was weird, but a lot had been weird lately, at least there wouldn't be any touching. "OK dad," Vixxen said in a slurred voice, pulling off her shirt and sitting next to her step-dad topless, her full 36c breasts on display. She felt a little self-conscious with him staring at her while jacking off and covered herself up a little. Although she could only cover her nipples with the healthy size of her breasts.

"Lay back Vixxen, let me get a good look at you." Her stepdad suggested, guiding her back onto his bed. He then had her use her arms to push her boobs together for him. "There we go, give me something nice to look at." Stoned and a little drunk this felt pretty good to Vixxen, she felt beautiful, it was good to feel that she looked good.

He got close to her on the bed and started jerking his big dick hard, his dick pointing right at her boobs. His eyes were on Vixxen's boobs, and while she had been looking at his cock, she now closed her eyes, his lingering and hungry stare embarrassed her.

She heard her stepdad grunt and felt his cum start to land on her tits. Vixxen had seen cum before many times with boyfriends, on her hand or in her mouth. She had even ended up with some on her face after a blowjob, but this was different.

Vixxen opened her eyes and saw that her stepdad had his cock right next to her boobs, with a little bit left on the tip. Her stepdad smiled and then wiped the tip of his cock on her nipple, rubbing off the last of his cum. "Thank you Vixxen, I really needed this." He gave her a peck on the lips, hovering very close to her mouth, "You are the best stepdaughter an old man could hope for."

He then stepped back, enjoying the mess he had made on her tits, and then went to shower and clean up. "Wait!" She said as she heard the shower start, "What the fuck am I supposed to do with all of this cum?" There was no answer.

Vixxen sat up, but his cum started to pool on her and run down her chest, and she didn't want a bigger mess. She ended up using her shirt to clean his cum off of her boobs, chest, and stomach, only realizing later when doing her laundry that her shirt was now basically ruined.

She hadn't bothered with a shirt, still topless when she passed her stepdad when headed to the shower. Just taking a clean thong into the bathroom to change into after her shower. In the mirror, she saw one drop of cum on her chin, fuck that was too close she thought.

Vixxen became less worried about nudity, and the requests from her stepdad to jack off to her became more common. She was topless a lot more often, and it became common for her to lay down on his bed for him to jerk off, and it became more and more common for them to start drinking as soon as she got home from school.

Vixxen's stepdad drank a lot, it was probably why they remained so poor. But this meant he could hold his alcohol. Vixxen, on the other hand, struggled with more than a couple of drinks but was usually drinking three beers after school and at least one shot of whiskey at dinner. The marijuana eventually became a daily thing as well, but a young girl with two dead parents and a dead brother with depression issues was not one to argue against marijuana and alcohol.

She enjoyed being topless and found walking around in just a thong much more comfortable. Vixxen ended up spending a lot of her time home in this manner of dress, even during the day.

Eventually, this became a part of Vixxen's routine, where it was at least once per day that he came to her with his cock out. In her room, on the sofa, on his bed, eventually he just asked her to kneel in front of him. When she was kneeling before him he was pointing his cock at her mouth more than her tits, but he never made contact with her face, pointing his cock at her tits when he came.

When Vixxen watched her stepdad jack off in front of her, she got a close look at the head of his cock, as it would be a few inches from her face. This was an odd feeling for her, she knew it wasn't normal, but for some reason, it started to turn her on. Vixxen started to imagine that it made contact with her mouth and that she tasted it, or that her stepdad accidentally came on her face.

As odd as it would seem under normal circumstances, Vixxen came to think of having her stepdad's cum on her as a normal thing. She got used to cleaning it off of her and even wondered if what she heard about the benefits of semen on a woman's skin was true.

A few months had passed since she turned eighteen, and he finally made his move. Vixxen's step-dad got out an old photo album and went through pictures of her mom and dad, and her brother. He knew what he was doing, as this lead to Vixxen becoming very sad and crying on his shoulder.

He held her tightly, kissing her on the cheek and forehead, and had a good handful of one of her breasts as he hugged her tightly. Vixxen's stepdad lovingly pulled her hair out of her face, never letting go of the breast that he held, gently squeezing it, and rubbing his thumb on her nipple. In her sadness, she did not respond to this contact, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

He finally broke the embrace and left to get her something to lift her spirits. He drank took a viagra and chased it with a beer. Vixxen's stepdad bought her alcohol, this time wine. A decent bottle and two glasses, which he had already filled. He had spiked with her glass a crushed up ecstasy pill. Things went exactly as he expected.

She had a few glasses of wine, he stopped at one and she hardly noticed. He wanted to be sober this time, having taken Viagra and not wanting to waste what might occur. They talked, they hugged, and he held her very closely.

He rubbed her shoulder and caressed her arms, careful to brush her breasts as he did it. Gently enough that she didn't really notice it was happening, and often enough that her body began to respond. He was behind her and wrapped his arms around her and told her he loved her and squeezed his arms so that each of his hands was on a breast, and leaned down and kissed her neck.

She looked up, and he kissed her on the lips. He had been giving her pecks on the lips, but this time his mouth lingered on hers, and he felt her tongue flick his lip. He extended his tongue into her mouth and in moments they were making out quite passionately.

Things moved very quickly after this, Vixxen's stepdad made sure of it. As they kissed he began squeezing her breasts and began pinching her nipples. When he tugged on the bottom of her tank top and tried lifting it, Vixxen put her arms up, giving him easier access to remove it,

He pulled it completely off. He kept kissing her while now playing with her boobs and nipples, and he soon felt her hand first grab, and then massage his dick. Feeling her now stroking his dick inside his shorts set Vixxen's stepdad off, and he quickly had one and then the other of her beautiful young black nipples in his mouth, sucking them hard.

After no more than a minute of Vixxen massaging her stepdad's dick, she slipped her hand over his waistband, placing her hand directly on his dick, now giving him a slow handjob as he sucked on her nipples.

This surprised him, and it surprised Vixxen that she did it, but she was drunk, high, and was getting hornier than she had ever been in her life. She had been thinking about his dick, she had seen it in the shower, and had seen it hard many times. She had fantasized about tasting it, sucking it, putting it inside her, and she had to finally put her hand on it. She had to feel it, what the skin felt like.

Vixxen's stepdad was pleased he had bought the ecstasy and that he had put it in her drink, he had been waiting for this for a long time. He lifted his head from her breast and kissed her deeply, and she returned his kiss passionately.

Vixxen's stepdad broke the kiss and smiled at her, then laid back and pulled his shorts down, exposing the full size of his cock to her. It was long and hard, and she was so horny her head was spinning. Vixxen stared at it and began stroking it with both hands, until she felt his hand on the back of her head, guiding her down to his lap.

Vixxen knew what he wanted, in that moment she wanted nothing more than to finally taste his cock, to find out what his cum tasted like.

As Vixxen's dad guided her head down, he was pleased that she did not resist, and soon felt her lips and tongue working on the tip. She was kissing it, rolling her tongue over it, and nuzzling against it.

Vixxen was in paradise at this moment, as she started to take his large black cock into her mouth. She was drunk, high, and horny as fuck, and damned if this wasn't the best thing she had ever had in her mouth.

Vixxen's stepdad held her hair away from her face, mainly to be able to watch her suck his cock, and marveled at how much she seemed to be enjoying sucking his dick. Her eyes were closed tight, and she was using her mouth and hands together better than he thought she would know how.

Vixxen was young and fairly athletic and maintained her pace for about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of bliss for both of them. He stepdad did not want for this to end, in that moment he wondered just how often he could get her to suck his dick.

He had been jacking off for the last few days but had not allowed himself to cum. He wanted the first one with her to be as big as he could make it, so he restrained himself from cumming, trying to build up a good supply.

When he did cum, it was more than he had ever seen. "Look me in the eyes Vixxen," Her stepdad requested, "I am about to cum baby girl." Vixxen obeyed, looking her step dad in the eyes as he started cumming in her mouth.

Her stepdad groaned but kept eye contact as he shuddered in orgasm. Vixxen felt him shudder and felt rope after rope of hot cum shoot into her mouth. Her own body started shaking, and she opened her mouth to moan, letting some of his cum fall back on her hands and his cock. She had felt orgasm during masturbation, but no boyfriend had ever gotten her close.

Vixxen felt like she was in heaven at that moment. She horny as fuck, and in that moment all she cared about was the magnificent ten-inch black cock and all of the cum it provided. She kept stroking it as the cum slowed, lapping at the drops that continued to come out of her stepdad's cock.

Vixxen swallowed as he did it, then cleaned off his dick and her hands when she was done. Her stepdad leaned farther back on the sofa, and Vixxen saw the cum on his stomach and the base of his dick and hungrily got that with her tongue as well, swallowing as she went. In her state of arousal, his cum was the best thing she had ever tasted, and she got to all of it.

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