Editor's Note: this is a resubmission of a work by the same author. If it sounds familiar, that is why.

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Um... Hi.

I know you said I wasn't supposed to call you at work, but... I couldn't help it.

I thought... maybe I could leave you a nice message and then... we could see each other tonight?

Please daddy?

You like it when I call you daddy, don't you?

You loved it last night when I cried it out loud, over and over while you spanked my tight little ass. Oh, it hurt, and I'm still sore... but I was a bad girl, wasn't I? I deserved it, right daddy?

I couldn't keep from doing those filthy, naughty things while you were away. Couldn't keep from touching my pussy... and tasting my warm, wet juices.

Daddy I...I bought a vibrator last night. I know you said you wanted to get one for me, but I really, really wanted to see what it was like. It's so big and thick, just like you, but I need help fitting it inside me. I'm a little scared. I...I don't want it to hurt.

Unless...you want it to hurt.

I keep wondering about how my first time will be, and wondering when you'll do it with me, daddy. You touch me...you make me touch you... you lick me... but you know how bad I want your cock in me, don't you?

I mean, you have to know.

Why won't you fuck me, daddy?

Don't you think I'm ready?

Last week I bought that cute outfit to play in, remember? The maid's costume, with the black, fishnet stockings and crotchless panties? I remember how much you loved it. You skimmed your fingers across every inch of exposed skin... kissed my ankles, my knees, the smooth, shaven lips of my pussy....

You gave me chills, daddy.

I brought you dinner in it and served you like a good girl. It didn't even bother me that you made me stand the whole time. Know why?

Cause that night, you let me see your cock. It was the first time, and I remember being so nervous. My little hands yanked and tugged your belt out of the loops so fast, and you just smiled at me. You had to help with the zipper, though.

I didn't expect to see it the way it was, though. So soft... not hard like in the movies you always scolded me about watching. But then, you told me to touch it.

You whispered to me, "make it hard, slut."

But I wasn't sure how. Slowly, I used one hand and started to rub it up and down, base to tip. You didn't moan, but I could feel you growing in my palm, inch by inch. Your eyes followed my hand as it formed a tight sleeve around you, squeezing you just as my cunt would. Then, without saying anything at all, you grabbed my hair and titled my head back.

"Open your fucking mouth," you said, panting.

I did so without question, and let you ram your cock down my throat. Oh daddy, it makes me wet just thinking about that night. I felt your cock get so big and hard between my lips covering them with spit and precum.

Mmm, daddy... you gagged my fucking throat with your dick, then smacked it, all wet and sticky against my cheeks.

That night, you made me lick and suck and choke on you until you came, but still...you never fucked me. You just pushed my head back, made me look you in the eyes, and jerked until cum coated my lips and filled my open mouth. Then you told me to swallow.

I couldn't, though. I wasn't used to the taste, and it was so much...and so thick... I spilled it all over the front of my costume, and my bare tits.

You spanked me again for that, but I never mind spankings. I love the feel of your big, warm hands against my ass and your prick poking up at my tummy. I like to rub against you on purpose while I squirm and I think secretly...you like it too.

I hope you come by tonight. That would make your little girl so happy. I want you to slide that vibrator into my virgin cunt, or better yet, your big, juicy cock. That's right; this little princess wants her daddy's dick inside her. Deep inside her. Fuck me like the little whore I am and pump me full of cum. Hold me down and cover my mouth while I scream...

I want to feel daddy's spunk running out of me. Make me yours... do me now. I want to feel those lovely kisses all over my body again, feel your lips roaming over my collar, the swell of my breasts, the curve of my hips...

Oh daddy... I promise no one else has to know. You can have me all to yourself. Face down, on top, gagged and bound... any way you like.

I pro--

Oh, oops! I think used up all your tape.

Sorry daddy, I guess you're gonna have to punish me again after all...

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