tagErotic CouplingsVolleyball Team Ch. 02

Volleyball Team Ch. 02


I had gone to the beach with my camera to get pictures and maybe hook up with women. I got more than I bargained for. I found Sandy and offered to take nude pictures of her. At first I thought she blew me off but then she showed up with her entire volleyball team and they offered to let me take pictures of them at their home.

The picture taking turned into a full blown reverse 10 on 1 gang bang and I was the "1". After I shot my wad I expected to leave but they invited me to spend the night, sleeping with one of them, in the nude since I had not brought any sleep wear.

Any question I had about which one I was to sleep with was quickly answered. They all wrote their names on slips of paper and put them in a basket.


"Draw five names," said Darlene, who seemed to be their leader. "You will share a bed with them in order. If you have sex and ejaculate then you must move to the next bed."

I drew the first name. "Jennifer," I read. A well proportioned blond jumped up. She had large breasts and a narrow waist with wide, but not too wide hips. Her shoulder length hair curled in at the neck and framed an oval face with blue eyes, a long narrow nose and a large mouth with wide lips. She smiled at me and winked.

I drew the second name. "Sandra," I read, the women I had first seen at the beach. Since I saw her I had been hoping to have time with her and her spectacular figure. She rose and I gave her a smile and a wink.

Her breasts were small, but not tiny, with large pink aureoles and small, hard nipples. Ringlets of long, light brown hair surrounded her thin face and cascaded over her shoulders.

The third name was "Tara." She was African American with a rich chocolate skin and sat in front with her legs spread apart showing her bushy cunt covered with a blanket of black hair. Her fleshy pubic lips were slightly open showing nice sized inner lips. I recognized her as the woman who had been riding me when I came. She had a round face with round, bright, deep golden brown eyes. Her black hair fell in tight curls to her shoulders. She had large, round breasts with large, almost black aureoles. She smiled at me, showing perfectly white teeth making a nice contrast with her skin color.

The fourth name was the leader, Darlene. Darlene had dark, black hair just past shoulder length with a slight curl. Her face may have been the prettiest of the group, a nicely proportioned oval with light brown eyes, a perfectly sized and shaped nose with wide lips around a properly proportioned mouth. Her breasts were slightly larger than hand sized with dark aureoles and large nipples. She was standing right next to me with her perfect figure and dark pubic hair. She leaned over, gave me a peck on the cheek and brushed my cock lightly with her hand.

The final name was "Ariel". Ariel had modest handful sized breasts with rings in each nipple and a almost completely shaved beautiful little clam for a cunt. A glint of silver inside her slit caught my eye to indicate a pierced clit. Her face was a slim oval with piercing blue eyes and short cut, straight, brown hair. She glanced briefly at Tara and winked then smiled at me with her thin but wide mouth.

Darlene took the slips and the basket, "I will post the names with numbers 2 to 5 on the bedroom doors so you can know where to go next after you have sex. Please no cheating. Don't hang out with someone after sex or go out of order."

"Okay," I said, not too happy about the "not hanging out" part. "Can I at least cuddle a little after sex?"

"No, you might fall asleep and that wouldn't be fair."

"So if I want to stay all night with anyone, I can't have sex with her?" I gave Sandy a look.

"Yes, that's right, you can't have sex if you want to stay all night. More exactly you can't cum," Darlene acknowledged. She had seen my look at Sandy and appeared disappointed. If I stayed with Sandy I wouldn't get to her. I probably wouldn't get that far anyway, I was already tired. I might not be able to keep it up and stay awake for Jennifer.

House Rules

Jennifer came over to me, "I'll show you around and get you to my bed," she said. "I have something planned," she added tantalizingly.

As we went upstairs I asked her, "Do you have multiple woman sessions like this with guys often?"

"Oh, no," she replied. "This is the first time. When Sandy told us about your offer, most of us were intrigued and decided to try it out. It was only after we came back here to prepare for you that we decided to do this. However, we do have a rule that any guys who stay overnight must be shared. We usually use the basket pick method. Those who are interested in a guy another girl brings over put their name in the basket and whoever invited the guy picks one of the names. He has to have sex with that girl before spending the rest of the night with the one who invited him."

"I would think that might decrease the number of guys invited over," I said. "Since he always has to have sex with someone else first."

"Maybe," she said, "but I doubt it, guys always seem really anxious to be invited. I like it. It keeps guys interested in me since they know they get sex with a different girl each time I bring them over. I've also found that guys keep it up for me longer after having sex with someone else."

"Don't some have trouble getting it up at all?" I asked.

"Surprisingly not," she said. "I have my methods. If I'm desperate I can spike their drink with Viagra. Well, actually Cialis, it lasts longer. Most guys can cum multiple times with it."

"Interesting," I said. "Don't you need a prescription?"

"I got a prescription by telling my doctor that my boyfriend was frequently impotent, I can be pretty persuasive," she fluffed her hair. "He relented and told me all the things to ask before using it. It's pretty safe unless the guy is taking medicine for heart problems or high blood pressure. Now I get it on-line by pretending to be a guy," she said.

"Is that legal?" I asked, and added, "is that my surprise?"

"Not unless, I can't get you up." she told me and added, "I don't really 'spike their drink'. I tell them about it and let them decide. Do you want to try it? It might help you get through all of us tonight," she joked.

"Does it really make guys horny?" I asked. "I thought it just helped with an erection."

"I think it makes them get the erection more easily," she told me, "and the erection makes them horny."

"I can see how that might be."

By then we had reached the upstairs hallway.

"There are five bedrooms," she told me pointing to the five doorways. "Two beds and two of us in each."

"So, will your roommate be there with us?" I asked.

"Maybe," she said. "We don't ever keep our roommate out of the room like I understand some guys do. If she's there then you have to do it in front of her. The usual rule is that she's allowed to participate as well. For tonight with you we decided that you are not allowed any intercourse with her. She can only fondle and be fondled."

"Aren't some guys inhibited by your roommate?" I asked.

"A few," she told me. "I usually leave the two of them alone for a few minutes. Lauren is good at getting them to accept her. So am I, letting them touch certain parts of my body and touching certain parts of theirs is all it takes." She pulled my hand to her breast and crotch and then gently stroked my cock.

"I can see that would be effective," I said. My cock had been flaccid but was now rising to her challenge.

She continued her description. "The room at the end of the hallway is Darlene and Courtney's. It's the largest and has it's own bath. Each pair of rooms on the side share a bath."

"Darlene seems to kind of be your leader," I commented as she opened the door to the bedroom I assumed was hers. "How is that?"

As we went in the bedroom she explained, "Darlene found this place and advertised for roommates. Two of the girls were her friends from before and the rest of us interviewed to live here. Darlene handles all the finances and collects our portion of the rent. We have lost a couple of girls because they didn't pay or weren't cooperating with the house rules. Darlene has to enforce that. Most of us are glad to have her doing that. It's not the kind of thing I would like to do."

"Does Darlene make the rules?" I asked.

"She has a few rules she insists upon. Having some sort of sexual sharing is one of them. But we propose and vote on most of the others and on details of sharing arrangements. We voted on the use of the basket with name slips, for example."

"So, which bed is yours?" I asked.

She pointed it out. "I usually shower before I retire. Care to join me?"

"Sure," I said. "Can I use the toilet first?"

"Of course." She led me into the bathroom. There was a sink to the right and a toilet with a privacy door to the left. Ahead, beyond another privacy door, was the shower/tub.

"the other bedroom has it's own vanity and toilet beyond that door," she told me pointing to a second door just past the tub. "Do you need to crap or just pee?"

"Pee." I responded. puzzled.

"I like to watch, may I?" she asked.

Taken aback I said, "yeah, I guess so."

As I lifted the seat and positioned myself she came to my back and reached around to hold my cock, "I can aim it," she said.

It grew and stiffened slightly in her grasp as I released my control and the yellow stream flowed out. She giggled and moved my cock around so the stream flowed into the toilet at different places, never missing. I squeezed the last few drops out and she expertly shook it to get the drops off the tip.

"You've done that before," I commented.

"Yeah, lots. I ask all the guys if I can and I like watching the pee flow out and feeling it stream through their cocks. It's kind of fun aiming at different parts of the toilet. Sometime I want to 'write my name in the snow'. I have to go too. You can watch if you want."

"No thanks," I said. "I've watched women pee before and there's not that much to see,"

"I agree. Guys are lot's more interesting to watch." she said as she lowered the seat and sat down without closing the door.


I went back into her bedroom and sat on the bed. It was only a single bed without a lot of room for two.

One of the women came in the room, she was short and thin with small breasts, a small butt and just a hint of a waist,. "Hello, you must be Lauren?" I said.

"Yes," she said, "I'm going to bed now."

"Sorry I won't be able to accompany you," I said honestly. I would love to fuck each and every one of them. Lauren's large, paper thin minor labia protruded prominently from her slit. They made me think about what it might feel like as my cock enterred her.

She watched my cock rise and said, "I think your little friend agrees. I'll probably watch if you leave the lights on," she said. "I hope that doesn't bother you?"

"I think it'll be a turn-on," I said.

"Even with the lights off, I'll be listening, Jennifer isn't exactly a quiet fuck. Oh, hi Jennifer."

Jennifer had finished and come into the room. "You make a lot of noise, Jennifer?" I asked.

"I guess I do, if I enjoy myself," she consented. "Lauren isn't that quiet either."

"I like making noise," Lauren admitted.

"I hope I can have the chance to find out sometime," I said.

"Maybe I'll give you a call," she responded.

"That would be okay," Jennifer said, "then I'll get another chance at him too."

"We're taking a shower," Jennifer told her as she led me into the bathroom.

She put on a shower cap, turned on the water, tested and adjusted it. "I like it hot," she told me. "Hop in."

I got in. She followed and made sure the curtains were fully closed. Then she handed me the soap and washcloth and said, "Scrub me down, don't forget any part."

I didn't plan to forget any part. "Your face too?" I asked.

"Sure," she said. "Start at the top and work down."

"I think I'll start at the extremities and work to the center," I said. "Close your eyes."

"Starting at the extremities works for me," she said, closing her eyes.

I kissed her eyelids and then gently scrubbed them with soap. I did the same with her ears and cheeks and nose. I paused at her mouth and kissed gently but longer, inserting my tongue which she accepted eagerly. Then her chin and neck which I kissed in several spots. Then I soaked the washcloth and rinsed her face off, kissing each part after I had it rinsed.

As I finished with her neck she said, "Mmmm, you know what we're here for and have the technique. I hope it doesn't stop with my face."

"Not unless you want it to," I answered.

I continued with the fingers of her left hand, kissing each and then kissing the back and palm of her left hand before washing it. I kissed fingers again after rinsing. Then I did the same with her right hand. I kissed up her right arm, lingering at the inside of her elbow and then her left arm, not failing to kiss in the armpits.

I had her turn around and knelt behind her. I picked up her left foot, sucked on every toe and the sole and top of the foot, scrubbed it well, not forgetting to get between the toes, rinsed and kissed again. Then on to the right foot and up the right leg to just above the knee, kissing longer behind her knee. Then the left leg leaving the thighs and my final goal between them for last.

I stood and kissed the backs of her shoulders and all over her back, licking along the shallow valley that marked her spine down to her waist. I gently and lingeringly scrubbed and massaged her shoulders and back. She arched it away from me and moaned lightly in pleasure. "Oh, Kyle, you do know your way around a female body." I had her turn around so the water poured over her back, rinsing it. Turned her around again and kissing and licking her arching back once more.

I turned her around and held her ample breasts in my hands. I kissed all around each, then licked all around the dark aureoles and finally sucked on her erect nipples making them even harder and larger. "Ohhhh, Kyle, don't stop," she moaned, so I did it again. Then I gently massaged both breasts with hands covered with soap and rolled the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I did that four times as she continued her moans of pleasure. I made sure to scrub well in the fold underneath her breasts. I rinsed them off gently with the wet washcloth being sure to get the soap from under her breasts. Finally I kissed each breast all over, licked the aureoles and sucked on the nipples, repeating five times to her continuing moans.

Before resuming, I took her in my arms and kissed her long and hard on the mouth. I held her butt and pulled her crotch and stomach hard against my full erection. We intertwined tongues and luxuriated in the feel of the falling warm water.

I released the kiss and gently stroked her abdomen from under her breasts down to the triangle of neatly groomed hair. I stroked up and down as she arched her back and resumed moaning. Then I kissed over the same area, pausing to insert my tongue into her navel and wiggle it around. I soaped my hands and stroked again, repeating four or five times. I stood, wrapped my soapy arms around her and repeated the kiss to her mouth. This time I gently massaged the small of her back and her butt with my soapy hands and rubbed my erect cock against her soapy belly. I rinsed her belly and repeatedly kissed her from breasts to bush.

I turned her around, knelt down and kissed the back, outside and inside of her thighs from the knee to her crotch. I kissed her butt and licked down her butt crack from the top to her anus. Then I soaped up again. I scrubbed the same area and after scrubbing her butt crack continued past the anus and on to her furry pussy. I scrubbed the outside and then pushed my fingers into her vagina and scrubbed inside. I took the washcloth, rinsed it and rinsed off her butt and thighs. I soaked the cloth again and rinsed down her butt crack, soaked another time and pushed inside her vagina to rinse the soap out, once, twice, three times. Her moans increased in volume as I repeated my kissing and licked down her butt crack again.

I turned her to face me for my final cleansing actions. I kissed her bush and her slit, sticking my tongue inside to flick at her clit. I stroked inside with my fingers, paying special attention to her G-spot. Her moans became more like groans. I scrubbed the triangle of hair and then her clit, and then her labia, and then her vagina, and then her labia, and then her clit, and then her labia, and then her vagina, ... repeatedly. She jerked in orgasm making loud sounds of pleasure. I kept stroking and scrubbing, inside and out until her orgasm dissipated. Then I rinsed her pussy thoroughly, inside and out and gave it a final, passionate kiss. "Your turn," I said, handing her the soap.

She smiled at me, "Very nicely done," she gasped. "I've never had quite as good a shower experience. Do you want the same treatment?"

"I'd prefer to cum inside you on the bed, ideally while you have another orgasm." I told her bluntly. "Try not to get me too excited."

"You seem pretty excited already," she said, pointedly stroking my rock hard penis.

"I'm close to the limit," I replied. "Perhaps we should end the shower and get to bed."

"You don't want me to scrub you down?" she asked in disappointment.

"The only thing I want more is for you to spread your legs for me in your bed," I answered.

"And having you fill me is something I want too," she said. "Just let me wash you."

She soaped me all over, working quickly, yet gently and very sensuously. She started with my back, rubbing it with soap from top to butt, She massaged my shoulders and stroked down my spine moving her palms in a way that made me tingle. She spent some time kneading my butt and fingered inside my butt crack. I was surprised by her stopping to wiggle her finger in my anus and made a startled yelp of pleasure. Then I hummed my approval as she reached between my thighs to gently fondle my balls with her soapy hand.

She scrubbed my legs, especially sensually stroking the inside of my thighs. Then she rinsed my back and legs from top to bottom, kissing gently as she rinsed each part. As she passed my butt she spread the crack and licked my anus, "Whoa," I said and jerked in surprise. No woman had ever done that to me before and it gave me a most sensuous tickle that shot into my balls and cock.

She had me turn around and, after kissing me tenderly and seductively on the lips, she washed my arms holding each of my hands against her breast as she did so. Then she soaped up my chest, running her finger around my nipples and squeezing them slightly. She washed my abdomen with amazing gentleness. It tickled, especially as she came close to my privates. She avoided my pubic hair and penis as she rinsed my arms and the front of my body, once again kissing each part as it was free of soap. She lingered with her kiss and used her tongue on my armpits, my nipples and my navel.

Finally, she devoted her attention to my sexual parts. She washed my pubic hair first and then very, very delicately moved her slippery hands over my testicles, fondling them with seemingly great affection. She treated my maximally erect and hardened penis with similar gentleness, not doing anything to raise my excitement yet stroking it in a way that made me feel like it was intended only for her. She rinsed them by squeezing the washcloth over them, never touching. Finally she kissed my cock on the very tip with a flick of her tongue at my pee hole before rising, turning off the water and opening the shower curtain.

"You know your way around a man's body too," I told her.

"Sometime you will have to allow me to bring you to climax in a shower," she said taking a towel and patting my body dry.

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