tagFetishVoluptus Ludum Ch. 03

Voluptus Ludum Ch. 03


Authors Note: It's finally done! I can honestly say this will be the longest chapter and took forever for me to write. I am also working on a new one shot for the fun of it and am hoping to have it done soon. The Goddess will be the next to continue so I hope you will check it out and give me some feedback. As always constructive criticism is appreciated and I'm willing to accept ideas. Hope you all enjoy reading this as much I did writing it.


The next morning Emily awoke feeling lethargic, yet undeniably great. Turning over in the soft bed, she felt someone's breasts against her's. Opening her eyes she saw the sleeping face of Rebecca Black, her cheeks and lips covered in dried cum. Memories came flooding back to her, of how she had won her first battle, of how she received Rebecca's goddess given deck, and her eternal servitude, then how she came here. There was one part of her memory that stood out, and as she remembered, her cock began to rise. The night before began to play through her mind.

Rebecca led her to the master bedroom, which was enormous, easily as big the living room, with a king sized bed in the middle. Emily looked around taking in the astounding beauty, yet the strange bareness of the warm, with barely any furniture around, aside from the bed, and bedside table. The walls were painted white, and had no pictures, awards, nothing to decorate them. On the wall opposite the bed, was a sixty inch tv, yet that seemed to be all.

"It's a little bare isn't it?" She said it as a question.

"I'm, what you could call, a social girl. It was rare that I'd sleep here, so I never bothered with decorating it." Rebecca explained.

"Where'd you sleep?" Emily asked.

"Wherever the guy lived." She stated matter-of-factly, to which Emily stared at her open mouth.


"How many people have you slept with?"

"Um... about two or three dozen; they just kinda melt into one another, so I don't really know. Don't worry babe, I'm clean." She added upon seeing the shocked, almost horrified, expression on her mistress's face.

Emily wasn't sure how to process that. During the battle she'd acted on instinct, and she liked to think that she did pretty well, but after hearing how experienced her servant was by comparison, she didn't feel too confident anymore.

"Mistress? Are you okay?" Rebecca asked.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine." She replied, not too confidently.

"If I may ask Mistress. How many people have you slept with?" In reply Emily hung her head, her face turning bright red.

"The battle was the first time I've engaged in sexual activity with anyone else." She whispered.

"I'm sorry Mistress. I couldn't hear that."

"I'm saying I'm technically a virgin." Emily said louder, keeping her head down.

"Oh." Rebecca said flatly, then added: "That's not a big deal. You've got all the power you need to have a good time." To demonstrate, she walked to her mistress, and her hand reached to caress the now deflated cock.

Emily looked up at her servant. She was smiling, a spark of lust in her eyes, as she stroked the object of her desire through Emily's sweatpants. Desire began to build within Emily, but she knew there was one thing that she wanted to do, before hand.

"Rebecca." Her servant looked at her, lust dancing like fire in her eyes.

"Get me my deck. I'll need it to fuck you so hard; you'll never desire anything but me." Emily already knew that Rebecca, desired only her, and would until one of them died, but it was the only excuse she could think of. She wanted to fuck Rebecca, she wanted her to inflate with her cum, wanted to mark her every crevice with her seed. Rebecca was her servant, and she wanted everyone to know it.

Rebecca practically ran down the stairs, and began searching frantically for her mistress's deck, while Emily sat on the bed. The desires were somewhat terrifying, simply from how extreme and powerful they seemed, she didn't know why she wanted to fuck Rebecca so hard right then, but she knew that it was somehow right. I'll fuck her, and cum in her until she looks heavy with my child. The thought came unbidden, yet Emily accepted it, she knew that she had strange fetishes, and this was just one of them. To her inflating someone with nothing but cum was so hot that she felt her cock stand to full hardness, leaking it's own desire to fuck Rebecca.

Soon the servant had returned. Handing Emily the deck, her mistress looked through it, until she found two cards. One's illustration was of a petite elven girl, stroking a cock that looked as thick and long as her body, all the while spewing a fountain of thick cum. The other was an equipment card, which changed the wearer's whole body, making it like elastic, allowing them to take more powerful blows with reduced damage. Emily smiled at the two cards, her eyes shining with lust that seemed to call out to them. She sent Rebecca to find her own mat.

Upon her return Emily laid the two mats out. On Rebecca's she placed the equipment, and on her's the futanari. Emily had no idea if it'd work, but she assumed that Sors Nepellus would guess what she was up to and grant her this favour, if only this once. To her surprise, Rebecca began moaning and fell before her; Emily knew this confirmed that it had worked. Immediately after Rebecca came under the card's effects, Emily did too, crying out as she felt her cock grow impossibly large, quickly growing upwards, through her shirt, before poking into her chin, and then rising beyond. In a flurry of movement, Emily tore her shirt and sweatpants off, allowing her cock room to grow. It finally stopped at an impossible length of 32'' and a girth of 4''.

Rebecca stared at the pillar of sexual majesty as it rose before her and her mistress's gaze. She felt apprehensive about taking that into her body, yet she felt her pussy practically pouring with it's juices, her mouth watered as she watched a large drop of pre-cum drool down it's incredible length. Unconsciously, she licked her lips. Emily noticed her servant's lust, and didn't intend to deny her. Using a strength she had no idea she had, she stood, her cock standing high above them, before it flopped down, almost hitting Rebecca.

"Suck it." Emily ordered. Her slave looked to her, then the cock, fear and lust warring in her eyes. Soon her mistress's command and her lust won the war.

She kissed the tip, licking up the flowing pre-cum. There's no way I can take this thing in my mouth, she thought, even as she kissed and licked the head. A minute later her desire to take this beast inside was too much, opening her mouth as wide as possible Rebecca pressed forward, feeling, to her amazement, the head sliding almost comfortably into her warm orifice. A muffled moan escaped her as she tasted more pre-cum, as it flowed from the tip and onto her waiting tongue. Knowing what she needed to do, Rebecca began to push forward, feeling the head pressing past her uvula and into her throat. Her hand went to the bulging flesh to caress her mistress's cock through her flesh.

Emily sent a silent prayer of thanks to Sors Nepellus. Thanking her for letting this work, and giving her a chance to do the impossible, speaking of which: Rebecca had forced almost a foot past her lips, and she showed no signs of discomfort, nor any loss of lust. Inch after thick inch slid past her lips, across her lustful tongue, past her uvula, and down her clenching throat, the head now poking against the entrance of her stomach. Rebecca's system tried to reject the strange object trying to force it's way into her stomach, but the clenching of her oesophagus only worked to pleasure Emily, as she began to force more in. The head now entered the stomach.

Rebecca's eyes opened wide, as she felt her stomach being violated by her mistress. The stomach acids had vanished, Emily noted and thought it to be a side effect of the card, or the meddling of a certain goddess. She didn't think on the subject too long, as she continued to push, aiming her cock away from her slave's body, and to her own. The elastic body happily stretching outwards as she pushed little over two feet in. Feeling a now familiar sensation in her gut, she knew her climax was fast approaching.

"You want my cum?" Emily moaned as she forced yet another inch inside. Rebecca could only moan in reply, but the futa took this as 'yes'.

"Then get ready bitch, 'cos here is comes!" With a shove so powerful, were she not elastic, Rebecca would've died, the impossible cock hilted inside, it's shape completely obvious as it pressed outward, the head clear as day, as was the hilt. Emily began to cum the moment her groin met her slave's nose.

Emily had an idea of how much she might cum, yet that was shattered as she felt what could be an ocean flood forth into her slave's eager stomach. In an instant Rebecca's stomach looked as if she had swallowed a beach ball, and with her mistress's cock plugging the upward exit, the cum had nowhere to go, but through her lower body. Flooding her intestines, it soon forced its way into her anus, before flowing forth, coating her floor in thick semen. Rebecca had never looked so happy before.

Fortunately the orgasm didn't last very long. After roughly six spurts of semen, the climax petered out, leisurely drooling a near constant stream of cum as Emily pulled her slightly deflated cock from her slave's heavily distorted body; it looked as though she were heavy with twins. Once free a small fountain of cum exploded from Rebecca's freed mouth, coating her mistress's thighs in her own fluid. Despite the massive climax, Emily's cock had barely softened, and was returning to it's full glory as it's owner gazed at the lustful mess her slave had become. Her cock soon stood to full attention.

Emily stared in amazement at her cock. It stood like a pillar of desire, hanging over her slave's head, whose eyes looked up lazily, unable to keep her gaze away from the object of her desire. Neither of them felt any apprehension now, only the need to fuck, and fuck, and fuck, until the sun set and rose once again, or at least until they were exhausted, though when that would be, neither of them knew. Rebecca was still leaking cum everywhere, panting as her body continued to receive pleasure, simply from being filled it's master's cum. Emily wasn't patient enough to wait though.

"Get on your hands and knees." She ordered. Rebecca couldn't say no, not just because she could hardly breathe with the cum still flowing up her throat, but because she didn't have the will to. Her body knew what it's mistress wanted of it, and it was all too willing, even if it might kill her, though a part of her knew it wouldn't. Soon she was on her hands and knees, presented both her ass and pussy to her mistress. Emily took it all in.

Not wanting to forget, even though she knew that there'd be many more opportunities to see this, Emily basked in the sight of her servant. The cum flowing out her puckered asshole, coating her pussy and thighs in Emily's viscous fluid. Her ass was delightfully rounded, making it clear how well Rebecca took care of her body, and Emily couldn't resist reaching out and roughly massaging them, delivering the occasional smack, which brought a loud moan from the servant's mouth. Then she spied the leaking pussy.

Emily had never been interested in women before, but then again, she hadn't been particularly interested in sex until recently, yet she found her mouth practically watering at the sight of her servant's begging pussy. Leaning in, she took a deep breath through her nose, basking in the scent of her slave's arousal, before taking a slow lick along her swollen labia, up to her engorged button. Both moaned in ecstasy, as Emily spread her lips apart, revealing in the sight of her servant's slick cunt, before forcing her tongue deep inside, moaning louder at the concentrated taste of Rebecca's bittersweet juices. Her cock was leaking a small river of pre-cum now, begging for attention.

Rebecca could feel the stone pillar of flesh throbbing against her torso. She looked down, gasping as her mistress lapped at her pleading cunt, and saw the head was practically eye level. Noticing how it seemed to beg for it's own pleasure, Rebecca obeyed it, opening her mouth wide once more, and forcing the head inside, her tongue playing with the large slit at it's tip, earning a large dose it's delightfully thick pre-cum, causing her to moan loudly, despite the large object filling her hungry maw. It didn't take long before she felt her own climax building.

Emily could feel the added lubrication as her partner neared her climax. Getting a more concentrated dose of her bittersweet juices, Emily went to work with even more gusto, if that was possible; she clasped her lips over the swollen clit, lapping at it with her tongue, while she penetrated Rebecca with three of her fingers, squirming them around until she heard a particularly loud moan from her willing captive. They worked the other to orgasm with a frenzy not even animals could rival.

When Rebecca came they both discovered that she was in fact a squirter. At that point, Emily had her mouth planted firmly over her cunt, using her nimble tongue to penetrate as deeply as she could, and as such received a mouth full of pussy juice, forcing her to swallow just before another refilled her mouth. The taste set Emily off too. She rammed her hips forward, jamming as much of her cock as was possible into the relatively small gullet of her servant, and relished the feeling of her throat stretching around her girth, just as wave upon wave of magical sperm shot forth and overfilled the slave's stomach. Once again it travelled through her system.

Emily was practically in heaven. The taste of Rebecca's cunt juice, while cumming as hard as before, was indescribable. It amazed her how much cum a single human woman produce, as she continued to squirt more and more pussy juice, filling and refilling Emily's more than willing mouth. Then she received an unexpected gift. Unknown to her, the cum she was shooting had travelled through Rebecca's intestines, and now her anus mimicked her pussy, squirting a thicker fluid all over Emily's face, pasting her eyes shut and making her curious as to the taste of her cum, mixed with Rebecca's ass. Removing her lips from Rebecca's still cumming cunt, she locked them over her asshole, just as another wave of her semen came. Never before did she think such a taste existed.

Emily's mind went blank. The taste of her cum, shooting into her gullet via another woman's asshole was indescribable, in fact it sent a shock wave of ecstasy through her still cumming form, sending an even greater surge of cum into Rebecca's body, which soon filled Emily's. It was a never ending cycle, that is until the climax ended, having already lasted two minutes, and never showing any signs of slowing, though the volume of cum was far lower than the last time, no doubt due to the recent orgasm. This time leaving Rebecca looking as though she were only carrying one child.

Emily pushed Rebecca off, panting as the sensations of the afterglow washed over her. Rebecca was also panting, though more for oxygen then from the pleasure. Noticing this, Emily decided to see if there was a card that let her breathe even when her airways were blocked; to her surprise, there was one. Using it, she decided to test it out, her cock once more standing at it's goddess given glory. Once again, Rebecca was filled with all 32'' of cock meat, and once more she was forced to directly ingest gallons of cum, adding to her barely deflated stomach, making it seem heavy with triplets. During it however, Rebecca had no trouble whatsoever breathing. Experiment successful.

It almost seemed demonic now. Despite three orgasms, all in fairly quick succession, Emily's cock was almost at it's full glory once again. Rebecca, having caught her breath, and regained some of her motor-functions, stood and bent over, presenting her still leaking ass and pussy to her mistress, no, her goddess. She opened her mouth, letting a small river flow over her lips, and gurgled:

"Please fuck me mistress." There was no way in hell Emily would say no to that.

Lining up her cock, which still glistened from Rebecca's spit and her own cum, most of which Emily herself had licked off, needed no further lubrication to enter the leaking pussy. Without warning, Emily rammed her phallus inside, and almost came on the spot. Despite only getting ten inches in, before meeting any form of resistance, Emily couldn't believe how amazing it felt, and she wanted more. Pulling back a single inch, she punched forward, ploughing through her slave's cervix and entering her tight womb, but even then she continued to push onward, aiming her cock at such an angle that it bulged from her impossibly elastic flesh, and almost reached Rebecca's mouth, before Emily stopped, wanting to rest and take in the awesome sensations. Nothing they had done before even compared to this.

They remained still like that for a single moment longer, before Emily couldn't resist anymore and began to move. The bulge of her cock retracting, only to lurch forward, completely filling the altered woman and granting her pleasure beyond either of their imaginations, making her cum faster than ever before, her juices squirting around the impossible girth plugging her clenching cunt. Both were crying out in pleasure, though Rebecca's overshadowed Emily's, raising octave after octave. Emily felt her orgasm growing, and stopped moving briefly. Rebecca looked down, her expression one of exhaustion, yet her eyes were filled with need for more.

"M...More..." She managed to pant out, her voice hoarse from the constant throat fucking. Emily didn't need to be told twice.

Despite the fact that her cock had stretched Rebecca's stomach to her chin, there was still several inches of delightful cock meat waiting to fill her further. With wild abandon, Emily lifted Rebecca, her cock helping support her, before moving her to the bed, where she spread the slave girl's legs wide, granting full view of her impossibly stretched pussy, and of the remaining foot of Emily's cock. Without warning, Emily pulled back, before thrusting forward with all the strength she could muster, forcing inch after pleasurable inch into Rebecca's cunt and womb. The altered woman went silent as the flesh of her abdomen stretched over her eyes.

Soon Emily was pulling out as much as she could then thrusting back in. Each time Rebecca would cry out in unending pleasure, she laid flat against the bed, unable to lean up due to the protrusion stretching from her stomach. Getting a sudden idea, Rebecca waited for Emily to pull out slowly before lifting her head as much as possible, and opening her mouth wider than ever before. She aimed it perfectly, and when Emily thrust in once more at full force, Rebecca's tautly stretched skin entered her mouth. She moaned at the feeling of having her mouth once more filled with something.

Even through her taut flesh Emily could feel Rebecca's tongue, lapping at the tip of her cock. It was easily one of the most intense, and indescribable feelings she'd ever felt, and with it came a feel of heat, building in her body. She knew it to be her orgasm, and began using short, erratic thrusts, her cock never leaving the hungry maw of her servant. With a cry she felt her cum begin shooting up her length.

She pulled back enough that Rebecca couldn't reach it. She watched as her cock pulsed rapidly, and with pulse it would deliver at least a litre of thick cum. Her cock had created a watertight seal, meaning that no cum could escape her womb, causing it to inflate, growing and growing until she seemed heavy with twins. But even then it continued. The constant spurts always delivering a litres worth of semen.

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