tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWACFYM Ch. 04 Pt. 01

WACFYM Ch. 04 Pt. 01



Jena Summers enjoyed a toke on the joint and settled on her bed beside Angela Nguyen, her best friend and casual lover. Both girls were 19 but other than that the only other thing that they had in common was a particular fetish for seducing married men.

Jena ran her hand over her friend's neck, brushing aside her long black hair to reveal the fine letters WACFYM tattooed there in cursive script. She had one exactly the same but placed on the small of her back and a year older.

Jena was the one responsible for inducting the petite Vietnamese girl into the Jezebelist secret society and its immoral pursuits.

Angela giggled as Jena's lips affectionately bestowed kisses on her soft skin. They promised the pleasures that would come later but would have to wait. She pulled out her laptop and logged on to the secret society's website. Its address was only known to society members.

She tapped in her password.

It was very well constructed and completely secret. The Jezebelists 'asked' for generous 'contributions' from selected male guests who were happy to pay to prevent their wives finding out about their indiscretions so their funds were never in short supply. Some may call it blackmail but the money ensured, amongst other things, the web service was professional looking.

The homepage opened up and displayed thumbnail photos.

There were thousands of members worldwide, from all walks of life. A cursory glance at their bios revealed kindergarten teachers, police officers, doctors and assistant district attorneys. There even a few politicians in their ranks.

Jena leaned over and typed in her mother's name.


Lara Summers page flashed up onto the screen. It showed five or six tasteful nude shots of the forty two year old woman. She and Jena shared the same copper red hair and exceptional fair skin, high cheekbones and emerald green eyes.

"I hope I look as hot as your mom, when I'm her age." Angela sighed wistfully. Her friend's mother looked at least ten years younger than her age and had a body that would make most women envious. A good mix of genetics, diet and exercise meant she had no need to resort to surgery to maintain her figure.

She was tall but curvaceous and her natural 28CC breasts remained pert and firm.

Jena yawned impatiently and budged her friend out of the way so she could scroll down the page. There were dozens of posts, each with a thumbnail of a man attached. It was a complete record of all of her mother's lovers. She selected the latest entry and clicked on it.

His name was Tom Morrison, a good looking, 38 year old, father of three. Surveillance shots had captured him on his morning run and showed a man with a strong physique and muscular thighs. There was a nice looking bulge in his shorts.

Also included were multiple candid photos of him with his family. They looked happy. His two daughters and his son had inherited his sandy blonde hair and their mother's smile.

He ran his own successful advertising company. Her mother had met him there a month ago under the guise of a potential client. He'd been faithful to his wife for ten years but that was until he met Lara. The blurb explained that she had been very demanding of his time, scheduling out of town meetings designed to keep him isolated from his family.

She'd seduced him slowly, subtly flirting with him and wearing 'innocent' attire that still somehow displayed her assets to him that no red-blooded man could have failed to notice.

Last week she'd gone down on him in his office and swallowed his load.

Jena had no doubt about her mother's cock sucking prowess. The poor man couldn't have helped being left wanting more.


Jena and Angela read on. Jena's hand nonchalantly caressed her friend's small breast through the nightgown she wore as the details of her mother's sinful campaign aroused both of them.

After Tom's first act of infidelity, he'd clearly felt guilty. He stopped returning Lara's calls and sent junior associates to their meetings. He'd taken his family away to the country for weekend.

Angela smiled. All men were the same, so ashamed for giving in to their cocks' urges. She knew he'd have had to do a lot more than that to put Mrs Summers off. The mature woman always got what she wanted.

Lara's latest scheme had been to send a pair of her skimpiest silk panties to his office along with a note inviting him to an illicit rendezvous in a hotel.

There was a clip of Tom in his office, taken by a hidden camera. The man was clearly shown receiving the package. He'd held the panties in his hand as he read the note.

It was evident that he was shocked. He didn't know what to do. He wasn't used to being aggressively pursued by women but he couldn't help feel aroused by her desire for him. All men were weak when offered no strings attached sex on a plate.

The footage quality was good enough that his indecision was evident in his intelligent blue eyes and body language.

He was a faithful husband.

He'd made to throw the whole lot in the trash... but then he stopped. Perhaps he was remembering the feel of her lips as she'd sucked his cock.

In a moment of madness his eyes had flashed with lust and he'd put the erotic items in to his pocket. He could have disposed of the panties and invite but he didn't; Lara had gotten under his skin and now he couldn't help contemplating further betraying his wife with her.


The next video clip was live footage taken from the multiple cameras Lara had set up in her hotel room. The society had access to only the latest gadgets and toys so the quality was very high. Outside the hotel was a van with operators who controlled the cameras.

The feed showed Lara clad only in a black babydoll negligee as she lay on the large bed. It was not long before there was a knock on the door.

Lara called out that it was open and Tom entered the room.

His body language showed that he was nervous, as if he was still unsure of his decision to be there. The sight of Lara's hot body caused him to loosen his tie as he swallowed anxiously.

"I've never cheated on my wife before...." He croaked as he stood by the door, torn between staying faithful to his wife and succumbing to his lust for the mature seductress.

"Sssh.." Lara whispered. She knew he wouldn't be here if he hadn't already fallen under her spell and it wouldn't take much to finally tip him over the edge and he'd be fully committed to betraying his wife. "Your wife will never know..."

Every Jezebel knew that even good men will cheat if they think they can get away with it.

He did not resist as she took hold of his hand and guided him towards the bed.


She watched her mother slowly unbutton Tom's shirt and slip it off his broad shoulders to reveal his thick torso with its nice spread of golden chest hair. Jena liked older guys and Tom did not disappoint. She licked her lips as her mother caressed his big pecs and flat stomach.

Her pussy was getting wet and she guessed Angela's would be to. Jena slowly slid a hand over Angela's thigh and between her legs.

"Take off your pants..." Lara commanded.

Tom paused. He felt slightly uncomfortable getting naked with a woman he barely knew. When he was fully undressed there would be no denying that he was here for sex with a woman who was not his wife, the mother of his children.

He swallowed hard and then kicked off his shoes.

With trembling hands he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. With both hands he pushed his pants and boxers down over his solid thighs and kicked them off.

"Hmmm..." Angela moaned both at the sight of Tom's nine inch cock and Jena's nimble fingers playing with her delicate clit.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you for weeks..." Tom groaned as he stood and watched as Lara slowly slid the first strap off over her shoulder and then the other.

Tom licked his lips as her tits were freed. They were so pale and so big yet firm. He wanted to touch her, to touch them and to take her erect nipples between his teeth but he was still resistant.

Lara picked up a bottle from the bedside table. Checking to see if Tom's gaze was directed on her awesome rack she sensuously drizzled the aromatic oil over her soft skin. She massaged it over her massive mammaries and down her cleavage.

Tom glanced up her perfect face and saw her knowing smile.

He smiled back and stepped closer to his new lover. Taking his cock in his fist he guided it's head to rub it over her glistening flesh.

"You want to fuck these big titties...?

"Uh huh.." He croaked, his mouth feeling dry as he admitted to his adulterous desires.

Lara's smoky oval eyes flashed.

"Are they better than your wife's tits?"



Angela tugged Jena's football jersey off and they kissed just as Lara grabbed the married man's bare ass and pulled him closer. Neither girl considered themselves lesbian, they loved married cock too much for that but they were such sluts they would take pleasure wherever they could.

Their tongues flicked together in each other's mouths as their hands were at their tits. It was a jumble of limbs as their passion took hold. In their heat Jena fondled Angela and she did the same. Jena's pair was not as big as her mother's but still dwarfed the other girl's.

Angela broke off their sloppy smooch and lowered her head to her friend's chest.


Lara pressed her tits together, squeezing Tom's thick shaft between her milky boobs.

"Oh God...that feels good..." He moaned as he began to move his hips to thrust in between her slippery mounds. His cock was soon lubed up as he slowly fucked her tits

"You ever fuck your wife's tits?"

"Her tits are too small..." He complained. He'd never admitted it before because he loved his wife but Lara's large pair were so much better, his cock was so hard and throbbing as it disappeared between them.

The camera panned back to show his broad back and his meaty ass, clenching and flexing as he exerted himself humping her. He pushed the hot milf back a bit and brought one leg up onto the bed for better leverage.



"Your mom likes to talk, huh?" Angela inquired, taking a break from Jena's breasts.

Jena sighed impatiently. She'd been enjoying her friend's tongue flicking over her nipples.

"It's not just about fucking." She explained as she pushed her friend down onto the bed. "It's about making the man admit that you're superior to his wife, that you're so hot that he can't help betraying his family...."

Angela liked screwing married men but still felt bad for the wives and children of the men she slept with. Jena knew that that would pass. She slipped her hand over her friend's smooth flat stomach and down to her light soft bush and found her clit.

"It's about fucking a married man and knowing that every time he fucks you he loves his wife a little less..."

Angela moaned as Jena pinched her clit between her thumb and forefinger.


"Ahhh....uhhhhh...." Tom grunted as he grabbed Lara's freckled shoulders and increased his pace. His heavy balls were slapping against her body and were so full of cum.

"Mmmmm...you like that, don't you?...." She moaned as she jumbled and bounced her large tits around his long manhood. "You want to cum on my tits?"

"Yeah." He growled as he stood in front of her. He pulled his erect cock from their slick warm heaven and began to stroke its head with his fingers. Like all guys, even the nice ones, deep down he'd always wanted to cum over a woman's tits.

"You cum on your wife's tits?"

"No...I always...thought it was nasty..." He grumbled, his voice deep with arousal.

Lara watched as he jerked off in front of her, completely consumed with lust. "It is nasty," She whispered, "but you want to be nasty with a slut like me, don't you?"


Tom grabbed her hair in one hand and forced her head back as he jerked off with the other. He was so close to cumming. He closed his eyes as the fire smouldering in his balls and the base of his cock erupted. He couldn't have stopped it even if he'd wanted to.

"Ahhh...shit...." Tom cried between gritted teeth as he exploded all over her.

Had he ever cum as hard or so much? Jet after jet of pearly cum spurted from his pulsing cock. The flare of his toe-curling orgasm caused him to stagger forward but he managed to direct his cum over Lara's heaving chest.

"Mmmm...." She murmured appreciatively, as she rubbed his load of semen into her skin.

As Tom struggled to regain his breath he flopped down onto the mattress. Lara shot an admiring glance over the rise and fall of his muscular chest. Shooting a second glance at the hidden camera she sucked on her cum-covered fingertips and winked.


Lara delved under her white pillow and extracted her favourite toy. It was a skin toned 10 inch dildo. She shivered as she thought of it stretching her petite Asian friend's tight pussy.

Angela's cunt was very wet and lubricated but she cried out as the rubber phallus was worked inside her, her muscles contracting around it as it penetrated her.

"Oooooh...Jena....." She protested but her white girlfriend was not concerned and did not stop. Jena knew she loved it. The dirty slut writhed and arched her back as Jena worked it in and out.

On screen Tom was eating out Lara's juicy pussy. She was propped up against the headboard and his tongue was probing her hot snatch. He gripped her waist and buried his face between her thighs, eager to taste her. Her fingers were in his blonde hair as he pleasured her.

"Ahhhh ...yeah...lick my pussy..." Lara sighed but neither girl was paying attention now, too consumed with their own needs.

Still it was an erotic soundtrack to their own sexual encounter.

Angela closed her eyes and tossed her hair, her hands roughly clamped on her cute little AA cups. She tweaked her nipples and bit her lip as Jena's delicate tongue returned to her clit, her nose buried in her soft pubic hair. With the dildo deep inside her and her friend's ministrations her cunt was burning with pleasurable sensation.


"Your pussy tastes so good...." Tom informed Lara but Angela imagined it was Father Gregor's gruff voice and his cock in her pussy. The young priest had arrived a month ago and Vietnamese girl had quickly become infatuated with his Eastern European good looks and athletic body.

Angela panted as her body trembled. She fantasised that that hot clergyman forsook his vows and exchanged holy communication for her pussy juices.

Now his cock was pistoning in and out of her, his soft hands not Jena's were running over her slight body, his pink lips kissing her navel...

"Ah... ah... ah" She gasped in little staccato breaths.

Angela gripped the sheets as the verge of her climax held her in keen anticipation. Her legs kicked and twitched as it built.

When it came and she came, it burst into her consciousness and blossomed like ink into water, nebulous pleasure but strong. The pounding didn't stop though her whole body was quaking. Despite her friend's wriggling Jena steadfastly sucked on her clit and manipulated the dildo.

Angela could hear her heart beating in her ears and she saw stars and sparkles of gold. Someone else was screaming and she realised it was Lara as Tom's mouth pleasured her sex.

She inhaled sharply as her orgasm suddenly subsided, a relief perhaps but sadly missed when it was over.


Lara rested her head on Tom's chest and was stroking his pecs and nipples. She liked the view down his tall body, and the sight of his soft cock nestled in his golden pubes and resting on his hairy thigh.

Lara couldn't tell what Tom was thinking ...but he wasn't making moves to get home to his wife.

She smiled as she thought about his wife at home, completely unaware her husband was being taught what a slut could do.

He had cum on her tits and had just eaten her pussy. When the night was over, he would be mired in adultery and he would never be able to go back to be the faithful man he used to be. He might feel guilty tomorrow but he would be back for more.

She just needed his cum in her pussy and he would be hers.

She took his cock in her hand and felt it responding.


"Do you love your wife?" She asked as she casually caressed his member back to full hardness.

"Yes." He replied, honestly.

"But now you're here with me..." Lara said evilly, running a fingernail up and down his hard-on. "You'd rather be with a whore like me, wouldn't you?"

"Jesus, Lara....this is-"

Lara cut him off. She didn't want to hear him tell her this was a one night deal and all that crap.

"I'm superior to your wife in every way. My tits are bigger; you love my tits more than your wife's, don't you?"

He fondled her nearest breast and nodded. Lara literally had him by the balls but it was true. He'd always been a sucker for big breasts and had secretly been disappointed with his wife's.

"Is my pussy better than hers?"

"Yes." He said quietly as Lara squeezed his nuts. "I love your pussy..."

"You'd rather be here with me than her?"

"Yes." He replied again, this time louder. He'd already betrayed his wife physically and he found it wickedly excited him to betray her verbally too.

"I want to fuck a whore more than I want to fuck my wife." With that he manfully lifted her up and deposited her on the bed. He wanted this and he was gonna take charge.

Lying on his left side he raised her leg into the air and guided his cock to her exposed snatch. Tom reached over her shoulder and groped Lara's enormous jugs. Unbeknownst to Tom, the unwitting star of this sex tape, the camera zoomed in, perfectly capturing the wedding ring on his finger.


The formerly devoted family man unhurriedly slipped his cock into her.

"Awww...you're so tight....." He whispered into her ear. Lara craned around and their mouths met. It was worth sacrificing a little comfort for such overwhelming passion.

"Hpmph..." She moaned as they competed to please the other with their tongues. She never underestimated the eroticism of a kiss. To fuck is a bestial act but kissing bonds two people, the intimate sharing of breath. Part of his heart would hers forever now.

She doubted he'd ever kissed his wife like this, mashed up close and heavy, nipping her lower lip and sucking her tongue hard.

"Ahhhh ....fuck yes...." Tom cried as her round ass slapped against his groin, his hot breath on her neck. He'd spooned with his wife but that had been making love. He'd never fucked her as hard and rough like this.

He was thankful he'd already cum once tonight. This was the best fuck of his life and he wanted it to last...

"Fuck me with that married cock..." She howled as his unsheathed inches entered her over and over.


Jena watched as the man fucked her mother.

Should she be watching this? Should this be exciting her, arousing her? It was so wrong but that that's why she slipped two fingers into her teen pussy. Did her mom do the same when she watched Jena's videos?

Angela watched with one eye on the screen, one on her friend. She'd have been happy to use her hand to help get her friend off but Jena seemed to be doing an okay job all by herself. She was completely unashamed to be vehemently frigging herself off.

"Ahhhh....." She moaned as Angela decided to get behind her and started to caress her pale arms, neck and breasts. Jena parted her swollen labia and stroked her wet pussy lips as her other hand thumbed her swollen clit.


Lara quivered with Tom's big strong arms wrapped around her and his cock repeatedly ramming into her. He was breathing heavily but she was impressed at his stamina as his cock filled her hole completely.

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