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Waikiki Curious


I was in Honolulu on business staying at one of those unfortunate tourist enclaves built on Waikiki. I had arrived on Saturday to enjoy a couple of days on the beach before my meetings on Monday. I had sunned and swam enough on Saturday and was ready to explore the beach past the front of my hotel. After breakfast, I threw on my board shorts, slid into my flip-flops and started walking down the beach. As gorgeous as the ocean is in Hawaii, I was looking back at the beach. Mixed in with the overweight Midwesterners and German tourists were beautiful women on their honeymoon, dark-skinned local girls and smaller groups of Asian girls all wearing sexy bikinis or short shorts. I caught a look here or there, but having a girlfriend back home I didn't want to pursue anything.

After a few minutes I came along a section of grass that jutted up next to the sand. As I walked by I noticed quite a few Speedos on the people laying out. Then I realized almost all the people in the park were men. It struck me. It was obviously a gay section of the beach. Just far enough away from the tourists, but still there, right on Waikiki. I glanced around hoping the sunglasses would shield my eyes from everyone. There was a little bit of everything. Young, old, Asian, Hawaiian, tan, red, tourist and local. A few looked very effeminate and very gay, while three or four looked like they stepped off an Abercrombie & Fitch poster.

Now, I'm not gay. I've never been with a man. I already mentioned I had a girlfriend. I do however have a fantasy or two. It started after college when I stumbled onto a gay channel in a video booth. I was intrigued. Soon after I was checking out guys at the gym and started figuring out what I was attracted to. I wasn't really attracted to men so much as the cock. A beautiful, hard cock looking exactly how I thought a cock should look really turned me hard. Attached to thin, slightly muscular, dark-skinned man with trimmed body hair. That really got me going. So much so that I would started to check out the gay porn online along with my usual straight porn.

I also started to fantasize of what I would do if I ever worked up the nerve to have my first experience. Maybe it was from seeing other men at the gym, but I wanted my first time to be in a shower or the steambath. It seemed cleaner and certainly sexier. Just thinking about it would get me rock hard and I'd have to beat off. I didn't really see us having sex, just handjobs and maybe oral. I didn't even know if I wanted to get as much as I wanted to receive, but the thought of putting a small, soft penis in my mouth and making it grow big and hard really got me hard. Now from there, giving head turned me on in my head, but it also scared me. All of this scared me and I figured it would just be my secret fantasy for life, until I happened upon this park in Honolulu.

As I subtly checked out who was in the park, I picked out a few that fit my type. I walked through slowly until I was past the all-male part. I kept walking already getting hard as continued my stroll. My breath even became a little short. I kept looking at girls in bikinis on the beach and quickly realized I could not pass up the opportunity I just passed. This was my chance. Thousands of miles away from home, alone and with my own hotel room and not a thing to do.

After a few blocks of mulling it over I turned back around. I shot glances at the few guys that I liked. (If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.) They looked back but I could tell they could not make out my intentions. I had no idea how to pick up a guy. Luckily, right past the park was a little snack bar. After walking a little past I turned back and got a lemonade at the window. I sat down and again surveyed the men of the park. I tried to meet eyes with the ones I wanted. Without much luck I got up and shot a stare at my top target and walked around to the back of the building in search of a restroom.

I actually needed to pee and didn't think much of it until I realized the restroom was definitely part of the park scene. I could see two sets of male legs in one of the stalls. This turned my on but my last-ditch stare in had produced no response. Or so I thought.

While washing my hands I looked in the mirror to see my top target standing against a palm tree outside the door. I dried my hands and tried to stay calm. Not sure if he was waiting for me or someone else I walked out the door and gave him a small grin. He returned it with a smile and said hi. I chickened out and walked right past him simply scared to death. I stopped after a few steps and turned around. He was still there, surprised by my lack of response. I didn't know what to say and I think he sensed that. He walked over to me and motioned for me to walk with him.

We slowly walked down the path. All I could get out was that I had never done this before. I think he knew that. He stuck his hand out to me and said, "My name is David."

I told him my name.

"Why don't we have lunch?" he said. With that, I felt a moment of bravery.

"Why don't we go back to my hotel room? I'm just at the Hilton."

He smiled and said okay. I knew it was probably more common to just do whatever in that public bathroom, but that place wasn't very much of a turn on and it didn't seem very private. I told him I was there on business and said he was a diving instructor and lived on the island. It wasn't long before we were riding up the elevator to my room. I was getting very hard and he noticed. The doors opened and we both moved briskly down the hall. I fiddled with the keycard in my shaking hand but got it to work and pushed the door open. I turned around to see him pulling his t-shirt off as he came in the room. I pulled mine over my head and he put his hand on my chest.

No let me describe why this was so exciting. Besides being my first time, he was hot. I have never used that term to describe a man, but he was. Very tan and about 5'10, with short dark hair. He obviously worked out, but wasn't bulky or completely ripped. He looked like a typical Hawaiian surfer. I told him again I had never done this before. I was starting to get just as nervous as I was turned on.

"It's okay," he said, "what would you like to do?"

I quickly responded with, "I want us to get in the shower."

He slid his board shorts off and walked into the bathroom. His cock looked like it was about half hard and it was everything I was hoping for. I pulled my shorts off as quick as I could and followed him. We got in the shower together and just started rubbing our hands over each other's bodies. It didn't take long until I had my hands on his cock, which quickly grew hard. It was straight, thin and about seven inches. No curve to it, but it pointed upwards slightly. He doused us both in bath gel and covered us both with lather when he ran his hands all over. I slid behind him and started stroking him with the same motion I would use to get myself off. I guess that's all I knew. I used my other hand and started playing with his balls. He moaned my leaned back into me.

Being a little taller, my very hard cock was poking and sliding across his back. I kept stroking his using all the soapy lather as our bodies pushed against each other. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I'd tug on his balls as I was stroking him with and he'd moan or let his head fall back onto my shoulder. Pretty soon I was pumping my fist really fast. I could tell he was about ready to cum so I pulled the shower curtain open and turned him into the mirror. This must have turned him on too and he closed his eyes, arched his back and shot a stream of cum across the marble floor, then another and another.

Seeing this almost made me cum without him even touching me. I worked four or five spurts out of him until it stopped then squeezed a few more that just ran down my knuckles. He took a deep breath and then turned to me and dropped to his knees.

"Now it's your turn."

I stumbled back and grabbed the towel bar at the back of the shower. He grabbed my cock with his left hand and pushed his hand toward me to stroke me a little. I couldn't get any harder, then it happened. He put his mouth over the tip and started to blow me. His mouth was hot and soft. I really tried to keep from cumming then and there but I held out. I looked over at the mirror and saw him bobbing his head up and down on my cock. It was better than any porno I had ever seen. Two tan, good looking guys, covered in soapy suds, one blowing the other. His one hand would be at the base of my cock while the other would grab my ass as he took more and more of me in his mouth with each movement.

Now I'm not big, but I'm not small. I'm about six or six and half. Kinda thick and I point off to the side a little but when hard my cock is almost straight out, perpendicular to my body. He was going from tip to base now taking almost all me in each time his head moved forward. I was loving it. After a couple of minutes, that hand that was grabbing my ass was now dragging across my anus. I was clinching up but getting more and more turned on. He finally sank a finger into my ass and pushed it in about an inch. It hurt but felt so good. He lined up the motion of his head with his finger and I lost it in the new-found rhythm.

I said I was going to come and come I did. He swallowed the first load, which felt huge, then the second, then he pulled my cock out of his mouth as cum ran down his chin. I shot three or four more big white streams on his chest as he jerked me off slowly. He sat back on his heels as I slid down the wall until I was sitting with my legs straight out on each side of him.

"Wow," I said. "That was hot for my first time."

He laughed and nodded his head.

"I'm sorry we're not going farther. I'm little nervous to do anything more."

"That's alright. I had a good time."

My face instantly dropped when he spoke in past tense. He must of sensed it because he quickly said we don't have to be done. I got up as he watched. I put a folded towel on the bathroom counter and patted it inviting him to come sit. He hopped up and did just that, leaning back and spreading his legs slightly.

"I've always wanted to feel a cock become hard in my mouth."

Luckily his cock wasn't hard again yet and was just a thick three inches or so laying there against his leg. I was scared to death but gently reached forward and brushed my fingers across it. I put my thumb under it, fingers on top and pointed it at me. I could feel it getting a little bigger. I quickly dropped to my knees and put my mouth around it. I pushed my lips tight around it and was careful to keep my teeth away. I went slowly pushing towards and away. Towards and away. I could feel him getting harder and bigger. The same thing was happening to me.

After he was fully hard I pulled my mouth off and started flicking my tongue on his head, circling around the shaft, then dragging my tongue the full length and back while holding the tip. I then slid down and tongued his balls. He moaned and leaned back against the mirror. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and let if fall back out. He really liked that. I did it to the other then both at the same time. I then tightened my grip at the base of his cock and started to suck on his shaft again. He was so hard. I could only get half of it in without gagging, but I think I was making up for it with my hands. I was stroking the rest of his cock and tugging on his balls. I got into a rhythm but then started to ask myself if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I kept bobbing up and down on his cock with my mouth then he said it.

"I'm gonna cum."

I sucked hard and pushed as far down on his hard cock as I could, getting all but an inch or two in. I gagged a little then pulled my head back and looked up at him. Both hands pumping his cock I let the tip fall out of my mouth and a huge stream of cum shot onto my lips and chin. Then another on my chest and then three smaller ones dribbled down my hands. I stood up and wiped the cum off my chin. I kept it in my hand and smeared it all over my shaft and balls, using it as lube as I jerked off. It wasn't long before I sent another load of my own onto his legs and stomach.

After I came I got a little embarrassed. I didn't know what to say. He smiled and said I was pretty good for my first time. I smiled back and grabbed a towel to wipe myself off with. He did the same and said he hoped I'd come to the beach tomorrow and look for him. I told him I just might. I might want to go a little farther on my second time.

We'll have to see if I can get up the nerve.

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