tagIncest/TabooWaiting for Dad

Waiting for Dad


My name is Danny. I had just celebrated my eighteen birthday, so my parents decided to treat me. They had rented a lakeside property for a long weekend so we could spent time together. My dad is a businessman and is always on the road. This weekend he promised there would be no distractions. Guess what? Sure enough, some business came up so my dad told my mom and I to go ahead and he would catch up and meet us there.

My mom, whose name is Becky, and I made the four hour drive to a beautiful lakeside resort in the mountains. There were no other people around as far as I could see. Mom and I got to the cabin and got settled in. The first thing I wanted to do was to take a swim. I went into the bathroom to get changed into my trunks. I had partially opened the bathroom door, when I saw my mom stripping down. She was naked before me as I peeked out of the bathroom. My mom had dark black hair and a hot body, I must say. I knew I shouldn't be looking but I couldn't help it.

She picked up her bikini bottoms and her top and quickly slipped them on. I made a rustling noise so she would know I was coming out and she got her bathing suit in place in a flash. We walked down to the docking area and we both dove in. The autumn water temperature was warm and we swam laps in a lake that we had all to ourselves. We spent maybe an hour in the water when my mom said she was hungry and was ready to go back to the cabin.

As we walked back I kept looking at the wet bikini clinging to my mother's body. Her nipples seemed to be so erect and I could tell they were plenty big. Her slit was also showing through the wet material. I hate to say it, but my cock was stirring a bit in my trunks. As we walked back my mom was joking with me. She was saying what a big boy I was now that I was eighteen. She would poke my arm and I would do the same to her. We were laughing and carrying on when we entered the cabin.

For some reason we continued to touch each other in a joking way once we were inside. Maybe I was feeling my oats right at the moment or maybe I was just horny.

"Do you really think I am a big boy?" I asked my mom.

I stood right in front of her and pulled down my trunks. My cock sprung out and I guess I was half erect.

"God Danny, what are you doing?" My mom asked me, "Put your trunks back on."

I reached out and took hold of my mom's arms. I then reached up and quickly pulled down her top. She let out a gasp as if she was unsure what was happening right that moment. I then pushed my hands inside her trunks and slid then down to the floor. My mom was standing naked before me. Her breasts were huge, topped with saucer shaped nipples and her pussy was shaved way down.

We were standing so close to the bed right then. I reached out and I managed to pull my mom on top of me. We hit the bed naked in each others arms.

"Stop this Danny, this is so wrong!"

My mom's tits were right in my face. I could feel the tip of my erect cock at my mom's opening. I took my hands and I forced her down on me. My cock slid into my mom's wet pussy the entire way. I was sunk completely inside my mom's pussy.

"Oh my God!" That was all my mom could manage at the moment.

I pushed my hips up and started to feed my mom my thick erection. I thought she would fight me more forcefully, but that didn't happen. She pushed back on me. My eyes lit up as my mother and I got into a rhythm. Mom was sliding up and down on my cock. She had her head thrown back and was making these moans. I reached out and took each tit in a hand. I was just going wild now. I couldn't believe my luck and I had no intention of stopping.

I reached out and started to rub her nipples then I took the nipples with my fingers and started to pinch them.

"Harder Danny," my mom kept saying.

I didn't know if she meant for me to fuck harder or to pinch her tits harder, so I did both. I slammed my dick into her as hard as I could. I brought my ass up off the bed and slid every hard inch into her. Our lovemaking was producing these wet noises as we were fucking on the bed. After a few minutes of this I flipped my mom onto her back. My mom just gave me a strange look and then she threw her legs around my back and squeezed tight.

I took that as a sign to really start let her have it. I nearly pulled my cock out with each stroke before I pounded her pussy. I was buried all the way to the root with every stroke I gave my mom. I have to say her pussy was very tight. She was squeezing me and telling me to fuck her hard now. I loosened her legs and then stretched my legs straight out. I then pushed her thighs to her chest. I had total entry into her pussy now.

It seemed we lost total track of the time. I would like to think we had been fucking for hours, but I sort of doubt it. My mom said she was getting close. She reached down with her fingers and began to rub her clitoris.

"Oh fuck, I am cumming!" She screamed at me.

I felt this warm mixture of liquids hitting my cock. That seemed to push me over the edge. I sent a boiling load of my cum into my mom's tummy. I just kept cumming for the longest time. I never came this much when I jerked off. I guess being young has some advantages. After a few minutes my cock finally slid out of my mom's pussy. I looked down and watched our love juices come flowing out of my mom's spent hole.

Mom just laid there for the longest time. Her body was shaking and she begged me to hold her in my arms. We then held each other not saying a word. Then finally my mom spoke to me.

"What we did was wrong today Danny, your dad must never know this happened."

I had no intention of telling a soul I had fucked my mother. I didn't want either of us to get in trouble. An hour later as we both were in bed together, my dad called on his cell phone. He said he would be delayed for at least another day. Some business deal had fell apart and he couldn't leave right then. He told my mom and I to enjoy ourselves and he would see us the next day.

We did enjoy ourselves after he called. My mom and I fucked like crazy for the next half a day. She taught me how to really please a woman. Mom said my cock was bigger than my dad's and I made her cum more than she had in many years. She said my dad hadn't been paying enough attention to her needs. That was partially the reason she didn't fight me too much when I pulled her onto the bed. We made a secret pact that we would continue our lovemaking once we got back home and that is fine with me!

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