tagRomanceWaiting For Magic

Waiting For Magic


Ordinarily, one would not travel through rural Alabama with great expectations of having a life altering experience. But, even in Alabama it has been known to happen on rare occasions. When it is that you least expect it, sometimes all the planets align with the correct corresponding stars to open a portal that results in magic.

The magic in this instance was the chemical reaction between two people that seemingly had nothing in common.

Initially he seemed not to notice my existence; but I not only had noticed him, I had begun over a period of time to quietly observe him from a comfortable distance. It was perfect! I could study his mannerisms, facial expressions, and his interactions with others. And, he could behave in his normal patterns without the distraction of knowing that he was being watched.

On one humid evening, fate seated us at a banquet in an arrangement that allowed me to watch him for hours at a time. As the meal progressed, I began to feel of though someone was starring at me. When I looked up, to my surprise he was looking at me intently. He had finally noticed me! We exchanged smiles as well as acknowledgement of the other’s presence. I tried to remain poised, but the butterflies in my stomach prevented my effort. To my dismay, my hands shook so that I even spilled the salad dressing over my dress, the tablecloth, and the carpeting.

He is a large man, an intelligent man, and a successful man. He was a man who works and socializes at high levels; yet, I suspect that the spirit within his frame is a most sensitive, shy and generous soul. I find myself trying to see inside him whenever I am lucky enough to converse with him one on one.

I confess that I am drawn to him. I confess that I am both curious and fascinated by this complex man. My most secret confession is that I truly desire this man.

Somehow I managed to compartmentalize these feelings, even cautioning myself: “Protect me from what I want!” That worked well when we not in the same room.

The situations of our lives have changed. I know that I too have changed. But, my desires have remained the same.

Knowing that we would soon be together again, I decided that the time was right. So I sat at my desk, reached for my personalized violet stationary, and sent him an invitation.

And so it was that I found myself alone and waiting. Waiting for magic!

The appointed hour of our rendezvous’ would officially arrive with one last sweep of the minute hand on the bedside clock. My heart leapt when I heard his knock. My mind raced with a myriad of “What ifs?” As my hand reached for the door, I could not help but notice that it trembled.

I felt like Alice all grown up and once again through the looking glass. Only this time, the landscape had indeed changed. No Cheshire Cat, no Queen of Hearts, no lawn croquet was to be part of this moment! For this meeting, the textures are of candles flickering, a soft down comforter on the canopied bed, a bouquet by the bedside, and the soft sounds of George Winston playing discreetly in the background.

As the door opens between us, I am compelled to take a deep breath and anxiously wait to see what I might find in his eyes.

We stood there starring at the other as if in disbelief that we had actually taken this step. His smile is so innocent, almost sheepish as he hands me one long stemmed red rose. I feel the blood rush to the top of my head as our hands gently brush as I take the rose from his fingertips. I know that my face glows in a warm crimson red.

He is wearing a dark blue suit and white shirt with a subdued tie. He looked like a gentle giant as he hesitates at the door. In contrast, I am wearing a soft white dressing gown. It has one thin strap at each shoulder, the fabric drapes across the top of my breasts and hangs to my ankles, it opens up the left side revealing my leg as I walk, and the back of the gown falls to just above the contours of my buttocks.

"Are you going to come in or have you decided not to stay?" I ask coyly as I move away so that he may enter.

When the door closed and effectively shut out the rest of the world, we fell into the other's arms. After a wait that seemed infinite, I finally experience the touch of his soft thick lips on mine. I feel my body melt against the warmth of him. His arms pull me closer and tighter to him.

His maleness is pressed hard against me. Now my mind can relax for now I feel content that he wants me as much as I want him.

When his tongue nudged against my lips, I eagerly accept it; and, it becomes the first part of him to penetrate me. His hands trail down the fabric of my gown and rest against the swell oh my hips.

An "Ah!" Of pleasure is my response as his fingers ply and mold the cheeks of my ass. My own fingers have found their way to the front of his trousers where I rub up and then down the length of his shaft.

I could not stifle the laugh that followed. "I am thrilled to discover that you are proportionate!" I tease while taking one step away so that I might watch his face.

His own smile is conspiratorial. This discovery being the first of many that we were yet to enjoy together.

"I will trade one glass of champagne for your coat, tie and shirt."

"Three articles of clothing for one champagne offering?' He banters back.

"Yes, I want to be sure that you keep your wits and all your important body parts at the ready."

He hands me the items I requested and takes a seat on the old fashioned fainting couch in front of the window. He sips from the crystal stemware. As I hung his jacket, a small violet colored envelope fell to the floor. I recognize my handwriting across the front. It was my invitation to him to meet me here today. The greeting was short: “Meet me at The Sea Grape Inn, Tuesday art 5:oo PM, Room #1, Sea Side.”

Just above my name was, "Expect Nothing, Be Ready For Anything!" Carefully I tucked the envelope back inside the breast pocket.

After retrieving my own champagne glass I sashay across the room to sit beside him. He raises his glass and clinks mine. "To Us!" He says with hushed tones.

When it is my turn to toast, I cast my eyes toward the window in thought. Then the words just came, "To passion….so impossible to conceal!"

This is the moment we have been waiting for! We were alone together in the same state, in the same city, in the same building and in the same room. At last! No longer strangers, but a man and a woman who had grown closer by sharing our intimate thoughts and secret vulnerabilities even though separated by at least a thousand miles. All of the emotions that have been built and stored would now culminate in our first true union.

I took his glass and set it beside mine on the small delicate table. This left my hands free to unbuckle his belt and release his zipper. "Are you comfortable?"

He sighs deeply as the stress obviously flows from his body. "Close your eyes, Matt, let me sooth you!" I croon. My fingers lace through his black hair and massage his scalp until it tingles. With a firm but gentle touch, I massage his forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, neck and shoulders. Then I place light kisses in the very spots that I had just massaged.

His eyes open and I see a bright burning light from within. His hand cups my breast as his lips once again lock with mine. I feel faint! This is better that I had begun to imagine.

"Shall we move to the bed?" he asks while at the same time takes my hand and leads me.

He brushes away the delicate straps that secured my gown and it slips down my body and unto the floor. I blush with a pensive frown as I examine his face. I stood before him totally vulnerable, and so totally naked in every sense.

His eyes trace my body as he lifts me and places me atop the comforter. I watch with fascination as he steps out of his trousers. His cock is enormous and has a bulbous head. He climbs up beside me and our bodies are stretched beside the other skin to skin.

"Where shall we begin?" he teases. "Here?" He kisses my lips.

"Here?" He suckles my nipple.

"Or here?" He says as his lips brush my sensitive vulva.

I cry out and he has his answer!

I cradled his head in the palms of my hand and wrap my legs so they frame his face. I felt pure pleasure as his tongue swirled over the engorged bud with teasing strokes that drove me to grind my hips to his lips. My mind opens to his touch and my orgasm immediately floods his mouth.

My face is flushed with a mixture of passion and embarrassment as I draw him up beside me. I needed to look into his baby-blue eyes!

His beard glistens from my juices. Instinctively I put my lips on his to share in the taste. Our tongues greedily explore the other. With a gentle forward motion I direct him back upon the pillows while my hands stroke his torso. Heat radiates from his skin! When I looked up, he was smiling sweetly.

Now it is my turn to pleasure him with wet kisses. His organ stands erect as my lips reach their goal. I hold the base of his shaft with my right hand and slowly flicker my tongue around the head. Deliberately I stroked softly up, and then down the underside. I was waiting to hear a response from him.

Finally there is a sigh of contentment and relaxation. Then I licked him and sucked him in earnest. I wanted to bring him to the brink of orgasm and feel his shaft fill. Using my free hand I tenderly stroke and tug at his heavy balls and intermittently cup them both in my hand for a gentle squeeze. My head bobs above his body while my hand and mouth worked to please him. I taste the first evidence that soon he will have no choice but to share his own orgasm.

But, no, it is much too soon! I yearn to feel him inside me. So I released my hold on his organ and blew softly across his genitals and lower torso. I am worked to such a state of arousal and anticipation that there was no further thought of shyness or nakedness!

I slide across the top of his body and place kisses all around the parameters of his face and nibble at his earlobes. His fingers lightly trace down my spine.

"I want you! Really want you!" I whisper into his ear. And then, my tongue traced the outline of his lips. "Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you?" I say in a hushed tone.

"HMMM" you reply, " baby, finally I get to experience this lovely ass of yours!"

"Are your nipples sensitive?" Of course I do not wait for his answer. My tongue bathes the nipple; my lips gently suck them to a stiff peak. They are so hard, so erect!

I raise my hips and guide my own body atop his glistening erection. I place the tip of his penis at the mouth of my vagina. Immediately the vaginal wall pulsed with pent up desire. Pure anticipation ignited the first of many orgasms to flow from me in a continuous wave. I can wait no longer and slowly, deliberately inch my way down and impale my body on his shaft. The pleasure causes us both to tremble. He nudged me to lay my torso on top of his. The friction from his chest hairs against my tender nipples produces a cry of delight from my lips. He whispered endearing words, sweet words, encouraging words as he fucked me to the melodious sounds of the suction and release produced by our own oozing body secretions.

Our bodies begin a rhythm led by him and followed by me. We performed a dance in the sheets between lovers! Each thrust made my vaginal walls contract and cling to his cock. In and out, in and out, in and out! Pure joy!

"Oh, God, Matt, I am going to do it again! This one is just for you!"

A warm rush passed my body and washed over his cock. I am so embarrassed that he has learned my secret. My body produces warm thick liquid climaxes.

Did I hear a moan of pleasure from him? Is he not appalled? My, I do believe that he liked it as much as I did!

Without warning he moved us so that he was on top of me. I wrap my arms about him and embrace him. "This is my favorite position." I confess. "I love the penetration. Give me all of you Matt!" My fingers clasp his buttocks tightly and pull him deep within me.

We make love for hours. Neither of us seemed able to satisfy the need that had so long existed between us.

As we lay beside each other in the afterglow of bliss, I can feel the smile on my face. And when I looked at his face, he was returning my smile. And in his eyes, what was it that I saw?

"Can we do this again soon?" I ask.

"Yes'“ He said as he turned towards me. His penis was again at the ready. "Is now too soon?"

"I thought you would never ask." I laugh.

And the mating dance went on and on and on.

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