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Waiting Up


The house was quiet when Jack Quinn came in. He took his shoes off in the entryway so that he wouldn't track water into the rest of the house. He dropped his keys quietly on the counter and didn't bother to take off his coat as he looked around for Nina. He found her in the den asleep, her e-reader resting in her lap. She was still dressed in work clothes, a stylish gray suit tailored perfectly for her, expensive black pumps, and a silky burgundy blouse. Nina was a district attorney and Jack Quinn was the lucky homicide cop whom she had fallen in with ten years ago. It was their second marriage for both of them. Jack was fifty-three and Nina had just turned fifty in March and she defied the number with the same tenacity that she approached her work. She was 5'6 with perfect legs, long wavy copper colored hair, and gorgeous green-grey eyes. She'd fallen asleep with her reading glasses still on, head tilted and resting lightly against her hand. The lamp next to her emphasized the red and gold in her hair. She looked beautiful....and damn Jack had missed her.

Jack looked at her for a few moments before walking toward her. The conference had lasted four days—four days of lectures and notes and guest speakers on crime scene compliance procedures. He was glad to be home. Most men were happy to get away from their wives for a few days. But most men weren't married to a woman like Nina. Jack had called her every night and loathed his cold empty hotel room bed.

"Nina," he whispered softly, "Babe, I'm home." He ran his fingers through her hair. With a little hum, she woke up easily as she had only been dozing rather than sleeping heavily.

"Jack...." She reached up for him with a warm smile and he enveloped her in a fierce hug. She inhaled the scent of him—the citrus and spice of his cologne mixed in with the fresh scent of his shirt. He cooked; she did laundry and she always made sure his clothes smelled great. "I missed you." She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her mouth was soft and warm. Her kiss started out gentle and grew in intensity, her lips parting and her tongue darting out to lick his lips with the tip. Jack groaned and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her closer. He slid his hands up and down her back, then downward to squeeze her ass, molding her lower half against his groin.

"Mmmmm," she purred, "something's waking up besides little old me." Her laugh was bubbly and warm. She smiled at her handsome husband, the deep brown eyes, the salt and pepper hair.

"I told you not to wait up for me," Jack scolded her. His voice was affectionate. He loved that she had.

"When do I ever listen to you? Besides, I got in really late anyway."

"Emerson case?"

"Yes. But let's not talk about work."

"Methinks the lady has an agenda," Jack teased as he barraged her neck with a practiced assault of tiny kisses. He slid his hands over her body and with one fluid motion, he pulled off her suit jacket.

"The lady does," Nina affirmed, moving in for another kiss. Jack cupped her face and stroked her soft skin with his thumbs. She parted her lips for him and tilted her head. He knew exactly what she wanted and he slid his tongue into her mouth, slowly and deliberately, teasing her with gentle thrusts and intermingled swirls.

"I should put you over my knee for staying up when I told you to go to bed," he murmured to her in between hot kisses. By no means into anything ridiculously kinky, the couple did like to experiment and his beautiful, elegant classy wife liked an occasional spanking—just as much as he enjoyed giving her one.

"I was a little naughty, wasn't I?" she whispered enticingly against his mouth, still kissing him lightly. Oh yes....Nina wanted a spanking. Jack felt his dick hardening at the thought. When could he refuse her anything? Let the games begin.

Jack grabbed the one chair in the room that didn't have arms, a simple wooden chair that served as an extra seat—or sometimes for this far more delicious purpose. He removed his coat and his suit jacket and sat down. Nina watched him, flushed and fidgeting.

"Come over here, Nina." He patted his lap. "I want you right here over my knee." His voice was low, quiet.

"You can't be serious," she answered disbelievingly. It was all part of the game.

"Get your pretty little ass over here right now ...or else." Jack's baritone voice was sharp. He was a cop, after all, and he knew how to give orders in a manner that they were certain to be obeyed. For all of her intelligence and independence, Nina Quinn found it as sexy as hell when Jack's laser beam authority was directed at her. She liked to be dominated in bed, not all the time, but often enough. She loved that he knew what she needed and was unashamed to give it to her. She was a lucky woman.

"Tic toc," Jack warned his wife. "You're not going to like the consequences for keeping me waiting." And he meant it.

Nina walked over to him and knelt down on the floor beside the chair. She could see his hard on through his trousers and a trill of anticipation coursed through her body. She leaned over his lap. Jack slid his fingertips up and down her spine, enjoying the feel of her through the silk of her blouse. He skimmed his hand over her bottom, barely grazing her through her skirt, just enough so that he knew she could feel the delicate rubbing. And then he stopped touching her completely for a couple of minutes. To her, the two minutes felt like an eternity.

She squirmed against his lap and he knew that she could feel his erection pressing up against her thigh.

"So impatient," he growled as she continued to wiggle. "Hold still, baby." He pushed her skirt up roughly and pulled her panties down to her knees. She made a tiny sound, half protest and half entreaty. Jack rubbed her ass and ground his cock against her thigh. She whimpered. The whimper turned into a cry of surprise when he slapped her hard on her right cheek. Four more slaps followed in quick succession. He switched to the other side and watched as her bottom began to turn pink.

"This," he told her, "is what my pretty wife gets when she can't obey a simple request." He slapped her ass harder....faster. Her breathy whimpers and choked moans made his dick practically twitch. There was an undercurrent of pure pleasure in the sounds she made. Jack rubbed her bottom in between a series of more spanks, alternating between rubbing and slapping until her bottom was a rosy shade of red.

"You'll listen to me next time I give you a direct order, won't you?"

"Yes," she panted with a sharp intake of breath.

He gave her another firm slap. The next series of slaps stung; the exquisite pain ran counterpoint to the tingling in between her legs, intensifying the sensations of both.

"Ohhhh," Nina moaned. Jack could tell by her voice and by the crimson color of her bottom that she'd had enough. He moved his hands over her ass, kneading and rubbing, gently soothing the slaps with gentle caresses. He could feel the heat coming off of her.

He could smell her arousal.

Jack trailed his hands up and down her thighs, languorously stroking her skin. He inched his fingertips further up her thighs until he reached the inside and dipped the very tip of his finger in between her legs. Nina bucked at the contact. She was soaking wet. Keeping her in place by resting a hand against her back, he slid her panties all the way off, guiding them past her legs and feet, leaving those delectable black heels on.

Jack slid a finger in between her folds, very lightly, barely touching her. She arched against his hand and would have rubbed against him if he hadn't suddenly pulled away.

"Fuck me," she begged.

"Fuck you? It's not nice to be kept waiting, is it?"

"No, it isn't," she admitted. Jack waited. Nina could feel his eyes on her as she stared at the floor, her pleasure completely at his disposal and command.

Jack moved his hand back in between her legs. Without a warning, he shoved two fingers inside her. She moaned loudly. She was so wet, they glided in effortlessly. He slid them in deeply but didn't move them. He made no contact with her clit.

"You're so wet. Is this all for me?" He curled his fingers and pushed them in a little further.

Nina bit her bottom lip and practically sobbed. The word barely came out. "Yes."

"So beautiful.....so beautiful and sexy. My lovely, sweet wife." He kept his fingers inside her for another few seconds, perfectly still-- lingering. He allowed his thumb to graze her swollen clit, brushing it with a maddeningly light touch, just barely. Finally, Jack withdrew his fingers and Nina whimpered in protest. "Stand up," he ordered gruffly.

She was shaky so Jack got up with her, putting a steadying arm around her waist. After she regained her balance and was standing on legs that felt like jello, Jack began to unbutton her blouse. He looked at her face the whole time, leaning forward to plant one soft kiss on her lips, but not breaking the eye contact other than for that one brief moment. He tossed her blouse aside and moved to her bra, removing it with expert fingers.

"Lay down on the couch for me." His voice was softer, soothing. She was naked except for the shoes. Her red hair was a cloud of tousled copper. Her bottom was still pink, a lovely rosy flush. Jack unbuttoned his own shirt and took it off but left his pants on.

Not wanting her to feel cold leather against her naked skin, Jack draped a blanket over the couch. As he kissed her tenderly and slowly caressed her face, she gazed back at him with half lidded eyes, still shining with need and want. He kissed her neck, sucking on her skin, flicking with his tongue and then reverting back to soft kisses. He kissed downward, in between her breasts. He moved his mouth to her left nipple, circled it with his tongue, and then took her nipple into his mouth, sucking. He followed this with a light nibble and then more sucking. Nina moaned appreciatively, hips writhing of their own accord. Jack smiled and moved to her right breast, treating it with the same careful attention. He kissed back up to her neck and felt her shiver. Nina loved to have her neck kissed and sucked and he enjoyed the intensity of her response. Jack took his time, sucking a few inches below her left ear and then taking her earlobe in between his lips. He placed careful love bites along the slope of her neck.

"Take off my pants, sweetheart," Jack ordered. Nina undid his belt with tremulous fingers. She unbuttoned his pants and then unzipped them. The sound seemed particularly loud in the hushed, tension-filled room. She began pulling his pants down. Jack assisted.

"Now my boxers." Nina tugged them off, practically cooing when his cock sprang completely free. "Such a good girl."


"What, baby? Tell me what you need." His hands roamed liberally through her hair.

"I need you to fuck me. Please."

He kissed her and chuckled. "What a wonderful idea. Spread your legs."

Nina parted her thighs for him. She tilted her head back, lips parted. Everything in her expression and her posture told him how much she wanted him. Jack pulled her hips down a little, improving their angle. He leaned forward and rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet folds. Nina moaned appreciatively when he made contact with her clit.

"Is this what you want, honey? You want me to slide my dick inside you and fuck you senseless?"

"Yes, yes--God yes."

Jack pushed inside her all the way with one hard thrust. He took her wrists in one of his hands, kissed them, and held them above her head while he moved inside her, hot and hard and deep. She moved against him, joining in his rhythm, answering him thrust for thrust. She was so sexy, lying beneath him, legs spread wide as he took her. The intensity of her moans increased in volume and frequency as began to pump his hips faster...harder.

"Jack, Jack...yes..."

"Come now, sweetheart. Look at me and come for me." Jack slipped a hand between them rubbed her clit with deliberate circles.

Nina looked at her husband and came with a loud cry, her lovely voice filling the room. As the orgasm rippled through her, her eyes closed involuntarily and her head tipped back. Jack released her hands and he felt her wind her arms around his neck. They were both panting. As another spasm shook her and he felt the intensity of it, Jack let go; he came inside her with a deep, long moan, spurting into her. Waves of heedless pleasure coursed through their joined bodies like ripples in a pond. Jack continued to move with long deep strokes---slowing his movements as their tremors slowly subsided.

Nina buried her face in her husband's neck with a little sob.

"Hey...hey....you all right?" Jack cupped her chin and tilted her head up, making her look at him.

It took her a few seconds to find her voice. "Oh, yes. That was so good," she sighed.

Jack nuzzled her and Nina returned the gesture by taking his face in between her hands, kissing both of his eyelids and then his mouth. She allowed her lips to linger there as she savored the comforting warmth of his body pressed against hers.

"I'm glad the lady is pleased," Jack grinned.

"Very pleased. I don't think I can move," she laughed.

Jack withdrew from her slowly and leaned back into the couch, lying on his side and pulling her onto her side and straight into his arms.

"Mmmmm, me either," he rumbled and planted a kiss on her neck. He reached for the other blanket on the back of the large L shaped couch and covered them both up. The last thing he saw before he laid his head down and closed his eyes was his wife's angelic and contented smile.

He couldn't have asked for a nicer way to come home.

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