Wake Up

byAlex Finch©

The kiss ended, and Tammy knew she had just cheated on her boyfriend. It was soft and good, since Mark was an excellent kisser. She opened her eyes, and looked around the room. It was all dark, save for a lone light above the sink, and the hotel television blathering out its random noise. Her roommates were asleep already, which was no wonder as it was already one in the morning. Mark opened his eyes and looked her all over.

"Look... I'm sorry Tammy. I... I just..."

"Shh. It's ok Mark. I'm not mad. It's just... you know I can't do this... with Bill around."

"Bill... do you want to know exactly what Bill is?"

"Sure," she whispered, leaning back on her pillow, "What?"

Mark stood up from the still-made bed. He looked somewhat funny to Tammi, as he was still wearing his dress shirt and pants from the day's seminar, and was very wrinkled.

"He's enjoying this. He likes calling you up every night and chewing you out over these stupid things... you're there for him every day of the week, and you go away for one weekend and he can't handle it. It's his self-esteem. He has no self-esteem at all, and he's taking it all out on you, and you deserve better than that."

"He thinks I'm cheating on him. He's paranoid."

"Yes, exactly! He's paranoid..."

"And I guess that's ok since I am kissing other boys, hmm?"

Mark stopped. Tammi smiled inside, knowing that she had him. He did look very cute with his rumpled brown hair and just a little stubble. But that was enough. Enough fun.

"Look," she said, sitting up, "You really cool, and I like you. You're smart. But I can't cheat on him... that'll just validate everything he says."

"But he has no right to say it anyway! He's been saying it on every trip you go on, and you've never done anything. He deserves to become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

"Look Mark... I need rest. Please?"

She stood up and smiled at him. He smiled back and embraced her. He hugged her very tightly, which she loved, and she squeezed back. He brushed her cheek with his hand and kissed her softly on the tip of her nose.

"Go on," she whispered, "Go."

Mark turned, and walked through the portal to the guys'' room, which was connected to the girls'. He shut the door softly. Tammi shut the door connected to her room, and sat back down on her bed. Her roommates and fellow Politics Society members were snoring softly, only blurry lumps in the other bed. She bowed her head and stared down. She was rather wrinkled herself, still in her tan dress. She rubbed her bare feet through the cheap carpet. Mark was really nice and very kind. He was also totally right about Bill. She stood up and began to slowly remove her dress, buttoning down the back. Bill was very nice when she was at home, very loving. She wondered if they fucked too much, if that's why he couldn't stand it when she left. It's his damn pride, he can't even jerk off without feeling bad. Her dress fell to the ground, and she walked into the bathroom.

Her eyes were baggy in the mirror. She thought it made her whole face seem older. Tammi actually has a very refined face, her eyes sparkling with intelligence. Her hair was a long mass of brown curls, down to the middle of her back. Her lips were big, which was what really attracted Mark to her smile. She took in her whole body, which was enormously well rounded. She weighed about one-forty, and every pound was put to the best use. Her large breasts were scooped tightly into a cream-colored bra, and her butt was softly nestled in matching lacy panties. She scratched her tummy, which was just a tiny bit big, and removed her contacts. She thought about how much Mark would love to see her like this. But no, she couldn't. Not at all.

She turned on the shower, set it to hot, and pulled off her bra. Her double C cups bounced free, and she was surprised to notice that her nipples were still hard. She had liked it. No doubting that. But no. She was just horny, she thought. After all, she had sex with Bill almost every day. She did not drink or smoke, but sex was her vice. She liked it so much. She noted that her sexual prime was still a good decade away, and wondered what she'd be like then. She'd be married, of course. Married to Bill. She'd wake up on her thirtieth birthday, to the soft, lush feeling of Bill's kiss. He'd whisper "I love you," and they'd kiss again, this time until she wanted to dose off. And she'd drowsily drift away to a nap in his arms. When she woke, he'd kiss her again, and they'd continue the game until noon, when she'd be so horny she'd be almost bursting. Bill would carry her down to their parlor (they would definitely have a parlor) and lay her down in a big easy chair. He'd tease her and pleasure her until she'd be almost sobbing in need and then...

The steam snapped Tammi out of her revelry. She'd better get moving, as she had to get up early. She pulled down her panties, and noticed that they had grown very moist. She quickly inserted a finger into her vagina, and a minor explosion of pleasure shot through her legs. She was very wet. She removed her panties and hopped into the shower. As she washed, she wondered about Bill. Did she really want him so badly? Was it really a dream of her future with him she had enjoyed? Or was it just sex? She lathered herself in body lotion, her hands gingerly exploring her pussy. Maybe she'd just masturbate here? She soon readied enough of her fantasies to last an hour or more. She'd enjoy herself until she was drooling and gasping for air, with hot water washing everything away... but no. She had to get to bed. She scrubbed away the last of the soap, and turned off the water. She stepped out and grabbed a towel. It was sex, she decided. Nothing but another sex fantasy. She had a hundred of them, a thousand. A loving husband meant nothing more to her than another way to be turned on. She thought it was sad, in a way. Always fantasizing. It could not be healthy.

She stepped out of the bathroom. The air in the main room was very cool, and goose bumps formed all over her body. "Why do I fantasize all the time?" she asked herself. "Why did I kiss Mark? Was it giving me fuel for another dream, another ten sex encounters in my head? Why do I dream so much?"

She decided that comfort was the key tonight. She slid on a new sky-blue thong and pulled it up very tightly, snuggling her still sensitive pussy in a bed of velvety softness. She put on her satin purple nightie, her boobs and tummy surrounded by such comfort; she could almost sleep standing up. The satin was a little chilly on her moist flesh, though, but that only made it better. The television was still blaring, and she turned it off. The only remaining light was over the sink, and that was snuffed as well. All quiet save for her roommates snoring and...

Was the television on in the boy's room? There was a slow, soft chatter. She absent-mindedly went to the door and listened. No, it was not electronic; it was one of the guys. Just talking in bed. She was about to turn away, when she heard her name. Tammy. Very clearly. She pressed her ear to the door, but it did not help. Were they talking about her? Well, she talked about them to the girls, so it was not any of her business, she thought. But what? What were they saying? It sounded like only one guy anyway. She decided to risk opening the boy's door (which Mark had not fully shut) just a crack and pressed her ear to the opening. Her eyes widened and her breath slipped as she heard what was said more clearly.

"Oh Tammy... Tammy. Oh God, fuck me harder... fuck me Tammi, shit... oh shit fuck me... oh God work your ass, oh fuck yes..."

And so on.

Tammi ducked back in her room. It was Mark. She was sure. Mark was masturbating over her. She had to see, she could not leave this up to chance. She carefully slid her head into the open space. It was dark, but she could make out Mark on his bed. He kept whispering and groaning his sexual desires. Tammi was surprised at how clearly she could make out the scene. Mark's blanket was only up to the knees of his legs, one of which was off the bed. She was also surprised to notice that he was totally nude. She was astounded to see that his roommate (one of three) was asleep in the same bed beside him. She looked at his roommate, sleepily oblivious, and then turned to Mark, stroking and squeezing his dick, his eyes shut tight, lost in his own fantasy. Tammi suddenly felt a blast of warmth, of tingling all over. She was very, very aroused. She crossed her bare legs and stood on her naked toes for a better view. Mark whispered about how good her body felt, and she noticed that he began to pump his hips upward as he stroked his hard penis over and over. Her mouth began to water as she saw how big Mark's cock was. From her view he seemed at least as large as Bill, and Mark was a much smaller guy in both height and weight. She gasped and gritted her teeth as she saw him wipe away a spurt of pre-cum as he moaned that she was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. She spun around and closed the door to her room.

She shook all over. She shut her eyes and began to consider what to do. She could go to bed and try to sleep. But this was a very rare opportunity. She had never seen a guy masturbate over her, save for when she told Bill to. She wanted to watch more. But what could she do? Masturbate herself? She had already felt her fingers creeping down to the lip of her thong before. But what if her roommates woke up? Hell, what if his own roommates woke up. She thought it was very hot that he was masturbating right next to another guy, that he was so pleasured by his dream of her that he did not care at all. She shouldn't care either. She should just...

She said to herself:

"What would I want? I dream all the time. I'd love for them to come true. I'd love it more than anything. He'd love it too."

It would be cheating. But she had cheated already. Cheated in her head a thousand times. Kissed another boy. This would be just like a fantasy, only real, and so much better. Just sex. Like her dreams. She squealed aloud for a second, and she accepted what she would do. Her whole body was alive with desire and ready for something totally new. She opened her door, then slowly opened the door to the guys' room.

Mark was not done, luckily. He had stamina too. He was still softly pumping his cock into his own hand. She smiled wider than she had in a long time as he whispered about how he wanted to feel her lips on his dick, then his mouth, than his dick again, then his mouth again. She stepped into the room, on her toes to avoid making too much noise. She stopped at the foot of the bed and looked at Mark all over, enjoying himself totally over her. She whispered:


Mark opened his eyes, and gasped loudly as he sat up. He did not notice his roommate snort and nearly wake up, he only saw the girl he was making love to in his mind only seconds ago, standing inches from his feet. His eyes were locked on her as she softly walked to the side of the bed, her brown hair damp and stringy, her soft, pale legs approaching him, clothed only at the very top by a tiny purple nightie, each step revealing breathtaking inches of her thighs. He watched her breasts bounce softly, her cleavage almost bursting from the little gown she wore. She reached his side, and knelt. He could not say a word, just stare up from his pillow at her face, so calm and serene. She touched his bare chest with the tips of her fingers, and rubbed them up and down. He laughed, as he was ticklish. She whispered:

"You like me that much, Mark? To fuck yourself in front of everyone?"

"Yeah..." said Mark, catching his breath, "I like you more than that."

"Now do you like me, or do you want to fuck me?"

He paused for a minute.

"Both. I like you a lot, and I want to respect what you want to do. I don't want you to wreck anything you want with your life..."

She nudged his cheek with her nose.

"But you think I'm pretty, right? You want to fuck me too, right?"

"Yes... yes, you're so gorgeous... you're amazing in every way. I've never wanted to have sex with anyone as much as I want you."

She kissed him, backed up, and ran her tongue along his lips. Then she kissed his chin, and playfully licked his nose.

"Oh... oh fuck Tammi... I want you so much..."

"Then will you fuck me nice and hard?"

He looked at her and chuckled, his nervousness fading. He kissed both of her cheeks and softly smooched her lips.

"No. I'm going to enjoy every inch of your body, till you're so hot you're gonna cry. Then we'll fuck really slowly until we're both sick of it."

"Good," she smiled, "good deal."

She stood up, and helped him out of bed. They walked out the room's main door, into the hotel's hall, her in that sexy nightie, him naked and still fully aroused.

The hall was empty, which was fortunate, as they had not checked to see if anyone was there before walking out. Tammy leaned up against the wall near the room's door and gazed at Mark. It was very odd to see him (or any man for that matter) standing nude in a hallway that was usually milling with people. Mark moved in very close to her and smooched her lips again. Tammi lifted her feet and stood them on top of Mark's and folded her arms around his shoulders as she relaxed on the wall.

"You know..." she began, giggling at the inherent silliness of the situation, "You know, it's not very nice to jerk off right next to another guy in bed..."

"Oh, Tim?" he said, "He wouldn't notice if I was jerking him off."

Tammi snickered and pulled Mark in closer for another kiss. Their lips pressed, enjoying the stillness and warmth of each other, and then Mark's tongue slowly entered Tammi's mouth. She let him explore around a bit, then stroked his tongue with her own. They grew fiercer and excited, their tongues wrapping around each other and twisting everywhere. Tammi sucked down sharply and extracted all the juice from Mark's tongue, like a baby enjoying its bottle. Mark groaned in joy and pressed up against Tammi even harder. She felt the heat of his naked form through her dress, and felt the sweat of his naked legs on her own. Standing on his feet meant that she was now taller than him by a little, and when they stopped kissing, he rubbed his lips around her chin and planted quick kisses on the side of her neck, each like a tiny explosion she could feel down to her belly. She embraced him fully, and ran the tips of her nails down his smooth back, down his ass, then around to his own stomach and chest. He hummed in enjoyment and pulled away from her a little bit. She ran her fingers across his face and lips, and he opened his mouth and gently sucked on one of her index fingers. Now she gasped for the first time and shut her eyes for a moment. She could not believe she was doing this, but she knew her chances of doing it again may be small, and the feeling would never be the same with a guy she really knew well. She danced the fingers of her free hand back down his tummy, and down to his penis. She opened her eyes and looked at it very closely. It was really not as big as it had looked in the shadowy room, and it was totally unshaven, which she actually kind of liked. She rustled her fingers through his pubic hair, still damp and sticky, and gently massaged his testicles. He responded by sucking down harder on her finger. She ran her hand behind him, and pushed his ass toward her. His cock pressed up to her own private spot, and she cooed along with him. She pulled her finger out of his mouth and softly pulled up her nightie, and draped it over his penis, so it now rubbed up directly to her thong and her naked thighs.

"C'mon... rub it up..." she hissed, breathlessly.

He responded in obedience, and slowly ground his penis up against her barely clothed pussy. Up and down, he stroked his cock against her, rubbing the head on the soft, hot flesh of her thighs, and pressing up, enjoying the sensation of the soft fabric against his penis until his head was above her panty line, and flesh was felt again. The teasing of his dick against the lips of her pussy was so intense, Tammi found herself groaning with each stroke. For a second she feared that her knees would buckle, but the wall behind her gave her support. Mark stopped after a few minutes, and stepped away, a thin line of pre-cum still connecting his dick to her panties.

"Sorry," he whispered, "I was afraid I was going to cum."

"Don't be..." she responded, catching her breath, "But be sure to save yourself..."

"I know... I know..."

The stopped speaking and gazed at each other with glazed eyes.

"Tammi..." Mark said.


"Can I undress you? Seeing as I'm naked here and all..."

"Say please."


"Please... what?" she teased.

"Please can I take off all of your clothes? And stare at you naked?"

"Well... only if you stare."

"I swear I will. You look so hot in this little gown I almost don't want to take it off you..."

"Then take it off me really, really slowly."


She got off of his feet, and he backed up. He fell to his knees on the carpet, and embraced her, rubbing his head down her gown to the bottom, still well above her knees. He tugged down on the dress and Tammi giggled in anticipation. Then, to her surprise and utter delight, he bent down to her left ankle, and ran his tongue up the full length of her leg, licking her all the way up to the panty lip on her left thigh, and then over to her belly button. She gasped out a shout of pleasure. Mark pulled his mouth away from her tummy, and gazed at her blue thong as he held up her dress. Tiny spots of moistness were all over the front, which could just barely cover her pussy. He licked the delicious flesh right next to the thong by her vagina, and it was very warm and moist with syrup. He teased the thong, pressing his tongue against her clothed pussy lips as Tammi wildly gasped for air up above. He stopped, and kissed his way down her right leg, and kissed all five of her toes.

"Turn around," he huffed.

She did, and threw her arms up as she faced the wall and leaned toward it. Mark savored the sight of the purple nightie still covering her rear, then drew the dress all the way up to the small of her back. The thong was very tight and absolutely tiny; her ass was almost totally exposed, with a tiny line of blue splitting her cheeks. Mark grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them even further apart as she yelped. Again, he ran his tongue forcefully up the tiny blue line. Tammy felt him licking her, praying to feel the warm rush of his tongue on her asshole, but her thong cruelly preventing it. He tortured her a bit more, and finally stood up. He pulled the dress up over her head and up her arms. It fell to the floor, and now the only item of clothing worn by either of them was the tiny blue thong, very wet indeed. Mark pressed his penis up tightly against her, sandwiching it between his own stomach and her butt. Tammi focused on the sensation of his dick so close to her. His hands found hers, pressed to the wall above her head, and they clasped together tightly as he began to lick, then kiss, and then suck every inch of her back. For fifteen minutes Mark worked all the way from the back of her neck down to the rim of her panties and up again, three times over. The sweet taste of her freshly washed flesh and the intoxicating smell of his licking her drove Mark wild. Tammi was now moaning aloud, not caring who heard her, and it felt like wonderful hours as he enjoyed her body. Finally, he turned her back around to face him. She was flushed and sweating.

"Oh... oh wow... oh shit Mark, I didn't know you were this... considerate."

"Well... well hey... you drove me crazier than this, and you weren't even really there... it's just... you being you that drives me nuts..."

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