tagRomanceWake Up Call

Wake Up Call


His eyes flutter open. Blinking against the morning light he shifts down into the bed, pressing his arm and leg a little more firmly against you.

Taking a few moments to gain his wits and allow his brain to begin to function again, he turns over and carefully drapes an arm over your back as he takes in the sight of you.

Laying mostly on your side/belly, an arm cast over the edge of the bed, your soft deep breathing is rhythmic in his ears. Gently his hand moves along your back, touching your skin and caressing you.

He gives a tender kiss to your shoulder as he sighs and slides out of bed. Moving slowly so as not to wake you, he moves off to the bathroom intent on a shower. Whispering softly he says "I'll be right back love to wake you up."

He strides quietly into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel about the waist. Running the fingers of one hand through his hair he looks at you and smiles. The morning sunlight catches the stray beads of water on his shoulders and back, causing them to gleam brightly and twinkle.

Pausing only to drop the towel and draw on a pair of soft cotton boxers, he circles the bed and slides in next to you. Careful to not wake you, he moves his damp body alongside your bare skin.

Laying his head next to yours his breath spills over your neck as he licks his lips and places a small kiss on your skin. Not intending to wake you just yet, he stills his body to observe your reaction.

Seeing you still slumber, he smiles to himself and begins to glide his fingers lightly over your back. Pushing the covers back to reveal more of you smooth skin, he places another light kiss on your shoulder.

His hand moves ever downward, teasing his fingers along your spine. Upon reaching the edge of your lace underwear, his fingers are now replaced by the entirety of his hand as he cups your rear gently.

Having paused again to listen to the faint sound you make, he ascertains that you are still sleeping but coming around little by little. With a slightly evil smile he lifts himself and moves to straddle the backs of your legs, his hips just below the curve of your buttocks.

From this position his hands have unrestricted access to most of your body. Taking full advantage of this he begins a gentle campaign of touches and caresses over your back. He begins playing his fingers over the nape of your neck before ever so gently trailing his nails down the length of your back and ending by firmly massaging your ass over the blue lace.

Sliding his hands in unison along your sides, they glide along your abdomen and up to your ribs. Taking a lingering moment to cup and tease the sides of your breasts, he smiles as an unconscious moan is heard from you.

Leaning forward, his groin presses to your hips as he places small fluttering kisses around your neck and down your shoulders. His hands move across the light skin of your arms, pressing firmly and massaging with his fingers.

You body responds a little by a small shudder and a slight wiggle of your hips. Either in response to his actions or to some dream you are having, he takes this as a sign to continue.

His chest presses lightly to your back as he continues his tender kisses along your skin. Flicking his tongue out from time to time, tasting your skin with a small sigh escaping his lips. He raises his hips slightly as his penis begins to respond to the nearness of your body.

His hands travel back up your arms, his fingers curled around to slide along the tender inner flesh of your biceps. Lips journey up to your neck and around to your ear, where his breath bathes your sensitive earlobes as he murmurs "Good morning love."

He notes the faint fluttering of your eyelids, thinking that you are on the edge of waking up. Smiling he whispers softly "Keep your eyes closed baby." Upon seeing the corners of your mouth turn up in a small smile he continues his course of action.

Sliding his hands down your shoulders and to the side of your breasts he rubs down the side of your body, down your abdomen and over your hips. As his hands pass over your hips he incidentally tugs your underwear down a little before his fingers jut against his legs by your thighs.

His body is covering yours from shoulder to knees now. He's supporting himself so his full weight isn't pressing down on you, but he is a warm comfortable pressure on you.

Turning his head to press a light kiss to your ear, his lips begin to progress along your neck, while his hands reverse their path and now glide up your body pressing firmly on your smooth flesh.

From time to time he nips at your neck with his lips playfully. Ringing your throat and neck with tiny kisses he has worked his way to the junction of your shoulder, which he pauses at bestowing a lavish amount of attention to your skin. Sucking the warm flesh into his mouth to dance his tongue over teasingly.

His strong hands work their way under his body and hips to begin stroking and kneading the firm surface of your behind. He's shifting the flesh under the lace, opening you slightly. Hands shift and nudge your underwear out of position so that you can feel the cool linen of his boxers rub against once covered skin.

His lips curve against your skin as he hears the small moan from your lips. Raising his head a little to satisfy himself that your eyes are still closed, he again lowers his head to blow a stream of chilly air over the moist area of your shoulder. His breath changes to warm borderline hot as he moves his mouth over the developing goose bumps on your arms.

Your delicate lace underwear has been shifted more by his hands, allowing his caressing fingers freer access to the tract of tight creamy skin. His fingers ply along your ass. Teasing along the bow of your buttocks, cupping gently, then fingers flash upward to stroke up the warm cleft.

The longer his body is pressed to yours, the more pronounced his phallus becomes as it presses gently into the underside of your rear. A light surprised moan leaves his lips to be muffled into your skin as an unexpected twitch from his penis rubs the tender head firmly into your body.

Seemingly incensed by the sensation his mouth opens wide against your neck as his teeth bear down on the receptive skin of your neck. Biting lightly, but with increasing aggression, he nibbles his way over your neck and ends with his teeth paused along side your buzzing pulse. Every beat of your heart throbs your skin into his mouth. His jaws tighten with every drum of blood.

His hands now clasp your ass in a strong grip, parting your flesh slightly. Moving his hips slightly his hardening penis slides free of his boxers to prod the warm skin of your delectable rear, pulling a deep low groan from his throat. The sound vibrates through his clenching teeth and to your quivering throat.

Pulling his head back slightly he says in a shaky voice near your ear "I guess you aren't the only one that woke up."

The warm velvet touch of his penis against your rear is almost an electric shock over your skin. His hands tremble slightly as they part your flesh. Taking a deep shuddering breath, that echoes by your ear, he raises his hips slightly adjusting his probing hardness. As the stiff member slides along your skin, it presses its length along the scant covering of lace over the spread valley of your buttocks. A lustful grunt is pulled from deep in his throat at the contact.

Slowly drawing his penis down the cleft of your body, his breathing develops a hitch that coincides with the faint throbbing of his sex against your flesh. After an unknown amount of time passes, his rock hard penis slides away from your body to be pressed into the bed between your slightly parted legs. With a slight sigh of relief (? Or disappointment?) his lips once again brush the sweet skin of your throat.

Barely touching your skin, his lips traverse a path over your throat and neck. Between kisses he whispers "Not sure I can trust myself at the moment, love." When his soft mouth reaches the back of your neck his body begins to slide down your body. Rubbing his chest along your back he leaves a wet track of kisses down the line of your spine. Alternating between gentle light kisses and fierce sucking bites, he delivers his passion onto your body without the need for words.

His hands quite grudgingly leave the magnificent flesh of your ass to further support his weight. Resting his arms beside your breasts, he levers himself up a scant fraction of an inch. The fine hairs on his arms titillate the sides of your breasts as he lowers himself along your smooth skin.

You feel a final powerful throb of his sex as it too is slid down between your legs. Having moved his legs slightly away from yours, he now rests on all fours with his mouth and chest pressed to your spine. Pouring passion in the form of his lips, tongue and teeth onto your hypersensitive skin, he levers himself down your body. Lips first focus on the slight knob of your vertebrae, touching softly, and then his teeth cause a centered tingling as they graze over the nerves. This is followed by a not so gentle bite to the succulent flesh of your back. Warm tongue appeases the offended area with a light lapping as he swirls over you.

In this fashion does he move down your body, changing from soft and tender one moment, to rough and passionate the next. Masterfully he keeps your body in suspense, awaiting the next contact. Your back arches and undulates under his mouth; he rides these motions easily, only allowing contact when he wishes it, never allowing you to dictate the placement or durations of the touches and kisses.

When he reaches the small of your back, he can hear the soft moans and pants being issued from your mouth. His lips hover over your skin so his breath falls over you. You can almost feel his smile as he says "Keep those eyes closed Minx." His hot tongue suddenly touches your skin with a shockingly compelling lash down your back. Your hissed gasp is answered with a fervent nibble at the top of your ass.

His arms are drawn down your body, his fingers trailing along your sides and breasts. Lips move to press high on your ass, as his fingers slide under the side of your waistband. Raising his chest from your body, your sky blue lace is agonizingly pulled over your hips and down your body. Using loving pressure he lifts your hips as he fully undresses you. Your underwear is slid down your body and off your legs in a steady motion.

For a long moment he looks down at your naked body, savoring the beautiful sight of you. You can feel his gaze on you, and you begin to blush, all over your body your skin darkens as you can only imagine the look on his face. Your hips begin to move a little, begging to be touched again without words.

"My god Leslie," he breathes. "You are so beautiful. So sexy. I love you so very much." These words reach your ears as the bed shifts with him as he leans forward to place a soft kiss on the quivering skin of your buttock. Nails suddenly appear, dragging softly from your shoulders to small of your back.

His teeth soon come into play as he nibbles and sucks on your flesh. The nails disappear from your back as his hands shift to grip your hips. Raising your hips slightly he brings you firmly to his waiting mouth. The cool air that flows under your hips swirls about your thighs and the now wet folds of your pussy.

His teeth graze, bite, and nibble the delicate flesh of your ass as he works his mouth over you in a yet unknown pattern. One of his hands swing along your hip to hug you low on your waist, his hand ends pressed just above your hot mound pulling you hips further from the bed. The other of his busy hands now returns to the amorous manipulation of your buttock.

Having positions you so your hips and ass rest on your now bent knees, he lowers his mouth along you. Licking his way along your skin and ass, he pauses long enough to touch his hot tongue to the rosy bud of your anus. His panted breath falls directly on your wet pussy, as his tongue slides down you and laps softly at the base of your sex.

Upon hearing you moan deeply, he stiffens his tongue and plunges it inside your hot pussy. Shifting his hand down your mound he opens you to him with his fingers, allowing the cool surrounding air to mingle with his hot breath. Licking a line up you his rough tongue slides over your swollen clit then over the slippery opening. Saliva and your sweet nectar mix and add to the slickness covering your pussy.

The hand on your ass leaves your skin to wander its way up your body, caressing your hip, then your taunt stomach. Brushing against the bottom of your slightly swaying breast, his fingers glide over you until they happen upon your slightly hard nipple. Slowly and firmly his fingers begin to pinch you.

While his fingers squeeze your nipple, his tongue and mouth go to work drinking in your wetness. Having opened your lips to him, your pussy is assaulted with sensations as he lavishes your with licks, kisses and fevered nibbles. Adding to the sensations his beard rubs occasionally over your clitoris. You are filled from time to time as he sinks his tongue inside of you with a moan.

His loving attention is not limited to just your sex. In long languid strokes his tongue and lips caress your thighs, buttocks and anus. Noting the sounds you gasp out, he focuses his attention on sensitive areas. Circling a path around your tight anus, his finger slides inside of your pussy effortlessly. As your hips press back into him seeking him deeper inside of you, the tip of his tongue slides inside of your ass. Not at all disturbed by this, he coats your with his saliva lubricating your generously.

As his finger fucks you slowly, the grip on your nipple becomes slightly harder as he twists you slightly in his fingers. His tongue leaves your ass as it travels back to your musky sex. Your body is rocked as he slides his finger out of you but then fills you again with his thicker tongue, probing deep inside of you. Shifting his hand again, he presses the slick finger into the relaxed bud of your anus.

Your body is almost overwhelmed by the flow of sensations. He very slowly fucks both your ass and pussy while pinching your nipple sharply. Alternating between strokes, you feel filled completely. Feeling you clench and pull at him with your body he feels the first waves of orgasm spill over you. He continues to move inside of you as you call out his name in a scream.

Just as you think you've reached the pinnacle of pleasure he lowers his mouth to suck hard on your clit, shattering your body with another wave of sweet agony. His finger slides a mite deeper into you, almost to the second knuckle, increasing your hoarse shouts and grunts.

He slowly allows your body to come back to the earth as he removes the stimulus in stages. First his finger slowly withdraws from your ass, rubbing a tight circle around your sphincter. Then his gripping fingers lighten on your nipple, changing to a light caress. Finally, after a brief but through probing kiss, his mouth is raised from your soaking pussy.

His hands move to your hips as his torso straightens behind you. You can hear his ragged breath as you feel the first nudging of his hard cock against your thigh. Shifting his hips he presses the head to your hot pussy.

He slides into you, burying himself to you completely with one thrust. He slowly begins to fuck you from behind, his hands guiding your hips as you move back into him. You hear his whispered declarations of love and adoration as his body meets yours in an increasing pace.

His hands slide and rub along your back, dragging his nails up your spine. He fills you with his hard member. His fingers of one hand move to tangle in your hair as he turns your head to look at you. He meets your eyes with a gaze filled with lust and love. You can feel his throbbing cock deep inside of you as he pushes into you over and over.

He holds your gaze with his as he bends his body over your back, pressing his chest to you with each powerful stroke. His fingers leave your hair to slide around your torso and play with your as of yet untouched nipple, bringing it to an almost painful hardness. The hand on your waist also shifts around your body. Reaching under you, his fingers find your still swollen and wet clit which he begins to stroke slowly.

Unbelievably, you can feel the raising heat in your body signifying another crashing orgasm approaching. As you approach the point of no return you feel him swell inside of you, and hear him gasp at his coming explosion. As his hot seed spills out inside of you, his body stiffens and his hand pinches your nipple sharply as his fingers press firmly to your wet pearl driving you over the edge into oblivion. You are faintly aware of his cries of pleasure as he thrusts into you as deeply as possible.

As your body and mind begin to return to a more normal state, you can feel his softening penis twitch limply inside of you. His body leans on your heavily as he weakly presses his lips to the slight sheen of sweat on your shoulders.

He falls more the lays beside you on the bed, his breathing still coming in pants. He pulls at your body without any strength, taking your into his embrace he kisses your lips tenderly and says "Good morning baby, how was your wake up call?"

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