tagGay MaleWaking Up with David

Waking Up with David


Late July 2018

First of all, I seriously still can't believe I did this with David, one of my best friends of all time. Fortunately everything worked out fine and were still close. I had never been attracted to another man before in all my life. It just wasn't something I ever thought about doing or trying. I still remember every detail quite well, I should because I keep thinking about it...

My name is Mike Nelson, I was a straight 33 year old electrician living in Southern California with my ungrateful girlfriend. I landed a big job from one of my best customers, way up past San Luis Obispo. The area is over 4 hours away from my house. I was the only guy he could trust to get the job done right the first time and I accepted it. I was to rewire an entire house and replace the switches, sockets and fuse box. Normally I would do this over a 2 week time if it was a local job but it wasn't.

I wanted to get it done and over with in one trip. My plan was to take my good friend with me and stay up there till the job was completed. I thought it would take about 5 days to finish the work with my friend David. We would take all the supplies we needed, including food and drinks to this remote location and work till we finished everything.

I picked up David early Monday morning and we made our way north. David slept most of the way and I just thought about the work that needed to get done. We made it to the gate around 11:00 AM, David locked it behind us and drove up the dirt road to the remote home. We arrived at the old house and went inside to see what it was like.

It was very dusty and mostly vacant. It had some old junky furniture around the place and a beat up fridge in the kitchen. It looked like it had potential but it was definitely a fixer upper. There was an old king bed in the master bedroom along with a empty dresser and two night stands. If we were going to be here for 5 days we needed to clean it up. The other 2 bedrooms were empty so it looked like we would share the king bed. No big deal I thought, wrong!

We got to work cleaning up the place. We spent over 2 hours just cleaning before we brought the supplies and our personal items in. Then we stocked up the kitchen and refrigerator with all our food and drinks. The place was now set up and we were ready to begin working on the electrical upgrade.

David helped me unload all the tools and electrical supplies into the garage. We ended up working till around 6:30 and decided to call it a day. David insisted we bring a lot of beer with us, 5 cases to be exact. He was in the mood to cut loose without his wife around, I was too.

We both tried to call our girls but there was no cell service at all. It was just going to be us, the boombox and our work for the next few days. We went to the kitchen and grabbed a few beers.

"I need a shower and a bunch of beers." David protested.

"That sounds great, me too." I agreed.

"I won't be long." He said as he walked into the master bedroom.

A minute later David walked by me nude with his towel in hand and went to take his shower. I had never seen him in the buff before and noticed he had a nice big cock. I didn't think much of it, other than we are old buddies and nudity between friends is no big deal. I finished my beer and went to undress in the bedroom. I grabbed my towel and heard the water shut off. I decided I was going to be completely naked as well and made my way to the bathroom. David was stepping out as I entered.

"Hey Mike, this shower actually works pretty good, enjoy."

Again I saw his big cock on display, it was hard to not notice.

"Sounds great, I need a good shower."

I stepped past David and hopped in the glass shower and fired it up. The water felt great as it washed away the sweat and dirt from my body. I noticed David took his time drying himself off just on the other side of the glass shower door. I watched him as he dried off his big cock and bent over giving me a nice view of his firm little ass.

I eventually finished my shower and dried off in the bathroom. I went to the bedroom where David was, he was still nude fumbling around in his suitcase half bent over with his ass to me again. He did have a cute ass, it looked really white compared to his tan body though.

"You feel better?" He asked.

"Much better, you getting hungry?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm starved." He retorted.

David eventually found some boxers and pulled them on and went to the kitchen. I put on some boxers as well and followed behind him. We ended up barbequing steaks and corn and had a nice dinner. We sat out on the deck and sipped our beers and listened to music after dinner. We had a fun night talking about old times and complaining about our woman.

Around 11:00 that evening I announced I was going to bed, David agreed. We went to the bedroom and got situated at the same time and I turned the lights off. I was tired and started to fall asleep. David kept moving around and seemed uncomfortable. I didn't say anything, hoping he would just eventually fall asleep. Then after about 20 minutes of this I heard David get up and go to the bathroom.

I lay in bed wondering what was going on with him. I got up and as I got close to the bathroom door I could hear the sink and fan running. I peeked through the crack of the door and saw David beating his big cock. I had never seen a guy jack off before and I was fascinated. His cock looked big and thick, I began to wish I could try to pump it a few times. I kept watching without him knowing. Then he grunted a few times and shot several spurts all over the sink. I was only a few feet away, I saw everything in detail and I felt strangely excited and nervous.

I snuck back into bed before he noticed me and pretended to be sleeping. Shortly after, David got back in bed and fell asleep. Now I was worked up and horny. I got up and beat off in the bathroom as well. Only now I was thinking of his big cock squirting cum everywhere, not some hot chick. I came harder than normal from beating off this time. I shot my cum into the sink and got some on my hand. I have tasted my cum before but this time, I took my time to check it out. It was mild and warm but it turned me on and I really enjoyed it for the first time. I cleaned up and went back to bed right after. David was out cold and I fell asleep in no time.

I woke up before David and I saw his big hard cock poking out of his boxers. I was nervous and wanted to check out his morning wood without waking him up. I scooted closer to him, to get a good look. I got 6 inches away from his 8 inch cock and gently blew on it. Still he was motionless. I lightly touched it with my index finger and still he was out cold. I wrapped my hand around it and began to slowly jack it. It felt nice and warm and it was also very hard. I felt it twitch a little in my hand but David was still out cold. I got very horny and lost control of myself. I really wanted to suck the head of his cock, it looked so nice and inviting. He had a really nice looking cock, I lifted it to my face and put the head in my mouth. I was so turned by his cock, I couldn't stop myself. I began to gently give him head as he slept. Sucking his big cock had me hard as a rock and very horny in just a few seconds . Then he began to stir and breath, so I decided to stop before I got caught.

I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom before he woke up and found me blowing him. I tried to pee but my cock was so hard I couldn't at first. I decided to beat off first, which I did. Then I pissed and went back to bed. David was waking up and rubbing his eyes as I walked in.

"Morning Mike, did you sleep OK?" He asked.

"I did, how about you?"

"I slept very well considering." We both chucked as I got back in bed next to him.

David had his cock back in his boxers and got up to use the bathroom. I was starting to feel strangely attracted to David, It was something I never felt with any man before. He has a nice fit slender build and he's always been a good looking guy. He also has a cute ass for a guy, it was going to be a long hard day...

Day 2 went well, we got a lot accomplished and we were ahead of schedule now. That evening we did more of the same. Walking around nude at times, eating, drinking and having fun.

When it came time for bed, it happened again. David snuck into the bathroom to jerk off before he went to sleep. Only this time I watched for a few minutes before busting in on him.

"Hey David you OK?" I said as I pushed open the door and caught him with his big rod in hand.

"Oh shit, hey Mike, sorry I had to relieve some tension so I could fall asleep. You understand?"

"No problem, sorry to distract you." I said as I began to step back out.

"Hey Mike, you wanna jerk off together? Nobody will ever find out." He asked in a joking manner.

"You serious?" I asked in a friendly way, hoping he was.

"Why not, it's no big deal." He kidded.

"Sure why not, Mr. big wood." I teased.

He handed me the lotion and I accepted. I dropped my boxers and squirted some lotion into my hand. Soon we were beating off our hard cocks side by side with our cocks pointed towards the sink.

"I've never done this with a guy next to me before, have you?" He asked, as his breathing increased. The whole time, never taking his eyes off my cock and chest.

"No never."

"Lets see who has the biggest load OK?" He suggested.

"OK." I replied.

We both began to beat out meat with vigor. I was so turned on by his big cock, I didn't need any other stimulation to cum. I began to cum first then David did right after. We spurted cum all over the sink, it was pretty fun. I wanted to taste David's cum more than anything but we just washed it all down the sink.

"That was interesting." I said in a funny way.

"Well what's a boy to do out here the boonies with no pussy." He joked back.

"I totally agree." I said, letting him know I was onboard if he was. I playfully slapped his ass and he reciprocated immediately. We went back to bed only this time we both remained nude...

I woke up before David again and saw his morning wood aching for my attention. I got closer to it and began to play with it again. I got really turned on and had to suck it. I began to suck the head without waking him up. Then I began to really give him head as he slept. His cock began to pulsate in my mouth and I noticed he was waking up. I rolled back on my side of the bed and pretended to be sleeping.

After a few minutes David got up and went to the bathroom, I almost got caught. At this point I almost wanted to get caught, just to see if David was cool with it. I think he wouldn't mind but I wasn't sure, that could be embarrassing.

Our 3rd day went well, I was thinking we could finish tomorrow in 4 days not 5. We had another party that night and got pretty drunk again. Later that night, I suggested we jerk off together and shoot our loads off the deck. David was all for it and I went and got the lotion.

We both dropped our boxers right there on the deck and began to beat off together. I watched David's big cock being jacked faster and faster. It turned me on and I felt my orgasm building up fast. The head of his cock was purple and throbbing, it really got me hot and bothered. My cock was pointing towards David and my first jet of cum hit David on the back of his hand. Then I turned and shot the rest of the deck into the bushes. David laughed and began to shoot his cum in my direction. I couldn't look away as he shot spurt after spurt back at me. I tried to get it on me, David shot a few jets on the side of my ass cheek and the rest into the bushes.

"David I didn't mean to hit you with my cum."

"I DID mean to hit you with my cum." He said as we both laughed.

"It's cool, I mean it's warm but I didn't mind at all." I said casually.

Then when he wasn't looking I wiped his cum off my ass cheek and brought it to my tongue, I tasted another man's cum for the first time. It was still warm and much like mine. I liked the new taste and wanted more.

David wiped my cum off the back of his hand and onto his chest.

"Time for a shower." He said.

"For sure." I replied.

I followed him into the bathroom and he stepped in the shower first. I washed my hands in the sink and he called out to me.

"Get in here Mike." He said in a happy friendly manner.

I did as I was told and stepped in. We took turns using the shower head and rinsing ourselves clean. We had fun in the shower, we were playful and more flirty. We grabbed each other a few times and playfully slapped each others buns. Mike finished showering first, got out and again dried himself off right there for me to see.

"You sure have a white ass David." I teased.

"Thanks for noticing." He said with a chuckle.

David left and went to get in bed. I finished, dried off and joined him in bed. We joked and teased for a few minutes, I think David was opening up to new things. There was definitely some real sexual tension between us that night. I was pretty tired and we eventually said our good nights.

When I woke up the next morning I smelled coffee and David was not in bed with me. Dam, I wanted to suck his cock till he woke up and catch me in the act. My cock was hard and I needed to take a leak. I walked to the bathroom nude with my hardon.

"Morning David." I said as I walked past the kitchen strutting my morning wood.

"Morning Mike, you sleep good?" He asked nicely.

"Sure did."

Day 4 was great, we finished the job. All was left was to load up and hit the road the next day. That night we drank and got pretty drunk again. David suggested we stay an extra day to hang around and lay out naked on the deck. Basically have a full on party day, then leave the next morning as planned with nobody the wiser. I agreed, hoping I'd get to finally suck his big cock and get more kinky with him.

I went to bed earlier than David. I was tired from a hard day. When I woke up David was sleeping next to me completely nude. His big cock was on display for me and I began to crave it again. I went over to his cock and began to play with it. It began to really turn me on and I began to give him head again as he slept. I was wanting him to wake up and shoot his load in my mouth but as he stirred around, I chickened out. I moved back to my side of the bed and pretended to be sleeping like before.

David got up and went to the bathroom, I got up to spy on him. He was jacking off that big monster of his again. I tapped on the door.

"Can I join you David?" I asked as I pushed the door open.

"Go for it." Was all he said.

I took the lotion and lubed up my hardon. We began to beat our meat together again. As we did this we both began to face each other and watch each others cock get jacked.

"Can I try yours real quick?" He asked with a shy smile.

"OK, sure." Was all I could say. I was feeling horny and nervous.

David got behind me and began to jack my meat as his hard cock pressed against my ass. I pushed back a little to let him know I liked it. He really knew how to jack a cock, no surprise. It was more than I could take much longer. It was strangely erotic and exciting. I shook as I erupted and David held me with his extra arm. Soon my load was shooting out in all directions and David pumped me till I was done.

"OMG, that was awesome! Thanks David."

"That was pretty hot." He replied with a huge grin.

Without asking I got behind David, I held him close with my left arm and grabbed his big sexy cock with my right hand. My hand was shaking a little as I touched another man's cock for the first time. I loved the new sensation of jerking off such a big thick cock. I went way up to the top and back down to the base in long squeezing strokes. I enjoyed the thickness of it so much, I was in cock heaven. I pressed my sticky cock into his ass crack as I pumped his shaft. I leaked a little cum on his cute buns, it looked really sexy on his smooth ass. Soon David was moaning and his cock twitched in my hand. Then I cupped his balls with my left hand and jacked him faster with the right. David erupted like crazy, cum shot all over the sink and in the palm of my hand. I used his cum to lubricate his cock as I pumped it with fury. As his orgasm subsided I rubbed my cum soaked hand on his chest and pecks. I grinded his ass a few times, then got in the shower.

David joined me and we rinsed off the cum we had all over us. I got out first and put on a little show for David. Bending down and showing my ass to him as I dried off. Then I left him in the shower and went to change.

Shortly after I heard the water shut off and David came in the bedroom soaking wet. He dried off in the bedroom this time, I guess to tease me back. He bent over and gave me a nice view of his tight hairless asshole. I was getting more and more aroused by him.

"Well David we have all day to hang out, unless you want to take off and get home today?"

"No, lets stay and party. We can head back tomorrow." He agreed.

"Sounds good." I replied, feeling we were about to cross the line and have a real bisexual experience together. My heart was racing.

I approached him and gave him a nice long hug before we got dressed, He hugged back and grinded me a tad. Things were definitely feeling hot between us. We finished a few minor details in the morning and loaded up all the tools and gear from the job. Now we could really enjoy the tranquility and solitude of the woods alone.

David suggested we lay out nude to sun our white ass's. I agreed, thinking it would be fun to be naked around him all day. It had been 5 days without seeing anyone but David and he was looking better all the time. We were free to do as we pleased and we did just that.

We set up the deck with our towels, music, drinks and laid out nude for a while. I suggested to David we put some sunscreen on our white ass's so we didn't burn up.

"I can't reach my ass very well, can you just put some on for me? I promise to return the favor." He said in a sexy tone.

"Sure, why not." I replied.

I went and got the sunscreen from inside and sat down next his cute ass. I began to apply the sunscreen to his buns and finished too soon.

"Turn over David." I instructed.

David turned over and his cock was semi hard. I put sunscreen on all the white skin but not on his dick. Then I boldly began to apply the sunscreen to his semi hard cock. I kept jacking his cock a few extra times before I stopped and left him wanting more.

"Thank you Mike, that was great."

I went back to my towel and laid down. David got up with sunscreen in hand and began to put sunscreen on my ass. The radio was playing good tunes, birds were chirping and David was massaging my ass. What could be better, I was about to find out.

"Roll over young man." David instructed.

I did as I was told a rolled over with a hardon. David didn't say anything but he did take a deep breath. He put sunscreen on my white skin but left my dick alone at first. Then he began to jack my hardening cock with nice smooth long strokes.

"I love being out here in the wilderness." He said softly.

"It's so nice and peaceful, I'm glad we decided to stay and enjoy this place." I said as I breathed a little harder.

"That's better." He said as he got up and went back to his towel.

I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. it was as hard as ever. I wanted to suck it right then but I resisted and took in the sun. We spent the afternoon naked, I was very horny most of the time. We had fun sunning, talking and enjoying our freedom. As the afternoon rolled on David suggested a few cold beers. I was all for it!

We went inside and sat down at the table and drank several beers in the buff. David was up to something but I wasn't sure what he was thinking.

"Hey Mike I have a surprise for us." He said and went to the bedroom and returned with a piece of folded paper.

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