tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWalk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods


"Are you ready, yet?" I called through to Melanie and Andrew.

"Nearly!" shouted Mel back to me. I checked my watch: fortunately, I know what Mel's like; had planned ahead; and we had plenty of time. I watched Emma adjust her earrings, and tweak her hair into a satisfactory form.

It never ceases to amaze how much primping can be accomplished. It wasn't surprising, though, that the girls would be trying to look their best: we were heading for their friend Marie's wedding. It could have been worse: if Marie had made them bridesmaids, we'd have been preparing since last week.

"Right, I'm sorted," claimed Emmy, "Have you got everything?"

She came across and planted a kiss on my cheek as I checked my pockets: phone, keys, map, wallet.

"Yup. You look good," I smiled, as I looked her over. Playfully, she did a spin for me, swinging out her auburn hair. It complemented her green skirt and black top, and was set off by the haematite jewellery she wore. I grinned, and kissed her as she posed in front of me.

"Ready!" interrupted Andrew's call through the door. Breaking apart, we went out into the hall, finding them waiting.

"I persuaded her to make a final decision on footwear," explained Andrew, "and stop prevaricating."

"It's tricky!" grumbled Mel, "They need to be comfy for standing, dancing, and walking around the grounds. I had to try the different options."

"Well, you have so many pairs, it must be hard to keep track of which one's good for what," I suggested.

"Exactly!" she agreed, smiling but otherwise ignoring my sarcasm. "Shall we go?"

Marie's wedding was at a country house, one in fact I'd been to before, as it also runs the occasional small conference. It took about an hour to drive there in the warm summer weather, past the bright yellow rapeseed fields that cover that bit of East Anglia. The girls chattered away, and I quietly followed the instructions on the sat nav screen, listening to them and Andy's occasional interjection.

We pulled up and found a space to park. I was pleased that we were about half an hour earlier than needed, and Mel suggested we look around the house's grounds before making our way inside.

Taking her boyfriend by the hand, Mel practically scurried off, down a path into a garden, leaving Em and me to amuse ourselves.

"She's always in charge," Emmy chuckled at the sight of Andy under tow. "She'll want to find a quiet spot to make out for a while, no doubt."

"Poor boy," I joked. Taking her hand, we wandered down a different path, through a walled garden.

"If it stays this warm, I won't need the wrap," mused Em.

"It'll be cooler this evening, though," I pointed out. "Keep it in your bag 'til then?"

She nodded, and we paused at a bench for her to fold it and tuck it away. We continued on, through a herb garden, and out into long herbaceous border. When about halfway along, Mel and Andrew emerged at the far end, and turned to come down towards us. Mel smiled angelically at us.

"Didn't get lost, then? Shall we go inside?"

She linked her arm with mine, and the four of us headed as one towards the house. Finding the main entrance, we went in and sat down, about halfway back, on the left of the room. Mel chattered energetically at Andrew, and Emmy struck up conversation with a couple in the row ahead of ours, while I watched the fidgeting groom and groomsmen at the front, and familiarised myself with the ceremony.

Modern, civil, very Marie: that was my conclusion.

Mel dragged me into their conversation, as we talked about the house and grounds; they'd gone along the edge of a copse, and spotted a summerhouse, before finding us in the long borders. I recommended the walled garden to them, in turn.

Eventually, the music shifted to the inevitable march, and our attention followed; Em broke off her chat, and we turned to watch Marie enter.

Civil ceremonies always seem to fly past, I think, and so it was with this one. No sooner had she entered, it seemed, than vows were exchanged, and out they were processing.

We loitered in the courtyard, sipping and nibbling while the photos were taken, making small talk with other guests, a good number of whom we knew. That tedium over, we made our way to our table: the four of us, fortunately, on one with two other couples Em and Mel knew.

There are worse ways to spend a couple of hours, than enjoying a delicious, paid for, multi-course meal, sandwiched between two pretty girls. I'm not the best at finding conversation with strangers, so it was rather a relief to have Em to my right, and the ever talkative Mel on my left.

Dishes came and went; wine flowed; speeches were made; tears welled. Not mine, you understand.

I was enjoying a rather fine tart for my dessert, when Em's leg nudged against mine. Glancing over, she seemed deep in conversation, but I pushed gently back. Without a break in her flow, her leg rubbed softly along mine, and a bare foot wound round the back of my trouser.

The sound of a knife against a glass rang out, and she was interrupted by a toast, though she winked at me as we stood.

Emmy went back to her conversation, and I to my tart: I put it from mind, but picked up the thread of Mel's debate with Andy about some film they'd seen the previous week.

The meal finished, and we meandered back to the courtyard, enjoying the warm sun, while the set was changed for the early evening. Andrew collected a round of drinks from the bar, and we nursed them while lined up on a stone bench. Emmy snuggled under my arm, my hand dangling, I felt, precariously close to her breast. Sandwiched again—it's a hard life—between her and Mel to my left, I couldn't do much about it. And why would I?

I let it drift, slowly, to graze the side of her right breast, and she shifted infinitesimally, pressing slightly back against me, under the guise of a sip of Kir Royale. She smiled at me, but the contact was lost. A moment later, Mel asked my opinion, and I was distracted.

After an hour or so outside, we decided to go in for a bit—I think Emmy was conscious of her redhead's pale skin under the sun. She and Mel accompanied one another to the ladies' room, while Andy and I acquired further drinks.

The girls re-emerged, and I passed Em her recharged glass. Mel led us to a table where we had a good view of the dance floor. Barely giving Andy a chance to put his glass down, she took charge again, and pulled him off to join the dancing. I couldn't help but smile, he looked so mournfully at his pint as he left it.

Undeterred by their substantial difference in height, Mel and Andy had been going to dancing classes for about six months, which they both seemed to be enjoying immensely: this was an ideal opportunity to put the classes to use. For someone 6'3" tall, Andrew's surprisingly light and quick on his feet; and Mel's diminutive frame makes some tricks and lifts very easy for the pair.

They were good, even to an untrained eye, and ended the number with an enormous grin across Mel's face. Andy was happy to be reunited with his pint, and Mel seemed content to take a breather. A slow track came up before long, and Emmy took her chance, in turn, to take me up on the floor.

I try to find the silver lining in things like this: it was a great opportunity to get Em into my arms and under my hand. I ran my hand down her back and over her arse; then back up to hold her waist. For her part, she pressed her breasts against me, and leant her face into my neck most cooperatively.

We got back to our table to find Mel whispering into Andy's ear. He grinned as she finished and we arrived.

"Yeah," he replied, enigmatically. "Another drink, Chris? Em?"

I demurred, as I still had half of my last drink; Emmy mulled it over, and agreed.

"We'll get them, this time," announced Mel, grabbing Em by the wrist. As they snaked through the tables to get to the bar, I turned to Andy.

"What's she planning now?" I asked.

"Oh...she wants to go into the grounds again. You know what she's like," he added, bashfully, to my snicker.

"I'm sure you'll find a nice spot to sit and talk," I teased him. "I'll be back in a minute."

I paid a trip to the gents', and came back to find only Em at our table.

"They gone for their walk already?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm," she affirmed, absent-mindedly. Leaning over, and looking me straight in the eye, she said "If you want to see Mel screwing Andy out there, we'd better go about now."

I crooked an eyebrow, thinking I'd misheard.

"That's what she's planning, anyway, and I think I know where she'll take him," she clarified. Obviously, I'd not misheard. She smiled slyly at me, "I thought you might like to watch her getting nailed?"

"I thought she was planning something, but not that!" I exclaimed, "Surely they don't want an audience, though."

"Mel loves knowing someone's watching, silly; you should've realised that by now," Emmy explained, finishing her drink and standing up. "And you should know I like to do the watching. Now, hurry up."

I did, in fact, realise both of these things, vaguely: certainly Emmy seemed to have enjoyed watching Mel and Andy going at it in the past, and I had no objection at all to seeing a pretty girl getting screwed; especially the little blonde that I'd helped screw on occasion. I finished my drink, and followed a determined Emmy to the courtyard.

Trying not to attract attention or be caught in conversation, we hurried out of the courtyard, and along the long border garden. Taking an exit, Emmy led me confidently down a wooded path, before diving into the cover.

"Quiet, now," she said softly, as we made our way slowly towards a clearing, in which stood a picnic table. On it, an unconventional meal was being enjoyed, as Andy ate Mel out. Mel was perched on the table, with her butt resting at the edge as she leant back on outstretched arms. Her bright summery dress was rucked up around her waist, and Andrew's head was buried between her thighs as he sat on the bench.

Andy's hands were clasped on Mel's hips as he worked on her pussy, eliciting occasional moans from her. Em and I froze, transfixed by the sight. Mel gasped, and a shudder ran through her, her eyes screwed shut. My cock twitched, and started to stiffen, as we watched Mel balance herself on one hand and pull the straps of her dress off her shoulders. One-handed, she wriggled the bodice down. Despite the warmth of the evening air, her aroused nipples stood out proud on her bare tits, small enough that she'd foregone a bra. Pinching one, she moaned as another shudder ran through her.

A muffled sigh from beside me dragged my attention back to Em, who was watching the scene intently. I knew what she needed, and positioned myself behind her. A hand dropped to cup a buttock, while the other stroked up from her waist, along her flank, to gently squeeze a breast. She sighed again, still watching Mel, as I nuzzled her neck. I slowly hitched her green skirt upwards, so my hand rested directly on the skin of her thigh. At the same time, I edged my right hand up, slowly, under the hem of her top. Across her belly, softly tracing her ribs, to hold one of her boobs.

Little rhythmic moans were escaping Mel, as she ground her twat onto Andrew's face. He brought one of his hands round from her buttocks, and it disappeared between her legs. Melanie's gasp suggested his fingers had pushed into her cunt, and her back arched and a long moan came from her.

Conscious of Em's impending frustration, I raised my hand from her thigh to the juncture of her legs, and stroked along her thong-covered lips. I could feel the heat coming from her, and the slight moisture of her excitement. Emmy bit her lip, stifling any sound. I snaked my right hand round to her back, and unclasped her bra. Seizing the initiative, she tugged her top up, above her bust, and discarded the strapless bra on the ground. She pounced on her tits as they sprang free, tugging her nipples as they stiffened. My hand thus redundant, I was able to edge her thong down around her hips and butt. I returned my left hand to cupping a warm buttock, while the index finger of my right gently probed between her lips. Wettened, I brought them forward, seeking the little nub. Em trembled as I found it, and slowly circled the sensitive tip. Mel's moaning, simultaneously, reached a subdued crescendo, as she came under Andy's tongue, and under Em's rapt gaze.

Taking but a moment to compose herself, the hungry girl shuffled back on the table, then spun on her buttocks, lying back on the surface. Her head at the edge, she reached to pull Andy in for a long kiss, as she reached down to quest for his cock.

Andrew's no fool: he helped her loosen his trousers and fish out his erect shaft, and guided it into Mel's waiting mouth as he stood by the table. His cock disappeared into Mel's welcoming orifice, as she snaked one hand to lazily play with her pussy; the other steadying Andrew's hip.

Emmy shuddered beside me, as I plied her clit. I guided my other hand down, between her legs from behind. My wrist nestled between her cheeks, I was able to spread the lips of her pussy with index and little finger, and rested the tip of my middle fingers at her cunt's entrance. A deeper, longer shudder ripped through her, as I gently pushed them into the waiting channel, which tightened, spasmodically, around me. I kept circling and nudging her clitoris, as she tweaked and tugged her nipples, all the while caught up in the sight of Andy face-fucking his girlfriend in front of us.

Recovering entirely from her first orgasm, Mel was well on her way to a second, self-inflicted one, as she diddled herself while sucking Andrew's cock deep. It came, quickly at the end, her little squeal dampened by the shaft in her mouth, but the bucking of her pelvis was unmistakeable.

The sight and sound, in turn, threw Em over her precipice, and one of her hands flew to her mouth to stifle a moan. She mashed the other onto her tit, twisting the nipple savagely, as I drove my fingers into her core, and flew over her nub. Overcome, she pressed her thighs together to hold my hands in place, her knees momentarily weakened: I was practically supporting her, impaled on my hand.

Andy struggled, himself, to not come too, and a quake went through him. Mel, no doubt aware of the catastrophe this would be for what she wanted of him, slackened her efforts, and the moment passed. Gently pushing him away, she slid off his length, and, grinning back at him, repositioned herself on the table. With a knee on the table, and one foot on a bench, she presented a pert arse to him. Curving her back, and with one hand on each cheek, she spread herself invitingly, displaying her perfect, smooth cunt.

"Tough decision for poor Andy," whispered Em to me, finding her voice once more. "Where's he going to put it?"

"Up her arse would make a mess," I reckoned, "and they've got to go back to the party afterwards."

"True," she allowed, "But it's got to be tempting him."

I couldn't dispute that, as I admired the slender girl offering herself up. A massive smile plastered across his face, Andrew sidled into place, steering his cock under Mel's crotch, and up, into her, with a satisfied grunt. Her hands shifted, one onto the table to steady herself, while the other, predictably, slid over her hip to massage her slickened cleft. Andy wasted no time, grasping Mel's hip, and set up a slow but steady pace, gradually driving his cock deeper into her cunt with every thrust.

Emmy, recuperated from coming, had released her vice-like grip on my hand, and I was able to gently stroke her hypersensitive clit once more. Her hand flickered over the crotch of my trousers, as she flashed me a smile before concentrating once more on the couple ahead of us.

Andrew was driving his shaft deeply into Mel's pussy, pulling almost his entire length free from her with each swing of his hips, before ramming forward. While he buried himself inside her, Mel was furiously rubbing her clit again. So furiously, in fact, that she was losing her balance, and was in danger of falling flat on her face, supporting hand notwithstanding.

She paused, pulling forward off Andy's cock, to a surprised grunt from him.

"Sorry, love," she apologised, as she turned, lying once more with her bum on the edge of the table. She rucked her dress around her waist once more, engorged and bald pussy displayed to us briefly, before Andrew stepped between her legs. She brought her knees up to her chest, literally ankles behind her ears, and watched as Andy positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her twat.

With one long, deliberate thrust, he slid balls-deep into that beautiful, tight cunt.

No messing around, now: Andy started to fuck Mel in earnest. Long, hard strokes, driving his hips against her buttocks as he pounded her cunt, his balls smacking into her with every blow. A low moan started somewhere deep within Mel, and bubbled out. Her eyes rolled back, now, as her back arched and a final orgasm started to advance upon her. Andrew, having held back so long, let rip, slamming himself almost brutally into Mel with a frantic pace. Mel's hand raced to her mouth, and she bit down on the ball of her palm to stifle what would otherwise have been an incriminating scream. Andrew came with a shuddering gasp, Mel's pussy, stuffed full, answered, and she twitched beneath him.

Beside me, Emmy gasped, her eyes bright as we watched. As their shaky movements passed, we stood, rooted to the spot, silent.

They started to move once more; Andy zipping up his fly, and straightening his shirt; Mel shaking out her hair, retrieving her discarded panties, and recovering the small mounds of her tits beneath the bodice of her skirt.

Meanwhile, I was struggling to concentrate, as Emmy dropped to her knees in front of me and extricated my rigid cock. Glancing up, she whispered "Tell me when they've sorted themselves out and gone?" before enclosing the enlarged head in her mouth.

I watched as Mel grinned widely up at Andrew, as she took him by the hand, rested her head on his arm, and they crept from the clearing. I waited—probably longer than I needed to—for them to get well away, while I savoured the warm mouth and flickering tongue caressing my cockhead.

"Coast's clear," I murmured.

"Mm-hmm," I felt as much as heard from Em. She stayed put for a few moments longer, sucking gently on me.

"I want that in me, now: no excuses," she said, as she released her hold. She turned to her bag, and pulled out the wrap. "I knew we'd need this," she explained, "even if it was warm."

I couldn't help but grin at her foresight, as she pulled me over to the improvised rug, tugged down my trousers and briefs, and pushed me onto my back. Dancing on one foot, then the other, she threw her thong to meet her fallen bra, and whipped off her skirt and top in a moment.

As Emmy knelt to straddle me, I admired her naked form; slender waist, small smooth tits, and auburn hair falling past her shoulders. A matching patch of chestnut hair topped her cleft mound, as she grabbed my dick and lined up the head under her pussy. She sank, with a sigh, onto the shaft, as I fought not to push back up into her, enjoying the sensation of stretching out her passage as she slowly forced herself onto me. Sunk fully onto me, her hips then began that practiced rocking gyration that varied my depth within her.

Em's eyes were shut, now, as one hand tickled the base of that auburn triangle, teasing her clit, while the other pulled gently on one nipple then the other. I watched, though, as she gradually built her pace, assimilating the touch of her wet heat grasping my cock; the sight of her growing arousal; the sound of her occasional moan and gasp.

I love being shagged by Em like this, where I can see all of her, and the junction between us, especially if I can watch her come; but this evening called for something else. I stopped her with my hands on her thighs, and her eyes flew open as she looked quizzically down at me.

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