tagIncest/TabooWalking In On My Cousin

Walking In On My Cousin

bymelanie rose 2008©

I want to tell you about a fantasy of mine. I hope you have fun reading it. Since this is a small town, I won't use anyone's real name, but maybe you'll be able to picture them in your mind's eye as you read this. If you're interested, please read on, and if not, then just throw this letter away. I may never know either way, but I hope that you keep reading...

It was a hot summer night in a small Kansas town. Coed Annie was home with her boyfriend Markus, watching a movie on TV. They whispered seductively to each other as they sat next to each other on the couch. Slowly, she let her hands trace the back of his neck as she began unbuttoning her shirt, complaining about the heat in their house.

"Aren't you getting hot?" she asked him as she stroked his clothed shoulders. Her thin fingers made their way up Mark's neck, tugging gently at his hair and ears. Leaning in to kiss her, he turned his attention away from the television.

Seeing that her affection was being returned, Annie smiled widely, brushing her lips against his, letting their tongues taste each other's. She pushed her button-up blouse open for him, exposing her large breasts pinned beneath her frilly pink brazier. The light from the television bounced across the room, highlighting the fullness of her lips and her bare shoulders, accenting his unshaven face and excited smile. His dark hair brushed against her forehead as they kissed leisurely, savoring the moment.

Annie's hands drifted from the back of his head toward the top button of his shirt, quickly undoing it. Pushing him back on the couch, she leaned in over him, unbuttoning the rest of shirt as well as his jeans. Brushing his shirt open to expose his muscular chest and stomach, Annie began kissing her way down his body as she reached into his unbuttoned pants to grab his exterior muscle. Sliding down his body, pressing her own bare skin against him, Annie started to unzip Mark's jeans and pull them to his knees. Looking upward into his blue eyes, she smiled wickedly with lust. As she continued to remove his pants, Mark massaged her shoulders, eventually unclasping her bra so that he could feel her hot breasts brushing his thighs as she licked the shaft of his rising penis.

As he grew against her mouth, Mark let his mind drift to another beautiful girl. Only for a moment he wished she was here with him, then Annie regained his attention by standing up suddenly and turning her back to him. She bent over, away from his body, letting him study the figure of her legs and behind. As he watched her, Annie slowly tugged down her jeans, revealing the dark black thong that flossed her hips and between her cheeks. Letting them drop to the floor, Annie stepped out of the pants and walked towards him on the couch. "Lock the door," she whispered, lust deepening her voice. With only his loose cotton dress shirt covering his shoulders and back, Mark quickly did as he was told.

Semi-erect and quite excited, Markus approached his girlfriend Annie in their front room. The warm carpet tickled their bare feet, and soon their bare legs as they kneeled together in the dark room. As the television flickered with its dim lighting, the two people began kissing passionately once again. Mark felt her hard nipples and large breasts pushing against his hard chest as Annie embraced him, trying to get close enough to feel his erect cock against her own trimmed flower. Laying on her back and pressing her knees into his ribs, Annie called to him. "Fuck me," she begged, laying open on the carpeted floor. Looking down on his provocative mate, Mark smiled at her and held his dick, guiding it toward her glistening flower. Teasingly, he pushed just the first few inches of his member into her awaiting body, watching her eyes roll as she moaned with pleasure. Gently pumping himself into her then slowly sliding back out. Three times he entered her body and left it again. "Mark, please fuck me," she begged. Now his enlarged exterior muscle shined in the TV's light, glistening in the dark room. Her fluids had coated his member, and the scent of her taunting desire filled the room.

"Have you ever tasted another girl?" he asked standing only inches from her, staring at her captivating body.

"No," she answered earnestly.

"Before I give you what you want, there's something I want you to do," he told her.

"Right now I'll do about anything!" she agreed.

Pleased with her submissiveness, Mark smiled devilishly. Knowing that his dick was covered in her musky wetness, Mark pulled her up off the floor to her knees. Running his fingers lovingly through her hair, he pushed his now wet muscle into her mouth. "I want you to suck all of yourself off of me," he told her gruffly. Uncertain, but yearning for him to bury himself inside her body once again, Annie complied with his request, licking his shaft and sucking on his skin, removing every tangy drop of her he had mined from within her. As she licked her spit off the tip of his bulging cock, traces of his own salty pre-cumulative spilled onto her tongue. Enticed by the way his straight girlfriend greedily lapped up the flavor of her flower, Mark once again pushed his penis into her. Waves of pleasure shot threw Annie's body and mind as her lover's large staff pierced her flower, digging deep inside of her. Knowing that she had pleased him with her compliance, and also being secretly truly aroused by the taste of female cum, the feeling of Mark's sizeable penis crashing against her walls caused her to quickly reach her climax! Like waves crashing against a rocky shore, Annie burst with excitement, shooting hot oily fluid down their thighs as she screamed with satisfaction. Ounce after ounce of her hot liquid poured out of her stretched flower, sending hot tingles down his legs and her ass, lubricating her back door and soaking the floor beneath them.

Mark, however, had not climaxed yet, and he was still as stiff as a board. Bathed in her oily fluid, he pulled himself out of her body and lifted himself toward her mouth again. Her thick, full lips quickly wrapped around his dripping muscle, pulling him into her throat. Tasting herself so much more than she had moments before, Annie became engulfed in lusty desire as she attacked his member with her tongue, greedily sucking her cum off his hard flesh. Tasting what he had done to her brought her immediately back to the verge of orgasm as she buried his dick in the back of her throat, shoving her face into his flat stomach. Soon, he laid relaxingly on the floor next to the wet spot she had left there. Annie sucked the traces of herself from his shaft and began licking his balls and stroking his dick. As she turned her body to get a better angle for her duties, they suddenly heard a key enter their locked door. Somebody was coming into the room!

As Mark and Annie lied there exposed, Mark's stunningly beautiful cousin Belle entered the room. Seeing their naked bodies laying on the floor, Annie pulling on his hard penis, Belle's mouth fell open with shock. She certainly hadn't expected to find herself suddenly watching these two people making love on the living room floor! As Mark looked up at her astonishing silhouette, he couldn't believe that she seeing him naked after all this time. Annie watched, suddenly doubly aroused. The forbidden thrill of being seen filled her with even more desire, and the fact that she had been caught by such an attractive woman almost put her over the edge. Instantly, Annie wished the fluid she had tasted from herself was no longer her own, but that of this gorgeous maiden looking in on them from the doorway. Mark, too, longed to embrace his cousin, to pull her close to him and provide her with the attention he had been getting from Annie. Belle's emotions mixed with surprise, embarrassment, and excitement as she took in visually the sight of her erect cousin and his attractive girlfriend. She'd seen things like this on movies before, but never expected to find it tonight! Mark studied her elegant eyes and even in the dark of the room he could tell her cheeks were flushed. He had always enjoyed a special kind of closeness with his cousin. And right now he new exactly what he wanted to do. Seeing her perfectly shaped body standing in his doorway, he yearned to approach her, kissing her delicately on her eyes, and face, and neck. He wanted to draw her into the dimly lit room and drag his fingers across her neck as he embraced her, gently tugging her toward him so that she could feel his excitement push against her amazing body. He wanted to push Annie aside and devote himself to pleasing Belle, introducing her to the happiness of her sensuality, never piercing her body with is own, but only serving her with his mouth and his fingertips, tracing every curve of her delectable body with his tongue. Annie felt Mark's penis jump with desire in her hand, reminding her that she was still there, displaying her boyfriend's cock to this enchanting young woman in the doorway.

Plagued with desire, Annie wanted her to come closer, too. In her current state of arousal Annie had drifted into an intense fantasy seeing Belle at the door. Annie's own thoughts of other women had been limited to a particular dark-skinned girl from her childhood, but since Belle entered the room all Annie could think about was incorporating her into their fun! Capturing every detail of Belle's silhouette, Annie wanted her to join them. She craved for Belle to step closer. In her mind Annie watched Belle step into the room, shutting the door behind her, and latching the chain lock which in reality still dangled from the door frame. Annie imagined Belle's smile as she would look in their eyes, feeling her body warm with desire. Her thoughts played out into an erotic scene so close to becoming a reality. Belle would walk slowly toward their naked bodies, amazed at Annie's beauty and the size of Mark's hard penis.

Swallowing nervously, Belle would wait for them to approach her, which they would. Dragging her fingers slowly from Mark's cock, Annie would crawl toward this new girl in the room, gently taking her by the hand and guiding her toward where Mark laid erect on the floor. Mark would take Belle's hands as well, also touching her arms and her back, and her legs, and her neck. Annie dreamed of how he would rise to kiss his lovely cousin, heatedly embracing her tongue with his. As they would kiss, Annie would lower Belle's legs onto Mark's stomach so that his exterior muscle could press itself against her spine, just above the waist of her jeans. As they would kiss and embrace each other passionately, Annie would touch her shoulders and help her to remove her jacket, then glide her fingertips up and down Belle's arms, brushing her long brown hair to the side so that she could kiss the back of her neck.

Mark continued to visualize their encounter as well, the way he would go to her, leaving Annie on the wet floor, crawling toward Belle on his knees so that he could kiss her navel and look up into eyes submissively. He wanted to lick her bare skin between the top of her jeans and the bottom of her shirt, her firm, hot, excited stomach. Sexual passion built up in him as he pretended to hold her perfectly textured hips in his hands and push his face between her legs, licking her hot skin as it moistened against his mouth, sending waves of pleasing electricity through her body. He wanted her more than he ever had before, the desire was driving him mad. Right before his eyes, the one girl he had always loved, the one astonishingly alluring person that he had always shared a special connection with was seeing him for the first time in this dim room. He wanted to take her away in secret, to protect her from what the world might say.

A hot lust built in him as he imagined her using him to discover her sexuality, a helpful partner in self-discovery and erotic coupling. He wanted to serve her, this youthful woman he had always loved. He wanted to introduce her to the way love-making should feel before some blundering high school kid damaged her body with his clumsiness. Mark had already made it a point to demonstrate the level of arousal a proper massage could induce, and now he wanted to encourage her to use his ability to please her in any way she chose! To show her how slow, affectionate, romantic physical love can enflame her entire body, how mystical colors and images will flood her mind in indulgence if she is being served the way she deserves to be! He wanted to make her first encounter with sensual passion as good as it should be for her, taking time to ensure the fullness of her pleasure without ever piercing his virgin cousin...

Despite their fantasies, however, Belle did not enter the room. Instead she turned quickly and ran home, feeling too embarrassed to do much else. As she shut the door behind her, Annie continued to stroke Mark's now peaking member. "You wanted her to walk in, didn't you?" she asked as she smiled lustfully at her boyfriend.

"I guess I forgot she had a key," he replied with a grin.

"Bullshit!" Annie exclaimed, excitedly rubbing his dick, "You left that chain off for a reason!" She and Mark just smiled at each other knowingly, both quietly wishing that Belle had stayed for a lot longer than she had.

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