tagGay MaleWalking on the Wild Side

Walking on the Wild Side


I've always been the type that loves being outdoors whether just sitting, or hiking, or playing football.

Keeping physically fit is one of my passions. An hour every other evening working upper body muscles maintains my 5 foot six body at a solid 150 pounds. On the nights in between tens of squats, and leg presses work the leg muscles.

I had recently turned twenty. Though I had dated girls I was becoming more and more curious about man on man sex. So far the curiosity had been kept secret. Having lost interest in pussy, my sex life for the past year comprised viewing the gay porn web sights and some lost sleep.

Life goes on unplanned and often the unexpected happens. That was the case one July evening about 8 when I had decided to take a short cut home from the gym through the woods. At that time of the year I could not have expected what I saw.

I thought streaking was just a 70's fad but apparently not. The man in my left side peripheral vision came out from a dense grove of trees walking at a moderate pace with an apparent nonchalant attitude.

Oh my god I thought. He's naked! I could not seem to look away from him. Standing about five foot eight with an average build, he had light brown hair, an oval face with a straight nose and a full lip.

"Hey there," he called. "Nice night for a walk."

"It is," I replied.

I did not ask why he was outside completely naked. Instead, as we passed in opposite directions, I turned and followed.

Nice ass, I thought while walking behind him.

We had not traveled very far when we came to a clearing that was the scene of some wild action. Five gorgeous men were engaged in sexual acts.

I turned to the fellow whom I had just followed.

"Does this happen here often?"

"We all know each other and yes it does."

By now I was becoming visibly aroused. My stiffened cock, now obvious, angled to the right.

"My Name is Tim." With the introduction he placed a hand on my buttocks and the other in my crotch. As he rubbed slowly through my jeans my sex went erect. By now I needed something to relieve the sexual tension and he knew it.

All around us the orgy was happening. To my right a blond sat on his partner's lap riding. Three others on the other side of us lay down giving head to each other.

"I'm Steve."

"Lose the clothes Steve. Have some fun with us."

This was quite different than I had always imagined. My first gay sex would happen, I thought, with a friend recently out of the closet. Further, the privacy of the bedroom would provide the setting.

Just seconds after we met he opened my pants. With a little nudge they fell to my feet. By now my swollen and throbbing cock straining and bulging in my briefs was causing tension and enticing this stranger. Going to his knees, he pressed his lips against my underwear. His mouth opened and I could feel his tongue.

"Take 'em down and suck me!" My whispered comment did not go unheeded. Pulling my briefs halfway down my thighs he returned his lips to my cock. For a few seconds his tongue moistened the shaft all around down to my balls. His lips closed tightly around my sex. Slowly they moved up and down as if savoring the taste of my man meat.

"Oh baby suck me hard!" The words just came off my tongue when a stream of cum spewed from my member. As he drew back I could see cum oozing from his lips. He brushed his hand across his chin.

He beckoned me to satisfy his needs and my own desires. Kneeling in the black soil and leaves I leaned toward his sex. Touching my lips to the smooth, pink head I closed my hand around it's base then slid the tasty morsel into my mouth taking half it's seven inch length. That tastes so good. While sucking him, I jerked my own raging hardon rapidly

Satisfied minutes later I drew it from my mouth and cum oozed down my chin.

It's time to take it in my glory hole.

All around me the hot orgy was still happening. I barely noticed that there had been a partner swap.

Having given and received a blow job for the first time I wanted him in my ass. He knew it without me telling him.

"Get into your favorite position."

Gesturing him to lie down, I moved up onto his lap facing away. Slowly, and painfully, his cock, guided by my hand, pushed deep into me. My ass tingled inside as his fat cock rubbed against flesh stretching the orifice but I wanted it despite the pain. The intense pleasure far out weighed any discomfort.

After a couple of minutes I climbed off his lap and sat on the ground beside him. He should not be a complete stranger I told myself.

"How old are you Tim?"

"Twenty-eight," he answered. "I work in IT. Tell me about you."

"I just turned twenty. I work in a warehouse. This was my first time."

"You bled and you were tight. Those are clues."

The first experience was quite satisfying. Never the less I felt the urge to leave before being embarrassed. Picking up my clothing I dressed quickly and nervously. I don't want to be seen here naked with men. Without looking back I walked rapidly.

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