tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 05

Wanda's Story Ch. 05


Wanda Catron stood at the railing in the mall, overlooking the food court. It was 4:25 pm, and the person she was going to meet had not arrived yet. Wanda wondered if she was even going to show up. As the wondered, her mind reviewed the events of the past few days.

Wanda was a slave. She had chosen to be the slave of her former High School English teacher, Anne Franklin. as part of her first day as a slave, Anne had taken Wanda to the Strip-O-Rama, a strip club outside Wanda's home in Logan, Utah. There Wanda had won the weekly Amateur Night strip contest, and had also met Amber.

Amber had been another contestant in the contest, and while congratulating wanda on her victory, Amber had slipped a note to Wanda. The note stated that Amber wanted to meet Wanda privately. Wanda had called Amber, and set up the meeting for today at 4 pm.

It was the day after Columbus Day. Mistress Anne had gone to work that day, leaving out a set of clothes for Wanda to wear and instructions for Wanda to follow. Wanda had bathed, then dressed in the black push-up bra with a hole for her nipples, crotchless panties, powder blue shirt and matching miniskirt, then gone to her job at Wal-Mart.

Following her Mistress's instructions, Wanda filled out forms to take a leave of absence from work. As Anne had said in her letter to Wanda, it was doubtful that Wal-Mart would give Wanda time off to be a stripper, and besides, stripping will bring Wanda more money than Wal-Mart will.

After the papers were filled out, Wanda hurried over to Anne's school, Independence High. She arrived just as Anne's class was being dismissed for lunch. Wanda stood quietly in the back of the room and watched Anne help a couple of girls that had questions regarding the day's assignment. When they left the classroom, Anne walked over and locked the door.

"Come here, slave," Anne called.

Wanda dropped to her knees and crawled to Anne's desk. Anne was sitting in her chair and when Wanda turned the corner of her desk, she saw that Anne was sitting in her chair with her dress up and her legs spread. Anne was not wearing any panties. Wanda licked her lips in anticipation, but sat a respectful distance from her Mistress, awaiting orders.

Anne reached into her purse and pulled out a 12-inch dildo. "Fuck me with this, my pet," she ordered.

Wanda took the toy and brushed it over Anne's pussy lips. The first pass was very light, just barely touching Anne's skin. The second pass of the dildo made a firmer contact, but stayed on Anne's skin. The third pass just barely spread Anne's outer pussy lips apart, and also got a low moan from the teacher.

The fourth time the dildo stroked on Anne's pussy, Wanda shoved the toy hard, filling her Mistress with the plaything. Anne bit her lip to keep from screaming as Wanda started moving the dildo in and out of the older woman, twisting it as it drove into Anne. This twist drove Anne wild. She felt the dildo grab her inner pussy walls and pull at them as it twisted, giving a greater sensation than if the dildo had just gone in and out.

Wanda smiled, watching her Mistress ride the fake cock she was manipulating into her body. She saw Anne's pussy start to secrete juices, showing Wanda that Anne was nearing climax.

Through her moans, Anne was able to say "Use your mouth, pet."

Wanda moved very close, and grabbed Anne's clit with her teeth. A gentle suck, then a hard pull, and Anne started cumming. She moaned loudly, then bit her lip again. The juices flowed rapidly from Anne's pussy as the orgasm gathered in intensity, then dropped Anne off the orgasmic cliff into sexual oblivion. Wanda moved her mouth from Anne's clit to below the dildo, sucking and licking the juices her Mistress was exuding, trying to keep any from falling onto the chair or the floor.

As Anne came back to reality, she reached down and helped Wanda slowly remove the dildo from Anne's pussy. Anne then guided the fake cock to Wanda's mouth, making the slave suck on it and clean it off. Wanda did her best, considering she had never had a real cock in her mouth. She tried to imitate what she had seen in one of the porno movies Anne had shown her that past weekend. She did well enough, because Anne looked very pleased when Wanda finished her cleaning job.

Anne took back the dildo, then told Wanda to rise. The girl did so, then saw that Anne had a strap-on dildo in her hand. But this strap-on looked different.

"Put this on, my pet," Anne ordered. As Wanda took the strap-on, she saw why it looked different. The strap-on cock was on the inside, facing up. As Wanda pulled the device over her legs, the fake cock, smaller than the dildo they had used earlier, poked at Wanda's pussy.

"All the way up, my pet," Anne said. Wanda reached down, and slowly inserted the dildo into her own pussy. When it was all the way in, Wanda tightened the belt strap, then looked at her Mistress.

"Walk around the room," Anne told the girl. Wanda did so, feeling the dildo sliding through her with every step she took. A low moan escaped Wanda's lips.

"I will be here until 9 pm tonight," Anne said. Wanda knew it was Back-To-School night, so Anne would be busy. "Keep that on until I arrive home. Whenever you feel the need to cum, you may do so. Don't forget to do the chores on your work list."

Wanda said she would, then left just as Anne's first post-lunch class started arriving at the door. Wanda wondered if any of those teens could smell the sex sweat on Anne's body, or the juices that were starting to build in her own pussy.

Wanda hurried through the chores she was given. In the supermarket, she had her first orgasm. She stifled her cries by biting into a piece of celery, the closest thing she could grab. Still, a young clerk looked knowingly at her, as if he knew what was between her legs. He followed her for a couple of aisles, then got stopped by another customer looking for Mexican Hot Sauce, leaving Wanda to shop alone.

Her second orgasm came as she was loading the groceries into the car. This time, she sat down on the car's seat and enjoyed the orgasm.

The third orgasm was by far the most embarrassing. She had been sent to the local porn book store to buy a video for Anne, and the orgasm hit her as she was looking at the x-rated movies. The entire store, small to begin with, heard Wanda's first moans, and it seemed every eye in the place, all of them male, were watching her as she orgasmed.

Afterwards, one of the customers, a big former-jock, came over and tried to pick Wanda up. His pick-up line, "I can make you moan 10 times harder than those moans," caused Wanda to giggle, then laugh, sending the guy away more embarrassed than she had been moments before.

Wanda got her other chores done quickly, then rushed home, putting everything away. Her next orgasm was at home, and Wanda fell to the floor and thoroughly enjoyed this one, knowing no one as watching her.

After that, she went to the mall, arriving just at 4 pm. She waited in the food court for Amber in vain for 20 minutes, then went up the escalator and scanned the food court again from the upper level.

Wanda gave up and turned away from the railing. She took one step, and literally ran into Amber Anderson, who had been running to meet Wanda. Amber, a small, light woman, fell on her small ass as the women collided. Wanda knelt down and took Amber's head in her hands, looking into the deep green eyes that looked back at her.

"Are you all right?" Wanda asked apprehensively.

"Sure," Amber replied quickly. "I've had worse falls off the balance beam."

"You're a gymnast?" Wanda said.

"Was," corrected Amber. "I've done gymnastics since I was 6, but I wasn't good enough for the college team. Sorry I'm late, by the way. class got out late, and traffic was horrible."

"Don't worry," Wanda said. "Are you hungry?"

"A bit, though more thirsty. Let's go get something."

The girls went to the food court and ordered Orange Julius's. As they sat and drank, they talked and learned about each other. Their conversations were of a general nature. Wanda learned Amber was 20, and learned about her boyfriend, Erich Buchanon, the star defensive lineman on the Utah State football team. Amber learned that Wanda was 18 and had just moved in with Anne.

"So, what was that Mistress-slave thing at the Strip-O-Rama the other night," Amber asked. "That was a hot session you two did."

"That was Anne, and it was very impromptu," Wanda said. "I didn't know she was doing that until she was on stage with me. It led to the managers hiring me. I start Friday."

"I'll see you there, then," Amber answered. "I've been going to those Amateur Night contests for four months now, and I have yet to win anything. But I like the thought of showing off my body, and it does bring in an extra $30 bucks or so."

"That was my first time there," Wanda admitted.

"And you won! What was your secret?"

"I don't know," said Wanda in all honesty. "I just did what I saw the other girls doing up on stage. They played to the crowd, showing the guys what they wanted to see. I did the same."

Amber looked straight at Wanda and smiled. She lowered her voice a little and said "I liked what I saw, too. You showed me what I wanted to see ... and would like to see again."

Wanda took the hint. "Let's get out of here," she said. "We'll go in my car. I'll bring you back here later."

They stood together, then walked close together to the parking lot. They didn't touch, but both could feel the electricity flowing between them.

Wanda drove a 97 Mustang with automatic transmission. As they got into the car, Amber got a mischievous look on her face.

"I'll bet I can fit on the floor of the car between your legs," she said.

Wanda looked at the space. It was pretty small. "Nope, I don't think you can," she said.

"Can to. What will I get if I do?"

"If you fit down there, you can have anything you want that I can provide. If you can't I get anything I want that you can provide."


Amber told Wanda to drive to a far corner of the mall parking lot. Wanda did, then watched as Amber got out and came around to her side of the car. She opened the door and instructed Wanda to swing her left leg out of the car.

Wanda did so, and Amber scrunched herself down into a small ball. A small woman at 4-8, she was lucky if she weighed 90 pounds. She took perfect advantage of her gymnast's training. She slid onto the floor, touching Wanda's right leg in the process. Wanda brought her left leg into the car, then closed the car door. Amber was crowded against wanda's legs, but she fit.

"I'm impressed," Wanda said. "The prize is yours. What do you want?"

An evil grin crossed Amber's face. "Drive home with me staying right here," she said. "I'll spend my time playing with you, so concentrate on your driving."

Wanda was shocked, but had to agree. Amber reached up Wanda's skirt, and the shock moved from Wanda to Amber.

"What's this in here?" Amber asked.

Wanda blushed. She had almost forgotten the dildo shoved into her pussy by the strap-on. But before she could say anything, Amber had loosened the straps, and started moving the dildo in and out of Wanda's wet pussy.

"Drive," Amber hissed. "Here's the next contest. I'll bet I can make you orgasm before you get home. Same prize as last time."

"Agreed," Wanda said. She started the car, and drove onto the street.

Amber worked the dildo in and out of Wanda's pussy as she drove. The lithe gymnast moved her head between Wanda's legs and licked all around the dildo as it went in and out. Amber moved her tongue from Wanda's pussy to her clit, then back, moving the dildo in a never-ending rhythm meant to drive Wanda to orgasm.

The teen, however, had a secret weapon. The previous three days, her Mistress had been teaching the teen orgasm denial and orgasm control. Wanda came close a couple of times, but whenever she came close, she followed Anne's teachings about self-control and refused to orgasm.

Fifteen minutes later, Wanda pulled into the driveway of her home and turned off the motor. That was the signal that she had won this bet, and Amber had to pay up. It was also what Wanda had been waiting for.

As Amber slowed her rhythms, admitting defeat, Wanda said "Do that a minute more." Amber resumed her play with Wanda's pussy, and Wanda let go. Her orgasm built quickly, and Wanda came, juices flowing out of her pussy as the moans of joy flowed from Wanda's mouth. Amber plastered her mouth on Wanda's pussy, licking all the cum she could.

Amber looked at Wanda as the orgasm ebbed. "You were holding out on me," she said. "I feel cheated."

"You mean like you cheated me with that flexible gymnast's body of yours?"

"OK. We're even. You get anything from me you want."

Wanda opened the door. Amber unfolded herself as she got out of the car, and Wanda followed her. Wanda then led the way into the house and took Amber down into the basement. Amber's eyes popped out as she saw the playroom for the first time.

Close to the wall by the door was a classroom setting. A desk that looked similar to the one Anne had at school was set away from the wall, and a student chair was facing the desk. Attached to the armrests and front legs of the chair were clamps, lined with velvet.

Looking clockwise from there, she saw against the second wall a large X-shaped wooden cross, with again clamps at each ending of the X. The third wall featured a bed, a table and a pommel horse like in the Olympics. Jutting from the end of the third wall and along the fourth wall to the door was a cell, six feet wide, almost 15 feet long, with straw on the floor and bars all the way to the ceiling. Hanging from the ceiling were several chains. Posted on the walls were whips, leather floggers (Wanda learned these terms later), straps, feather dusters and a shelf full of candles. On the table were many vibrators, handcuffs, mini floggers, small clamps, clothespins, scissors, a couple of knifes and many other things.

Wanda led Amber to the bed, then they both sat on it. Wanda wrapped her arms around the smaller girl, pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. As their lips met, Wanda's parted, and her tongue pushed into Amber's mouth. Amber's tongue met Wanda's, and together the two tongues danced together as the women kissed harder and deeper.

Wanda's hands moved first, unbuttoning the blouse Amber wore. She slid the fabric over Amber's shoulders, and onto the bed. Her hands slid the bra straps off Amber's shoulders, and the teen pulled the bra off Amber's body.

Wanda's head tilted, and latched onto one of Amber's breasts. They were so small, Wanda could suck the entire breast into her mouth. She found, though, that Amber's greatest stimulation came when just the nipple was in Wanda's mouth, to that's what she sucked on, and bit, and coaxed to a full erection. While Wanda sucked on the one nipple, her fingers played with the other, so both nipples came erect with equal stimulation.

Amber, though enjoying Wanda's ministrations on her breasts, wanted to reciprocate. The small hands pulled the blouse off Wanda's body, and then Amber stared. she had heard about bras with the ends missing, but had never seen one until now. Amber's fingers pulled at Wanda's nipples, teasing them as Wanda teased Amber's.

Amber moved first when it came to skirts. She lifted Wanda's ass off the bed slightly, and pulled the blue skirt off her shapely legs and onto the floor. Amber grabbed at the strap-on and started shoving it into Wanda,deep, then out, then deep again. Wanda's breathing turned ragged again, as she neared another orgasm. Amber put her other hand on Wanda's clit and rubbed, timing the rubbing with her sucking of Wanda's nipples.

Wanda bit down hard on Amber's breast and came. She flowed so much it looked like she had wet the bed. Amber kept sucking Wanda's breast through the orgasm, smiling as she sucked to know she could get this response from the girl.

Wanda wanted to make Amber cum now. She pushed the smaller woman onto her hands and knees and pulled her black thigh-length skirt off her small ass. At the same time, she pulled Amber's high-cut panties off her body as well. Amber lowered to her elbows, raising her ass higher for Wanda.

The teen took the hint. She shoved two fingers into Amber's pussy, and was amazed at the wetness she found. She moved the fingers in and out of the gymnast's body, bringing her to greater pleasure.

After a few minutes of this, Wanda pulled the fingers out of Amber, moved them higher, and slowly shoved them into Amber's ass. The fingers stretched Amber easily, and the woman squeaked as her orgasm neared. Wanda, meanwhile, rolled over and thrust her tongue onto Amber's throbbing clit. She started sucking it, a sensation amber had not had in a long while.

The redhead fought her desires for a few minutes, then fought no more. She came, splashing Wanda's neck and lower chin with her orgasm. Amber was a "squirter", and Wanda got a faceful of cum from her partner. To stop the drenching, Wanda moved her mouth and sucked Amber's juices down her throat.

Amber calmed a minute, then turned around. She pulled the strop-on out of Wanda, discarding it over the side of the bed, and dropped her face onto Wanda's pussy. The girls were in a torrid 69, each trying to shove her tongue deeper into her partner's pussy than that partner's tongue was in her own. They both licked and licked, driving themselves and each other to another orgasm.

As Wanda neared climax, Amber suddenly moved her head and drove her tongue into Wanda's anus. No one had ever licked Wanda's ass before, and it caused the teen to gush in a huge orgasm. That orgasm triggered Amber, who squirted into Wanda' mouth as she came as well.

After their orgasms, the girls cuddled together for a bit. Amber finished stripping Wanda's underwear off, leaving both girls completely nude. Wanda scampered to the little fridge behind the school desk and pulled out some sandwiches and soda for them to eat.

Having regained some of their strength through eating and resting, the girls decided to play with some of the other equipment in the room. Amber's eyes settled on the pommel horse, and she told Wanda she had an idea. They walked over to it, and Wanda followed Amber's instructions to the letter.

First, Wanda knelt down with her back to the horse. Amber pulled a couple of the ceiling chains over near the horse, to hold for balance. She placed one leg up on the top of the pommel, and started scooting the leg on the floor farther and farther away. Soon Amber's legs were straight out from each other, her pussy inches from Wanda's face.

Wanda gazed in awe as the pussy opened itself up as Amber did her vertical split. Wanda could see deep into the pussy she had been fucking, and would now fuck again. The teen started by taking a long thin dildo and shoving it into Amber's pussy. The split pussy lips did not feel the dildo until it was well inside Amber's body, then Wanda watched in awe as the dildo was sucked into Amber's pussy.

As Wanda stroked the dildo in and out, she moved her mouth close to the outer pussy lips, and stretched her tongue onto the inner lips. This excited Amber tremendously. The gymnast gripped the chains tighter, to keep from falling on her lover. Wanda licked and stroked into Amber's pussy, watching in wonder as the pussy walls reddened slightly before amber released her orgasm, flushing pussy juices onto Wanda's tongue in her excitement.

After that orgasm, it was Wanda's turn to be aroused. The teen chose the school setting, sitting in the teacher's chair and spreading her legs over the chair's arms. While not able to do a split like Amber had done, Wanda still was able to imitate her Mistress, as Amber licked Wanda's pussy in a similar fashion as when Wanda had licked Anne's pussy earlier that day. Thinking of her Mistress and the sexual encounter at the school triggered Wanda, and she came hard, giving Amber plenty to drink.

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