tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 07

Wanda's Story Ch. 07


The music started, the curtains parted, and Wanda Catron wobbled onstage in her four-inch platform heels. The spotlights flared in her eyes, almost blinding her. She reached to her left and found the brass pole. She held on a second, remembering to move her hips to the music. She twirled around the pole, and the trench coat she was wearing flared open, revealing her pink top and pink short shorts.

The crowd gazed in anticipation as Wanda let go of the pole and staggered to the middle of the stage. she twirled again, letting the coat flare even wider this time. A third twirl and the coat flew off Wanda's shoulders. A few of the men in the audience whistled their approval.

Wada's eyes, now adjusted to the bright lights, searched the crowd as she danced. Finally she saw her Mistress, Anne Franklin. No surprise, she was sitting with their mutual friend Amber Anderson.

Wanda remembered the advice Bambi had given her moments before. "Focus on one person, and dance to him only," she had advised. Wanda chose Anne and Amber. She turned towards them and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, letting it slide down her shoulders as each button came undone. Finally, she let the opened blouse fall to the floor, and she then worked on her short shorts, skinning them down her legs also. Quickly she was wearing only her underwear, and the crowd was growing louder in anticipation.

This was Wanda's first night as a professional stripper. She had won the Amateur Night contest a week ago here at the Strip-O-Rama, and Anne had gotten her a part-time job here. The music all but forgotten now, Wanda continued her dance. The bra was a front-hook, and she easily undid the clasp. Her arms crossed over her breasts as the shoulder straps fell to her elbows. She grabbed each end of the opened bra and pulled it wide apart, twirling as she did so. The bra fell off and Wanda was nude from the waist up.

Wanda twirled her fingertips on the nipples until they were hard, smiling to the crowd as she did so. Then she took a couple more dance steps and nearly had a disaster.

Still unused to the platform shoes she was wearing, Wanda tripped and started to fall face-first to the stage. She threw her arms out to catch herself, then lifted up and arched her back to show her breasts. To the uneducated eye, it looked like a planned move.

Wanda then rolled onto her back. She lifted her hips up and grabbed the top and bottom of her thong. She pulled the thong taught and slid it between her pussylips, feeling the material slide into her body. She slid the thong up and down, showing the audience the barest part of her pussy.

Then she grabbed the waistband on the thong and pulled it down. With it off her body, she reached for the thong and returned it between her pussy lips. Using a kegel method, she gripped the thong in her pussy and stood. She danced a couple more steps and did a twirl, holding the thong in her pussy. As the song ended, she released the kegel, and the thong dropped to the floor, leaving Wanda nude.

several dollars rained through the air, landing on the stage. The DJ was crying, "Let's hear it for Little Heather!" The rest of the crowd was cheering. Wanda picked up the bills onstage and slipped them into her trench coat pocket. A look and a nod at the DJ, and he announced Wanda's second song. The music started again, and Wanda took a deep breath. This dance would be the payoff, or prove she was not cut out for stripping.

Wanda started with her back to the audience, one hand on a full-length mirror. Anne had selected an old song from the 60s as Wanda's second tune, "Girl Watcher." Wanda rubbed her hands all over her body as the song started, letting the audience see the move in the mirror.

Then she turned and grabbed for the brass pole. She pulled very close to it and wrapped her 38c breasts around the pole. A quick shiver flew through Wanda's body. The pole was very cold. Controlling the shiver, Wanda slowly slid her breasts down the pole until she was squatting. She then bounced up and down, letting the men thing that pole was their cock, wrapped between her breasts.

She then shifted positions on the pole. She dropped backwards, holding herself up by her arms. She moved forward slightly, and her pussy touched the pole. She rubbed her pussylips up and down that brass pole, letting out a moan heard by the customers close to the pole. She then pushed back up, grabbed the pole, and stood.

She took a couple steps down the runway. This time, she was not dancing, but moving to her next position. This second number wasn't really a dance, it was more of a sex show. Reaching her spot, Wanda dropped to the floor again. She rolled on one side, looking out at the audience. Then she lifted her upper leg straight up.

The men (and a few women) on that left side got a good look at her pussy. The audience on the right side of the stage saw Wanda move her hand up and down her leg. The left side saw Wanda's hand slide down her upper thigh and caress her pussylips, then pull them apart quickly. Just as quickly, she let go of her pussy.

A few bills flew onto the floor as Wanda rolled to face the center of the stage. She rubbed her nipples on the floor again, then lay down, flattening the breasts. Then she lifted back up, letting the crowd see her breasts resume their shape.

Another roll, and the right side crowd was able to view Wanda's pussy. This time, she was on her hands and knees. she lowered her hands until her shoulders were on the floor. Her hands went between her legs and split her pussy wide. She then pretended she was being humped from the rear, moving back and forth.

Her head was twisted in the perfect angle to see the booth Anne and Amber were sitting in. Wanda smiled as she saw Anne'e eyes boring in, totally engrossed in what Wanda was doing. Amber, meanwhile, was taking advantage of the darkness of the room and the corner booth to masturbate while watching Wanda perform. Wanda saw that and knew she was putting on a good job.

Wanda had one more scene change. She rolled around until she was facing the center of the runway and the audience in the middle of the room. She squatted down and used her hands to pull her pussy wide apart. Then she humped up and down, as if she was riding a man's cock. She now saw several of the men imitating Amber, masturbating as they watched Wanda perform.

The group closest to the stage saw Wanda's pussy glistening in the spotlight. They even saw a few drops of perspiration fall from her pussy. They thought, however, that Wanda was cumming, because she had been moaning throughout the performance.

The song built to its climax, one planned by Anne and Wanda. for the final time the record sang "I'm a girl watcher. Here comes one now!" At that, the song stopped and Wanda let out a loud bellow, imitating an orgasm. She collapsed on the stage afterwards, as bills rained on her body.

A minute later, Wanda was on her feet, collecting bills thrown on the stage and taking bills from the hands of those sitting close to stage level. Some bills Wanda just took. but a few of the larger bills she took by letting the customer slide it between her breasts. At the right moment, Wanda pulled back, taking the bill with her.

The money collected, Wanda gathered her clothes and scooted backstage. The DJ was promising that Little Heather would be out in a couple minutes to see the audience and was encouraging them to get a lap dance from her.

Backstage, several of the dancers crowded around Wanda, congratulating her for a good set. Bambi in particular looked at Wanda with a weird grin on her face. "Nervous before going onstage, huh?" she giggled. "You didn't look nervous at all." Bambi had come into the bathroom while Wanda's Mistress, Anne, was licking Wanda's pussy to calm her down. Bambi had only seen one pair of legs kneeling in front of the toilet seat and heard Wanda's moans, which Bambi mistook as post-vomit moans.

Wanda giggled back. "I got some ... special ... help calming down," she said without mentioning the details.

Wanda quickly dressed in her button-down top and short shorts and started wandering through the crowd. She wanted to get to Anne's table and get a critique from her Mistress. Several of the men stopped her to give her tips. Just before getting to Anne's booth, a man in his mid-40s stopped Wanda.

"I'd like a lap dance," he said.

Wanda led him to the back row of the theater. She noticed a couple other dancers there, giving lap dances. She especially was pleased to see Bill, the club bouncer, looking large and menacing in the corner. She hoped she would never need his services, but was glad he was there.

While they waited for a new song to start, Wanda and the man talked. He introduced himself as Russell, from Salt Lake City. He explained her took the hour-long drive to the Strip-O-Rama because he liked this club more than the ones back home.

Wanda went over the rules quickly. It was $25 a dance, and Russell was not allowed to touch her with his hands unless she put his hands on her body. Russell placed a $50 on the table next to them and said "I'd like two dances, Heather." Wanda put the money in the pocket of her short shorts and smiled.

The next song started. Wanda scooted the table away and started swaying, keeping her legs outside Russell's. She slid her hands up and down her body, letting Russell watch her movements. Each time her hands reached her throat, she slid them down and undid a button on her blouse. After a few passes, she was completely unbuttoned. Then she turned her back on Russell, placed her head on his shoulder, and let him gaze down the front of her body as she slipped the blouse off. She lifted her hands to her breasts, and pulled them even higher. She lowered her head a bit, and as Russell's eye level, licked each nipple.

She turned again, smiling at the man. She took her breasts and captured his head, letting his cheeks feel the softness of her inner breast flesh. she, meanwhile, could feel the stubble on his face, and felt the cheeks scratching her breasts. With an inward "Yuck!" she moved her breasts away from his face.

As the song was ending, Wanda dropped to her knees and rubbed her breasts on Russell's lap. She could see his cock through his pants, and noticed it seem to leap towards her breasts, held in place only by the trousers he wore. She slid her breasts up and down in his lap, simulating in a very personal way his cock between her breasts.

As the song ended, Wanda grabbed at her blouse and threw it on. She had been told she had 20 seconds after the music stopped to be covered or she could be fined. Russell took this in stride, motioning for her to sit down while the dancer onstage collected her tips. Wanda sat, getting as close to him as she dared. He took one hand and put it over her shoulder. Out of the corner of her eye Wanda saw Bill move, but a slight hand wave under the table showed the bouncer she was safe, and he retreated to the corner.

Russell smiled. "That was great," he said. "I'm glad I paid for two."

Wanda looked at him and replied "The second dance is better than the first."

Russell took a sip of his drink, then heard the DJ announcing the second number for the dancer onstage. "Let's see how much better it is," he leered.

Wanda slipped her blouse off as soon as the music started. She scooted over Russell's lap, then sat down. She could feel his cock against her leg. This is the closest she had been to a man's cock since she was 15, and she was stroking Tommy Bigelow until he shot his load.

Local ordinance stated that while stage dancing could be nude, lap dances could only be topless. Anne had shown Wanda a trick to keep her customer's interest, though, and Wanda tried it now. Once again, she took her hands and slid them down the front of her body, making sure Russell's eyes followed her hands. When the hands reached the short shorts, Wanda undid the button, and slowly dropped the zipper. Then she stood and pulled at the shorts. The open front dipped a little, and Russell could see Wanda's shaved mons through the opening.

Wanda started rubbing her breasts on Russell's chest. She started moving her butt up and down, all around his crotch. She could feel his cock moving in his pants, jerking and wavering for freedom. She could tell it was larger than Tommy's, but it wasn't as big as the ones her Mistress fucked her with.

Russell started moaning. "Yeah, baby, yeah," he cried, softly, then louder. Wanda wondered what to do, as Russell's cries grew in intensity. Wanda left his lap, turned, and slid her covered butt into his lap. As she ground in, she leaned back to show him her breasts again.

Russell went very stiff. He cried out in a loud voice "OH GOD!!!" and then Wanda, through Russell's trousers and her shorts, felt Russell's cock shooting its cum in his pants. She continued to dance for him, not knowing what else to do. Several customers looked up at the sound of Russell's shout, and many of them smiled.

The song finally ended. Russell collapsed deeply into the couch as Wanda hurriedly buttoned up her shorts and blouse. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out two more $20 bills. He laid them on the table and said "Thank you, baby. You are great." He then got up and staggered towards the bathroom.

Wanda got up and started back towards Anne's table. She never made it. In moments, it seemed, the rest of the customers seemed to know what Wanda had done for Russell, and Wanda became the most popular lap dancer in the club. Man after man caught her and asked for a dance. All of them enjoyed her dances, though only one other man came that first hour.

All too soon, she heard her call. "Little Heather, to the backstage area." Apologizing to the man she was going to lap dance for, she scooted backstage and quickly changed for her next set.

Mistress Anne had chosen a sheer negligee for the second set. Wanda pretended she was heading off for bed during this set, slowly shedding the negligee, slippers (Wanda was thankful she didn't have to wear the high heels this set), and sheer underwear. The second half of the dance was similar to the first, as Wanda pretended to make love with a partner onstage.

More lap dances followed. At last, she got to Anne's table, and Amber immediately said "I'd like a lap dance, please." Giggling, Wanda led Amber up to the back row, and away from the other dancers. Wanda had a special plan for any woman who asked for a lap dance, and Amber was the first.

since she was wearing the negligee in the club, Wanda was also carrying a small purse. The purse was supposed to be for the money she was collecting, but Wanda had put her small remote vibrator in it as well. As Wanda and Amber sat together waiting for the next song to start, Wanda showed Amber the vib and handed her the remote.

"You'll see me slip the vib in, lover," Wanda said. "After I do, use it freely. The second dance, you can slip it in your own pussy and I'll use the remote."

Amber readily agreed. The song started and Wanda slipped the negligee off quickly, faster than she did with any of the men. She also took the bra off quickly. As she strattled Amber's lap, she took the vib and slipped her hand in her thong. She pushed the vib inside her and smiled at the redhead. Then she started rubbing her pussy in Amber's lap, and her breasts on Amber's face.

Amber squeezed the trigger on the vib and a slow jolt coursed through Wanda's body. The teen smiled and moved her head close to Amber's ear. Wanda throatily whispered "Make me cum," then leaned back, showing Amber her breasts.

Amber used the vib freely. She varied her usage, giving Wanda differing jolts of spine-tingling intensity with each squeeze of the trigger. Meanwhile, Wanda was rubbing her pussy hard on Amber's lap. The redhead was getting turned on as well. Just before the song ended, Wanda grabbed Amber's ear with her teeth. Amber responded by mashing the trigger down hard. Wanda shuddered and came, leaking onto Amber's skirt. Only the fact that she had Amber's ear lobe in her mouth kept Wanda from crying out in joy.

As they rested between songs, Wanda slid the vib out of her body and gave it to Amber. The gymnast slipped a hand under her skirt and a moment later said "Ready." Wanda instructed her to squeeze the trigger whenever Wanda's pussy rubbed against Amber's. The girl agreed.

As the second song started, Wanda started rubbing Amber's pussy immediately. She watched Amber pull the trigger, then bite her own lip. Wanda lifted off Amber's lap and knelt between her legs. The teen pushed her mouth against the skirt fabric between Amber's legs and hummed. As she hummed, Amber was pulling the trigger and moaning. Wanda lifted up and rubbed her breasts against Amber's covered mons. The vib was on almost continually now, and Amber neared orgasm herself.

Just before the end, Wanda lifted off Amber and smiled at her. She moved her breasts to Amber's face, and started sliding them over the other girl's mouth. Amber's tongue automatically shot out to lick the nipples, and Wanda moved her hand over amber's. Wanda squeezed the trigger, then fed Amber a mouthful of tit. Amber came, her cries of orgasm muffled by a mouthful of breast.

After the song, Amber slid the vib out of her pussy and handed it to Wanda. Wanda heard her name being called again and told Amber "Keep the remote and give it to Mistress. Tell her I will be wearing the vib this next set, per her instructions." Then Amber slipped away backstage.

For her third set, Amber wore a schoolgirl outfit. She had hurriedly put her hair in braids, and wore a pleated blouse, button-down sweater, red-and-green checked skirt, knee-high socks and platform shoes painted like pageboy shoes. She carried a metal lunchbox. The vibrator was shoved as deep as Wanda dared put it, to hide it from the audience and ensure it didn't fall out while she was onstage.

The music started. It was Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher." Wanda tried her best to skip around the stage, though the platform shoes made this hard. At each pass around the stage, she worked the buttons of the sweater lower and lower. Finally she stopped near the pole and removed the sweater. She leaned on the pole, trying to look like a hooker, as David Lee Roth sang out "Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad! I'm hot for ..." Here, Anne had dubbed in the word "Heather" instead of "Teacher." The personalization of the song got to the audience. They started howling louder and louder as the word "Heather" boomed from the sound system and Wanda stripped off the outfit.

The skirt twirled off Wanda's body last of all, showing the audience that this shy schoolgirl of moments before wore no underwear. They had already seen the blouse peel off to show no bra. They cried out, money raining on the stage.

As Wanda started dancing in the nude to close the song, she felt the vibrator buzz for the first time. The suddenness of this intrusion, after Wanda had almost forgotten it was in there, drove her to moan loudly. She felt herself getting wet, and was glad when the song ended and the buzzing stopped. Wanda busily scooped up the money onstage, placing it in her lunchbox.

For the second set, Wanda added a prop chair to the stage. She sat in it, trying to look as prim and proper as she could considering she was nude. As she crossed her legs, she felt the familiar buzz. The song Anne had chosen this time also fit the school theme, as Alice Cooper started singing "School's Out For Summer."

Wanda pretended to be grading papers, then slowly stopped and spread her legs. She flashed the audience her pussy, now wetter than it had been all night. The spotlight picked up the gleaming wetness, and several astute audience members realized what the gleam was. They reached for their money wad and started tossing bills.

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