tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 15

Wanda's Story Ch. 15


Wanda Catron was in tears. She had been crying for almost a week now, ever since her roommate, Astrid Martin, had walked out while Wanda talked to her Mistress, Anne Franklin. Minutes before talking to Anne, Wanda had been licking Astrid's pussy. When Wanda left that warm wet spot to talk to Anne, Astrid had dressed and left the room. Since that time, almost a week past, Astrid and Wanda had rarely spoken. Astrid, when she came back to the Boise State dorm room the girls shared, rarely spoke, and only in a business-like manner.

That same attitude was being displayed as the girls went through the initiation tests to get into the Delta Beta Nu sorority. Tonight was the final cutdown night, and yet Wanda was in her dorm room, crying into her pillow.

The day after Astrid's stormy exit from the room, the roommates met at the DBN sorority house. Like every session thus far, the sisters wore DBN shirts, jeans and a stocking over their heads, hiding their features. Wanda and Astrid stood at either end of the line of initiates they were affiliated with, called the DBN Wanna-Bes. There were eight members of the Wanna-Bes, same as on Friday night. The other group, called the TEWTS, were down by two, to seven members. Only 10 girls would be allowed into the sorority, and today was the third cut-down.

The leader of the group with stockings over their head read from a parchment. "Today's task was a car wash. As you remember, each group was given two hours to raise as much money as they could. The TEWTS raised $252.13. The Wanna-Bes raised $177.80. TEWTS, you may go. Wanna-Bes, follow me to the conference room."

The Wanna-Bes had done their best, but unlike the previous day, when they had used sex to draw customers and their money, today they had relied only on their bikini-clad bodies. It had not been enough, and one member was going to be dismissed from the team.

Each member of the Wanna-Bes sat at the conference table. In addition to Wanda and Astrid, the members were Kim, Melody, Laticia, Janelle, Victoria and Angela. In walked three sisters. Each one had added a powdered wig over her stocking, making her look like an 18th-Century judge.

The one sitting in the middle started speaking. "Who led this car wash?"

"I did," Laticia said.

"Why did you lose, Initiate Jones?"

"We did our best, Ma'am," Laticia Jones continued. "But I think we hoped to win this contest on skill, and not resort to selling ourselves."

The judge on the left spoke. Her voice was of a higher pitch than the first speaker, and she had a southern accent. "But y'all didn't win. So what does that tell y'all, Initiate Jones?"

Laticia hung her head. "Sex sells," she replied.

Astrid spoke up then. "I think the only reason we even resorted to sex in the first place was because of Wanda's suggestions. Otherwise we would have played straight."

Southern girl spoke again. "But, Initiate Mahtin, y'all won the fust two cawntests. So does that make Initiate Cay-trawn's ah-deas mo' valuable, or less, because she came up with the ah-dea?"

"More valuable, I guess," Astrid said.

Wanda sat, stunned. Was Astrid so mad at her that she would speak poorly about her? Here, where either one of them could be dismissed from the initiation?

The girl on the right spoke now. "I think that, if anything, Initiate Catron has nothing to fear this time. It was through her leadership, her intuition, and her negotiating, that you pulled together and won the first contest, and also outearned the others in the bake-off."

The girl in the center spoke. "I agree. Initiate Catron, you will not lose your place this time. So, with that immunity, who do you think deserves to be released from the initiation process?"

Wanda thought a minute, then said "None of them."

"Why do you say that, Initiate Catron?"

"They have worked hard ... no, we ALL have worked hard, becoming a team and growing as sisters. I value all of my teammates, and I don't want to lose any of them."

"Not even Initiate Martin, who spoke ill against you?"

"Especially not Astrid," Wanda said, looking down the table. "She is my roommate, and she is my friend, and I value her more than any of the others here."

The discussion faded back to the last task, and Wanda, certain now she would not be eliminated, looked down at Astrid. The tall girl looked straight ahead, not even sneaking a glance at Wanda.

Eventually the judges asked Laticia, Veronica and Kim to stay behind. The others went back to their dorm rooms. As they walked back together, Wanda hoped her kind words would open Astrid up, but she remained silent. When they got to the room, Astrid picked up her book bag, announced "I'm going to the library" and left. Wanda cried a little, then fell asleep on her bed.

She was awakened by hands shaking her. She opened her eyes to see the DBN girls shaking her awake.

"Initiate Catron, come to the sorority immediately. You have five minutes to get there, or you will have missed the call to attend and will be dropped from the initiation."

Wanda woke quickly. Astrid had not woken her up when she the call from DBN had first come. Grabbing her keys, she raced out of the dorm ahead of the sisters. She jumped in her Mustang and sped across campus, arriving with only seconds to spare. The others were already gathered, and the DBN leader said "Nice of you to join us, Initiate Catron."

Wanda looked down the row. Victoria was not there, meaning she had been cut.

"Tonight's activity is a test of your capacity to draw crowds and keep them interested in what you're doing. As a team, you will go to the Student Union. You will have five minutes to draw as many students to you as you can. Then you must keep them from leaving for three minutes. The winning team will be the one that has the most audience members left after three minutes. TEWTS, since you won the last contest, you may choose to go first or last."

The TEWTS went first, giving the Wanna-Bes time to plan. Again Wanda took to the lead, explaining her plan to the giggling girls. When the TEWTS returned, the Wanna-Bes went to the Student Union.

The team started calling out "Free Strip Show! Free Strip Show! Come see the girls go wild here at Boise State!"

The crowd, mostly men, gathered fast. After five minutes, the music started and Wanda, Kim and Laticia strutted to the middle of the room. Following a script quickly planned by Wanda, they started shedding clothes. Wanda would take off her shoes, then Kim, the Laticia. Then their shirts went down, one at a time. Slowly each woman removed her skirt or jeans, as the other two danced around them. When all three were in their underwear, the crowd, which had actually grown, started hooting for more. Melody signaled that 20 seconds were still left.

Kim and Laticia closed in, per arrangement, to Wanda. The former stripper removed her bra and held it aloft, showing the crowd. The men gasped, but Kim and Laticia's bodies blocked any of them from seeing. Then Melody yelled "Time!" Wanda pulled her bra back on, and all the girls ran from the Union. The other three team members had been assigned the job of catching the stripped clothes, and as they ran back to the DBN House, the girls redressed.

Again, the Wanna-Bes had won, and with three contests left, the Wanna-Bes had seven of their original eight members, while the TEWTS were down to six of their starting nine.

Two more contests were interspersed during the week, with Melody being eliminated from the Wanna-Bes, and one more TEWT eliminated.

On Friday evening, the 11 remaining Initiates gathered at the DBN Sorority House. The stockinged leader read the last proclamation.

"Tonight is the final test. We have many parties at the DBN House, but we have no virgins living with us. Tonight you will prove you are not virgins. A DBN party will start in 20 minutes. At the party, you will choose one of the male guests. Bring him upstairs to the third room on the right. There you will seduce him and let him make love to you. Those that do not complete this assignment will be eliminated. Those that do will be in. We always have one girl choose not to compete, so we get our elimination that way."

Wanda was shocked. She broke all the Initiate rules and spoke up.

"No!" she declared. "I think this last test is wrong, and I won't compete! I have made a choice not to let a man ever touch my body, and you can't make me!"

"Initiate Catron, this is your choice. Comply or quit."

Wanda headed for the door. Before leaving, she turned and made one final comment. "I was raped by a vicious, sadistic man, who thought he could get free sex from me. If you go through with this, it is the same as getting raped, because you are not giving your body willingly! This is wrong!" She walked out the door, slamming it behind her. Then she ran to her dorm room, collapsed on the bed, and started crying, harder than she had in a long time. The scenes of her rape flew through her mind, and her crying increased.

She was lost in her tears and her memories. She had no concept of anything except all the hurt she was feeling. Suddenly she was being lifted to a sitting position and held tightly. Through tear-filled eyes she made out her roommate, Astrid, sitting on her bed and holding her. The taller teenager was wiping the tears from Wanda's eyes with a tissue, and softly kissing Wanda's cheeks.

"You should go back to the DBN party," Wanda said through her sobs.

"No. I can't," Astrid replied. "Their choice of a final test is flat-out wrong. I didn't know about your trauma. And knowing about it, and knowing how much you must be hurting right now, I couldn't go through with the final test. I'd rather be with you."

Wanda looked up at her roomie. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Astrid replied. "I was hurt when you jumped to talk to Anne, but I made an ass of myself the last week. And not talking to you, not sharing my life with you, was the toughest thing I've ever done. I want you, Wanda. I need you."

Wanda smiled, then gently kissed Astrid. Surprisingly, Astrid pulled back. "What's wrong, honey?" Wanda asked. "I thought you wanted me."

"I do, baby. But not now. You see, there were others who felt like I did, and they're waiting in the hall."

Astrid strode to the door and flung it open. In walked Kim, Laticia, Janelle and Angela, the entire Wanna-bes, along with three of the girls from the TEWTS team. Only two members of the TEWTS had remained behind.

One by one, the girls went to Wanda and hugged her. Angela gently kissed her cheeks, bringing a smile to Wanda's face. The three members of TEWTS were Lesley, Karen and Robyn. They also hugged Wanda. Then the story of what happened after Wanda had left came out.

After Wanda left, the head DBN had sarcastically said "Good riddance to the lesbian. Now, girls, although we are down to the final 10, you still need to complete the task."

Astrid then spoke up. "I agree with Wanda," she said. "I don't feel we should give our bodies to just anyone. To go to bed with someone is, in my mind, a commitment to that partner. I will not have a one-night stand. And I don't think I like that you want to watch me having sex, whether it be a one-night stand or a long-term commitment. I'm out as well."

Astrid started for the door. Then Angela said "I agree" and followed. Right behind them were Kim, Laticia and Robyn.

The DBN head said "Anyone else agree with these turncoats?"

"They are not turncoats," Lesley said. She started out, with Karen right behind her.

The DBN sisters were in urgent whispers. what they were saying to each other was unheard by Janelle, who was the in the room with the two other TEWTS, Casey and Saffire. Then the head DBN said, "You're the cream of the crop. Now you'll all be able to fuck the good-looking guys, instead of having to pick leftovers."

Janelle had heard enough. She raced for the door, and hurried to the others, who were gathering in the parking lot. They all decided to go to Astrid and Wanda's room, in the hope that Wanda was there. she was, and now they were all together.

After telling the story, the nine girls decided to head off for a fun night on their own. They chose the local disco, because the underage girls could still get in. They stayed clustered as a group, getting to know each other better before splitting apart. They had bonded in a strong way by defying the DBN, and didn't want to break the bond.

Astrid and Wanda tried to get some alone time to talk together, but it seemed that Angela was always around. finally Wanda grabbed Astrid's arm and headed for the bathrooms. angela tagged along, and when Wanda held the door open, Angela slipped into the bathroom first.

That was what Wanda had hoped for. She closed the door, then pulled Astrid out the back exit before angela could figure out where they had gone. finally alone, Wanda pulled her roomie close and kissed her. It was a powerful kiss, full of longing, and desire, and a hint of need.

When they broke, Astrid was out of breath. "Whew," said the tall teen. "I have never been kissed like that before."

"Astrid, honey," Wanda said, "I'm so sorry I hurt you. I promise you, from now on, when we're together, the phone will be off, the answering machine turned down, and our special time alone will be uninterrupted."

"That's all I wanted to hear, Wanda," Astrid replied. "I've missed talking to you."

Quickly the girls kissed again. Then they kissed again, much slower, each woman putting her passion into her lips. Wanda looked around. the alley was deserted. She slid her hand under Astrid's skirt and up her thigh. Slender fingers rubbed the tall woman's panties, right at the wet spot. That spot grew wetter very fast.

Experienced fingers pulled the panties aside, and Wanda thrust her fingers inside astrid's pussy lips. The tall girl grunted in lust, and squeezed the fingers. Wanda pumped them in and out of the girl, feeling them get wetter and wetter with each thrust. Her thumb found Astrid's clit, and the 18-year-old's lust increased, as did the urgency of her moans.

Just before she felt Astrid would cum, Wanda dropped to her knees and put her head under Astrid's skirt. The fingers left Astrid's pussy, and Wanda's tongue replaced them. Astrid no longer cared that someone might see them in the alley behind the disco. In fact, in her heart of hearts, Astrid hoped someone would see them, so she could show that watcher her feelings for Wanda.

Astrid imagined someone at the end of the alley, watching the girls. She moaned and grunted. Her mouth moved, but no words came out, only non-verbal responses. The tongue in her pussy flicked happily at the inner lips, and Astrid could hold off no more. With a mighty squeal, she came, flooding Wanda's face with cum juices.

Wanda kept licking, right through the flood on her face. When Astrid's body stopped shaking, Wanda stood up and smiled. She kissed her roommate, smearing cum over both their faces.

"We should have done this sooner," Wanda teased. No phones or knocks on doors here in an alley, that's for sure."

Astrid giggled and kissed Wanda again. "I want to try that with you, Wanda," she said. "But I'm too shy to do it in public. I want you to guide me. So let's get back to our friends, make apologies, and leave."

They re-entered the disco. Returning to their table, they joined a group of girls who were very happy. Astrid and Wanda were happy, too, but for different reasons.

As they made their apologies and started to leave, Angela pulled Wanda aside. She looked at the girl and said "Your face is a bit wet. The light hits the wetness still on cheeks. I'd like to get my face wet the way you got yours wet. And I will, too." Angela then gave Wanda a knowing wink and let the two girls go.

A quick trip in Wanda's Mustang later, they were again on Astrid's bed, both nude, both desirous for the other. Wanda's nipples were straight out, and the 19-year-old part-Puerto Rican was guiding Astrid's head between her legs.

"Gently, honey, gently," wanda said. "We have all night tonight. Kiss my thighs ... oh, just like that. Yes, honey, yes.

"Now move higher. Place soft kisses on my labia. Oh, GOD!! that was great. Do it again .. . and again .. . oh, honey, oh honey."

It was Astrid's first time between a woman's legs, but she was handling this virgin experience like a pro. She knew what she liked done to her, from the mutual masturbation sessions she and Wanda had done. She knew what Wanda's pussy juices tasted like, from times when they had fingered each other. Now, this experience, was just adding on to their previous play times.

Astrid licked up and down on Wanda's pussy lips. The fact that her lover was moaning was the signal that Astrid was doing it right. When Wanda urged her "Spread me open," Astrid used her fingers to pull Wanda's outer labia apart. For the first time in person, and not on film, Astrid saw a woman's inner labia. The stretching of the outer lips also exposed Wanda's clit to full view, and it stood proudly at the top of the pussy.

Now Astrid's tongue drove even deeper, and Wanda moaned even louder. Astrid moved her tongue up and down, from lower inner labia to the button-like clit, as Wanda moaned and shook in anticipation. Another lick, then a sharp drive of the tongue as deep as Astrid could lick, and Wanda's groans and moans shifted in intensity. Early cum juices oozed from deep inside wanda's pussy, and flowed over Astrid's tongue. The taste of those juices spurred Astrid to lick harder and deeper, which in turn caused Wanda to secrete more juices and moan harder, which urged Astrid to faster working between Wanda's legs.

the cycle continued for several minutes, until Wanda screamed in joy and flooded Astrid's face with her orgasmic cum. Astrid sucked and licked, pulling as much of the juices from her roommate as she could. Slowly Wanda's gasping eased, and both women made eye contact. Each one had a large grin on her face. Round One had ended.

But the night was early, and there was more sexual teaching to be done. After a short break for kissing each other, Wanda instructed Astrid to lie on her back. When she did, Wanda slipped her legs over Astrid's head and fed the taller woman her pussy. Then she pulled Astrid on to her side so Wanda could reach Astrid's pussy as well. A regular 69 position would not work with Astrid being 10 inches taller than Wanda's 5-6. Side by side, with Astrid bending back a bit, both women could lick the other's pussy simultaneously.

Astrid found that this was a wonderful position. She was now licking from top to bottom, instead of bottom to top. Her chin, with a little maneuver, was placed on top of Wanda's clit, and with each movement of Astrid's lower jaw, Wanda's clit was stimulated a bit more. At the same time, Wanda had her face in a similar position. Both women licked and licked at each other, loving the feeling of licking and being licked.

Astrid came first. She tried to roar out as she came, but Wanda put her hand on Astrid's head, and instead of screaming into the air, Astrid screamed into Wanda's pussy. She flooded Wanda's face, and the combination of scream and flood sent Wanda over the edge as well, making her cum. Astrid lifted her head up for breath, but wanda continued licking away, and very soon Astrid felt another first, as her body responded automatically and gave the tall 18-year-old her first multi-orgasmic experience.

Her second orgasm was as strong as the first, and Astrid was amazed that she could cum again like that. Her limited masturbation sessions had always ended after Astrid had cum (or thought she came), so this was unique. Astrid rolled her head around and cried out in joy as she resumed flooding Wanda's face.

But Wanda wasn't done yet. She slid two fingers into Astrid's pussy, to complement her tongue. The fingers got wet in a hurry as Astrid was building for a third orgasm. When Wanda bent her fingers slightly, she found Astrid's G-Spot. The tender button inside her vagina was pushed, and Astrid immediately came a third time.

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