This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


At the first WWE Live Event of 2004, 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner is returning from the ring following a quick and easy match with a local wrestler that he practically demolished. Steiner, dressed in black wrestling tights and boots, strokes his blond and black haired goatee, "I'm getting real fucking tired of Bischoff having me face these no name fucks and waiting for him getting me my new freak...." Steiner says with an annoyed tone of voice. The former WCW World Champion stomps in front of a mirror used by Superstars and Divas to make a last check of their outfits before they head of the ring, and Steiner flexes his huge muscular right arm, and then flexes his equally huge muscular left arm. "I really need a perfect freak to go with these perfect peaks," Steiner laughs..

"Hey...ummm Scott?' The flexible and hot Korean Diva, Gail Kim, says as she steps behind Scott Steiner as he looks into the mirror. Gail presses her lips together and places her hands on her petite hips, while dressed in a tight black top and a pair of short black wrestling bottoms.

Steiner turns around to look at Gail Kim and he smirks as he checks her out, "That's me.... what do you want?" Steiner asks as he tilts his head from side to side as if to get a glance at the sides of Gail's body.

Gail seductively narrows her eyes and smirks at Steiner "Well...I heard that you happen to be looking for a new freak..." Gail Kim begins to say as she tosses her dark black hair back "And I want to be your freak..."

Steiner raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit, "You want to be my new freak?" Steiner smirks, "You think you can handle the action that the Big Bad Booty Daddy gives all his freak who loves these peaks?" Steiner asks in his usual aggressive tone as he flexes his right arm so that Gail is getting an up close look of his huge right bicep.

Gail Kim licks her sassy lips and nods her head "Oh yeah...I can handle it! I could handle anything you dish out"

"Is that a fact?" Steiner says before he suddenly grabs Gail Kim's smooth black hair to pull her towards him. Steiner then roughly jerks her head back as he starts to force her down to her knees, "You can handle this?! Cause I'm not only a man... I'm THE genetic freak..." Steiner yells and slightly spits on Gail's face as he talks.

Gail Kim grits her teeth and nods her head as she locks her eyes with Scott Steiner while he starts to push down his black wrestling pants from his muscular waist "Ohhh yeah! I can fucking handle it!"

"Then you better show it cause right now to me you're just typical trash like that bitch Stacy Keibler!" Steiner yells as he lowers his black wrestling pants from his thick muscular waist, freeing the thickest fourteen inch cock the former Women's Champion has ever seen.

Gail presses her lips together as she sits up on her knees and eagerly wraps her hands around his thick, hardening cock. "Ohhh yeah! I'm going to fucking suck that!" Gail says with a smirk as she spits her wet saliva down onto his shaft to lubricate his cock while she strokes her hands. Gail locks her beautiful eyes with Steiner as she lowers her head and starts to teasingly flick her tongue against his shaft.

"You said you were going to suck it you little piece of trash! The Big Bad Booty Daddy don't like liars!" Steiner yells as he again spits on Gail's face as he talks. Steiner grabs the back of Gail's head and forces his huge thick cock past her lips and into her small mouth.

"MMMMMMMM!" Gail Kim moans around Scott Steiner's cock as his huge shaft enters her small, wet mouth. Gail closes her eyes as she presses her lips tightly around his shaft and she begins to bob her head at a quick pace while Steiner thrusts his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Come on! You can handle a man... but you ain't handling the Genetic Freak!" Steiner yells as he thrusts his thick hard cock in and out of Gail's mouth. 'Big Poppa Pump' reaches down with his left hand and easily rips Gail's tight black top from her body, freeing her firm nicely sized tits.

"MMMMM! MMMMM!" Gail moans as her head quickly and roughly moves back and forth against the massive cock of Scott Steiner while he deeply pumps his shaft into her wet mouth, causing her saliva to splash against his cock. Steiner grits his teeth as he puts his right hand on the back of Gail's head again and he roughly shoves her head down on his cock, forcing her mouth to stretch wider than normal as Steiner stuffs his meaty cock down her throat.

"MMMMMMMMMMM! UHHHHH! AHHHH!" Gail moans and chokes around Scott Steiner's cock as she feels the head of his cock deeply smack against the back of her mouth as her lips grind sharply against his cock.

"You think you're a FREAK!? Take it like freak!" Steiner yells and spits as he forces the Korean Diva to hold his massive cock within her small mouth.

Gail Kim's eyes starts to water before she suddenly jerks her head off of his cock, causing her saliva to drench and drip down his shaft "Ohhh...awww fuck!" Gail moans as she tries to catch her breath.

"What's the matter wanna be? You wanna be a freak?! You can't even handle that?!" Steiner yells as he grabs Gail's hair and roughly jerks her up to her feet before he shoves her against an equipment trunk.

Gail Kim seductively narrows her eyes and smirks at Scott Steiner before he roughly jerks down her black wrestling shorts to expose her smoothly shaved, hot Korean pussy. "Oh I can take it!"

Steiner smirks after seeing Gail's shaved pussy, "You better.... I don't like my time wasted with wanna-bes!" Steiner yells before he smacks Gail across the face, causing her to turn to the right. Steiner turns her the rest of the way and forces her to bend over the trunk so that he can roughly slam his very fat fourteen inch cock into Gail's pussy. Steiner shows Gail no mercy as he forces his entire cock into her cunt with one thrust.

"OHHHHHH! FUCK! Tear that pussy up!" Gail moans and grits her teeth as she roughly rocks back and forth against the equipment trunk as the muscular Scott Steiner aggressively slams his dick into her pussy.

"Mmmmm ahhh! I'm gonna wreck your wanna-be cunt you piece of trash!" Steiner yells as he grabs Gail's hips with his right hand while grabbing Gail's hair with his left hand to jerk her hair back. Steiner pumps his huge cock in and out of Gail's pussy with hard violent thrusts.

"OHHHHH! OHHHH YEAH!" Gail Kim moans loudly as her petite, toned body roughly crashes back against Scott Steiner's massive cock as he roughly jerks her body back. "Mmmmm YEAH!"

"Ahhhh.... yeah you wanna be a freak?! You better get used to being on your back ready to scream my name after I get back sending someone to the hospital in pain!" Steiner grunts as he jerks Gail's head back every time he slams his massive cock into Gail's tight Korean pussy.

"OHHHHH! OHHHHH THIS IS TOO INTENSE!" Gail moans loudly as Scott Steiner easily and roughly jerks her body back and forth against the equipment trunk as he slams his massive cock into her tight pussy from behind.

"Too intense?! This ain't nothing but a warm up for the Big Bad Booty Daddy!" Steiner yells at Gail as he suddenly pulls his huge cock out of Gail's pussy. Steiner turns the petite Korean Diva around and hoists her up into the air to toss her onto the equipment trunk, "Lift them legs and spread 'em!" Steiner yells. Gail bites down on her bottom lip as she leans back on the equipment trunk and spreads her smooth, gorgeous legs as she lifts them into the air.

Steiner steps forward, "You still wanna be a freak? You still think you handle the man with the largest arms in the world?!" Steiner yells as he guides his massive cock so that it's pressing against Gail's asshole as she grabs her legs to keep them in the air.

Gail licks her lips and nods her head "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!"

"Better not let those legs drop!" Steiner yells as he grabs Gail's slender waist and pulls her towards him so that his cock deeply impales Gail's tight Korean asshole. Instead of thrusts his cock into her, Steiner pulls and pushes Gail back and forth on top of the equipment trunk so that his massive cock goes in and out of her ass.

Gail closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she moves back and forth on the equipment trunk as Scott Steiner powerfully impales her ass with his cock by moving her on the trunk. "OHHHH! That dick is so fucking big!"

"That's right wanna-be! Ain't nothing finer than Scott Steiner!" Steiner grunts as he now starts to pump his cock in and out of Gail's ass while he moves her back and forth on the trunks. Steiner deeply rams his fat fourteen inch cock into Gail's ass as she holds her legs perfectly up in the air.

"OHHHHH! OHHHHHH!" Gail moans as her tight ass smacks against Steiner's muscular waist as he deeply impales her ass with his massive cock "OHHHHH! MMMMM! FUCK!"

"Uhhh ahhhh!" Steiner grunts as he deeply fucks Gail's ass with his cock. Big Poppa Pump grits his teeth as he watches Gail squirm and moan with delight as she gets her ass pounded by his massive dick. Gail Kim's beautiful, sweat dripping body squirms on the equipment trunk as Scott Steiner's cock begins to throb inside of her ass, while he powerfully slams his cock into her ass.

Scott Steiner smirks as he pulls his massive throbbing cock out of Gail's asshole, "Get the fuck down where you belong you piece of trash..." Steiner yells as he grabs Gail's legs and jerks her forward on the equipment trunk. Steiner doesn't let Gail fall to the floor, he catches her first and then drops her down onto her knees. Gail presses her lips together as she looks up at Scott Steiner as she watches him stroking his massive throbbing cock. Steiner grits his teeth, "Ahhh..." Steiner yells as he starts to cum, spraying a massive load of cum onto Gail's beautiful, sweat covered face.

Gail Kim licks her lips as she feels his warm cum spraying down on her face, before his cum drips down her face. "Ohhhh...fuck..."

Scott Steiner smirks as he looks down at Gail Kim's cum covered face, "You're still a wanna-be... but you may... just MAY be enough of a freak... to get another taste of these peaks..." Steiner says as he flexes his right arm again.

Gail Kim licks her lips "Anytime..."


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