tagIncest/TabooWanting & Waiting

Wanting & Waiting


I connect to the chat software with mounting anticipation. A small part of me is worried - almost fearful - in a tattered remnant of my strictly ethical upbringing that refuses to die, but which I'm learned to control enough as to not cause me sleepless nights any longer. But then, suddenly, the screen name I've been waiting for springs to eager electronic life and all my doubts are swept easily aside. A slight shiver of erotic excitement travels down my spine and succeeds in awakening the most intimate regions of my body.

For an instant I think of my husband sleeping just above my head. Safe, steady, loving and totally trusting in me. The thought almost makes me ashamed. Almost, but not quite. What's awaiting me is to strong an urge to resist. To powerful a drug to ignore.

Then the first message arrives and with it the banishment of all guilt and recrimination...for tonight at least.

Wanting: 02:02 hey

Waiting: 02:02 hey! hiya babe :)

Wanting: 02:03 how have you been since our last chat

Waiting: 02 02:03 been just fine. I really REALLY enjoyed it - how have you been keeping?

Wanting: 02:04 good and what parts did you enjoy

Waiting: 02:04 oh, just about all of it babe. it gave me great satisfaction to say the least

Wanting: 02 02:05 and a good orgasm?

Waiting: 02 02:05 oh...a real good one. the BEST I've ever experienced.

Wanting: 02 02:07 COOL! what r you wearing now

Waiting: 02 02:07 dressing gown and panties. you?

Wanting: 02 02:08 tee shirt and skirt - nothing under neith

Waiting: 02 02:08 mmmmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:08 open you dressing gown and stroke your breasts

Waiting: 02 02:09 mmm...feels good

Wanting: 02 02:09 stroke around your nipples but don't touch

Waiting: 02 02:09 yes...hot

Wanting: 02 02:09 making breasts firm

Waiting: 02 02:09 yesss

Wanting: 02 02:09 under breasts to tummy

Waiting: 02 02:10 tickles

Wanting: 02 02:10 along your panty line and to your sweet ass.

Waiting: 02 02:10 mmmmmmm...like my ass being stimulated

Wanting: 02 02:11 this is how i would do it if i was there with you

Waiting: 02 02:11 god! I wish you were hon

Wanting: 02 02:11 me too. now, tickle your ass crack

Waiting: 02 02:11 oh yesss

Wanting: 02 02:11 down to that little hole - just touch it

Waiting: 02 02:12 mmmmmm...it's nice and tight

Wanting: 02 02:12 mmmmm...I remember

Waiting: 02 02:12 :)

Wanting: 02 02:12 now stroke back up to breasts slow

Waiting: 02 02:13 mmmmmm...fluttering touches

Wanting: 02 02:13 wet fingers in mouth and rub nipples

Waiting: 02 02:13 ohhhh...that feels so good

Wanting: 02 02:13 rubbing slow and then faster

Waiting: 02 02:13 yess

Wanting: 02 02:14 making them firm

Waiting: 02 02:14 mmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:14 so firm for me to suck

Waiting: 02 02:14 ohh yess baby...suck them for me

Wanting: 02 02:14 to bite on them

Waiting: 02 02:14 yeah!

Wanting: 02 02:15 there're so erect - ohhhhhh...you're so wet

Waiting: 02 02:15 all for you baby - you always make me wet and horny

Wanting: 02 02:15 panties starting to get wet?

Waiting: 02 02:15 yess...a nice little damp spot getting bigger all the time

Wanting: 02 02:16 mmmm....good

Waiting: 02 02:16 you wet too, baby?

Wanting: 02 02:16 you always make me wet - let's rub that wet spot slowly up down up down - up...down

Waiting: 02 02:16 uuuuuuummmm

Wanting: 02 02:16 feels so good

Waiting: 02 02:17 doing it slowly

Wanting: 02 02:17 so gentle

Waiting: 02 02:17 so very, very good

Wanting: 02 02:17 making it so sensitive

Waiting: 02 02:17 like a butterfly…mmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:17 yes..goood

Waiting: 02 02:17 oh babe

Wanting: 02 02:18 making that spot wetter?

Waiting: 02 02:18 very much so

Wanting: 02 02:19 squeeze a nipple while you stroke the wet spot till I tell you to stop

Waiting: 02 02:19 k

Wanting: 02 02:19 same time do both - now stroke back of your neck and then your chest

Waiting: 02 02:20 kkkkkkkkkkk

Wanting: 02 02:21 down and put hand in panties and stroke pussy just the lips no finger inside yet

Waiting: 02 02:21 aaahhh

Wanting: 02 02:23 good? feels so good?

Waiting: 02 02:23 yess sooo good

Wanting: 02 02:24 stroke your clit grab it and squeeze it

Waiting: 02 02:24 GGGOD!

Wanting: 02 02:24 between two fingers

Waiting: 02 02:25 oooohhhhh

Wanting: 02 02:25 rubb between fingrs -rubbing – YESSS rubbing

Waiting: 02 02:25 ummmmmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:25 stroking…stroking

Waiting: 02 02:25 aaahhhhhhhhhh fuccccckkkkkkkk

Wanting: 02 02:26 back to squeeze…squeeze - rub as you squeeze

Waiting: 02 02:26 shhhhhitttttt...soooo goodd

Wanting: 02 02:26 feels so good?

Waiting: 02 02:27 oooohhhh babbbbyy fuck mee

Wanting: 02 02:27 yes keep it going

Waiting: 02 02:27 uhhhh

Wanting: 02 02:27 slip a finger inside - work it slow - not too fast

Waiting: 02 02:27 mmmmmmmm...so wet

Wanting: 02 02:28 in out in out in out in out in out in out in out

Wanting: 02 02:28 working - yessssssssssssssssssssssss

Waiting: 02 02:28 mmmmmmmmmm…going deeper - deeper

Waiting: 02 02:28 fuckkkk...babyyyyy

Wanting: 02 02:29 do you still have panties on?

Waiting: 02 02:29 yess

Wanting: 02 02:29 take them off and slowly insert them in your pussy

Waiting: 02:30 soo horny

Wanting: 02 02:30 i want them so wet

Waiting: 02 02:31 mmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:31 now stroke clit

Waiting: 02:31 feels sooo fucking good

Wanting: 02 02:31 feels so good - squeeze clit in fingers – it's so sensitve

Waiting: 02 02:32 christ yesssss

Wanting: 02 02:32 slip a finger in pussy - rub it back on clit

Waiting: 02 02:33 slid in soo easily…umm

Wanting: 02 02:33 want you to mail these panties to me so i can smell your cum

Waiting: 02:33 fuck yesss

Wanting: 02:33 all the way to down here to the college – to my dorm – with a stained crouch… cum in it

Waiting: 02 02:35 mmmmmm...oh yeah… you rubbing them across your lovely young 18 year old open wet pussy… mmmmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:35 slip a finger in you ass slowly very very slowly

Waiting: 02 02:35 shit I love my ass being fucked -taking it in

Wanting: 02 02:35 pulling tight - slowly pushing in all the way


Wanting: 02 02:36 working in and out - keep going don't stop

Waiting: 02 02:36 oh baby...fuck my ass my honey

Wanting: 02 02:36 in deeper…deeper…goddddd

Waiting: 02 02:36 fuck my ready asshole sweet - FUCK IT HARD!!!

Wanting: 02:37 fucking – pushing – deep - fucking hard - finger in deep


Wanting: 02 02:37 so wet…hard and fast

Waiting: 02:37 MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wanting: 02 02:38 push baby…push

Waiting: 02 02:38 pushing back...frocing you deeper into me

Wanting: 02 02:38 my tongue is in


Wanting: 02:38 keep going - push back - you want to cum

Waiting: 02:39 YES...MORE...NEED IT BAD

Wanting: 02:39 let it flow


Wanting: 02:39 cum. I need you to come


Wanting: 02:40 cum

Waiting: 02:40 mmmmmmmm...

Wanting: 02:40 yeah! – cum now


Wanting: 02:40 yesssssss


Wanting: 02:40 fuckkkkkkkkkkkk


Wanting: 02:40 fuckingggg


Wanting: 02:41 let go


Wanting: 02:41 all flowing…

Wanting: 02:41 fucking harddddddddddd


Wanting: 02:41 so wet

Waiting: 02:41 OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGODDDDDDDDD Wanting: 02:41 so naughty

Waiting: 02:42 SUCH A SLUT

Wanting: 02:42 a horny slut

Waiting: 02:42 A HORNY CUM SLUT

Wanting: 02:42 i want your panties – your lovely soiled panties


Wanting: 02:43 the pair inside you now? - pull them out slowly

Waiting: 02:43 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…WANT IT All the time

Wanting: 02:43 they r so wet

Waiting: 02:44 FUCKING SOAKED

Wanting: 02:45 mail them to me. SOON!

Wanting: 02:45 i want to wear them

Waiting: 02:45 will dooo

Wanting: 02:45 and smell you in them

Waiting: 02:45 I want you to stuff them in your own wet cunt

Wanting: 02:46 and rub them on my pussy when we're together

Waiting: 02:46 yesssssssssssssssss

Wanting: 02:46 careful not to put your address on the package – need to protect our privacy – when they arrive I will put them inside me - think of you as i do it

Waiting: 02:47 mmmmmmmm..wish we were together again now

Wanting: 02:47 me too - was your orgasm better than with him?

Waiting: 02:47 OH FUCK YESSS

Wanting: 02:48 cool! – shit, look at the time – gotta sleep. – same time tomorrow?

Waiting: 02:48 no...not tomorrow hon – Daddy and I have Uncle Ned's party to attend.

Wanting: 02:49 DAMN! – that's too bad – look really have to go…bye Mom – LOVE YA!

Waiting: 02:49 Bye baby…love you too...

As I reluctantly shut down the computer and savor the warm, wet sensation between my legs, once again, for an instant I think of my husband sleeping just above my head. Safe, steady… Loving and totally trusting in me. The thought almost makes me ashamed… Almost, but not quite.

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