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War of Words


Written after watching 'The Haunting', with some vampire erotica thrown in for good measure. Wrote this to cheer someone up one day, I think it worked too.

* * * * *

Malek pushed open the great oak doors to the main hall, as if they were made of paper, despite them being over twenty feet high and over five inches thick. Sofia glanced in the direction of the noise and saw him standing at the door. The blue moon cast a shadow of his silhouette, as the reverberations of the boom were sent to the very foundations of the mansion.

There was a storm raging behind him and rain poured as he turned and slammed the doors shut effortlessly. He strode across the hall to where Sofia sat on a great couch by the fire, dripping rain. She grinned as he approached, silently pleased that he had been drenched to the skin in the rain, for how they loved to see each other in some form of predicament! A slow smile spread across her face as he took off his overcoat and threw it on the couch opposite her with a loud slap.

"Sorry, got called away on business for a moment," he sat down, spreading his arms along the back of the couch and frowning at the raging fire, "You were lucky, Sofia, I was about to say some really nasty stuff..." he grinned and glared at her from the corner of his eyes, stretching his legs out in front of his and crossing his ankles. 'let the battle begin' she though wryly, looking into the fire as he did. "Not nasty about me, surely?" There were others, milling around the great hall, in the dining room and other rooms, she could hear laughter and music. Malek's betrothed, Kerin, was also there, standing in the middle of the room. Malek saw her, and with a wave of his left hand, produced a shimmering gold ball of light and, pointing it at her, the light went to her and transformed itself into a version of himself, perfect in every detail, to entertain her while he exchanged words with Sofia, who herself had answered a question of how he can be in two places at once...

She often forgot just how powerful he actually was. His 'image' danced sensuously with his fiancé. "She can't see me here" he said, matter-of-factly. He glared at Sofia. She was wearing a floor length crushed velvet gown, with long sleeves, of the deepest blue. Her glossy long brown hair flowed across her creamy shoulders. She wore no jewelry, did not care for such decorations. For anyone who knew, a vampire's skin was luminous enough and highly sensitive. Malek knew this, glaring at her throat, grinning devilishly. Bored, she cast her gaze across the room, amused by the Malek illusion casting shadows across the great tapestries on the wall, the stained glass ceiling and the roaring lions on the mantle of the fire. She shut out the noise and the echoes of other people in the room, tuning in only on Malek and the fire to her left. A mortal could not have approached this great fire, but to Malek and Sofia, it cast only a slight warmth over them.

Sofia sipped her bloodwyne, smiling to herself at the war of words which was about to take place between them. She had not fed that evening, and her temper was dangerously short. Dangerous to most apart from Malek, who was immensely more powerful than she. Sofia feared him, but never allowed him to see her fear. They were too alike, these two vampires who flourished as undead, magical, hypnotic beings - who fed ravenously and without remorse, on any mortal who crossed their paths. Yet they were both sensualists, seeking new feelings, emotions and reactions wherever they went.

"Well Sofia, I would show you what real love is, could give you images now in your mind, but I don't think you could bear that... "

"I have my own images, Malek....same comment,"

"Aha..okay, how bout trade eh?"


"Why?" he asked, with an amused smile, "With whom is your love shared?" she loved his accent, and his curiosity. "Like you said before Malek, neither trust the other, and I'm not telling you who.....some would surprise you," He leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees.

"Sofia yes, but I am not others, I am Malek..." he looked to the floor, tracing the design of the Persian rug in between them. ..."and anyway" he continued without looking up..."Mine would be far more stimulating my dear!" Sofia almost choked on her drink at this, and her eyes went to the huge domed ceiling where the rain hammered against the glass. Refusing to be drawn into this childs play, but she knew she would find it irresistible.

"Yes dear...it probably is, but I won't compete with you, Malek," she heard laughter and her eyes moved to Malek's fiancé. "Scared?" he asked, chuckling. But her attention was elsewhere and Malek followed her gaze. Malek's apparition produced a cherry and popped it into his mouth, kissing her as they danced. Sofia raised an eyebrow. "Cherry?" she grinned and looked back at Malek, whose look told her he was now on the defensive. "What's wrong with a cherry? I like to SUCK juice from her mouth...the last time she nearly choked me." he laughed now and crossed his legs casually, but he had bitten. She went with the opportunity. "Try strawberries and cream next time, at the other -" she huffed, amused at herself. "Never mind" she finished her drink and reached down for the decanter to pour another. "Okay Sofia, so no trade eh?" he licked his fangs, "Well, you don't know what you are missing." She placed the decanter back on the floor and leaned back into the couch, curling up again. "I'll just sit here and watch the show......I like watching," her words cut through the air, "Dream on, Malek," he laughed at her. The usual excitement was there, but he sensed arousal in her. Sofia knew he could feel that and she relished it. He wondered to himself how he suddenly felt a pang of guilt at the possibility of taking Sofia, hours before he was due to wed.

He smiled to himself, watching Sofia breathing - which she did not need to do. Vampires breathe only to express themselves - anger, remorse, lust. There was an alluring quality about her when she was like this. Becoming angered, resisting desire. He would play with her some more.

Sofia was watching his betrothed. She wished to be her, dancing, but did not show it, merely a look of disdain on her face.

"Oh, do I sense anger here?" he baited her, "Well, okay, a question. How much time did you and your man...well, you know...? let me see, twenty or thirty minutes?" he raised an eyebrow and roared with laughter. Sofia uncurled her legs as if she were about to get up, but she did not. She shook her head slowly and Malek could not tell whether her face had slightly reddened. Could have been the fire, or the blood she was sipping from her goblet.

"Ohhh, you-…Malek!"

"Ha! so it is true!...ah man, only half an hour!..." she went along with it. "No, three minutes is too much for me, Malek" her eyes narrowed and she gripped her goblet a little tighter. Small gestures, which told Malek he was touching the required nerve. "THREE minutes? and you want ME to be YOUR slave?!" he shook his head seriously, "I do it for two hours or I don't do it!" Sofia blinked slowly. "I was joking Malek, could you go for four?" she smiled slowly. "Four? ...well...with right woman...maybe I could....why do you ask?" he got up, padding across the rug and reached for her decanter, not taking his eyes from her. "Just curious."

"Aha...okay..looking for possible candidates for a slave?" he laughed over his shoulder as he walked back to his seat on the couch opposite. This evening was going to be most enjoyable, he thought to himself, smugly. Sofia was watching the dancing couple again, deciding to direct her chiding comments at them.

"Anyway...time you two got a room," she laughed, pointing toward the staircase behind her. "There's plenty of them up there, the blue room, the red room, the music room, plenty of choice," Malek shrugged, "Well, we had fiery sex last night so....not until wedding," his voice lowered to a whisper and he grinned wickedly, "Which is tomorrow."

"Shame, you could have had her in every room," he shrugged again at her remark, "Well, we did it in a few places..in different poses....we were all around the room...big room," he gulped his drink and gestured, "On the bed, on the wall, on the floor.-" she laughed, interrupting him, "You like playing with fire, don't you Malek"


"Yes, playing with?"

"Me? Noooooo, why do you think that?" he knew what she meant, but wanted he so much to admit that she wanted him, and was jealous. Sofia sensed this and changed her tactics. She would play along, and see how far she could tempt him before he backed down. She smoothed down her velvet gown and continued. "I'm thinking hot candle wax, actually, but never mind."

"Ha!...I like that one," he sensed the change in her and it surprised him. He at least thought that she would persist that she did not want him. "Still thinking?" he asked. She smiled again slowly. "Yes...I was actually...bastard" she would let him think that he is succeeding. "Thinking how good I would be in bed?" he laughed, pushing her further to her admission, wanting her. But he would make her admit it. "No Malek, I was thinking how good I WOULD BE." she leaned forward and raised her voice as she said this. "Aha...I see. For me?" he chuckled, shaking his head. He stood up and walked toward the fire. The sheer size of it enthralled even him. The fireplace was over twenty feet across and over ten feet high. The massive stone mantle had two huge lion statues which were over three times life size. This light from the fire and the shadows cast in the great hall made them move and blink and snarl. Sofia watched his form. Tall, with the strongest of shoulders. Long wild mane of hair which had begun to dry in the heat of the fire. Big hands, one clasped around his drink, and the other placed casually at his back. He kicked at a coal which had fallen out of the fire. Oh, she imagined. She had never been resisted such as this and the thought crossed her mind again as to whether she had finally met her match. She was becoming irritated that he did not want her. Well, she did not now want him!

"Why do you think I would pale into insignificance? Don't think so...anyway, shut up because realistically, it's not going to happen."

"Did I maybe say that I want it?" he snapped back at her. She clenched her teeth in annoyance and looked away, defeated, with an unconvincing laugh. "Okay, okay, you win." she reached down and set her goblet down on the floor and folded her arms, huffing. He turned around and looked down at her, mocking concern. "Hehe....are we blushing there?...ashamed, angered girl?" She hated it when he referred to her as girl, or child. But secretly, it warmed her somehow. He was, after all, thousands of years older than she. Her arms were still folded, and she pressed her arms into herself. "I give up...you're too good for me," but she knew Malek would not now let the subject rest and she began to feel vulnerable. Her bare foot tapped on the floor, slowly. "And anyway...I think you like ashamed and angered!" she chided. "Well, I was just talking to you here...I did not want to accomplish anything" he walked back to his seat and sat down. "No, of course not, Malek, you're toooo nice for that" He looked at her thoughtfully, his eyes narrowing. "You think I like ashamed and angered?...well, when the girl is like that before sex..." Sofia shot him a glance as if to call his presumptuous. "Uh!, " his eyes rolled upwards and he smiled broadly, "That is great, man! she is then ready to eat you alive!" he was laughing at her. And her frustration was increasing with every remark. How she loved his accent though!

"You think I am trying to do something with you Sofia? " he questioned, innocently "Creature, do not flatter yourself!" His remarks cut through her again and she felt her fangs beginning to extend against her will, as she would not admit to herself that she was being so fully rejected. Yet she knew she was.

"Have I confused you now?" Malek asked, but he was ruthless. "I wonder, young vampires, how they are in bed...hmmmm" he jumped up, laughing, his blue eyes shining with inhuman strength and power. He paced up and down on the rug in front of her, oblivious to the pain he was now causing her. "Malek!" she shouted now, "Stop it!" her hands began to tremble for too many emotions were now washing over her. He was winning. "Stop what? you think I am not ready for that?"

"I'm NOT going to inflate your ego and say it, PIG! " she spat, glaring at him. If this was to get nasty, then so be it. She shifted and sat at the other end of the couch, away from his pacing. "Aha...okay brat, pig, bastard, hmmm, what else? So that is how you young creatures get a man into bed!" he laughed pacing and looking down at her. "No...nothing like that." she was tired of this now, and wanted to give up and admit she had failed. So, she would not have this man. He was to be married anyway. "I said it would inflate your ego, not diminish it!"

"Inflate? Sofia! I have no ego! It would hurt toooo much!" he feigned a heart attack and fell to his knees on the rug, laughing. She swallowed, not amused. "Your ego is HUGE and it doesn't need to be any bigger!" he sensed a chink in her armour. Staying on the floor just across from her he calmed, and asked, "Why do you think my ego is huge? Because I like to tease you?"

"No." she said flatly, refusing to make eye contact with him, but staring at the fire instead, wanting to vanish now. To go hunt. She was miserable. "Then what?" he chuckled quietly, oh how he loved her suffering. "Is your companion not pleasing you my dear?" he leaned back on his hands, "I am sorry," he shrugged, "What can I say?" her blew her a kiss, laughing. She could not believe he could be so cruel. She was pinned here, defenceless.

"No," she said quietly, wishing Malek would now stop. "He's fine"

"Okay " he tipped his head to one side "so you did it already with him?" his eyebrows raised, an assumed, inaccurate answer coming to him, "Sofia!! You are a virgin!! Ahhhhhh, okay" he winked, "I will not say another word. A virgin vampire!"She glared down at him, annoyed.

"No no, " she laughed quietly, unconvincingly "Keep going for as long as you like Malek...making me angry. I quite like it " As she said it, she realised that she did. No one had ever before matched her in her game. Vampires often played with each other this way, but usually they fell helplessly in love with Sofia, and she grew bored with them. It was her, she realised, who was as chiding and relentless as Malek. Now she realised just what it was like to be on the receiving end. And it excited her more than she had expected. No, this was not anger. It was out and out unashamed lust!

"Well, if it makes you feel better, I heard virgin vampires are better in bed sometimes than..." He roared with laughter, lying down on the rug, then jumping up again as if he had too much energy that night and had nothing to do with it. He was to be married imminently, and she could tell that this excited and nerved him. He was a restless mortal child on Christmas Eve. "Hmmm." she looked thoughtful, wondering whether to end this conversation and just tell him. "What?" he stopped mid-pace, looking at her expectedly, smiling innocently. "Stop it Malek! or you'll fall through very thin ice!" He shrugged, "I can swim...and I like ice, more than fire!" She jumped up and he backed away to the couch as if she had pushed him onto it, but she hadn't, "Okay shut up because you are…..are….turning me on!!!...there" her breast heaved under her gown and she clenched her fists, she would not leave his gaze. "Uh? I am? " he smiled innocently, still playing. "Me….OLD Malek? he laughed again. With this Sofia fell to her knees on the rug and placed her hands over her ears and squeezing her eyes shut.

"PIG!" but she began to smile. She let go of herself and shook her head, smiling up at Malek as if to admit something. That she was being truthful. That she wanted him. He shook his head and smiled down at her,"But you don't like to be turned on?" she laughed at this, putting her hands over her ears again as if begging him to shut up, "I never tried to...okay maybe a bit...because I feel particularly evil tonight," he smiled wickedly. "It matters not, Malek" she sighed with relief that the onslaught had ceased. Okay he knew, she knew. So what if he didn't want her. If you don't ask...She looked up at him. "Yes, you are evil tonight aren't you?" she shrugged and reached across for her goblet and decanter, turning her back to him for a moment. Whilst she did so, he slid down on the rug behind her silently, and when she returned he was at her ear. "Yes...I am" She was startled at his closeness, but composed herself and poured herself a drink. He reached back and retrieved his goblet and held it out. Her hand trembled as she poured and he saw this, smiling slightly but saying nothing. He drank greedily and she watched him, before drinking from her own. He placed his empty goblet down and faced her, licking the blood from his lips.

"Not the same is it? Cools so quickly." he watched her sip from her goblet and then took it from her, taking a mouthful, swirling it about his mouth before he swallowed. Sofia was suddenly in awe of him, watching his lips drink, his tongue and his sharp fangs when he smiled. He placed the goblet down gently and, leaning back on one arm, he made to stroke her cheek with the other and she moved slightly. "Sweet vampire." he whispered. She now so desperately wanted to kiss him. To taste the blood on his mouth. To taste his blood. She relented, swallowing nervously, and he brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. The touch was electric for both. Finally. He drew in a breath and placed his hand around her neck, pulling her head to his. Sofia was breathless as his lips touched hers, holding back still.

He drew back to look at her, now suddenly serious. "God help me," he whispered and he went to her, kissing her lips, face, neck and breast. She gasped, holding herself up with one arm and placing the other on his cheek. Her elbow faltered and, sensing this, Malek pushed her down onto the rug, laying on his side. Both her hands now were on his face as he kissed her, not wanting him to stop, feeling no triumph, but simply feeling elated that he was to be with her, if only for that evening. She still held back though. Vampires were unpredictable. He buried his head in her neck, licking her there and she braced gently for him to drink, but he drew back.

"Not yet Sofia....not..." he sighed "Not here" She looked confused at this and he smiled, "Many rooms remember? Your words child." she breathed out, smiling.Malek gathered her up in his arms and stood effortlessly, as if he did not need to stand at all, merely float. She held on to his neck, liking this feeling. He was almost like a father to her, except now. He walked across the great hall, to the staircase. Sofia was impatient and kissed his neck and cheek, stroking the back of his neck. He faltered, as if to take her there - but strode up the staircase and now one of the halls leading off. Cast in black marble, each of the doorways were ornately decorated with carved animals or faces of children, trimmed with platinum. She held on to him tighter,

"Malek " she whispered quietly but breathlessly, "This one!" He kicked open a door and stepped over the threshold. As he turned to kick it closed again, she struggled out of his arms, pulling him against her, the force closing the great door behind them. Her mouth was on his again and this time he did not hold back, kissing her with such desperation. It entranced him he lifted her from the waist, pinned against the door and her legs went around his waist. Such sweet hunger was theirs. He placed a finger at the top of her gown and he traced it down the front - the fabric immediately falling away like dust, and she was naked underneath. "Malek!" he looked angered, but was not. He closed his eyes as if to surpress his desire, as she pulled his robes away. He groaned, pushing her up against the door even harder. There was no light in the room and the storm had ceased. Their naked bodies gleamed in the moonlight, which was now streaming in through the leaden window. He cupped a hand on her breast and she could feel his excitement. He caught his breath, scraping a fang against her skin.

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