tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWarlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 04

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 04


The Warlock woke up on his bed and stretched. He glanced at the bedside clock and wondered what had woken him up this early in the morning. Just as he closed his eyes, his doorbell rang. He groaned in frustration and kicked the sheets off. As he stood up, he began quietly chanting an orb of heat spell. Whoever woke him was in for a world of hurt. He knew it was a muggle annoyance as he had the Halliwells put up alarms that warned him of magic users approaching his tenement. The only exceptions to the alarm were his recently enslaved Halliwells themselves.

He got to the door just as the bell rang again. He took a calming breath and waived a hand over the crystal orb by the door. The clear orb turned foggy for an instant before revealing an image of Paige Matthews and Phoebe Halliwell. The Warlock frowned and opened the door.

"Didn't I order you to let me sleep in this morning," he inquired with a tone of exasperation.

The girls squirmed uncomfortably for a moment before Phoebe spoke up, "I had a premonition about Piper and Leo." The Warlock wordlessly stepped aside and gestured them in. Both the girls had sundresses on and the Warlock admired the way those clung to their bountiful curves as they entered his home.

"What did you see," he inquired businesslike.

"I saw Piper startled to tears by a phone call, then Leo was in a robe against a cloudy sunset backdrop and then Paige floated around the Manor in white robes," said Phoebe in a small voice.

The Warlock approached the girl and laid a hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. "What did you feel," he asked tenderly.

Phoebe visibly relaxed under his touch and sighed, "I felt Piper's loss and loneliness, and resentment at Leo and the concept of duty. I also felt a sense of triumph from Paige."

The Warlock looked Paige over. "Are you practicing your healing as I showed you," he asked.

"Yes, Master," she answered and broke in a toothy grin, "As a matter of fact, I finally did it!" Her exclamation was met with raised eyebrows from both the Warlock and Phoebe. "Shall I demonstrate," Paige asked with all the reserve of a nine year old hopped up on sugar. The Warlock nodded his assent with a skeptical look. Paige went to the kitchen and got a small knife she unceremoniously drew across Phoebe's shoulder.

The girls had been brought to orgasm just the night before, in a wild orgy the Warlock was currently recovering from. The original willpowers still in their noggins could not interfere with the proceedings. Phoebe flinched nonetheless and brought her hand up to the gash.

Paige gently moved her hand away and placed hers above the wound. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Nothing happened for a while, but then, a soft glow began to suffuse Phoebe's shoulder and the wound was completely healed in but an instant. Phoebe gingerly touched the unbroken flesh, while the Warlock openly gaped.

Paige smirked, "See? A proper whitelighter," she boasted.

The gears in the Warlock's head turned back to the premonition. "So, Leo becomes and Elder," he mused aloud and added to Phoebe, "That's what the sunset in your vision means, he will fill the recently vacated post of Warden of the West Wind. That will mean he will have to split from Piper, leaving her alone and vulnerable. And," he pointed to Paige, "the premonition must mean you will be appointed their new whitelighter. This is absolutely fantastic," the Warlock cackled.

Phoebe's cell phone rang. She instantly held her hands up to shush the others as the ring tone was the one she assigned to Piper. "Hiya, Piper, what's up? Uh huh, uh huh, nooo... really... uh huh... oh, well, he... um, I'm not... Yes, yes, I... ok," Phoebe rolled her eyes as she struggled to get a word in edgewise. She pressed the button to mute her microphone and said to the Warlock, "Leo's been called away on a mission for several days, she feels abandoned." She re-engaged her microphone and began to say words of comfort to her sister.

The Warlock mentally reviewed his original plan for enslaving Piper Halliwell. This development fit in perfectly. If anything, it accelerated his plans. He pulled Paige away from her sister's conversation and ordered her to fetch Prudence. Paige left the apartment, which was warded against orbing and went to the empty storage room down the hall she routinely used. He gulped down another vial of the sexual endurance potion.

The Warlock gestured Phoebe into his den and whispered to her to be supportive lest she arouse any suspicions in Piper. In a matter of minutes, a knock was on his door. He looked to his orb and saw Paige and Prudence. He opened the door and ushered them in.

Prue was wearing a white, men's shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He ordered the girls to take off their shoes and then knelt before Paige. He grasped the hem of Paige's dress and began pulling it up, revealing her red thong. He stood up and pulled her dress off, helped by her raised arms. He tossed it aside and grasped her large, pale breasts in each hand. Paige tilted her head back and moaned in appreciation.

He gave her tits a few playful squeezes before pinching her nipples until they were hard. Prudence watched everything with unconcealed interest. She was ordered to find her sisters sexually attractive, after all. The Warlock licked Paige's nipples and she tangled her hands in his hair. He could smell her arousal. He murmured into her bosom and Paige giggled with delight. He walked her to his bed and pushed her to lie down. He turned and beckoned Prue over with a raised hand.

Prue hopped to him and he began unbuttoning her shirt. Prue's excited breathing made her breasts heave more and more as the buttons were popped. The warlock was disappointed to see her tits encased in a black bra, so he ripped the rest of her shirt open. Prue tugged the sleeves off and he reached around to undo the clasp on her bra. She was now topless and he flicked a finger against each nipple, causing her to yelp. He quickly undid her jeans and she started to wiggle out of them. He ran his fingers around her breasts, touching her skin with just the very tips of his fingers. Prue shuddered in excitement.

She responded to the tickling by putting a hand on his stomach and snaking it into the tent in his boxers. She grasped his hardening shaft and gently pulled it out. She gave it a few pumps as he ran his hands down her sides to grasp her buttocks. "Get on the bed," he whispered into her ear, "and eat the redhead out."

Prue gave a small nod as he stepped aside. She put one knee on the bed and reached up to Paige's thong. Paige lifted her hips allowing herself to be stripped. The Warlock grasped Prue's thong and pulled it down at the same time. Prue tossed aside Paige's thong and stepped out of her own. Paige scooted down on the bed, her pussy dripping with her juices. The Warlock enjoyed the way her breasts jiggled and dropped his boxers. Prue reached out and started to run her hand over Paige's groin. The Warlock made Prue get on the bed on all fours and reached around to her erect clit. He gave it a few flicks and then dipped a finger into her tunnel. She was sopping wet and the Warlock aligned his cock with her pussy and shoved in roughly, holding her firmly by the hip.

Prue's back arched at the penetration and she lifted her head to the ceiling as she issued a moan of delight. The Warlock put one hand in her hair and forced her head down to Paige's pussy. He began to pull out and then push back in, going deeper each time until he hilted himself in the slick vice of her pussy. Prue moaned into Paige's belly with each thrust. Paige played with her nipples as she frowned at the Warlock. The Warlock gave Prue a sharp smack on the rear and she instantly opened her mouth and began to lick Paige's outer lips.

The Warlock set a fast rhythm pistoning in and out of Prue's wet pussy. Prue moaned continuously as the jolting made her unable to do any more than penetrate Paige with her tongue and transmit the vibrations that way. The Warlock put some english in his thrusts and let go of Prue's hair to flick her clit. The room echoed with the sounds of moans, grunts and smacks of flesh hitting flesh for a minute or two before Prue's orgasmic wail interrupted.

The Warlock paused his thrusts to enjoy the sensations of Prue's pussy milking his cock in orgasm. After her orgasm finished, Prue tried to catch her breath, only for Paige to pull her head back down. The Warlock resumed his thrusts and knew he was close, his balls tightened. He hilted himself in the sopping wet vice of Prue's pussy and unleashed all his seed. Prue felt the additional heat and twitching in her belly and she came for the second time. Her body spasmed in pleasure as she saw stars behind closed eyes.

When her contractions ended, the warlock removed his still hard cock from her pussy. It was covered in his seed and her juices. He lay down on his bed, next to Paige and pulled Prue's head up. "Help Paige sit on my cock," he ordered. Prue complied and positioned Paige above his cock. "No," he stopped them, "Other hole." Paige adjusted her position as Prue held his slimy cock upwards.

Paige felt the hot flesh press against her ring. She carefully began to lower herself. The pressure was painful, but she managed it. In a matter of moments, the head popped through her anus and she felt a burning sensation. She took a few calming breaths as Prue distracted her by playing with her nipples. The Warlock gave Paige a smack on her rear and she took a deep breath and let it out as she lowered herself further down his shaft. The pain ebbed and was replaced by pleasure as her muscles relaxed.

Her buttocks soon rested on his hips and her sphincter tried to envelop the last inch of meat that was still outside. Prue leaned in and french kissed Paige. Paige began to slide up and down the turgid shaft in her bowels, while Prue penetrated her pussy with two fingers. Paige gasped in pleasure as Prue put her thumb on the redhead's clit. Prue's deft touch soon brought Paige to orgasm. Paige fell down heavily on the Warlock and took his whole cock in her bowels. Paige's anus tightened around the base of his cock and he came, spurting jets of hot cum. Heat exploded all over the redhead's body and she lost her breath.

Prue removed Paige from their master, leaving his cock to deflate in the suddenly cold air of the room. He stood up and got a drink of water from the kitchen. When he came back, Paige was kneeling next to Prue, who was lying on the bed, propped up on her elbows. Paige's hand was rushing in and out of Prue's pussy in a frantic rhythm and the Warlock noticed his cock hardening again as Prue squeezed her breasts and Paige leaned forward to lick on her rosy nipples.

Phoebe came out of the den and gazed hungrily at the sight of her sister and half-sister on the bed. "Report," the Warlock ordered.

"Piper is crying over Leo answering the Elder's call and not staying with her. I calmed her down some."

"Alright," he said, "after I make you come, we'll take Piper and bring this whole thing home." He pulled Phoebe's dress off and began to knead her large breasts. Her nipples were already erect and he pulled on them gently, eliciting soft mewls from the short statured beauty. The Warlock led Phoebe to his bed and plopped her down right next to Prue, who was moaning loudly. He pulled off Phoebe's panties and put a finger to her pussy. She was already creaming. He began to lick at the sweet nectar already there and more soon flowed forth.

Prue pulled Paige's face up to hers and gave her a big kiss just as Paige's fingers sent her over the edge into another paroxysm of ecstasy. She gushed juices into Paige's hand and her whole body undulated with waves of pleasure. Spent, Prue lay back and closed her eyes with a dreamy sigh.

The Warlock licked his way up Phoebe's flat belly to find her licking Prue's juices off Paige's hand. He was rock hard so he guided himself into Phoebe and began to slowly plow her pussy open. Phoebe yelped as he gained each inch of penetration until he bottomed out in her. He held still for a moment before pulling out and then ramming himself back in. Paige's hands were busy stroking Phoebe's breasts as she pulled the redhead's face in for a kiss. Phoebe understood that her Master meant for this to be a quick fuck so she did everything she could to accelerate her orgasm. She snaked a hand between herself and the Warlock and started to gently stroke her clit.

Soon, Phoebe climaxed with a torrent of juices slipping out of her pussy. Her whole body arched in pleasure, ramming her head into the mattress. Paige let go of Phoebe's breasts and the Warlock saw the white pressure marks of Paige's fingers contrast to the crimson Phoebe's orgasm brought to her ample tits. The contractions of Phoebe's pussy finally got him off and he shot his load into her. After he caught his breath, he pulled out of Phoebe and ordered Prue to lick him clean.

"Alright, girls," the Warlock said, after a while, "It's time to bring the last of you into the fold. Get cleaned up, you all smell of sex, and let's do this just as we planned." The girls nodded their assent and filed into the bathroom to wash. The Warlock lay back and turned his head to observe the sisters gently run wet washcloths over one another's sweaty flesh. Even if he had not taken the potion earlier today, he would be rock hard from that sight alone. He sighed and got up to summon the possessing spirit.

Paige and Piper orbed into the storage room, just down the hall from the Warlock's apartment. Paige opened the door and carefully peered out, then led Piper down the hall to where Prue and Phoebe awaited them.

Prue regarded Piper's red rimmed eyes with concern. "Are you alright, Piper," she whispered.

"Yes, yes," lied Piper, also in a whisper, "I'll be fine. It's nothing." She looked Prue up and down, "I'm glad to see you've finally gotten some sleep. Now, what's this about a remnant of the Cult of the Ancients hiding out somewhere? Didn't we vanquish them all, just the other week?"

"There is still the instigator of the whole thing," whispered Prudence ominously, "He's a powerful warlock possessed by a demon, and he hides out in that apartment there." Prudence pointed to the Warlock's apartment. "We can't scry into his apartment, and Paige can't orb inside either." Piper gave Paige a surprised look and Paige solemnly nodded. Prue continued whispering, "We need to overpower the warlock, bind him into a circle to remove the demon from him and then vanquish him. After that, we are truly done with these lunatics. Are you ready for this, Piper?"

Piper steeled herself and nodded before tying her long, straight, brown hair into a tight ponytail.

"Good," whispered Prue, "here's the plan. Phoebe will guard the hall and make sure no innocents happen by. Paige will orb the bolts holding the door closed and I will open it, then you," Prue pointed at Piper, "step in and freeze the entire apartment. We enter and clear every room of any nasties and subdue the warlock if we find him, if not, we lay in wait with a trap."

Piper smiled, "It would be nice to finally be the ones that set the trap instead of spring it, but wait, are you sure you'll be able to open the door?"

Prue frowned. "Piper, I'm not gonna kick it open, I'm gonna, you know," Prue gestured with her hands.

Piper nodded repeatedly, "Right, right, right, your power, I gotcha. Ok, let's do this. I'm ready." The girls looked at each other and assumed their positions in front of the door and in the hallway. Piper was itching for some vanquishing. Leo promised to be with her forever and then just up and left within a minute of getting the call. She hoped her anger wouldn't cause her to blow away half the building if it came to that.

After a nod from Prue, Paige orbed a few bolts into her hand and Prue gave the door a reproachful stare. The door instantly pivoted wide open and stopped just short of slamming into the wall. Piper took one step inside and froze the whole apartment. Prue put her hand on Piper's back and they advanced inside, crouched like commandos. The apartment was unremarkable in all respects and the girls soon saw there was nobody inside. Paige closed the door and orbed the bolts back into place.

"Ok," said Prue, "we need to inscribe and bless the circle, Piper, you stand guard and freeze the warlock if he comes in while we're doing this."

Piper nodded and stood guard by the door. The other three girls quickly inscribed a circle and laid about herbs and objects needed for the ritual. They stepped inside and each joined her left hand with the right hand of the girl to her right, forming a triquetra. They began a chant in a language Piper didn't understand. She frowned with the memory of their battle against the rest of the cult. A chill went up and down her spine. She felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She stood with feet apart and arms at the ready and stared at the door, expecting all hell to break loose at any moment. She was starting to feel a bit queasy.

Tense seconds passed, marked only by the repetitions of the chant from inside the circle, when Piper finally understood. The girls were chanting from inside the circle. A circle was only blessed from the inside if a witch sought to be protected from something by said circle. If a witch wanted to exorcise a demon, she needed to bless the circle from without.

"Guys, guys," she said urgently, "You're doing this all wrong!" Piper's protests were cut off by a sudden and overwhelming pain erupting from her midsection. Her belly muscles cramped up and doubled her over, driving the breath from her lungs. The pain spread throughout her body, feeling like every one of her bones was being ground up into fine powder. Her jaw locked up and her legs buckled. The only thought Piper could form was that it felt like she was being ripped out of her own skin. The pain became a blindingly hot explosion in her head, denying her sight and sound. She had no idea how long it lasted, but the pure agony was so strong, she found herself wishing she would just die and be done with it.

Just as suddenly as it felled her, the horrible agony abated. She took a deep breath and realized she was on the floor. She hadn't noticed falling over, but she did notice she was exhausted and dizzy. She wiped the sweat off her brow and looked to her sisters. They were smiling in triumph. Piper opened her mouth to say something, but was startled by the sound of the door opening. A tall, brown haired man wearing a shirt and jeans entered the apartment and locked it behind himself.

Piper snapped out of her misery and tried to utilize her power to freeze the Warlock. The Warlock turned around and smiled at her. Piper could only gape.

"Hello, Piper," said the Warlock. Piper again extended her arms towards him and tried to blow him up. Nothing happened. "Don't bother," he said and pointed behind her, "they bound your powers from you."

Piper stood up on wobbly legs, trying to assume a defensive crouch and was caught and steadied by Prue and Paige. "Guys, get him," she yelled desperately, "My powers are gone!"

"We know, Piper," said Prue softly, "We're the ones that took them from you."

Piper could only gape at Prue.

"We did it," whispered Paige right in her ear, "so you could become his slave, just like us."

Piper shuddered at the sexual tone in Paige's voice and the moist breath in her ear. This was a complete nightmare. She drew a deep breath and bellowed, "LEO!!! HELP!!"

The Warlock screwed up his features into an expression of displeasure and Prue put her hand over Piper's mouth. The apartment was warded against calling a whitelighter, but Piper was annoyingly loud. "Should we gag her," asked Paige.

The Warlock nodded. "Phoebe," he said, "Take off your panties, wad them up and gag Piper with them, then tie it all off with one of my neckties." Phoebe took off into the next room.

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