tagErotic HorrorWarmth in Infected Flesh

Warmth in Infected Flesh


My name is Ted Kerston. I found some paper and have decided to fill it with my thoughts and ramblings. You know, I used to root for the zombie apocalypse. I prepared for it. Making Go-Bags, learning skills like fire building, lock picking, using fire arms and how to create basic tools in the wilderness. It is true, some of those skills were VERY useful now that my "dream" came true. Now that everything around me has succumbed to fallout, I realize that it's not what I wanted. I mean, I could probably enjoy myself more if the zombies were lifeless, but these... zombies aren't as lifeless as the movies and tv shows made it out to be. Moaning because its throat is in rigamortis. Shambling towards you without coordination. Wet from puss and decay. The only human like quality left being the insatiable hunger glowing from the eyes. I am sure I could put a bullet in that, right? Like putting rounds in targets or playing a shooter. Putting a bullet in the head of a rotten hunk of meat should be easy...

That is not what I am dealing with. They can talk. They make you want to give yourself to them, at least they are convincing to me. They become more and more convincing every passing week. They promise that, "Everything is fine." "It won't hurt." "You'll be happy out here with us." Whispering their lies through the walls. Screaming it at night. Thankfully, they seem unable to concentrate enough to break into our strongholds. The only solace.

I would leave this place if I could. The other survivors have slowly been isolating me. They would have thrown me to the Horde if it was not because I have the only gun. Thank you, Go-Bag. Honestly, we would have starved by now without my knowledge and supplies, but they would never admit it. I am watched like a predator, like the wolf among sheep. I fear them more than they fear me. I am the only male among this sea of estrogen. They outnumber me 8 to 1. It is so hard to sleep with one eye open. I want to run, but I know they would catch me. I am fast, but my stamina will only last so long. I would be run down as soon as I stopped for breath, if I made it that far. There is not even anything close enough to sprint to. I have looked. Every building within sight of the roof has windows at street level, all broken open and full. I do not like the roof. Seeing the sky is nice though, but not worth the sights, sounds and smells of those below me.

The smell is the worst. It is wet, but not from decay. It stirs you to a boil. It's itchy and pungent. It isn't a bad smell. Not like death or rot or anything like that aroma of hot garbage that makes you want to vomit out the deepest parts of your soul. It stirs at the loins the strongest. I always seem to find my hand straying to my crotch, my pants growing tighter. I see the same effect in the women. We know though not to let it control us; that's what started this whole mess. I know that is why they fear me. The women expect me to break and rape them, like I am not aware that would stir the Horde up. The last thing we want is the sounds and smells of sex to entice a stampede. The Horde might be complacent now, leaving us be in our concrete prison, but the second we begin fucking, hell will break down our barricades. A comfort, masturbation seems to be ok. You should clean yourself and the mess you leave behind, less the smell bring a larger crowd, but still safe.

I suppose, I should detail the monsters we face. If you are reading this you know them already, but this chronicling of my thoughts helps distract me. There are two types of creatures: male and female. They all appear normal with very few clues to differentiate. Especially in the female. Most have lost their clothes, some ripped off some removed before hand. Tatters and the occasional sock are not unheard of. Even though the smells of the opposite sex seem to be the driving factor, they ignore each other. This wouldn't be a catastrophe if they attack each other, only piles of insatiable sex. The virus or whatever it is seems to only drive them to infect the uninfected. This virus seems to be a sexually transmitted disease, in that the only areas effected seem to be the groin.

The males pose no threat to me. It is if I am invisible. They also outnumber the female outside our home. I am assuming because of the number of human females present. That sounds like good news. I am still outnumbered 100 to 1. The males have an enlarged sack, looking like two grapefruits. I would guess that the virus takes up residence there, probably stirring up the hormones. They are less vocal than their counterparts hardly saying anything at all, but are significantly faster. They tend to be solo hunters only found in packs when following a scent, probably due to a common destination and not any sense of comradery. They are ferocious. Sprinting in bursts, stopping regularly I assume due to the sensitivity of their new endowments, but with a never-ending hunger to bury themselves in a human female, not afraid to share their target, filling every crack even going so far as masturbating over the scene. Whatever works to get their semen on her. Once spent, they leave her there to wallow in the infection soaked semen. Eventually, she rises and begins her hunt.

The females look no different, aside from being nude and walking unmolested during the apocalypse with an obscene amount of moisture dripping down their legs. The females are not as fast, but never stop. Whereas a male, within sight of you, will run you down, but will fall behind if you can create some distance, a female will constantly charge at you at a fast jog, never stopping. Constantly taunting you, begging for you to stop and come to them. They are worse than any porn star or prostitute with their cries. Whenever I am on the roof, their cries come on in force, touching themselves, being as provocative as possible. I do not know what happens if they were to catch me. I try not to think about it, but the thoughts come anyway whether I am awake or in my dreams. Sex. It must be. How else would the infection enter my loins? Why else would their thighs be dripping so much? I bet it feels amazing... No, I cannot think like that. I would lose my sanity. My humanity.


Putting down the burnt end of a stick I was using as a pencil, I roll the paper up and put it in my pack. It was becoming a little too hard to concentrate. I desperately wanted to masturbate. It seemed like my erection had been with me all day. I would see a doctor if there were even any left. In a few hours, most everyone would be asleep, only the night watch would be up. I could wait until then. Standing up, I walked around our enclosure. Some were already asleep. Mary gave me her hateful glare as I pasted. Fuck that bitch. I'd fuck that bitch. Dammit, I need to masturbate.

I did not want to do it but I headed up to the roof to check the watch. Opening the hatch, the smell hit me, like semen, sweat, sex, and lust. It was quiet tonight, until my head appeared over the rooftop edge, then they started. They sounded like they needed me. Like I was king and them my harem. I wish sweethearts. Lucy was glaring at me, saying something about ruining the night and Melissa was just smiling like I was Jesus come to save the world. I did not mean to ruin the calm, just checking perimeter. Everything looked good. So did Lucy. I was not horny enough for Melissa. I do not think I would ever be THAT horny. Bitch was a butter face without the body. Her personality was not great either. She stole my last chocolate too. Ignoring them, I walked to the edge and watched a couple of particularly hot zombs for future reference and headed back downstairs.

Fuck, three of them are still up. GO TO SLEEP!

Heading over to my corner, I check my belongings, making sure no one has gone through them. Everything was there so I settled in to wait. They were gossiping up a storm over there. Might be a long wait. From the occasional words that drift to me it seems like they are talking about their lost families or some other sentimental bullshit. Boring.


An hour later and now it was something about their lost pets and why they were their favorite. Still boring. Fuck it. I'll just wake up early and jerk it. I'm going to bed.

Keira, yes, ride me like a cowgirl. God this feels so good! It's been months girl! Fuck this stallion! Her hips were slapping me as she fucked me hard. Bouncing. Grinding. Her hips gyrating as I buck underneath her, making sure to thrust hard enough to bounce her hard on top of me. I was getting close. So close. She felt amazing. Her thighs were way thicker than they appeared in the movies... and her moan had changed... and now she looked like that fatty Melissa. Shit! This is not a dream. Melissa is really riding me and it really does feel like I am going to explode in her. Get off!

Pushing up hard on her chest causes her to moan loudly as my hands squeeze her tits. She keeps rocking hard grinding her clit into my hips as the rest of the rooms stirs. Mary was the first up. Running over to my corner and trying to pull Melissa off me. So close now. So close. I need to hold out. If I cum in her the horde will be worked into a frenzy. We will all die. So close. Mary is trying so hard to pick her up. She's screaming something about me cumming and killing us all. Well, no shit, hurry and get her off me! All she is doing though is helping Melissa to get longer harder strokes on me. It feels so damn good. I do not think I can hold out. Melissa is clinging to me now. Mary is still pulling. Rebecca is grabbing at my dick trying to pull me out, which is not helping me. The kids are crying in the corner. Lucy is now joining Mary at pulling, and then it happened. Melissa came. Hard. She squirted all over Rebecca and I. it was the sudden tightness that got me though. The combination of slickness and grip was too much. I lost it. It was the biggest load I have ever had. Gotta be a gallon at least. When the last drop was out, Melissa fell off me with a sigh, oblivious to the outrage around us. So was I for that matter. That orgasm was amazing. Melissa was a good fuck. That or everything tastes good when you are hungry.

The screams are what brought me out of it. Both male and female. The outrage in it. It was sending chills done my spine. The doors began to bulge. Groaning. Cracking. We had to get out of here. All the girls except Melissa ran for the door to help it hold. That was not going to do anything. They would get through. I had an escape plan though. I needed to get to the roof. Pulling my pants up, I grabbed my Go-Bag and took off. Melissa was protesting the hit and run. Fuck you bitch! You just raped me!

Out the hatch. Locked behind me with a piece of old pipe. Those rude bitches can stay and turn. Running to the southeast corner, the one with the closest roof, I took out my grappling hook. Thank you, Go-Bag. I missed the first few tosses. The cries from the building turning from horror to pleasure with one exception; I could see Mary at the hatch or at least her eyes. She was screaming something about killing me. Fuck her.

FINALLY! A HOOK! Tugging on the rope, it felt secure, so I tied it off to the air conditioning unit. Now for the fun part. Hooking one leg over the rope, my head facing my escape, I begin my cross. Making sure that I have three points of contact with the rope at all times, just as the internet said, or was that for rock climbing, whatever, I start my slow crawl over the gap. They have not noticed that I am above them yet. Must be concentrating on getting in the door.

I was about half way when I heard the hatch pop. Looking between my legs, at the edge of the wall, were my old survivor pals, now naked and covered in cum, and about twenty other women. The moans were loud and I did not need to see the kids acting that way. Makes me want to barf. I wished I could have saved them that at least, but that would have only gotten me caught as well. Keep going. Reach. Grab. Pull. Reach. Grab. Pull. I can hear them in the street below me now screaming to fall into their collective bosom. The promises of how soft they are and how comfortable I would be. Keep going dammit. Pull. Pull. Almost there, just a little more.

That's when I heard it behind me. More cries, almost lost in the others but these were happy. Like they were encouraging me. Leaning back made me almost lose my grip from shock. They were on the other roof too. I stopped. I had nowhere to go. My muscles were burning now. No options. No, no good options. I could try to make it back and let the girls I know and hate go at me, or I could continue and let this new group tear me apart. I want neither option. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Clinging to the rope, I made zero progress in either direction. I do not want to be a mindless STD carrier. I am getting so tired now...

Wait, that's it! There were not that many bellow me. Most of the girls were now in the buildings. There were about fifteen girls down there and about thirty guys. If I let go, I would either: die when I hit the ground, land on a male member of the horde and struggle free, or fall and break a leg and be unable to get away as they surround me. Two out of three are good odds. I waited until he walked under me, then, there was air. I fell about three seconds, head pointing down, in an attempt to kill myself if I missed him, but luck was on my side today. I struck him hard. He crumbled. I wasted half a second trying to figure out how to stand, then I was running, gun out, clearing a path before me with lethal precision. Thank you gun range.

I made it out of town, thanks in large part to the bike I used my last bullet to free from its chains. I rode hard until the moans and cries of my pursuers disappeared. After four more hours of pedaling, I finally collapsed. After finding a good place to hide, my eyes closed. I did not dream. Not even sure if I really slept either. I must have, because I was surrounded and pinned before my brain fully booted up. Seven. That was how many were on top of me. Clawing at my clothes. Sitting on my face, hands, and feet, grinding like I was a sex toy. I could not breathe or move. Vaguely, somewhere in my mind I registered my cock flying free, soft and flaccid. Probably because my brain lacked the oxygen to tell it to be otherwise. Light and air came rushing back to me.

In the moment the light hit me, I saw horror. Both of my feet were buried to the ankle in quivering flesh. The monsters were bouncing around like my feet were porn stars, screaming in pleasure. There was also a girl on each hand, shoving my fingers into herself or rubbing her clit with my knuckles. The last two girls had their faces buried in my crotch. One was sucking on the head of my expanding dick and stroking hard and fast, while the other was fingering my ass and licking my balls. Then there was darkness again, sweet and wet as my mouth and nose filled with lubricant. That moment of air brought sense to me. I could feel my dick now standing proud but strangely untouched. There were also screams and fighting and tussling from what I guess were the two girls at my crotch. There must have been a winner because I felt the warmth of her sheath slide smoothly to the hilt. It was a slow slide.

My assailants had stopped moving as well. Each quivering. It was not until I bottomed out that I was attacked again. The assault on my senses had me gasping without air. Everything was tingling. Everything was bliss. Everything was going dark. I did not want it to end. I have not even cum yet. Darkness. Pain in my chest. The light came back. As did the air and, oh God, the pleasure! Craning my neck, I buried my face back in the warmth above me. I need to taste more and I was going to have more. Nothing was going to keep me from this bliss. My balls were building, and I was so close to filling these Goddesses with my children. My hips were thrusting, bucking. She was grinding and bouncing. Everything was going dark again, but I would not let a thing like air stop me from emptying every, last, drop. So close. My lungs. Breathe. Almost.

I awoke with a start. Was that a dream? A good dream at that. So close to that wonderful happy ending. Laying in the cool air, I stroke my hard dick. Spitting in my hand for lubrication. I go at it worse than I ever did as a teen, but my release stays just out of reach. The pleasure starts to abate from my frenzied hands until I feel nothing. It is like my dick has gone numb. I need to cum. I need to bury this shaft in the first soft hole I can find. Find a girl. That's what I need. Find a girl. Fuck her brains out. Find a girl. Fuck her. Find. Fuck. Girl. Cum.

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