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I'm always watching. I watch everyone who comes into the gym where I work out. I watch because you never know might be watching back.

He came in late one afternoon on a Saturday. I watched him check in and go to the lockers. He glanced my way and held my gaze a little longer than usual before breaking away and continuing toward the lockers. My heart jumped. I watched for him to emerge in his workout clothes then quickly averted my eyes so he would think I was stalking him or something.

I finished a set of reps and glanced his way. He was watching me. Our eyes met again, a little longer than necessary. He looked away. We were playing a game we both knew so well.

I went to the bench press and moved some weights for my set up and then lay down on the bench. He came up. "You need a spotter?"

I glanced up at him, baggy shorts, clearly no jockstrap; "Thanks."

After a few reps I replaced the weights and sat up. "I'm Mike."


I wiped my face with my towel. "You're new here." More of a statement than a question.

"Yeah; my wife and I just moved to town a couple of weeks ago."

Married man on the prowl. I smiled at him. "Welcome to town. I think you'll like it here." I gave him the once over. His cock was semi-erect, pressing against his shorts.

"I can't stay very long today, just wanted to check the place out for a bit."

"Have you seen everything yet?"

"Almost. Are the showers any good?"

"Let me show you. I'm finished" I led him to the showers, grabbed a couple of towels, tossing him one, and motioned toward the back of the shower stalls. They were large enough for two people easily although each stall had only one shower head. Someone was thinking when they designed this.'

I started removing my sweaty workout clothes and he did the same. Finally I saw his cock, now more than semi hard, hanging down. Naked, I 'accidently' brushed against him in route to the showers. He followed and entered the stall next to mine. I soaped my cock, also more than semi hard, and wondered what he was doing. I was finishing up soaping my body when I heard him..... "Mike? Can you give me a hand?"

My heart pounded and I said, "Sure." I rinsed off all the soap and walked around the wall separating the two stalls. Don was standing with his back to me, hard ass staring me in the face. Hearing me, he turned around. He was stroking his cock nice and slowly, now fully erect. He smiled at me and I knelt before him and took his cock out of his hand. I stroked it slowly, while massaging his balls. I leaned in and took his knob into my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the tip. My hand pressed between his legs, which he parted farther, and a finger wiggled into his ass. His hands rested on my head and he began to moan.

After a few minutes he started fucking my mouth harder and I knew he was close to cuming. I redoubled my efforts, fingering his prostate, stroking and sucking his cock until he erupted in my mouth. I eagerly took all he gave and swallowed greedily. I finished up and stood before him, my own cock hard as nails. He grabbed my cock and squeezed it and started stroking it while looking into my eyes. He continued to stroke me as he spoke.

"Well, Mike. I think you and I are going to be good friends." While he spoke his other hand grabbed my cock. His eyes never left mine, so I didn't look down. He continued to tell me about himself while working my cock with his hands. It felt good. I listened as he spoke, watching the features of his face. Then he did something, I don't know what it was but it felt like electricity jolting though my cock; it pushed me over the edge and I exploded right then and there. Cum spurting up on Don's body as he reluctantly let go.

"What was that?" I asked, gasping for breath.

He smiled at me and left the shower.

I looked at my cock wondering what he had done, how he had done it. By the time I rinsed off, he was dressed and on his way out. "See you here tomorrow at three", he said.

I'd be there. I'd be watching for him.

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