When Stacy had moved into her apartment in the city the first thing she noticed about the building was its strange design, it was made up of two huge towers that were separated by an entrance lobby, some conference rooms and a garden. From the side of the tower where her apartment was she was stuck with the wonderful view of the other tower but she could look down at the beautiful garden.

One late autumn evening after a very stressful day trying to correct the problems that the rest of the company had made, Stacy decided to go down to the building's garden. Covering the whole garden was a tinted glass ceiling sheltering the plants from objects that may be dropped over the edges of the balconies. In the centre was a small rock waterfall letting the water gently tumble into the small pond, this was the only sound that could be heard through out the whole garden. This garden was the only relaxing place in the big city for Stacy and she often asked herself why she had moved here away from her parents while her gaze was lost in the waterfall.

All through her life she had be the best at what she did, she always got the highest marks in her class, all through high school and then into college. But she didn't just stay home and study, whenever there was a party she was invited and was liked by everyone. With a body like hers all the guys had asked her out but only a couple had measured up to her standards and with both of them she had grown bored of them quickly. Stacy knew that all the guys looked at her and wanted her, when ever she went out she was approached by all kinds of guys, but none of them interested her. They were all too interested in her looks, and too shallow for her, she craved something different, something mysterious.

While at the garden this time Stacy was asking herself why she couldn't find a man for her. She knew she had a body to die for, her 5'8" tall, 32 year old body was in great shape. Her hair was a light autumn brown and flowed down to her shoulders, it was a nice contrast to her dazzling bright blue eyes. Her skin was a beautiful soft brown and was completely natural which drove her two lovers wild because there wasn't a hint of a bikini line. She had the most provocative figure any man has ever seen, her ass was firm and nicely rounded just like her breasts. Just her voice often made men flustered when speaking to them on the phone at work, but none of them interested her in the slightest.

As black clouds filled the sky bringing an eerie darkness to the garden, the first spots of rain hit the glass roof, and as a roar of thunder echoed in the night sky it seemed to signal the hail that quickly hammered down onto the glass. Stacy decided to take a long hot bath and listen to some soft music in her apartment since it was too noisy at the garden now.

Once into the lobby Stacy heard the chime of the large clear clock positioned between the elevators and realised that she had lost track of the time and it were already 9pm.

While walking through the lobby across the marble floor Stacy spotted a figure carrying a large box labeled books. She turned back and held open the glass door for the mysterious person, and as she did her eyes met his for a couple moments making her tingle and warm through out her body, something she hadn't felt for a long time.

The man in her eyes was a smart handsome man who looked to be in his early twenties, with blonde hair smartly combed with a side parting. Stacy estimated his height to be about 6 foot 1 or 2, and as he passed through the door he smiled at her and in the sexiest voice she had heard, he thanked her. On the elevator ride up to her apartment, Stacy couldn't stop herself thinking about him, perhaps he is just moving in she thought to herself.

Once in the warmth of her apartment, Stacy searched for a nice slow sensual CD to listen to while in the bath. With the water running she slipped off her work clothes and looked at her body in the mirror, she could see that the trips to the gym were doing her good, as her fingers unconsciously found her hard erect nipples to play with. When the tub was full and there were enough soft bubbles for her liking Stacy slide into the steamy water, feeling so tense to start with but once her body had adjusted she completely relaxed.

Her eyes closed as she rubbed her soft coral sponge over her delicate skin, at the same time thoughts of the young gentleman that she had met earlier entered her mind. Stacy imagined that it were him giving her a sponge bath, exploring her entire body, every curve, finding her most sensitive areas and entering the bath to fill her desire. Soft moans and cries left her sweet tender lips, as a wave of orgasm came over her, with out realising it she had dropped the sponge and had inserted two fingers to tease her puffy pussy lips. When Stacy had come down she just laid there, her body tired and her fingers gently caressing her breasts and nipples.

After her bath, Stacy started to read a book that was recommended to her by a colleague it was a bit racy compared to the books that she usual read but the story line was there. Curled up in her favourite armchair wearing only a light peach silk robe reading Stacy didn't really pay much attention to the other apartments in the second tower that she could see from her window. Until that is she got up to get a drink, in the corner of her eye she could see a shadow of someone moving about in front of a window, she paused for a moment to study the silhouette. From the out line of the body it appeared to be a man, and after a few moments she realised that he was masturbating. A tingle ran through her body, she felt like she shouldn't watch but something was drawing her to it.

It must have been about 10 minutes later when the figure disappeared from the window and when she finally went to get her drink she found out how much just watching him had her wet. She had never thought of herself as a voyeur but thinking about it now got her even wetter. 'I will buy a telescope tomorrow' Stacy thought to herself, but first she was going to sort out her hot dripping pussy before she went to bed.

Feeling totally satisfied Stacy woke up the next day with a big smile on her face, she couldn't remember the last time that she had felt this good, and when she gets the telescope things could get more interesting, she thought with a wicked grin on her face.

While on her way to get the telescope, Stacy passed her favourite lingerie shop and decided to pop in and buy something sexy to wear while watching. She loved to wear silk because of the way it felt on her skin, especially when moving, and just when she thought there wasn't anything that she like she came across a bra and panties in red and black, so she smiled at the assistant and brought them. For some reason Stacy felt very hyper and very naughty, and to her it felt like people kept looking at her some how knowing that she was becoming a voyeur.

At the hobby shop where Stacy was going to buy her telescope she realised that she knew nothing about them but was a bit reluctant to ask for help because how does she ask the old guy at the till that she wants a telescope for spying on people in the tower opposite hers. While trying to think she didn't notice the guy approach her so when he asked if she needed any help she stuttered a yes, and said she wanted one to spot planets, not knowing how powerful it would be. Eventually one was found that was the right power and would fit in with the rest of the things in her apartment, and so she raced home to set it up.

After dinner at about the same time as yesterday Stacy went over to her sofa wearing just her new lingerie and poured herself a glass of wine before looking through her telescope for the first time. She pointed it straight at the window that she was looking at before and noticed that the curtains weren't shut that evening, and her pussy dampened straight away realising that she may see the whole thing perfectly. Just as she was about to look at other windows, the mystery man entered the room, and Stacy was shocked to see that the man was actually the young guy she had held the door open for the other day. But for some reason this time he went over to the telescope at his window, and seeing this made Stacy hide out of the way of the window just in case he was going to look into her room.

After a couple of minutes she got up and started to look at him again and saw that he was looking at the stars, feeling relieved she went to the glass coffee table in the middle of her lounge where the bottle was and had another glass of wine. Stacy began to feel a bit light headed and warm but felt great about it, and went back to the window. This time the guy was looking at a different part of the sky and she wondered whether he was actually watching her and looking away when she went back to her telescope.

With the alcohol in her body and her mind becoming saucier, she decided to give him something to watch. She picked out a nice slow song to put on the stereo that she could dance to and stood in full view of the window waiting for the track to start. When it did she started to move her body in time with the music, running her hands down her body caressing all of it. Her hands cupping her large breasts and squeezing them together, wanting to tit wank the guy so badly, to feel his cock pulsate between them and see his cum spurt into her face. Her mind filled with these thoughts and made her body so hot and horny. The crotch of her panties was soaked so with one hand she ran it down from her breast to her pussy. Once it was there her fingers toyed with her lips through the silky fabric, while at the same time she was pinching and pulling her nipples, one at a time.

After a few minutes, she was getting so hot she wanted to be filled, so she unclasped her bra and let it fall to the fall exposing her firm breasts. Her head bent down and she lifted one up so she could kiss it, the feeling of her lips on it was electrifying, and drove her wild so next she pull her drenched panties off and through them to the side.

As she did she saw the nearly empty wine bottle sitting on the table and a kinky thought entered her head. She disappeared from the view of the window and lay one of the towels from her ironing pile on an arm chair facing the window and sat on it spreading her legs wide, one over each of the arm rests. Once in place she got the wine bottle and held one of her breasts in her free hand and started to pour a bit of wine onto it, the coldness of it sent shivers down her body to her pussy which got even wetter and sensitive. Her eager tongue then licked off the wine and she loved every bit of it, her pussy was boiling at this stage and needed to be sorted out. With the bottle still in one of her hands she moved it towards her dripping pussy and put the tip of it against her entrance, just the feeling of that there nearly sent her over the edge but she wanted to be filled when she came.

After rubbing the cold bottle along her slit Stacy gradually pushed it into her, inch by inch the neck disappeared, and by this time her juices were running down the sides, when it couldn't go any further she started to hump it in and out of her. The bottle was stretching her with every thrust, her hungry pussy tightening around it trying not to let it escape. Stacie's free hand was pinching her nipples harder and switching between them quicker and quicker as she felt a huge orgasm build up inside her. Her whole body began to shake as wave after wave of orgasms went through her, her pussy clamped around the bottle and was gradually filling it up and at that point she passed out to the world.

To Be Continued...

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