tagIncest/TabooWatching a Movie with my Mother-In-Law

Watching a Movie with my Mother-In-Law


I'm 24 years old & work early hours.

Last weekend I got married. My wife is beautiful. She's everything I could ever want in a woman. She's beautiful, funny, likes just about everything I like (so there's never any arguments). Out sex life is very healthy as well. The only tiny problem I have with being married to her is that I constantly fantasies about having sex with her mom.

She wears low cut shirts and button down pajamas showing off her cleavage all the time. She's also very open to sex jokes, insinuating that she is a sexual person.

Well getting married means you share a few things. Our money, movies, and more importantly, a home. Since neither of us can afford a home right now her parents said we can stay with them. Which is great. However now I see her mom a lot more often. She works overnights at a hospital. So her sleeping hours are really weird.

After a week of marriage my fantasies haven't calmed down at all. My MIL will wake up when I one home from work in the afternoon and go to the bathroom. She's often wearing a tshirt and just her panties (thongs).

When I get out of the shower I'll purposely forget my towel so I have to run to the bathroom naked in hopes that she'll see me. I'll also get dressed with the door cracked hoping she walks passed the bedroom and see me.

This is what happened one morning:

My MIL was awake in the living room watching TV alone. Like I said, she works overnight. So she's often up early and sleeps during the day.

I woke up around 3AM to get ready for work. I wake up earlier than I should so I can make breakfast, read my iPad, and watch some TV.

So when I walked down to low lite living room to watch TV I saw my mother in law in her spot. I told her "Good morning, can't sleep?" as I sat down next to her.

"No, just watching a movie" she said.

She had a low cut pajama shirt on and a blanket over her lap.

We watched a few minutes of the movie which was a romantic movie.

It got to a love scene and it was a little awkward because it started to turn me on a little. But apparently I wasn't the only one. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the blanket on her lap move slightly.

I turned to look at her lap and she stopped.

"What?" She said.


We continued watching the scene and she threw her blanket off of herself.

"It's warm down here." She said.

"Yeah, I'm always warm." I responded.

After a moment I looked back at her lap and noticed she didn't have any bottoms on besides her panties.

She looked at me.

"Umm, what do you think you're doing?" She asked.

I got tongue tied.

"I'm sorry... here."

I stood up and dropped my basketball shorts revealing my underwear.

"Now we're even."

I sat back down and she just giggled.

Taking my shorts off was a bad idea though. Because there was multiple sex scenes in this particular movie we were watching.

As the scene progressed and got hotter, my penis started to grow... and she noticed.

"Do you need this blanket." She asked.

"No, I'm fine. It'll go away." I said.

But it didn't. The fact that I knew she was looking only turned me on more. I tried thinking of other things and it stayed fully hard.

I stood up trying to hide my erection.

"I guess I'll go take care of this and get ready for work." I said.

As I walked away she stopped me.


I turned back around.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Well, I'm having an... excitement issue as well.

I sat back down next to her.

"What should we do?" I asked her.

As she thought for a moment, I grabbed my dick through my boxers and strokes it a little.

"Well maybe we can just watch each other, you know, take care of ourselves. That wouldn't be cheating or anything." She said.

"Yeah, I suppose not.

I took my dick out of my underwear and started to stroke it. I honestly don't think I had ever been more turned on in my entire life until that moment. I looked over at her and she wasn't touching herself.

"You know, it's not gonna diddle itself" I told her.

"I know, I just can't focus."

"Just close your eyes and pretend you're alone." I said.

So she closed her eyes and reached down into her panties and began playing with her clit.

As a few minutes went by she started to squirm and move all over the couch.

I was so turned on that I just couldn't help myself.

I reached over to her and felt her nice 38D tits.

She started to moan and I had to remind her to keep it down.

I put my hand over her mouth and she continued to moan lighter. Then she took my finger and placed it in her mouth. Her tongue was so soft.

Since she had taken my hand I decided to take hers. I took her free hand from her side and placed it on top of my hand that I was masturbating with. Technically she wasn't touching or jerking me off.

Then she took my finger that she was sucking on and placed it on her clit.

I couldn't believe I was actually touching my mother in laws pussy.

I just kept my finger there and didn't move at all. I froze up.

So she took my hand and began using my finger as her little toy.

After she did that I removed my hand from my dick and let her take over.

After a few moments I took my finger out of her pussy and put it in my mouth.

"Holy shit, your pussy tastes so good."

She immediately sprung up from the couch and got down on her knees in front of me.

"I bet you taste better though." She said.

She shoved my whole dick into her mouth. My wife can't even put all of me in her mouth.

My MIL was fantastic. She didn't want to make love. She wanted a good fucking done to her.

After a little while I felt like I was going to finish.

"You have to stop, I'm gonna cum." I told her.

"Just do it, we've gone far enough." She said.

And just when I felt like I was going to blow my load I stood up and grabbed her arms.

"Put your knees on the couch and bend over" I said, as I forced her to do those things.

I wasn't even thinking.

I shoved my dick right into her pussy and she gasped so loud I thought she was going to wake up my wife and father in law.

I pulled up, putting her back against my chest and covering her mouth.

We stopped for a moment to listen for floor creeks from anyone waking up.

"You need to keep quiet or I'm going to stop." I told her.

"Please don't, you feel so good inside me. Keep fucking me." She whispered in my ear.

I bent her forward and fucked her so hard.

I could feel the bottom of her pussy. An area I believe hasn't been touched before since she was squirming so much. She pushed her ass so hard against my cock I thought I was going to cum.

"I'm gonna cum mom." I told her.

"No, not yet, just a few more minutes." She said.

"Ok" I told her.

"But we have to hurry up, you husband is about to wake."

She took me out of her and pushed me into the floor.

"I want to ride you, I've never been ducked this deep before."

She placed her feet on both sides of me and squatted her pussy onto me.

"You're pussy is so tight." I told her.

She looked at me and bit her bottom lip.

"I'm gonna cum on this dick, will you cum with me?" She asked.

"Inside you?!" I asked.

She moaned.

"Yes, I can't get pregnant, don't worry. I just want that warm cum inside me."

Right then we heard her husbands alarm going off.

She looked at me.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

I nodded at her and felt the biggest warmth come over me.

I had just filled my mother in laws pussy with my cum.

We heard a bedroom door open upstairs and she grabbed her clothes and ran to the bathroom.

I put my clothes on and walked upstairs as calm as I could.

I saw my father in law as I walked into my bedroom.

"Good morning." He said.

"Yes it is." I responded.

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