tagIncest/TabooWatching Abby Ch. 2

Watching Abby Ch. 2


'That's fine by me Arlene, as long as it's cool with Abby." I have adored the lovely young girl ever since I began babysitting her and her brother Chris when she was eight years of age. Right from the start, Abby and I got on like a house on fire. As soon as she reached puberty, however, she turned very cool towards me - even to the point of totally ignoring me whenever I went around for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat with her mother. I really missed her running to the front door to let me in and giving me a big welcoming hug. My 'supervising' role in the last few years on the few occasions that Arlene went out for an evening changed. Abby was now old enough to be left on her own but Arlene asked me to still be 'on call' by telephone if anything went wrong. So, it was quite a surprise when my neighbour 'phoned me on the following Wednesday evening when I got home from work.

"Brett, I'm sorry to ask you at such short notice, but can you come over and ride shotgun with Abby tonight? I have to go and see Chris in his school play. Abby has just told me that she's already seen it during dress rehearsals and she's not interested in going again."

"Run that past me again...Abby actually wants me over there?"

"That's right..."

"Have you been feeding her happy pills or something?"

"Oh, Abby's fine about it. In fact it was her suggestion...it came as a bit of a surprise to me too."

When I arrived at 7.15, Abby let me in. She didn't seem all that pleased to see me, but I thought, 'so what else is new?' And checked with Arlene what time I should be making noises about Abby heading off to bed and what time I could expect she and Chris home. Very shortly afterwards, Arlene left, Chris was already at the school theatre, and at last, Abby and I were alone.

I went into the lounge. Abby was sat with her legs tucked under her in her dead father's big old armchair. Arlene had tried to get rid of it for years. Both kids fought like cat and dog over which one of them was going to sit in it. And both of them always objected strongly when Mom suggested that it should go. Abby was dressed in a pair of baggy shorts and a sweat-top. She was watching one of those inane sit-com programmes that reinforced my conviction to never waste money on buying a television set.

"What do you want to watch?" she asked, sounding very hostile. I was beginning to wonder if it really was her idea for me to be there.

"I don't mind. I have no idea what's on offer, so it's your choice." I found a comfortable seat to sit in and stretched out.

"We'll watch this then."

We watched the programme unfold...typical prime time mental candyfloss. The commercial breaks came and went and we sat there in our own private cocoons hardly exchanging a word. At last, the show finished and Abby hit the mute button to blank out the blare of the commercials before the next programme started.

"Which part did you like best?" she asked me.

"To be honest, I had know idea what the show was about and nothing came out of it to grab me by the throat and make me want to watch the next episode."

"I'm not talking about the TV show! For an intelligent man, Brett, you can be a dimwit sometimes. I was talking about me, Chris and Gary."

I gulped, a cold hard stone of concern hitting the bottom of my stomach, "You saw me on the roof then?"

"I first saw you on Saturday when I pulled my panties aside to see if Chris had made my pussy bleed. He really hurt me when he bit me. Then I decided to masturbate in front of you. Even after all these years I still wanted revenge. I wanted to show you what you'd been missing!"


"But Chris and Gary didn't know you were there. They were too busy trying to get their rocks off with me. Which part did you like best? Was it when Chris jerked off all over me on Saturday, or when he raped my mouth? Or was it on Sunday when he tried to fuck me in the ass? Maybe it was when I sucked both of them off and made them cum all over my boobs? Tell me, I want to know."

I decided that since I'd been caught out fair-and-square, I had to be totally up-front with her.

"To tell the truth, Abby, none of those things. I admit I watched you and Chris on Saturday. On Sunday, when he and Gary surprised you, I stood by in case things got too rough and they tried to force you into something you didn't want. And, yeah, parts of what happened on both days were so very sexy that they blew my mind."

"Such as?"

"When Chris left you on Saturday with his cum all over your face and you brought yourself off. That was spectacular! And then on Sunday, before they came in, when you kept yourself on the brink of cumming for more than an hour; that was amazingly erotic.

"But, for me the biggest turn-on was the tempting way you rolled your panties down over your bottom. I nearly creamed you were so sexy. You'd obviously made some proposition to Chris and Gary and you were giving them some pretty hard choices to make, but at the same time you were being the ultimate seductress."

"You were a long way off. You couldn't have seen very much."

"Ummm, I did wish I had my binoculars with me!"

"Would you like a close-up action replay?"

My already hard cock got even harder, "You mean...?"

"I'll be exactly like I was, and you'll be as close as they were. Do you want to see that again? Really close up?"

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't back in my own bed dreaming this! "Oh my God, yes!"

Abby leapt out of her chair, unbuttoning her shorts and kicking them off. Equally as quickly, she shucked off her sweat top. Her breasts were naked underneath. Christ, they were beautiful close up. Each one a perfect rounded handful with brown-pink, already distended nipples. She lay face down on the floor near to the ranchslider and looked up at me. "You don't have to be in the same state as they were if you don't want to, but it would add to the realism."

She was inviting me to strip off as well! I didn't give her a chance to change her mind and started throwing my clothes off as fast as I could. Maybe when she saw my body she might turn on enough to take this game further - even if I was nearly forty, I was in damned good shape. I might even fulfil my dream of filling her pussy with my big fat prick and fucking her until she begged for mercy!

Abby's eyes widened with surprise and she licked her lips when she saw the size of my erect cock when I released it from my briefs. "Jesus, Brett. I had an idea you were well hung, but I didn't expect you to be that size!"

I hunkered down on my knees close by her ass feeling kind of pleased that she was so impressed.

"There's just one more thing," she said, starting to slowly roll her panties down. "The challenge I offered. Do you want to hear it?" She rolled her panties down one turn further.

With my eyes fixed on the emerging delightful curves of her swelling buttocks and the start of her deep ass-cleft, I croaked, "Y-yeah, g-go on."

"If you kiss my ass, I mean really kiss it, not just a peck. And you lick my little pucker; I mean really lick it, stick your tongue in and ream me out. I'll let you fuck me in there. Are you game?"


"Are you really certain?"

Abby rolled her panties a couple more turns. Her ass was plump and beautiful and I could see right into her crack, her almost imperceptible fuzz, and down to her purple-pink anal ring and the engorged lips of her pussy and its fringe of dark pubic hair.

"Gary said 'No way!' and Chris chickened out before he really got started."

I joined in the spirit of the game, bending over and licking the slightly salty sweat from her tailbone. And then I slid my tongue into the start of her ass-cleft. Abby moaned and lifted her ass for more.

"Right now," I murmured into her delightful crack, "there's nothing on earth I'm more certain of. I want to taste your sexy little ring-piece. And when I've got you good and horny I want to stick my hot cock right up in your tight little ass and fuck you until you have a massive orgasm. And then I'll fill you up with my hot spunk and I'll fuck your ass again." Abby rolled her panties down the last turn until they formed a 'rope' at the bottom curve of her buns.

"I'm leaving those there to remind you not to try to get into my pussy. I don't have any condoms and I hardly expect you to have any with you either."

"That's a deal, Abby. It might make it easier if I put a cushion under you to lift your ass higher while I lick you. Or you could kneel?"

"The cushion sounds great to start with. And while you're up, in that bag beside Daddy's chair there's a tube of water-based lubricant. You'll need that...if you don't chicken out!"

"No way I'm gonna chicken out, lady! Your sexy ass is mine!"

I found the tube of K-Y jelly and a suitably fat cushion. Positioning her laid over the cushion, I got down between her spread legs and surveyed the most delightful terrain that any man ever had spread out for his delectation. Abby's ass truly was enticing. It wasn't just that it was so nicely firm and rounded, without a mark or a sign of fat on it. It wasn't just that the cleft separating her cheeks was so deep and mysterious, or that her pucker was so delightfully tiny and wrinkled...a genuine little virgin. It was all just plain beautiful and, oh, so fuckable!

And, looking down to her plump, hair-fringed lips, I thought, 'One day I'm going to get my cock into that sexy little pussy too!'

I licked Abby's tailbone again. She was still slightly salty with perspiration. She must be 'feeling the heat' as well, I thought. I moved my tongue down further into her cleft, wriggling it from side to side. Abby groaned, "Yes!" deeply and, "Oh Brett! That is so sexy!"

I went down lower until I was almost at her entrance. She was going wild now, panting and writhing, and begging me not to stop.

I moved to a better position between her legs and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Her little anal jewel was now all mine to taste. I ran the tip of my tongue around its rim, getting her slightly bitter flavour for the first time. Abby howled and reached behind with her hands to help me spread her buns and begged me to put my tongue right in. I obliged, pushing in as deep as I could and moving around. She shrieked and I felt her anal ring clamp briefly on my tongue. Abby had cum! And we hadn't really got going yet!

I sat beside Abby and stroked her buns softly whilst she enjoyed her afterglow. The cushion below her had a big wet patch where her pussy juices had flowed out in her excitement. That hole is far better equipped to handle my big cock, I thought wistfully. Still, a deal's a deal. And it's now Abby's turn to keep a bargain.

"Are you Ok?" I asked her as I positioned myself between her spread thighs and reached for the K-Y. "I didn't know you could cum from just having your ass licked!"

She said in a small voice. "Brett, I'm scared. And I know we made a deal, but your cock is so huge, I'm frightened you'll hurt me if you shove it in my ass. Are you very angry?"

"Now who's chickening out?" I asked her gently, kissing her ear. "Oh Abby, lovely Abby! I understand why you are afraid. No I'm not angry with you. And if I ever have been angry with you it's never lasted more than five seconds. Also, I'm not Chris, I won't force you into anything you don't really want to do."

"I'm not chickening out all the way Brett. I made a deal and I want... I know it's not totally safe, but if you promise not to cum inside me... You can take my panties right off."

Abby was offering me her pussy as 'compensation' for not getting her ass! I nearly shot my load there and then!

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely! But hurry up before I change my mind again!"

I moved back in behind her and slid my cock deep into Abby's pussy in one smooth, easy movement. My entry was made easy because she was so wet, but at the same time, I encountered no resistance from her hymen. Little Abby, the object of my erotic daydreams for so many years, was not a virgin. Yet I relished her velvety, tight channel clamped so exquisitely around my thrusting tool and plundered her vaginal treasures without any undue regret that I was not her first.

I had her at last. My years of despair and longing were over. Just for now, Abby was all my own in this most intimate of human sexual acts...willingly. 'She may not really care for you and this may be the only time this happens,' my mind told me. 'So stay in her pussy for as long as you can!'

I fucked Abby's tight little pussy for nearly an hour, fondling her lovely smooth young body, bringing myself close to exploding seven times and backing off, and taking her to three massive climaxes along the way. In the end, as she felt yet another orgasm build, Abby begged me to end it - she couldn't take any more. Then, when I felt her pussy starting to flutter around my prick yet again, I released my load deep against her cervix, filling her with my cum in an ecstasy of thudding contractions.

I crouched over her holding her tight as we both descended from the heights. Then Abby realised that I had reneged on our agreement. She struggled to get out from under me, "Brett! You lousy, fucking bastard! You promised to pull out!"

I held her down and hushed her, "Abby, shush! You don't know something, because up 'til now, you haven't given me the opportunity to tell you. One month before that whore of an ex-wife of mine left she played a dirty trick on me. She made me have a vasectomy. She said her doctor had taken her off he pill, because she'd been on it too long, and she couldn't enjoy sex with me any more for fear of having a child...she never wanted children, Abby. I am sterile. I can't make you pregnant."

Abby relaxed straight away, "Oh, poor Brett! What an awful thing to do!" Then she brightened considerably, "But, great for us!"

We stayed clasped together until my softening cock finally slipped out of her. Abby immediately clamped a hand over her pussy and ordered me to get off her so that she could go to the bathroom. "Wait for me in Daddy's chair," she ordered me.

I too needed to take a leak so I used their guestroom, but was sat like a naked king in 'Daddy's chair' when Abby returned. She piled in on top of me and snuggled up close, her diminutive breasts pressed enticingly against my chest.

She parted her legs and took hold of my hand. She showed me that she wanted me to stroke the creamy soft inside of her thigh, close to her gorgeous, pouting-lipped slit. "Brett, there's something I have to tell you too. You were my first."

Abby misinterpreted my amazed silence as disbelief. "You were, you know, that really was the first time for me. I was a virgin until tonight."

"I believe you, Abby, but I entered you so easily. There was no resistance from your hymen and I didn't seem to hurt you."

Abby tweaked my right nipple between forefinger and thumb, "It depends on how you interpret virginity of course. If an 'intact' hymen is the sole guide, no I wasn't a virgin. And nor are most young women in the so-called 'Developed World'. Mr Tampax, and his colleagues, and bicycle seats have broken in more virgins than people realise! And, of course, boys have put their fingers in me. You watched Chris do that on Saturday. But, if one's first prick is the measure, you had the privilege!"

"And I am deeply honoured, Miss Abby!" I hugged her to me. I wanted to kiss her as well, but, although we'd fucked so passionately, I still was not sure about her true feelings towards me. Even so, I decided to take advantage of our post-coitus warmth and closeness, "But I am also very confused. I'm not sure if this is the right time to ask..."

"I think I can guess what it is, but go ahead."

"Well, for the past five or six years you have treated me almost as a non-person. I've never understood why. We were such good buddies and then, suddenly I didn't exist."

"Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd."

"I thought it was, Hell hath no fury..."

Abby tapped me lightly on the bridge of my nose with her knuckles, "William Congreve. I'm the one who's studying towards being an English teacher, remember!"

"Ok, ok. But I still don't understand!"

"We have wasted a lot of time and missed out on a lot of loving and affection, Brett. I started it because I was mad at you, extra mad, and I kept it up far too long. By the time I realised how stupid I was being, you had retreated behind some kind of protective shell. I was too embarrassed at how I had been behaving to try and break through to you. And you were 'comfortable' in your little cocoon. But I still knew you were very unhappy."

"Why were you so mad at me?"

"Do you remember when I was a little girl and you used to sit on my bed next to me and read me a story at bedtime when you came around to baby-sit? I used to cuddle up to you and feel all warm and safe. My Daddy had been dead a couple of years by then and I missed him a lot. You were a kind of surrogate Daddy.

"Then, when I got a bit older, you took to sitting on the floor with your back leaning against the side of my bed and I would practise reading to you. You were always so gentle and patient, getting me to slow down and read the words properly. And you would ask me what I thought certain words meant and get me to put expression in my voice - to 'act out' what I was reading. By doing that, you started my love of language and gave me the idea of teaching English as a career.

"And I loved you too. I wanted you to be my Daddy and sit with me every night at bedtime so that I could read to you."

"That would have made me the happiest man in the world!"

"Thank you! And then, when I was nearly twelve, my body started to change. I got these perfect little bumps on my chest and tiny hairs started to grow on my pussy mound and under my armpits. Like all little girls going through that time, I became very conscious of my body and I started to notice other feelings - hot heavy feelings in my lower tummy whenever I caught you looking at me. You could see I was developing and I felt your interest. Those hot heavy feelings were at their worst whenever I was reading to you. You weren't aware of what I was doing, but sometimes I was stroking my tummy under the bedclothes and wondering why I was getting so wet between my legs."

My cock started to stiffen under Abby's bottom.

"By the time I was thirteen my little breasts had developed beautifully and I had been having periods for several months. I now knew, from sex-ed classes at school and talking to the other girls that those feelings I was getting in my tummy were all to do with sex. My body had become a woman's body, albeit a very young one and I was going through all the cyclic hormonal changes that every woman experiences.

"I was also very aware that you were NOT my Daddy and that most often those sexual longings were directed towards you!

"That might seem a bit strange, you in your mid-thirties and me only thirteen years old. But, you had, still have, a good tight body... great buns! And you weren't a smelly, acne-ridden, mindless dick-head like all the teenaged boys I knew. You were warm, and sophisticated, and knowledgeable about all sorts of things. And most of all, you didn't talk down to me. Whenever we had a conversation, you listened to me, respecting my opinions and testing my logic. And you looked me in the eyes when we talked.

"Sometimes I felt as though I was drowning. And that wetness would burst forth down there, but now I knew what caused it. So, I decided I was going to make you mine."

I wriggled slightly beneath her, "I think I can feel some of it now!"

"Wait until I'm finished! You probably won't remember, but one day, Mom suddenly had to go over to stay with Auntie Ellen. Her husband was very ill and Ellen was getting very stressed out. Mom was to give her a break from nursing him. It would only be for one night, but one night was better than nothing. You agreed to look after Chris and I. It was going to be a very uncomfortable night for you on the sofa, but you didn't mind. I got it firmly planted in my head that you wanted to be near me, so it was also the ideal opportunity for me to put my plan into operation. Once Chris went to sleep it usually took a noise as loud as a nuclear bomb to wake him up!

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