tagLoving WivesWatching Her Get The "BIG ONE"!

Watching Her Get The "BIG ONE"!


I hope this story is good enough for the readers! After several attempts at an acceptable story, this is my last effort--if it fails to make the grade I'll just read stories from "superior" writers.


After reading her account of the stretching I had been wary—I wanted to catch her fucking him, watch the proceedings and then take my turn in her hot, battered cum filled cunt!

It didn't take long, I came home on her day off and saw his car parked down the street! I left my truck beside the road and walked up quietly and entered through the back door and eased into the adjoining room and listened! I heard him say "Oh, yeah Baby, suck it GOOD—then I'm going to TEAR THAT PUSSY UP!" I heard her moan and eased the door open a little-he was on his back and she was lying beside him on her side leaning in and sucking his HUGE COCK! She was wearing white stockings, garter belt and high heel shoes—I assume he had stripped her of the matching bra and panties-I could see how hard and swollen her nipples were and could only imagine that her pussy was in similar shape!

She was getting about 4 or 5 fat inches in her mouth and she was jacking the rest with her left hand and slowly rubbing his BIG NUTS with her right hand! It seemed like forever before he said "Ok Baby, I've been saving this load for a week and I'm going to FILL YOU UP with cum, so get ready to get FUCKED!" She jumped up and got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed and he stood behind her on the floor—his big cock was dripping her saliva and I think precum was drooling too! I couldn't believe all that cock would fit inside her firm little body, but according to her story it would!

I had been so absorbed in looking at the size of his cock-I hadn't seen the pussy he was going to put it in! It was red and swollen and looking like it had been eaten so much that it was swollen closed-this was going to take some time!

She was looking down back between her big hanging titties at the HUGE PRONG and then she almost screamed out "PLEASE FUCK ME-MY CUNT IS ON FIRE! GIVE ME ALL OF THAT BIG FUCKER!" He eased up to her and took it in BOTH hands and rubbed it on her wet cunt and all over her sexy ass—it left a shiny trail wherever it touched and she was wiggling around trying to get it in her pussy!

When he got to her opening her pressed forward and the big head SLOWLY slipped inside and took the lips of her pussy with it—he kept pressing until she had HALF of it before he let her catch her breath! She was breathing hard and moaning then she said "Its even better than I remembered—c'mon Baby FUCK ME!" He took a sexy hip in each hand and pulled almost all the way out-pulling her twat lips back to the outside and then slowly stroked back in pushing them back! He kept that up, not going any deeper, just fucking her with that part and then she came! She was jerking and moaning and he just held there, buried half way in-letting her get off! After she stopped cumming he started fucking her again—I could see he was getting deeper and deeper and she was fucking back harder and harder!

Suddenly he lunged forward and I heard his pelvis slap into her upturned ass and she screamed out "OH MY GOD IT FEELS LIKE YOUR IN MY THROAT! FUCK ME NOW!" She started to squirm and wiggle and he pulled back almost to the big head then drove into her once tight pussy until I heard the same slap and watched as his big nuts slapped into her swollen clit!

He started to HAMMER her like I had never seen any body fuck before! ALL THE WAY IN AND ALL THE WAY OUT—her cunt was making lewd sucking and squishing noises—HE WAS TRYING TO FUCK HER TO DEATH! She finally lowered her head and shoulders to the bed and he kept pumping her FAST AND HARD!

He fucked her like that for over 10 minutes then he growled "HERE COMES MY LOAD!" He held deep and I could see his nuts jumping—she was moaning and squirming—and then I saw it start to run out of her pussy and down the insides of her thighs—he wasn't lying—he WAS full of cum and now she WAS! After he quit cumming he turned her hips loose and she fell forward—it made a sucking PLOP when he popped out of her!

She looked exhausted lying face turned to the side, flat on her belly-I could see the cum flowing from her still open pussy and she was smiling and said "I KNOW MY HUSBAND WILL BE ABLE TO TELL NOW, because I think you permanently opened me up this time!"

I opened the door and walked in—the color went from both of their faces—I said "Yeah I think I know that you've been fucked by a BIG COCK NOW—I've been watching the whole time!"

She grinned and said "I left that computer file so that you would find it—I knew you wanted to watch!" The dumb ass with the big cock looked confused as she said "Are you going to fuck me now—I know that's what you really want!"

I said "Yeah, I'm going to fuck you, but he's gotta go!"

She stood up and walked sexily over to him—I could see his load running down the insides of her thighs—and kissed him deeply and said "Go along with this Big Boy and you'll miss getting your ass whipped AND you'll be able to get some more of THIS!" He quickly dressed and left! She lay back on the bed rubbing her swollen clit and said "Is this what you want? My used Pussy? Can you fuck me now? I know you can—get me off again!"

I'll tell you what happened next if you'd like me to finish the story!

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