tagIncest/TabooWatching My Loving Parents Ch. 09

Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 09


(My humble apologies again to all my fans who have written to me urging me for the next chapter; sorry for the delay, but I have been really busy with my work. Plus keep in mind that it does take time to write a decent story. Hope you enjoy my story & I assure you, I will continue writing.)

After a 40-minute long jog around the neighbourhood and avoiding the temptation to play football, I came back home just before dusk. Outside my house, I took off my drenched t-shirt and stretched down for a few minutes before resting my bums on the lower steps of the wooden staircase, willing my body to cool down. The long run was needed as the morning session with Aayahmah, the afternoon episode with Mom and the unexpected "incident" with Leela had ignited my youthful body with so much feelings and so much passion that I was going crazy with desire.

"Hey you! Got and get your shower! We are ready to go to the temple" yelled Leela from the veranda behind me.

I just sat there motionless, lost in my thoughts, till I felt a hand swipe over my sweaty back. Turning around, I looked into Leela's angelic face, as she sat down on the staircase behind me, smartly dressed in a colourful half sari. I smiled at her ever so innocently.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Leela teased.

"Worth more than a penny" I replied, grinning.

"Ok! Pennies then" she replied and as she stood up to walk away, she added "Your big penis."

I heard her snigger as she walked away.

"She is making fun of me" I thought to myself and slowly got up.

I headed straight for the bathroom downstairs and after closing the door behind me, I had an unhurried shower, soaping and cleansing myself, enjoying the refreshingly cold water. After I had dried myself, I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to my room to get dressed.

Inside my room, I looked at my naked reflection in the mirror and smiled. My limp cock hung long and low, but, imagination or not, it did appear bigger than it did a week ago. I pulled back the foreskin to expose the large mushroom head, crowning an adorable thick length of meat and admired myself. My young cock had proudly lost its virginity and more importantly discovered pleasures beyond any of my wildest dreams and confidently on the way to further erotic loving adventures.

"What a week it has been and God knows what else is in store for me" I wondered, and my cock twitched in anticipation, as I stood there priding myself.

I had just taken out a fresh underwear from my cupboard when, with a sharp knock, the door suddenly opened and there stood, of all persons, Mala. She stood there, momentarily stunned, watching me completely naked, her eyes inquisitively drawn to my hairy groin and to my semi-hard member.

"Sorry, Mohan....your Mom....asked me...to tell you to....hurry up" she stammered, choking on her words as her eyes feasted on my nakedness.

I did not what to say as she slowly turned around and walked away, closing the door behind her. I was completely dumbfounded as it was the third time that week (fourth time if I include Aayahmah catching me first with my pants down while I was watching my parents) that a woman had caught me naked. How more delightfully embarrassing could it get??

I got dressed slowly, putting on my underwear, wearing my jeans and a kurta (Indian shirt). After combing my hair, I stepped out of my room and was greeted by Aayahmah. She was dressed splendidly in a chequered cotton sari, her hair pleated neatly into a long jadai.

"After many years, I am going to the temple again, thanks to you Chellam. I feel happy" she whispered to me and then said "Come! The others are waiting for us upstairs."

Switching off the downstairs lights, we headed upstairs and met with the rest, waiting for us out in the veranda. We all squeezed into Dad's car – his VW Beetle. In the back seat, Aayahmah had Mala half-sitting on her laps on one side, Leela in the middle and me on the other side, with Mom in front as Dad drove us towards the temple.

"You guys comfortable at the back?" asked Dad and then instantly added "Just a short journey only, so hold on."

"We will survive" answered Leela giggling, adjusting her body next to me.

Leela's right hand was on my thigh and maybe it was my just my wishful imagination, but I felt her hand slowly and hesitatingly stroking up my jeans-covered thigh heading towards but stopping short of my groin.

As little kids we used to play a lot together till she had attained puberty. On a few occasions we had played "Doctor, Doctor" and we had let each other be examined. We had shown our naked tops to each other and I had asked her why she did not have any boobs like Mom or Aayahmah. Another time she had held my tiny worm, as she called it, and I had touched her in-between her legs. We had laughed innocently at the differences. That was our childhood secret – no one knew.

I caught Leela's hand in the darkness and almost as we had practiced it, our fingers intertwined and our thoughts were exchanged into our fingers. I felt her shiver and simultaneously felt my cock twitch at the sexual energy that was being transmitted between our bodies. She leaned her head on my shoulder and her hand held mine tightly.

All too soon, we arrived at the temple and Dad stopped at the side, to let us get down. Leela carefully removed her hand from mine but not before a teasing swipe over the front of my jeans. Mom and the other ladies in the car got down while I just sat there, adjusting my hardness under my jeans. As the women walked into the temple gates, Dad drove away with me to park his car which allowed me more time for my member to soften.

Having washed our feet, Dad and I entered the temple, crowded as usual for Friday prayers. Lots of people we knew acknowledged our presence there. The prayers had just started. I stood near Dad, across from where the women stood, facing Mom, Aayahmah, Leela and Mala.

My vision was drawn to the womenfolk of my house and I admired them one by one. Mom stood out as always, her exquisite feminine beauty seemingly challenging even the magnificence of the Goddess Lakshmi herself. She was a sight to behold in her purplish silk sari, wrapped grandly around her, her body hardly exposed apart from a little sight of her enticing midriff.

In front of her stood Leela, neatly wrapped in a half sari with a red blouse and a golden yellow skirt, representing the virgin form of the Goddess - she was almost a carbon copy of Mom in physical size and beauty. Her lean sexy midriff was covered by the transparent silky cloth of her half sari.

Beside Mom, stood my lover, my Aayahmah, the Goddess who had made me a man, the woman who had pleasured my teenage body in every imaginable way; her dark mature beauty crowning an outrageously voluptuous body.

And finally beside her, her teenage daughter, again almost a carbon copy of her mother but much fairer. She was wearing a green blouse, a red skirt and a half sari – her body and frame although a little smaller than her mother's, equally curvy, her sexy midriff covered by her transparent half-sari.

It was strange – up to that point in time, I had always considered Leela and Mala as nothing more than just sisters. But my life had completely changed over the past week and now I was viewing all of them as desirable women. And, especially after the incidences earlier that day where I had been caught in the flesh by both of them, it excited me to think of them as potential lovers.

Choosing one out of these four fabulous divine nymphs was a difficult task for me but at that moment, Mom's mature richness swung my preference in her favour – she had that alluring magic, an almost animal-like attraction, which overwhelmed my teenage mind.

I tried to brush aside these lustful thoughts and concentrate on the prayers. But it was almost impossible – the sexual magnetic field radiating out of these four delicious females, standing across from me in the temple, was drawing me powerfully to them. I devoured them with my eyes, one after the other, and felt dizzy contemplating the untold pleasures that I could have with each of them.

The loud voice of the priest, chanting the Sanskrit scriptures, as he blessed the deities with flowers, his hand steadily ringing the bell, drew my attention. As he showed the holy flame towards the deities, I clasped my palms together in silent prayer, thanking God for the blessed life and family I had and wishing that this life should never end.

The priest came out to offer the flame to the devotees, followed by the holy ash, first to the men and then to the women. A junior priest then handed out theertham (blessed milk) and another assistant followed with santhanam (sandalwood paste) and kumkum powder. As I applied the santhanam to my forehead, I sensed loving eyes devouring me. Looking up I saw all four of my ladies watching me enthusiastically, an adoring smile on each of their lips.

After they had also taken their offerings, Mom requested to the priest to make an archanai (special pooja) for our family. The six of us stood together as the priest uttered our names and natchathiram (birth stars) in between the holy words, as he blessed the deity with loose flowers. Then he again offered us the holy flame and handed over our prasatham (half coconut filled with betel leaf, nuts, two small bananas, a lime and small packets of holy ash & kumkum powder) to Dad.

Dad took it in both hands and then saying a silent prayer, handed it over to Mom. The priest then offered flowers to Mom, Leela and Mala. Aayahmah did not take any flowers (being a widow, it was improper according to Tamil customs). Mom and the girls put the blessed flowers on their hair as Aayahmah watched them. But Mom, magnanimous as always, took a small rose and pinned it to Aayahmah's hair and whispered something to her, before patting her cheek. Aayahmah smiled in appreciation.

As was usual, we wanted to go round the temple three times to complete our prayers. Aayahmah, Mala, Leela and I waited for Mom and Dad to finish their prayers. They were chanting silently, eyes closed in deep prayer, their palms clasped together in gratitude to the Gods.

I stared in sheer admiration at my parents, just overawed by the fact of how lucky I had been to be born out of the loving union of these two magnificent human beings. I smiled my thanks to God Almighty for having them as my parents and wished that they would be my parents for all my future rebirths into this world.

As I watched them, Mom's right hand slid under her sari and pulled her thali, her mangala sutra, out of her blouse and applied kumkum to it, before touching the thali to both her eyes. Then just slightly moving the sari top to expose her blouse-covered bosom and her naked midriff, she put the thali back into her cleavage and covered her bosom again with her sari top.

This was quite a normal practice for married women and I had seen her (and other women) doing that at temples countless times. But tonight, that act looked so very erotic – maybe it was just the feeling I had for Mom but she looked so erotic doing that and my cock twitched. She had noticed my roving eye and smiled.

After circulating the temple three times, we sat down in the temple hall to have some ponggal (sweet rice cooked with brown sugar). Dad was chatting to another man whom I recognised as the principal of a Tamil school nearby while Mala and Leela were chatting with each other. Aayahmah and Mom just ate their ponggal quietly.

We eventually left the temple and walked towards Dad's car. This time I got in first at the back and Leela immediately after me. But instead of sitting next to me, she sat on my thighs. I grumbled but spread my thighs to support the sudden weight on me.

"You are a big, strong boy and you can carry my weight. Let Mala sit here and let Aayahmah sit comfortably" said Leela, pressing her bums down onto my laps.

"God, you are so heavy" I said jokingly, feeling a re-ignition of the childhood closeness to this wonderful sister of mine.

"It's only a short distance" reminded Dad, as if to appease me.

As Dad started the car, Leela made herself comfortable on my laps, her hands holding on to the side of the driver's seat and her bums resting on my groin. I felt a warm stirring in my loins and my meat started to twitch and uncoil, on its own will. My right hand held Leela's waist as the car moved forward.

Leela definitely felt the growing hardness under her and she slowly moved her bums from side to side, teasing me. It would have appeared to anyone watching as if she was just adjusting herself on her seat. My right hand caressed her midriff, the exposed flesh between her sari blouse and her skirt, enjoying the silky softness of her tender skin.

Beside me sat Mala and probably my teenage mind was running loose again, but I felt her press her right thigh strongly against my left thigh as Dad drove us home. Throwing caution to the wind, I brushed my left hand on purpose against the top of Mala's right thigh and she did not flinch. Gaining courage, I rested my palm on her thigh to see what she would do. Seconds later, her right hand covered my left hand and her index finger teasingly scratched the top of my hand.

In the meantime, Leela was gently humping me while she talked to Mom, asking her about

Sheela. Dad was engrossed in their conversation and therefore, our car was moving rather slowly which perfectly suited my exciting and adventurous play with my sister. In the darkness, my right hand had sneaked up Leela's upper body and my fingers touched her right breast, prompting her to stop moving her bums for a split second, in anticipation of what I would do next.

I knew that we would be reaching our house within minutes but daringly took the chance on my sister. My right hand cupped Leela's right breast over her blouse and gently squeezed her firm mound of flesh, drawing a soft gasp from her. Simultaneously, my left hand entwined fingers with Mala's right, gently squeezing her limbs. My cock throbbed wickedly with excitement as Dad stopped the car in front of the house.

"Ok, we are home" said Mom, little realising the on-goings in the back seat.

As Mom opened the door and got out, Leela humped me rapidly, pretending that she was eager to get off my laps, sending thrills of joy through my body. Aayahmah was next to get out, followed by Mala who reluctantly released my left hand. Then it was Leela who slowly got off my thighs but just before she stepped out of the car, her fingers squeezed my hardened monster.

I watched them walk up the stairs before I got out, grumbling to Dad about my sore thighs and trying to avoid him noticing my erection. I waited outside and adjusted my deflating prick inside my pants while Dad parked his car. Then we went up the stairs together and I headed straight to my room to change into my baggy sports shorts. As I changed, I noticed the damp stickiness of my pre-cum coating my underwear, evidence of the naughty episode with my loving sister in the back of the car.

"God, my life has really changed" I thought to myself.

A little while later, after we all had changed to more comfortable house clothes, we sat down for dinner. Mom and Mala were in housecoats while Aayahmah wore her usual house sari. Leela was wearing a track pants and an oversized T-shirt. Mom and Aayahmah had already prepared chapattis (wheat flour pancakes) with sambar and mixed potatoes to go with. We ate dinner amidst a lot of catching up on news

After dinner, all six of us went for a walk around the neighbourhood. It was quite windy and there were signs of a thunderstorm approaching so we walked quite briskly. Mom walked along with Aayahmah and Leela while Dad, Mala and I walked behind them. Mom and Aayahmah were busy discussing the next day's menu and we were giving them ideas, joking about this and that.

About 30 minutes later, we got back to the house, just as the first flash of lightning lit up the sky. A loud roar of thunder followed and soon it began to rain. Aayahmah went downstairs to finish up her work in the kitchen. The rest of us sat in the hall and watched TV for a while. Mom was on her easy chair and I sat close to her on the sofa. Dad was next to me on the long sofa while the girls sat each on the single sofas.

It was around 9:30 pm and we were watching some Malay drama. We had left the front door and two windows open and could hear the rain pouring down. A nice cool breeze was blowing through the house.

"You girls must be tired after your travel today. Go to bed early. Tomorrow will be a long day" advised Mom.

"I need another shower first" responded Leela and got up and headed towards her room.

"Yes, me too" added Mala and stood up, wished us good night and then headed downstairs.

My parents and I watched the Malay drama on TV quietly for a few minutes. The rain got heavier and I could feel some spray coming through the window. We could hardly hear the TV then. So I got up to close the windows one by one and after checking that the veranda was clear, I closed and latched the main door and then sat down again.

"Anything interesting today, Mohan?" Dad prodded me.

"Not really, Dad. Just the usual" I answered, quite coolly and looked at Mom's reaction.

Mom just smiled at me first, then at Dad and said "Leave him alone."

"Pity that the house is full" Dad enticed again.

"You are getting naughtier by the day, Athan" grumbled Mom.

"It is the youthful zest and energy being transmitted by your son. I am catching it from him" said Dad, with a chuckle.

"I got it from both of you and I am proud of that, very proud" I responded, with a laugh in return.

"Shhhh..." Mom silenced me from saying anything further, stroking my right thigh with her right palm.

We heard a door close in Leela's bedroom and assumed that she had finished with her shower. Mom pointed towards her room and signalled to Dad.

"I am going to get a shower and then get some sleep. Good night, Mohan" said Dad as he stood up and stretched himself.

"Good night, Appa. Sleep well" I wished him, as he walked towards Leela's room.

He knocked on Leela's door and wished her good night before heading back to his room. We heard my sister return his wish.

Mom moved forward in her seat a little, bringing her closer to me, and then rubbed my right thigh again gently with her right palm and said "You will be in my thoughts tonight, Chellam."

I placed my palm over her hand and squeezed her lovely long fingers and then gently lifting her hand, I kissed the back of her palm.

"I love you, Amma" I whispered to her.

Her response was a one-in-a-million smile - the rich, sensual smile of the Goddess Parasakkti, the ultimate woman; a smile which offered the protective love of a mother, a smile which promised unimaginable pleasures of a lover. It overwhelmed me with so much desire that I felt as if I had ignited an energy source within my body.

Without saying any further words, we stood up simultaneously, her right hand holding mine. We hugged each other for a few seconds, like a mother and son and as two lovers wanting each other. I held her close to my chest feeling so much love for her.

"I want you, Chellam. Your father will make love to me tonight but it will be you in my thoughts" whispered Mom.

We broke apart just as we heard Leela opening the door. The clock showed 10:05 pm.

"Good night, Chellam" Mom wished me and as Leela came out of her room, Mom wished her too.

"Good night, Amma" Leela and I returned Mom's wish.

"I know you both have a lot of catching up to do but don't stay up too late" advised Mom and then went into her room, closing the door behind her.

"Ok, Mom" replied Leela and then turning to look at the TV she asked me" Anything good tonight?"

"Yes, the Twilight Zone is on later at 11" I replied, sitting back on the long sofa.

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