tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching the Boss

Watching the Boss


Dona Britt was a sexy mid-management Human Resource executive known for her quick wit, her grace, her style, and her impeccable dress.

It was often joked that Dona had direct deposit to Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. She always came to work smartly dressed with all the appropriate jewelry. There was never a strand of hair out of place, her desk was spotless and neat, and she always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

She had it all: a great job, cool wheels, a hunk of a boyfriend and a can't miss tag toward senior management. Most figured it was only a matter of time before she'd be moving into a bigger office.

All of which confused me when I started hearing the rumors about her and her boss, Morty P. MacLeish. Many, including Dona, said the "P" in his middle name stood for Pig, because he was always hitting on younger women in the building. He had a lovely wife, two wonderful children, and kept his alleged dalliances and affairs discrete, but everyone at work knew he played around.

So while it wasn't surprising that Morty might be snaking a few of the girls in the office, there was no way in my mind he'd ever score with Ms. Britt. She was too perfect, had too much taste and wouldn't put up with Morty's crass appearance and even worse treatment of women in general. Fact is he treated them like second class citizens who had to put up with him because of his power and position.

I dismissed as ridiculous the rumors that Dona was "seeing" Morty. No way she would put up with his crass personality.

Still, the rumors persisted about their evening rendezvous. Never substantiated, but rumored nonetheless.

I figured it was idle gossip, at least until one of my closest friends mentioned he'd seen the two leaving together late one night. I of course thought of 50 reasons why they might have been working late, a special project, or a planning session, or preparation for an upcoming Board meeting. My friend Chad said that while that might surely be true, it also seemed that Dona's normally perfect makeup was messed and her hair was merely a shadow of its normally coifed state.

That night I masturbated while imagining Morty and Dona getting it on, but I didn't seriously think they were. They were two opposites. She'd go more for the perfect, sensitive man, while he would go more for short skirts, big boobs and glitz.

Heck, if they dated and dined, he'd surely want Hooters while she would be more suited for Le Bec Fin.

Weeks went by and I forgot about the rumors, concentrating more on work, homelife and playtime. It wasn't until I saw the two slipping out late from work one night that my interest peaked. It was an accident I even saw them, for I surely wasn't spying. My printer had run out of paper, and while searching for more I noticed Morty's car in the back lot rather than the front lot where it normally sat. Right next to it was Dona's car. That brought ideas to my head. Just a coincidence, I thought, until I saw the two of them walking out the back of the atrium toward their vehicles. I watched as they went toward their cars, then looked around quickly before sneaking a fast kiss.

As they drove off I surmised the rumors were indeed true and that they were trysting somewhere in the office. I walked back toward my cubicle, but detoured toward the front of the building where Morty's large office sat. His door was open, and I couldn't help myself. I looked inside, but didn't see anything amiss, as if they would have gallivanted all around the room and left it in shambles. It didn't smell of sex, of her perfume, nothing.

I started to leave, but noticed his desk calendar and decided to take a peek. Sure enough he had a 6 p.m. meeting for tonight listed, but not with Dona. Rather it was with Anod Corporation.

Anod Corporation? I never heard of it.

The name, though, stuck in my mind. After eating dinner, over a video with my wife, it struck me. Anod was Dona spelled backward!


The next day, while Morty and his secretary were at a luncheon meeting, I flew by the woman watching his phones on the auspices of dropping off some papers and a report onto his desk. While inside the office, I quickly glanced at the calendar and noticed regular meetings with the Anod Corporation over the last three months. Usually at 5 or 6 p.m., normally once or sometimes twice a week. Ever the sleuth, I made note of the next meeting, scheduled for the following Wednesday at 6, and smiled. Bingo.

The next several days flew by as first I was on a high then started wondering about my sanity. How could I find anything out without giving myself away? Do that and I just might be looking for work. The unemployment line is not the place to properly provide for a family.

It wasn't until I realized that the custodial closet was adjacent to Morty's office that I could formulate a plan, one which would keep me undercover while checking out what was going on in Morty's office. The custodians didn't start their work until after 9 p.m., which meant the closet would be a secure place to eavesdrop...if I could hear through the wall.

That night I walked through the area Monday night at 5:30, waving at Morty when I went past the open door of his office. It was mere coincidence that most in our office worked 8 to 4:30. Nobody else was around at this hour. I checked the custodian's closet door, found it unlocked, and snuck inside. My alibi was that I was looking for some wood polish for my desk, so I left the door unlocked and quietly stood.

Voila! I could faintly hear Morty's voice on the phone. It wasn't as if I was in the same room, but I could make out the gist of his conversation. That sparked me to consider returning on Wednesday night to see if I could hear any incriminating conversation between Morty and the representative(s) of the Anod Corporation.

Time flew by as I fixed all my brainpower on the upcoming meeting.

Late Wednesday afternoon Dona shocked me when, at about 4:30, she knocked on my office door and stuck her head in. "Hi Jon, can you look over this report for me? I value your input," she said with a melting smile. "No urgency, I have to have it done for Morty by the end of the week. Let me know what you think."

"Sure, Dona, I will get right to it. Give me a little time and I will have it right back to you."

"No hurry," she replied. "I'm leaving for the night, so tomorrow would be more than fine."

Tomorrow? Tomorrow? What about tonight? If she was the mystery corporation meeting with Morty, how could she do that if she left? After saying good night Dona left, and I watched her pretty behind sashay toward the stairwell. I quietly shadowed her as she walked toward the stairs toward the front entrance. I watched from the mezzanine as she talked to Bill Johnson outside the front door, laughed at a story or joke, then made her way to her car parked in the front lot. As she drove off my bubble burst.

So much for being a sleuth, I thought as I went back to my office. I guess I had just a vivid imagination.

A little more than hour later I was packing up when it struck me. What if her leaving was a facade? What if she returned and parked in the back lot, where I saw the two parked last week?

I walked the floor and looked out the back window, and sure enough her car was parked where it had been the week before!

Back on plan, I quietly walked back toward Morty's office, noticing his door was closed, and slipped inside the custodian's closet. This time I locked the door from the inside, and made myself comfortable on the floor. I listened, but didn't hear anything from Morty's office. At least not until hearing a throaty female laugh.

While I couldn't see in, I could heart the faint sounds of laughter coming from Morty's office. After a bit that laughter was replaced by a female moan.

It was Dona, no doubt about it.

"Oh, Morty, that feels so good," I heard her coo. "Ohh, don't stop."

I don't know what he was doing, but I could imagine the endless possibilities.

Luckily, though, I didn't have to imagine, as Dona's voice was clear.

"Oh, suck me, Morty, don't stop. Ooooh! It feels so good..."

The moaning and groaning continued until I heard a throaty, "Yessss, I'm cumming" come from the lips of the untouchable woman.

There was some murmuring and talk, whispered words I couldn't make out no matter how I moved or listened. It was frustrating, knowing the two were up to something, but not having an idea what. After a while I thought it best to take leave, so I quietly opened the door, checking that the coast was clear, then made my way back to my workstation. I cleaned up and left for home, picking up some flowers and a card for my wife to grease the skids for some lovemaking of my own that night.

And what a session that was, as I was all over her while visions of Dona and Morty raced through my mind. I'm not sure what my wife thought hit her, but it was a passionate evening of romance and sex.

Over the next couple days I developed a plan, and Saturday afternoon I carried it out. After checking and rechecking the coast was clear, I slipped into the custodian's closet once again, only this time with a battery powered drill. Within two minutes I had corked out a small hole, large enough to see in without being much more than a spec on the wall when seen from inside. I slipped a small magnifying spyglass, secured from a local James Bond-like store, and all of a sudden I could get a pretty good view of Morty's office.

The following week I once again slipped quietly into the closet just before 6, and assumed my spying position along the wall. Minutes later I received the fruits of my labor as Dona, who was sitting across from Morty, asked if the door was locked.

"Sure is, baby," replied Morty, standing and starting to unzip his trousers. He walked around the front of his desk, leaning back against it. Dona slid off the chair in front on him and onto her knees. My eyes widened as the pretty woman opened her mouth and began licking Morty's cock.

There she was, little miss perfect, licking and then sucking a dirty dick. The cock of a jerk, a bastard, but sucking it just the same, just like a twenty buck streetwalker. His hands reached around and grabbed her head, and he rocked forward into her mouth, pulling her head against his manhood. His head fell back as he enjoyed the cocksucking woman.

I couldn't help myself; I unzipped my own pants and pulled out my cock. It didn't take much for it to sprout to his full length, and I rocked my dick against my hand in rhythm to Morty's fucking of Dona's mouth. It wasn't long before I came on the reams of paper on the shelf before me, just before Morty groaned and came in the young Human Resource executive's mouth.

"Oh, baby, suck my dick. Suck my dick you whore," spat the words from Morty's mouth. The woman continued to suck his shrinking dick, swallowing his cum and sucking his cock until it was clean as a whistle.

Morty patted her on the head and told her she was a great cocksucker. I couldn't believe my eyes, or my ears, but she took the words in stride, rising before him before sitting back down in her chair.

"Morty, you are so crude!" said Dona, with a smile on her lipstick smeared and cumstained mouth. "But you have such a wonderful cock. I love it when it gets so big, I love it after it cums, and I love it when it is small and I can suck it all into my mouth."

Go figure, I thought, she was just used by the bastard yet she had worked his cock like a pro nonetheless. Morty called Dona his supersucker, a phrase that brought a smile to the lips of the prim and proper lady.

After some small chitchat the two got up, hugged, and left through Morty's back staircase.

Once the wonderment of their coupling had stopped driving my mind nuts, I had to figure out what to do with my newly found knowledge. On one hand, if I kept it to myself, I'd be able to watch the cheating twosome as much as I wanted. If I told anyone about it, there would be numerous questions and comments and undoubtedly word, good or bad, would get back to them.

I decided what others didn't know wouldn't matter, so I kept it too myself. At least for a couple of months, a time which I saw the twosome copulate in numerous positions! It was unbelievable to me, Morty would give her a hard fucking, and afterward she'd slip out to meet her boyfriend for a dinner date...after already eating her appetizer.

It wasn't until my wife and I were frolicking around one night when the subject of porno came up. I had wanted Mary to watch a porno movie with me, but she always declined. On this particular night Mary said that the movies were too degrading of women, were too crude and were no unreal. She laughed and said that if we ever came across a coupling couple at the beach or somewhere, though, she's be happy to quietly watch the coupling with me.

Bada boom, bada bing. Ideas flashed off in my brain.

The following week I asked Mary to meet me in the office at 5:30, that we'd be going out to dinner. What I didn't tell her was there would be a slight detour before dining.

Mary arrived promptly at 5:30, and we made small talk while ensuring the office cleared out. She wondered why we didn't immediately go, and I merely said I wanted her to see something. After a quick look around the office to ensure the coast was clear, I asked her if she could keep quiet about a secret. She said sure, what was it? I said it was something she had to see, and that she needed to trust me.

She shook her head, but told me she was in my hands as I led her toward the office of my boss. We went past his closed office door, stopped at the custodial closet, and slipped inside.

"You devil, you," she quietly said. "You are a bad boy, we can't do it in here."

I told her to hush up, and looked through the peephole into the other room There Ms. Britt was bent over Morty's desk, with the bossman behind her rutting her doggie style.

"Honey, you will have to be very quiet, but look here," I said, pointing toward the peephole. She looked in before looking at me and mouthing the words "Oh, My god!!!"

The view entranced her, as her eyes zoomed back to the peephole and stayed riveted on the couple in the office. Her one hand dropped down, lifted the hem of her skirt, and began caressing her pussy. My hand quickly slid on top of hers, and we both fondled her moistening slit. After a bit her hand moved to the front of my pants, and we masturbated each other until I lifted her skirt and slowly slipped my cock deep into her cunt and began rocking inside her.

I moved Mary's head away from the wall, and got myself a look at the couple. Morty was now on his knees in front of the woman, licking the pussy he had just been pounding. Mary took over and then gave a play by play, blow by blow, whispered description of what was going on in the room next door while I rutted her hot wet pussy from behind.

I fucked my wife like never before, and she rocked back against me while looking at Morty and Dona obliviously banging against each other blind. It wasn't long before Mary said she was going to cum, and I quickened the pace until she did, following right behind by depositing a thick load of baby batter deep up her pussy.

Soon she turned around and gave me the biggest kiss imaginable; telling me it was oh so hot watching the couple through the peephole. She began to ask questions, but I put my finger to my lips and shushed her. We took turns watching Morty and Dona, whose grand finale was a 69 session on his couch. This guy was awesome; he always spurted tremendous amounts of cum on the woman. And Ms. Prim and Proper took it like a pro.

Mary was utterly amazed with the twosome. She begged me to come back and see the activities again if possible. Just in case, we made ourselves presentable, then I agreed to her request as we quietly slid out of the closet.

Later that evening, after spilling all the information quietly over dinner, we made our way back home to another bout in bed. Afterward, she asked again if we could have a replay.

"Of the sex or the peephole?" I said.


The calendar says Tuesday at 6," I replied. "Are you game?"

"It's a date. I will dress for the occasion. There's a little outfit of undies at Victoria's Secret that is in order!"

For the next several months, until Morty was fired for fraternizing with the workers, we spiced up our love life by doing just that.

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