tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching the Neighbors.

Watching the Neighbors.


My wife and I live in a small town where the neighborhood is old Victorian homes. When we moved here twenty years ago , we were the youngest couple on the block. Over the years we have become the oldest. At forty eight and forty two respectively, we are certainly not old. My wife and I are not swingers and as far as I know we have never been unfaithful to one another. We were married twenty two years ago, I had several girl friends with whom I had sex and my wife had sex with only two other men. We are not prudes and over the years we have done just about everything two people can do sexually. We love all forms of sex, toys, and porn movies. We have had all kinds of fantasies which we have played out in our home.

I am 6’2”, 185 lbs., blond with blue eyes. My wife is 5’9”, black hair and green eyes. She is 38D-24-36 and 135 lbs.

Our story starts about a week after Christmas, three years ago. We were putting away Christmas decorations and I was in the attic. I happen to notice that from the third floor attic, I could see into my neighbors living room. This was not possible from the first or second floor as they had wooden shutters covering the lower half of the windows. I then caught movement to the right and realized that I could see the upper half of their bathroom as well. This window also had half shutters. I could see Heather, my neighbor coming out of the shower. Her long curly red hair was in wet ringlets and as she dried herself I could see the tops of her breasts. The damn shutters were just too high to see any more. Standing there hoping to get a glimpse of nipple I realized that the attic lights were probably framing my outline in the window. I went to the switch and shut off the lights. When I got back to the window the bathroom was dark.

I was cursing my lack of composure and realized that I had a raging hard on. I sat there in the dark forming a plan for future observations. I looked down into the living room and saw Perry, her husband, sitting on the couch apparently watching TV. Heather appeared and sat down beside him. She was wearing what looked like one of his long blue shirts. When she sat down the shirt rode up exposing all of her legs and the tails covered her crotch. I thought that if she just moved one way or the other I was going to see if she was wearing panties.

A few minutes later Heather laid her head back on the top of the couch.. Perry leaned over and started to kiss her face. His left hand was going inside her shirt and I could tell that he was playing with her nipple. My hard on was coming back. Next he opened the next two buttons and was now massaging both of her tits. All of a sudden both of her tits came into view and Perry continued to maul them. Perry leaned over and sucked her nipple into his mouth while squeezing the other.

Heather’s feet came off the floor and rested on the edge of the coffee table. Perry’s hand left her breast and moved down her belly until it rested on her thigh. He started to massage her thigh just inches below where I wanted to see. Heather’s legs parted and I saw that she had no panties on. Perry’s hand slid up and covered her mound.

I ran through the dark attic banging into things finally getting to the stairs leading down to our bedroom. I called out to Gayle, my wife to come to the attic and bring the binoculars. Gayle came running up the steps.

“Where are you and why are you in the dark?” she asked.

I told her to be careful and to come over to the window.

She made her way over to me and asked, “What are you doing?”

I said, “It’s not what I’m doing, it’s Heather and Perry.”

Gayle looked down and I heard her gasp,

“Oh my God!”

Perry now had two fingers in his wife’s cunt and was finger fucking her hard. Heather’s small tits were heaving as she approached orgasm. Heather bucked against Perry’s hand and then she came. Her mouth was open and her nipples were hard as rocks. Heather sunk back into the couch as Perry withdrew his sticky fingers from her hot pussy and licked them off.

My wife was breathing hard and said, “That was wonderful.“

Perry was kissing her and her legs were still parted. Through the binoculars I could she her thick triangle of red bush and the puffy lips of her cunt wet with her pussy juice. Gayle took the binoculars from me as Heather’s hand took hold of Perry’s cock. She pulled it through the fly of his boxers and started stroking it.

Gayle gasped, “It’s twice as thick as yours!”

I could see that his cock did not appear as long as mine, but Gayle was right, it was at least twice as thick.

I pulled down my sweatpants and pulled Gayle over to my stiff 8” cock and pushed up her robe. She guided her hot pussy down on my dick and sank to the root.

Heather was now sucking Perry’s cock. They were married for about six years and she seemed to have knack of how to deep throat him. She slowly and methodically swallowed his meat to the pubic hair. My own cock seemed to grow even more inside Gayle’s pussy.

Gayle breathed, “I bet she stops and fucks him.”

I said , “You’re on, I bet she swallows.”

Gayle was now fucking to the same rhythm as Heather’s sucking.

I said, “If I’m right you swallow.”

Gayle returned, “If I’m right you suck your cum out of me.”

“Deal.” I answered.

I was beginning to worry because Heather showed no sign of stopping her cock sucking and I didn’t know if I could hold of in time to find out. As Gayle’s pussy milked my cock, I tried thinking of anything but what I was doing to hold off. Then Perry put both of his hands on the back of Heather’s head and started buck up against her lips. The spasms took over and we watched as Heather sank his cock down her throat and swallowed all of his hot juice.

“I’m close!” I cried.

True to her bet Gayle got up off my cock and knelt down and took the head of my cock in her mouth as I erupted across her tongue and into her throat.

“MMMMMM.” she moaned, “That was delicious.”

I pulled her up and sank my tongue into her mouth tasting my cum on her tongue.

That night Gayle and I fucked twice.

Gayle asked, “Is that the first time you’ve seen anything like that?”

I answered, “Yes, I’ve seen Heather sunbathing in the back yard in that tiny purple bikini, but nothing like we witnessed tonight.”

Gayle asked, “Does that little redhead turn you on?”

I replied, “I always thought she had a sexy ass, but after tonight I have to saw yes.” “What about Perry?” I queried.

“I never thought of him like that, but his cock is so thick.”

Gayle just let her thought trail off.

I said to Gayle, “I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for another show?”

“Only time will tell, Darling.” was her response.

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