tagLesbian SexWatching the Sun Oil Go On

Watching the Sun Oil Go On


It's raining in paradise, so I'm in the bar pouring out words rather than soaking up sunshine.

There is something sensual about holiday heat just the two of you together. Or is it helping each other with the sun oil? I do find something very sensual about slick hands on my body.

The early afternoon heat was now getting too much despite the sea breeze, and after soaking up their fill of Spanish sunshine David and Sally gathered their belongings from around the sun-loungers. Perhaps it was time to take to the shade of their room and explore another heat.

Walking back to their room they pass a ground floor apartment with a net curtain partially drawn across. The light breeze tugged the partition, revealing two beautifully tanned Scandinavian or Germanic women at a sun lounger. They were both naked, their skin glistening in the sun. One with longer blonde hair laying eyes-closed on her back, painted toes towards them. The other with a shorter vibrant scarlet cut, her tattooed back to them, oiled her friend's arms and shoulders. Then sliding down to oil her full bronzed breasts. The couple paused. This was interesting. Sally leaned closer into David's warmth.

The scarlet haired woman was definitely giving more than a functional caress. Her squeezing might not be helping apply sun protection but clearly her blonde friend was enjoying it. Large nipples visibly growing with each slippery squeeze, and her thighs parted slightly below a neat triangle on her mons. The blonde hairs moist enough to catch the light, but the obvious pink lips below drawing their attention. Already engorged and obviously moist. They could have already been oiled but it might just have been her arousal?

Was it Sally's imagination that those full pink petals were opening in front or her? Then realising that the blonde had now parted her legs and placed her feet on either side of the sun longer. Her clearly aroused sex open to Sally's gaze. Brushing her arm across the front of David's shorts she realised just how much he was enjoying their little voyeuristic treat.

As they continued to watch, the red head's hands slid easily down the blonde's stomach to caress the tops of the blonde's parted thighs. Sliding down towards her knees before running up towards her partner's waiting arousal, reaching the soft tops of her thighs. Both transfixed, Sally felt David's hand on her. They watched as the red-head caressed and teased her partner's nether lips, parting them, sliding within them with a finger. Eliciting a shuddering moan as she slid it easily in and out, probing deeper with each penetration. The blonde's wet arousal as clearly audible as hear moaning. Adding a second finger, working faster at her delightfully slippery task. A wet slapping accompany each thrust, rewarded with a gasp from the blonde.

Sally could feel the heat of her own arousal building. She half wanted to join in with the girls, as she knew David must, but didn't want to break the spell. Perhaps she could still watch if she got down on her knees and sucked David's obviously hard cock off. He would love that. She would love to taste him now. But she didn't want to risk missing even the smallest detail of their 'show' - or break the spell. She was so turned-on. David could do anything with her tonight.

Sally watched the red-head rise up from her seated position and without missing a wet stroke swung her leg over her partner. Her tits glistened alluringly as they swung with her movement, and juddered beautifully as she positioned her shaven sex over her partner's face. Briefly poised. Then sank back down to thrust herself against the blonde's open mouth. At first rubbing herself back and forth urgently. Briefly oblivious to the open cunt she had been so recently fingering. Those wet lips still parted and glistening below her. The view igniting Sally's imagination more that the realisation that David was standing beside her stroking his cock. Normally she loved watching him wank himself off but she was enjoying the girls' slippery sex show too much. She could just reach out and almost touch them...

The red-head's pace had slowed but eyes closed, she still rode her partner's mouth. The sounds from her own told the couple how good that mouth felt on her cunt. Sally recalled the soft hunger of a girlfriend's mouth on her own cunt. That delicious urgency as her tongue slid inside her, probing. A mouth lapping from her anus to her clitoris. She could feel it now. Soft tongue circling her clit. That sensation as it slid up under her the thin fleshy veil and flicked at her clit... She was so fuckin' turned on! Voyeurism is hot but the imagination is hot as fuck!

Watching the redhead part the blonde's engorged pussy lips, displaying her gaping open to them. Then following the back of her head as she dipped down. Tongue already extended she plunged into that pink blossom and gorged herself noisily. From her enthusiasm she obviously loved the oral opportunity, small muffled whimpers an additional reward.

Raising herself on her elbows the redhead languidly drew her fingers up the slick slit. Pausing. Then penetrating those pink lips sharply with two fingers. The wet slap loud. The blonde's gasp wetly muffled.

The redhead repeated. Then again. Picking up the pace. Slowing. Then curling her fingers upwards before frigging her hard and fast. The soundtrack of wet smacks as her palm connected with the apex of her friend's sex.

Sally knew this pleasure only too well. Fingers pounding against her g-spot as her exposed clit endured wet slaps. Fuck, she could feel how wet she was.

Slap-slap-slap! Harder and harder.

A rising and guttural sound, wet and muffled. The pinned blonde's pelvis rising to welcome each enthusiastic thrust.

The hand penetrating her held in position against her, knuckle deep. The movement of the tendons alluding to the powerful caress still being delivered within. Shudders. Creamy fluid running over the red-head's fingers.

Glistening fingers slurping in a delightfully dirty way as they are withdrawn. Still pressing against the blonds wet slit. Shifting from side to side, centring of her engorged clit. Rubbing from side to side wetly. Encouraged by more guttural noises. Shuddering pleasure returning.

Sally could feel her own heat and need, and was only too aware of how shallow her breathing had become.

The reward this time a warm stream of fluids squirting towards where David and Sally stood, eyes drawn briefly from the delicious pink font to where it splashed warmly against their legs. They looked up.

The red-head was looking at them. She was smiling.

"Hi there, did you enjoy that?" Not a German accent. English.

She smiled up at Sally and David.

To be continued...

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