tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching The Wife for the First Time

Watching The Wife for the First Time


We have always talked about it...a threesome but the interest that I have had in a threesome is almost none. My interest has always been in watching – watching her have sex with another man. It was always the fantasy and always something that we talked about and that I knew would be almost impossible to happen. Her deal was the way that she looked – very concerned about weight and things like that. She was short – about 5 feet tall – great dark hair, blue eyes – 34B's but nice ones – not a work out crazy but took care of herself. I guess she would describe herself as average build. When we met she was 90 pounds. She was not 90 pounds now but it made her breasts – well terrific and we both liked that! Always assured her that she was the one but it seemed that it was never enough. Caused all kinds of problems in our marriage and it eventually ended it but we went back and forth because it was so hard to stay away from each other – physically. We were split up and actually settled into a reasonably happy life and we just tried to get along – seemed like the right thing to do.

I was out one night locally meeting a couple of friends and just happened to run into her – just passing by each other. It was not planned – not anything that we knew was going to happen but it did. We talked for a few minutes and she was definitely buzzed – had something going on earlier that had flamed out and she wasn't very happy about it so she was buzzed and a little bit horned up. I know how she gets when she gets like that but I didn't really want to get into a situation for second in line for a bad situation but it did take some will power to walk out of the bar and head home.

I walked in the door to my house and not five minutes later she called and said that she was in the driveway. I let her in and we started. It didn't take too long for us to get down to business. She had overnight clothes in the car with her – she was ready for action. She got naked almost right away and since I'd been home it didn't take me long. She was sucking my dick – very good at it and driving me crazy. I loved to watch her with my head propped up on a pillow or just sitting up and leaning back. I wasn't exceptionally long – 7 ½ inches – but she never was able to get me all the way in her mouth – and she tried and tried and tried. Anyway – tonight she just tried to get me going and then – stopped cold and said, "If you want to watch – tonight is the night!" I didn't know what to do because there was nobody nearby and nobody that we had in the neighborhood who we had on deck ready to go. The easiest way was to check the personals. There was a local magazine that people used – no luck and then the phone book.

After going to the Escort section of the phone book – the advice I always received was to pick the biggest and what looked like the most expensive ad because it was probably the most reputable service. We found the biggest one and called – well I called while she was spending her time using her mouth and tongue all over me. I asked her to stop so I could spend some time talking to the very nice young – or at least young sounding woman – who answered the phone. I was stuttering like a high school kid when I started talking to her but she eventually worked me through a discussion of what I was looking for. She did ask several times – whether I was going to participate or just watch? Are you sure you don't want to be in on the action? I assured her – I'll be in the room but the man that we are looking for is not for me it is for my friend and my friend is a woman. Well we have somebody who is 5'11" and is 8", and we have somebody else who is 5'9" and 7" and – you get the picture.

"So – how long before he can get here?"

They said – he'll call you.

Five minutes later Kirk calls. Who knows what his name really was. Very nice guy – asked a few questions – asked if it was just me and my ex and what we wanted and asked again – what I wanted.

I said – "all you have to do is take care of her. I'm going to find a way to just watch and stay out of the way. Condoms – are required. So – how long will it take for you to get here?" He said less than 45 minutes.

I said OK – but I just didn't think that my ex would be able to keep her courage that long or that we would be able to keep our hands, mouths, dicks and pussies off each other that long.

The first thing that worked to cool the temperature was that we talked a little bit about what was going to happen and then I told her that I was going to get into the shower. She said that she wanted to do the same. I took a shower that seemed to last forever then she got in. She seemed to be in there 20 minutes but it was less and then I could see the buzz start to wear off and she started to get a little nervous about everything. I poured her a glass of wine and said just take a break and take it slow and easy. Just a few minutes of soft conversation and then we started back at each other. This time slow and easy and then I went down on her – she leaned back and I looked up at her and started moving up and down on her pussy and started to find her clit and she came to a very soft but intense orgasm and it took a real nice edge off and then the doorbell rang. She came to a nice buzz with her wine and put one of my dress shirts on and came up to the stairway with me.

I met Kirk at the door. He was pretty much the way described on the phone. About 5'10" – looked like the guy next door with wire rimmed glasses. Seemed pretty fit and was very low key and friendly. He was in a nice neighborhood so I don't think that he felt threatened at all and while the house wasn't lavishly decorated – it was OK. He asked to get the business out of the way first – which was fine with me. He then asked to use a bathroom and I suggested the one off the master where my ex happened to be. They exchanged brief hello's on the way and he spent a few in there and then came out and introduced himself to her and just affirmed that I wasn't going to be in the picture but I said that I was going to be in the room. He said that I could do anything that I wanted in the room. After that – she kind of walked right over to him and he kind of went to work.

He said some very sexy things to her – "you look so nice"..." you smell terrific" ..." I want to make you feel so good...so let's do what you want here." The first thing that he started to do was undo the buttons on the shirt that she put on after the shower. After a few buttons she just stepped out of it and she was naked right in front of him – him touching her and her touching him. He was still dressed in jeans and a casual shirt but the sexiness of that picture (if I could have taken one) was etched into my mind. They kissed – didn't expect the intimate behavior but it was also sexy. She started undressing him – first his shirt which happened quickly then his jeans – no underpants and his dick just came out and she touched him – first time to see that another Kodak moment.

Then she got down on her knees and just looked at his dick and then looked at me and then slowly put it in her mouth. It was not totally hard but was semi-hard and then got harder and then completely hard. Not an enormous dick but a nice one – from a man's point of view. My guess – 8" and thick enough! She starts sucking on his dick and I'm just standing there watching.

Now I always fantasize about watching this very moment but as it is actually happening it is totally mesmerizing...I just kept trying to focus – but try not to get in the way. The room is a fairly good size master bedroom with a big bed and a chair but when you think of this the thing is – you want to watch – so you want to see what is happening and you don't want to be talking much unless the people involved in the sexual activity say something to you. I'm watching this fantastic scene of her bobbing up and down on this well built guy's dick and I'm just watching and I can't stop watching but the scene is so electric and I am over stimulated. So – I start to take off the two things that I have on because I can't stand there without at least stroking myself a little. It doesn't matter much what I do because she doesn't stop what she is doing.

He strokes her hair while she sucks his cock and she uses her hands stroking his dick up and down while her mouth goes up and down on his dick. Magnificent sight. He stops her for just a moment and asks her if she wants to move to the bed. She asks him to lay down on the bed and she straddles him so that her pussy reaches his face and she puts her mouth back down on his cock in a 69 position. She knows that this is my favorite position even though she can never concentrate enough because the stimulation from her receiving oral sex doesn't allow her to concentrate enough to give great head. He starts working on her pussy with his mouth and his hands. He is tall enough and she is able to stay focused enough to make this happen for some period of time. I wish I knew how long it was for. It didn't seem like 10 minutes but it was long enough. She just had a great clitoral orgasm and it was unlikely that she was going to have another one but he worked hard at. He stopped her a couple of times during all of this and said that if they are going to fuck they better do it or he's going to cum and that's going to be it for a few minutes.

He went to his jeans and pulled out a condom – put it on and leaned her legs over the edge of the bed and gently started putting it in. They started slowly but it was not gentle sex. We used to have sex and make love and very rarely fuck our brains out. She was fucking the brains out of this guy.

She climbed on top of him – turned around and reverse straddled him and talked to him – told him – "Do not Stop!!! Fuck me! Keep fucking me...please keep fucking me! I want to watch your dick go in and out of me!"

They did this for some time.

She looked at him and said, "Are you ready to cum?"

He said "I'm ready!"

She said, "Take the condom off!" He took the condom off and she told him to get over to where she can finish this masterpiece.

Now all the time I am sitting in a comfortable soft chair next to the bed watching this. I've moved the chair around and while they are in the 69 position – my view is perfect. As he starting fucking her on the edge of the bed – I can only see the back and top of her head. When she moved him around and climbed on top I'm looking directly at her face and she is talking to him – but really saying it to me.

After he took the condom off he propped his head on the headboard and pillows and she starts to suck his dick again – and said directly to him, " just tell me when you are going to cum."

She sucks for just a little while and he groans – "here it cums!" And she takes his dick and starts stroking it and he cums all over the place with her mouth close enough to catch some of it but not all of it – never was her thing – but she did it here.

It was one of those picture moments that will never go away in my mind. She went back down on his dick and sucked it – then sucked it some more and then grabbed a towel and wiped everything up. He sat there for just a moment – then got up – picked up his things and asked if he could leave. I pulled myself together after watching that episode and walked him to the door and took his card. After that he gave me his card! Didn't realize these guys had business cards.

When I got back to the bedroom the look on her face was one of complete satiation – she was completely satisfied. She looked like that cat that just ate all the mice in the house. I was so horny that I couldn't move. She reached over and lifted my t-shirt off – pulled my shorts off – pulled the lube out of the drawer and leaned back and told me to fuck her and not stop until I came. She put her head back – closed her eyes for just a moment and then waited til I touched her pussy with my dick – and then opened her eyes and then looked at me for the entire time that I fucked her. Started slow and then started getting more intense and then kept going and then by about three minutes into the session – it was a loud, hard fuck. Strange that we never stopped looking at each other from the moment she opened her eyes to the moment that I came. Long passionate kiss and then collapsed.

We both got up and took a long shower together and even though we were both buzzed and exhausted – we changed the sheets and went to bed. Slept in the next day and talked a little the next morning about it but it took months before we really talked about this night. When we talked about it – well that's another night. A long night.

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