tagLoving WivesWatching Wendy Clean

Watching Wendy Clean


Watching Wendy clean our house for the past few years had kept me wanting more. She's 5'9" with great legs, flat stomach and perfect tits. She always cleans on Monday mornings and wears short shorts and tight t-shirts. It's nothing revealing but leaving nothing to the imagination either.

My wife Debby used to get up early on Wendy's cleaning day and help out. But over the past year she has been enjoying staying in bed a little longer. I always enjoy morning sex and started to really get aroused whenever Wendy was in the house while my wife and I made love. I would make sure that she was very wet by eating her pussy until she was ready to cum. Then I'd start to fuck her from behind which is her favorite position. She is very shy about letting Wendy know we are fucking -- but once she starts to cum she has no inhibitions and will beg me, "fuck me harder, fuck me hard and fast, I want to feel you shoot your hot cum in me." She starts moaning louder and louder until she cums.

This morning was no exception to our now regular Monday morning sex. But my wife didn't know that I had left our bedroom door open so that her moans could be heard throughout our house. Once I heard Wendy come through the front door I started rubbing Debby's pussy. As she awoke her hand reached down and started stroking my cock with abandon. Wanting her to really get wild I grabbed our pocket rocket from the bedside stand and started administering its vibrations to her clit. She loves this and immediately started moaning and wildly jacking me off. I slid down the bed and inserted two fingers into her cunt while keeping the pocket rocket against her clit along with my tongue. In no time she was having an orgasm and started yelling for me to fuck her. I flipped her over and shoved my seven inch cock deep into her while keeping pressure on her clit. She had an orgasm that lasted for minutes and the entire time she was cumming she kept shouting for my big cock to fuck her harder. I came in torrents and couldn't believe how vocal we both had been -- not to mention the loud pounding in the bed that could be heard everywhere. Afterwards, we put our robes on and came downstairs for coffee.

Wendy was cleaning the kitchen counters when we walked in and I noticed her top, it was knotted in the middle allowing her bare midriff to show. This was a new look and it made her tits look even bigger. In fact now that I was staring I noticed she was braless as well. I looked at my wife and gave her a smile -- she looked at my gaze and her mouth dropped open. Five minutes earlier she was cumming upstairs and now with my cum running down her leg she was openly ogling Wendy's tits.

We all made our usual small talk, but every chance we had we were rubbing each others legs under the robes and it wasn't long before I had another erection. This made Debby smile with a mischievous grin. She asked, "Wendy could you warm up our coffee?" And before I could cover my cock Wendy brought the coffee over to the table. Her eyes went big and her nipples got erect as soon as she spied my engorged cock. She quickly turned red and made it back to the coffee warmer. This seemed to embolden Debby and she asked Wendy about her new look, saying, "You look great in that t-shirt it really shows off your figure, I remember when my breasts were that pert and I didn't need to wear a bra either." This made Wendy flush even more and made Debby even bolder.

Debby stood up and walked over to Wendy and as she did she let her robe fall open revealing her breasts. She shrugged the robe off of her shoulders and displayed her nude body to Wendy saying, "Do you think my breasts are loosing their sex appeal -- it seems like it to me since my husband can't keep his eyes off of your tits."

Wendy didn't know what to say and she was obviously very embarrassed by Debby's nudity. She tried to look down but her gaze stayed on Debby's tits. At this point I couldn't stand it any longer and stood up and came around behind Wendy. I gently slipped my cock between her legs and wrapped by hands around her tits. After years of quietly lusting after her body I was finally at the holy grail.

At first she struggled against my grip and tried to remove my hands. This only made me fondle her more and thrust my cock rapidly between her legs. She looked at Debby with a plea in her eyes but Debby only response was to hold her naked body against her. Wendy sighed with a sense of panic then urgency. Slowly her hands slid up Debby's side and reached toward Debby's tits. Taking each in her hands she bent forward and started sucking on her nipples.

I untied her t-shirt and Debby and I pulled it over her head. The fight and fear that she exhibited moments before was replaced with anticipation of what was to come. I reached into her shorts and stared rubbing her hairless pussy -- she was so wet that my fingers slid immediately inside of her and she groaned in approval. We wasted no time pulling the rest of our clothes off. She grabbed my cock and started pumping it saying, "Is this the big, hard cock that was just fucking you Debby? Is this your sweet pussy juice covering his cock? I want to suck your cock and taste both of you while I do it."

Dropping to her knees she engulfed my cock while rubbing my wife's inner thigh. My wife moved Wendy's hand up higher until it was resting on her cunt. Taking the cue, Wendy started rubbing Debby's cunt while sucking my cock. Debby and I were lost in our arousal and both started to cum together. I was pumping my cock down her throat while Debby was holding Wendy's hand against her cunt letting the orgasm subside.

Now it was Wendy who became the aggressor. Standing up she pushed Debby down to her knees and pulled her face into her pussy. Debby had never eaten another woman before and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. But the sexual tension had Debby in overdrive and she immediately started sucking on Wendy's clit and licking her slit. Wendy started to writhe in front of me -- watching my wife eat her pussy was the hottest thing I had ever seen. As Wendy neared her orgasm she grabbed Debby's head and held it to her cunt while she came.

Exhausted but fully sated we all looked at each other and knew -- Monday's were never going to be the same again.

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