tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching Wife for the First Time

Watching Wife for the First Time


My wife and I have been married for over 20 years. We still have an active sex life, despite the demands of careers, kids and generally hectic lives. One exciting part of our relationship has been occasions where Laura has sex with other men with me watching. It has been a hot diversion that affirms Laura's sexuality, and keeps both of us in touch with a passionate part of ourselves.

This part of our lives started before we were married. We were living in different cities. Laura doing a doctoral internship in New Jersey, and I had started my career in another state. We had been living apart for about ten months, and our wedding date was set three months later. The separation was hard for us, and some events led me to wonder if Laura was seeing someone else. She made a few references to a guy in her program she found "unconventional" and "interesting" because he was so anti-medical establishment.

On a few occasions, I phoned pretty late and she wasn't home (this was before cell phones). Her explanations were a little vague, but I was in love, and we were getting married in a few months, so I didn't push too hard. Then, in August, some friends invited us to the Hamptons for the weekend, so I arranged a business trip to New York on Friday morning, and rented a car to drive to her apartment after the meeting. The plan was for me to arrive at her apartment at about 5:30, as she said she had an unexpected meeting Friday afternoon. My meeting in the city ended earlier than expected and I was headed to her place by 4:00 pm. I couldn't reach Laura at her house or office.

On a hunch, I drove into the small downtown near campus. After about five minutes, I noticed her car parked at a meter. I parked nearby, and went into a bar that was empty except for the bartender. Two doors down, I went into another bar. Laura was there, sitting at a table with a guy. She had her back to me as I stood near the bar. They were talking and sharing a pitcher of beer.

At first, I was angry, and tempted to confront her, but I didn't. Perhaps I thought, or maybe hoped, this was just two graduate students talking over some beers. I guess I ignored the fact that she was supposed to be at a meeting. I sat at the bar for a bit, ordered a beer and downed it quickly. I paid my tab and went outside to wait for Laura to come out. I figured she would have to leave soon, as she was expecting me in about an hour.

About 20 minutes later, they both came out of the bar, and began to walk toward her car. Once there, he reached out and touched her shoulder. When she didn't protest, I realized that this wasn't entirely innocent. He then leaned forward and kissed her. She responded in kind for a few seconds, but then broke away and whispered something to him. He laughed and then put on a fake frown as she gently pushed him away.

They continued to talk, and I could tell he wanted her to stay and she was saying that she needed to go because I was going to be at her house soon. I noticed though that she wasn't especially firm in her protests, and she didn't get in her car. Instead, they chatted for another minute until he reached over and began to massage her neck and shoulders. At that point, her resistance faded. When he kissed her again, she responded more passionately. Watching from my car, I was mesmerized. I felt anger mixed with curiosity. To my surprise, I also was incredibly turned-on. I wanted to see where this was headed.

They then began to walk away from her car, crossed the street, and walked a half-block until they came to another car parked off by itself, which I assumed was his. In order to follow the action, I had to get out of my car and follow them up the street at a distance. He opened the door for her, she got in and he went around to the driver's side and slid in next to her. He immediately leaned over and kissed her. I moved closer to the car, and had a direct view into the front seat. He then started the car, and I panicked, thinking they were driving off and would be gone before I could get back to my car to follow them. But they didn't move. Apparently, he was running the air conditioning, because their activity was heating up the car in the summer afternoon. From my vantage point, I watched as he began to feel Laura's breasts, causing her to squirm and lean her head back. He fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, until they were undone and I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. I wondered if she took it off right before meeting him at the bar. I couldn't take my eyes off his hands as they rubbed her tits and stroked her nipples, which I knew drove her wild. Either he knew too, or was a quick study, because he continued to pinch her erect nipples as she writhed under his touch. Then he said something to her, leaned over and began to suck on her tits, gently at first but soon more passionately. I saw her shift her body, so that he could get to both breasts, and I noticed her hand reach over to his lap. He sat back and closed his eyes as Laura rubbed his crotch. Her hands began to move with more purpose, and I guessed correctly that she was unzipping his pants to free his cock. Again, he looked at her, and this time she said something, seductively licked her lips, and leaned over burying her head in his crotch.

Although I couldn't see it directly, I knew that my future wife was blowing this guy in his car in broad daylight. A part of me wanted to open the car door and pummel him; another part wanted to open the other door, slap her and tell her to fuck off. The part of me that won out though had my dick rock hard, and urged me to move nearer to the car, so that I could see her sucking his dick. I walked closer, somewhat concerned that they would notice, but soon realized they were in their own world. Laura had her hand around his cock and was sucking and tonguing the head. He was in heaven, sitting back and holding a fistful of her blonde hair in his left hand. She got into it and shifted so that she was on her knees facing sideways in the front seat. That allowed him to reach his hand down the back of her pants and around to fondle her ass and pussy. She in turn rotated her hips rhythmically as he fingered her. I was ready to blow my wad, but wanted this to last. I needed to see where it would end up. After a few minutes of heated action, he said something to Laura, and she looked up. They spoke for a few seconds, and then started to shift positions. I realized that they were going to screw right there in the car. She slipped her pants and panties off. He raised his hips as she pulled his pants down. He turned a little to the side, and she climbed on top of him. After a few seconds of wiggling, his eyes got big and then a little glazed as his dick slid into my soon-to-be bride. She began a slow rocking motion that I knew was designed to get maximum stimulation for her hungry clit, and he was happy to oblige.

After a few minutes, her pace quickened, and he began to thrust up to meet her movement. What an unbelievable sight. My fiancée, three months before our wedding date, with nothing on except an unbuttoned blouse, was getting fucked hard by another guy in the front seat of his car. I could barely breathe as I watched. After a few minutes more, she became focused, and I knew she was getting ready to come. Laura is able to concentrate fully on the stimulation she is receiving, which leads to amazing orgasms that come from deep inside her. She was in that mode, and a few seconds later her back stiffened for a second and the wave hit her. I could hear clearly in my mind her grunts and moans as the wave overtook her. The poor guy never had a chance. I knew from experience that, as she came, her cunt squeezed his dick like an exquisite hand job, putting him over the edge. His eyes got wide, and then he closed them tightly as he arched his back, spurting cum into her wet pussy.

As they wound down, he buried his head in her chest, not wanting the moment to end. He had just had the hottest sex of his life, and, like a typical guy, was expressing his gratitude by sucking Laura's tits. She patted him on the top of the head, and rolled off. She then reached over and fondled his still throbbing dick and balls, causing him to jump. She laughed and started to get dressed.

As for me, I realized that, as Laura came, and then her lover came, I did too. I was standing there weak-kneed, a pool of jism spreading in my pants, feeling as spent as if I had just made love to my hot future wife instead of having watched another guy get his rocks off inside her. As the sexual energy waned, the scene was a little unreal. I was conflicted and confused, but still felt titillated. I wondered if and how I would confront Laura with what I just saw, and whether I could speak honestly about what I felt.

I hurried to my car. It was almost 5:30 and her place was a few miles away, so I arrived a few minutes before she pulled up. When I met her at the door, I kissed her and could sense her nervousness. Usually, when we got together after time apart, we headed straight to bed. I suggested that we do that, but she said "oh, I've been running around all day. I'm all sweaty and really would like to shower first."

I commented that she did look a little disheveled, which threw her off a little, and then said "After not seeing you for a month, the sweatier the better." I started to rub her ass and crotch, which was warmer than usual. I added, "OK, you can take a shower, but only if I can join you."

Thinking quickly, she said "No, I want you in that bed, not in some cramped shower."

I finally relented, saying "OK, how can I argue with that?" even though I knew that she was thinking about getting gobs of cum out of her pussy before I went down on her.

When she got out of the shower, she put on a robe and sat on her bed. I sat next to her, kissing her neck and shoulders and feeling her tits. With my eyes closed, I saw only images of her in the car, blouse unbuttoned and another guy's hands squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. We laid down, and I began kissing my way down her body, to her breasts, belly and then to her silky pubic hair. Using two fingers, I played with her clit and pussy, inserting a finger in place of the cock that filled her up less than an hour ago. As I moved my mouth toward her pussy, she pulled me up, saying she couldn't wait any more for me to screw her. I knew that she was worried that there was some trace of her afternoon "meeting" and I didn't let up.

I told her I'd been thinking all day about eating her and I wanted it now. As I licked and sucked her pussy, she relaxed and got into it. I stuck a second finger inside her and furiously licked her clit. Then I wiggled a third finger in her ass. She took a little longer than usual, no doubt because she had released a lot of sexual tension in the car, but she soon started to come. As her second orgasm subsided, I continued to kiss and lick her clit which by then was very sensitive. As my fingers slipped from her twat, I noticed a gob of white goo came out as well. Apparently my fingers had stirred up remnants of her lover's cum that were too deep inside to wash away in the shower. I didn't say anything, but I scooped up the gob with my finger and put it on the bed frame.

Satisfied by her orgasms, and probably feeling guilty about her afternoon tryst, Laura proceeded to give me a great blow job, gently sucking, licking and massaging my dick and balls. When I pulled her head up, letting her know I wanted to fuck her, she said she wanted me to come in her mouth. While that's an offer no man in his right mind should refuse, I was half-crazed by what I'd experienced that day.

I said I wanted to make love with her on top and she obliged by crawling on me and settling herself on my rod, just as she'd done with him in his car. She rode me with her eyes closed, and I wondered if she was thinking of him. I fondled her tits and then pulled her down to kiss her. I put my arms around her, hugging her tightly as my dick pushed into her. I whispered that I loved her and wanted her to be my wife.

She mumbled that she loved me too. I wrapped my arms tighter around her, so that her head was buried in my neck and my face pressed hard into her hair and ear.

I whispered to her, "I love you. I got here early today and went downtown. I saw your car and found the bar you were in. I waited for you to come out. I saw everything in his car."

Laura froze. She stopped moving her hips on my dick. I couldn't even feel her breathing. I knew she was afraid of what I would say next. I continued whispering, "I love you. I was hurt at first, but mostly I was turned on. It was incredibly erotic to watch you be so sexual. It's OK. I love you and want to marry you if you still want me."

A minute passed before I realized that Laura was crying softly. I relaxed my arms and she lifted her head, saying she was sorry, that she didn't mean to hurt me, and that she still loved me very much. She said she would never mention it again, or if I wanted she would tell me everything, suggesting there was more to tell. At that thought, my dick got rock hard and she felt it grow larger between her legs. She started gyrating her hips, screwing me passionately. As I tried to maintain control, wanting this to last, she looked into my eyes and said "Nobody eats me like you. Your tongue knows my pussy the best. No dick fills me up like yours. And your cum is the hottest and sweetest I've ever tasted."

With that, I exploded with a mind-numbing orgasm shooting my wad deep into Laura. As I was winding down she kept thrusting her hips until she came with a breathtaking shudder. She rolled off and collapsed next to me. After a minute or so of recovery, she turned to me and again said she loved me. Then she reached between her legs, pulled up a hand dripping with jism, and said "this is my man's cum and I love it." Then my lovely bride-to-be put her fingers in her mouth and sucked off gobs of the cum I had just shot into her cunt.

On the drive to the Hamptons later that evening, Laura told me the guy's name was Ty. He was in her program, and was a few years older than her because he had spent a few years backpacking around Europe and Asia. She found him interesting and "a little dangerous" because he was cocky and rebellious which appealed to her "bad girl side." Laura confessed that she and Ty had sex one time before, a few days earlier. He let her know he had worked some as a massage therapist and offered to give her a massage. He came to her place, massage table and all, but they both knew that it would go farther. The massage lasted 20 minutes and the sex lasted an hour.

She said the massage was sensual, and he ended up fingering her and eating her pussy on the massage table. When they moved to the bedroom, she sucked his dick and they ended up screwing. In bed, he still played the rebel, going so far as to comment on her cock-sucking technique as if he was a connoisseur of getting head. He even asked if he could fuck her ass, but she declined. When she met him at the bar earlier that day, she didn't know if anything would happen. He knew I was arriving in town, and he teased her that she should make me wait just to put me in my place. At the bar, he was more charming than usual, and the beer loosened her up some. Still, when they left, she planned to drive home in time to be there when I arrived. At her car, she almost got in and drove away, but he flattered her by saying that she was the best kisser he'd ever kissed, and then rubbed her neck, bringing back memories of the sensual massage a few days before. He asked her to come to his car for "a few minutes and kiss him, just to put a fitting end to a nice afternoon." Though she now figured it wouldn't end there, she agreed, but she didn't think it would go as far as it did.

When they got in the car, he kissed her and began to feel her breasts. She protested that it was too hot, so he started the car to run the A/C. This is where Laura's story got very interesting. He started to feel her up again and began unbuttoning her blouse, when he said something like "let me get a hold of your tits before your hubby gets to them."

Laura took exception to that remark and felt he was pushing this in part because she was engaged and therefore a bigger conquest. At that point, Laura decided to "put him in his place by fucking his brains out and leaving him begging for more." So, she took the lead in the front seat of the car, pulling out his dick, telling him she didn't think he could handle the blow job she was planning, and going down on him like a hungry slut. She got up on all fours and stopped blowing him long enough to tell him to "play with ass and pussy" which he did. By Laura's account, she "sucked him until he said he was going to come," at which point, she squeezed his balls and said "No way. You won't be any good to me then." And it was Laura who initiated their fucking, even taunting him with "try to last long enough for me to get some relief."

He barely did, coming immediately as she started her orgasm. Afterward, he was overwhelmed, saying he had never felt anything like that, and kissing her chest and breasts.

She told him that she would have liked to have come a few more times.

He mumbled something about "next time," which is when she patted his head and told him he "shouldn't take anything for granted." As she rolled off and squeezed his balls causing him to jump, she added "it seems your guy met his match." Laura found it interesting that I was so aroused, and thankful that I was willing to accept her indiscretion for what it was. As we neared East Hampton, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "If it excites you to see me with other men, I promise to be a horny little slut for you, till death do us part."

She then unzipped my pants, pulled out my stiff cock and sucked me off as I drove down the road. I blew another wad in her mouth as we pulled up to our friends' place. We weren't very good houseguests that weekend as we fucked, sucked and fondled each other every chance we got. We agreed that there was a lot to think about, and we were glad that we had the rest of our lives together to do that.

Laura never got together with Ty again, although he tried desperately. He tried everything, including begging, to get back in her pants, but she enjoyed teasing him, once even grabbing his crotch as they sat in a discussion group with other students and a professor. I guess she did put him in his place. I'm just glad I was there to watch her do it.

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