tagNon-EroticWater Nymphs Pt. 01

Water Nymphs Pt. 01


I wanted to thank Randi for organizing this event and inviting me to be a part of it. Parts two and three will come along shortly. Now I get to read what the other guys wrote!!!


Stranded on a desert island with three models. Every red blooded males dream, am I right? HA! Right now they are all pissed off at me and I am about ready to swallow the barrel of our flare gun and use our last flare to get away from these bitches. After four days on a raft and two on the island I was ready to kill people. How did I get into this mess? Let me tell you.


My name is Jack Ryan, no relation to the guy from the novels. I spent 8 years in the Air Force because I always wanted to learn to fly. The flying was awesome, the rules not so much. I kept my head down and was a good little automaton because that was the only way I was gonna get up in the air. I would probably have signed up for another hitch despite the fact that I hated everything about service because that was the only way a poor white trash kid like myself was going to be able to fly an airplane. I loved strapping into the C-130 and throttling up to take off. That moment when your wheels leave the ground and the pressure is on your chest is the greatest feeling in the world as far as I am concerned. Like I was saying, I would have signed up for another round of dropping things over a desert until I heard my uncle died. I was his only living heir and he had a bunch of stocks. He was the last one living in his generation and had inherited stocks that were issued in the 1930's to my great grandmother. He was a prick and was always telling me how he had never spent any of the principal and very little of the interest. Turns out he was a lying bastard as well. Don't get me wrong, when the estate was cleared I had about 1.3 million that was coming my way. He should have had a ton more though if he was telling the truth. No matter, I got the money then I got the hell away from Uncle Sam.

I also had a nice little nest egg from my time in the military and with the combined monies I was just able to pay cash for a sea plane. I decided to head to the Caribbean and be a freelance air cabby. It was the life for me. I had an in with a few resorts and got some business there. I had a couple of islands that I had scouted out and would take families to for an authentic overnight trip to a deserted island. And when I needed some cash in a hurry, there was always some people who wanted nothing more than to be able to move their goods without having to pay the taxes that the government wanted to charge. I shied away from most of that stuff but it was a nice side business. There were three islands that were drop points. The Casey brothers would load me up at their dock in Grand Caymen and I would go to one of the drop points and land on a small grass strip. There would be a tin shack manned by a couple of Latinos with AK's and they would unload me. I would get a large cooler filled with cash and then take that back to the Casey's. To be honest it twinged my conscious every once in a while because I was sure that whatever I was dropping off wasn't bootleg videos. However when you needed the cash it was any port in a storm. It was needing cash that led me to my current debacle.

I had been having no luck with either my solo business or my resort contacts. We were wrapping up the busy season and heading into the wet season when tourism would take a hit. Sometimes this happens. My job was very much feast or famine and right now I was in the middle of a two month famine. What really sucked was that it was time for my plane to be inspected and that was cash I didn't have. I hadn't heard from the Casey's in about six month so I figured they were laying low. That is why I was eager to hear what Avion Modeling agency was willing to offer.

"The job is simple, we need to get three of our models and a manager to and from an island on the outer rim. The photographer fell in love with with this particular island and the company is willing to spend the cash to indulge him. In the meantime another job came up for Tiffany and Amber so we are going to send the photog and makeup crew in a boat and fly the models in and out to get to the next shoot," the guy across the table was telling me.

"Tiffany and Amber? Are those their real names? It doesn't matter," I replied. "The issue we are gonna run into is storms. We are getting to the wet season and small localized storms can pop up faster than you think. I just want you to know that I won't be running through any hurricanes for you," I said with a smile.

"Safety first is the name of the game. The last thing either of us wants is a plane going down," he agreed.

So how did I end up flying through a storm and ditching my plane in the ocean you ask?

One Word : Pirates


The models were exactly what you would expect them to be. Amber was a brunette with impossibly long legs and almost no chest. Tiffany was a redhead with freckles and actually had a bit of an ass. Svetlana was high class European bitch personified. The look they gave me and my plane was the same look you would give to dog shit you just stepped in. Hopefully they would just shut the hell up and let me do the flying. They weren't the only ones who were unimpressed. I know these were models, but give me a fiesty Dominican woman with an ass I can grab onto over these twigs.

Thankfully the manager was a pretty decent human being. Her name was Jill and she was older and probably had been in front of the camera at some point. We talked a little about the area and I gave her a rundown of the island we were going to. It was not marked on any maps but it did have a fresh water source that involved a really cool waterfall and lagoon. The ship would be anchored on the lee side of the island and we would be putting in on the opposite side in a small cove. The shoot was going to take place by the waterfall at first then out to the sandy beach where the boats would be anchored. Our princesses would have to walk about a half mile, I could only imagine the bitching that was going to bring on.

Soon I found myself picking over the buffet table that had been set up for the camera crew. I had landed and done a post inspection of the plane while the models and their manager picked their way up the rocky path to the waterfall shoot. I came up about an hour later and damn if the ladies didn't look hot. I was a little disturbed by how fast they could switch it on and off though. They would be playing grab ass in the water one minute, looking like they were best friends, then they would all head off to different corners to get makeup or done or change outfits. It wasn't anything I was used to. Things were wrapping up and they were moving to the other end of the island when I decided to grab a nap in the plane. I also wanted to check the weather, something felt off, it felt like a storm was coming. As I was walking down the path I stepped behind a big rock to take a leak. I had just zipped up when I heard a voice come from where the plane was parked. Ducking down I saw two guys hop out of an inflatable Zodiac style boat and start picking their way up the path. These men were Hispanic and obviously not with our crew. It was the AK-47's that gave them away. They were between me and my plane and I wondered what the hell they were doing here. All of a sudden gunshots rang out on the far side of the island. The two goons started picking up the pace up the rocky trail. They were in a hurry and didn't notice me behind the rock. They were just passing me by when I heard screaming and saw the three girls running toward the plane. They got to the top of the trail and screamed when they saw the two goons leveling rifles at them and shouting in Spanish.


By now you should have figured out that I am not exactly a white knight, hero type, but I wasn't going to let these girls get captured and killed or worse. I came up behind the trailing goon and rabbit punched him just below his skull. He went down and I managed to get his rifle away from him before his partner turned completely around. I pointed and pulled the trigger before I realized what I was doing. Three red spots appeared on his partner's chest and he went down. I stood there for second staring. I was brought out of my reverie by more gunfire and the screaming of the girls as they scrambled down the path. I did a quick search of the bodies and found an old semi auto pistol stuck in the waistband of the guy I shot. I grabbed his AK and started scrambling down to the plane. The girls had made it to the beach and were loading in the small rubber dinghy we had used to get from the plane to the beach

"Not that one!" I yelled at them. "Get in the fucking zodiac."

They looked at me like I was crazy as I was running along the beach pointing at the boat with an actual motor as opposed to a small rubber dinghy with oars. I heard a scream behind me as saw Jill hitting the top of the path at a full run. She made it about halfway down before she stumbled and fell. Right then a couple more guys wielding AK's appeared at the top. I pointed my rifle at the top of the path and brushed the trigger. A three round burst sent those guys back behind some rocks as Jill painfully got up and started limping toward the boat. I ran back and helped her, putting a short burst of gunfire up top every time I saw movement. I ran out of ammo as I got to the Zodiac so I threw that gun down and brought up the other one I had scavenged.

How in the hell was I in a firefight on a tropical island?

I hopped in the zodiac and started it up. The guys at the top of the trail were working their way down when I caught a break. The one in the lead tripped and ended up knocking down the other two. That bought me enough time to get to the plane. The girls hopped in still screaming as bullets started flying around us. Jill climbed slowly into the plane. I looked around.

"Does anyone know how to shoot a gun?" I yelled.

They stared at me blankly while another round of bullets came through the fuselage. Jill nodded so I gave her the AK.

"Keep their heads down so I can get the plane going," I told her.

She gave me a grim nod and groaned as she laid her self prone and sighted down the barrel. I heard her squeeze off three shots. She knew what she was doing. I was afraid she would go full auto and run out of ammo in less than two seconds.

It was obvious these weren't trained soldiers as they all hit the sand and scattered. I turned my attention to the plane. The girls were milling around not knowing what to do.

"Get your asses strapped in and keep your head as low as possible. NOW!" I yelled as I got the engine started and flipped the necessary switches to get going.

They scrambled into their seats I heard on last burst of fire from Jill then I heard her curse. She tossed the rifle to the ground and slowly moved up and into a seat and started buckling in.

"It's all you big guy," she yelled over the sound of the props.

Bullets started ringing through the cabin as we were gaining speed to lift off. Two hit my instrument panel causing a few sparks and a puff of smoke. I pulled back on the stick and we were off. As we gained altitude the gunfire died off. I looked over the side and saw the yacht that the rest of the crew had came in on was pulled alongside a larger boat. There appeared to be people crawling over both ships but I wasn't about to get any closer. I reached for the radio to make the emergency Mayday call and swore. There was a bullet hole dead center of my radio and instrument console. I had my altimeter and compass so we could navigate but we weren't getting any word out. I would have to report this when we landed. I looked back and saw Svetlana had unstrapped herself and was leaning over Jill. Amber started screaming at me.

"Omigod, she's bleeding everywhere!" The dark haired girl yelled.

I turned around as best I could.

"There is no need to scream. Just calm down. There is a first aid kit in the compartment above you. Does anyone know first aid?" I asked.

Svetlana gave me a withering look and reached up to get the kit. From what I could see she was doing a good job tending to Jill. I had to get my shit together and get us home. Our fuel looked a little lower than I remembered it. DAMN I hope we didn't take a shot to the tank. After 15 minutes the fuel gauge was dropping slowly but steadily. We barely had enough to get back as it was. I was scanning the horizon when I felt someone take the seat next to me. I looked over and saw Svetlana looking at me with a measuring gaze.

"Jill took a bullet through the thigh. It looks like it went through but I don't see that it hit anything major. I have it wrapped up tight and hopefully she will get through. How far away from a hospital are we?" she asked with a trace of accent.

"If we can get to St. Kitts we will be good so about two hours. However I think we might have taken a shot or two to our fuel tanks because we seem to be using alot more than we should." I replied.

I looked out the window and pointed to a line of dark clouds forming in the distance.

"We will probably also be having to deal with weather. If we had more fuel I would try to go around that front that is forming but I don't so we are going to have to try to go over it," I continued.

She gave me that measuring look again.

"So how bad is it?" she asked.

"Better than being on an island with a bunch of pirates, but not as good as kicking back in a hammock with a beer and a spliff," I replied.

Her perfect eyebrows furrowed together as she considered my words. She nodded and returned to her seat. She had to duck down to exit the cockpit which put her perfect ass inches from my face. I wish I was more relaxed so I could enjoy it.

"Ladies, be prepared for a rough ride. Amber if we hit the water, the life raft is right above you. Get it out of it's container and toss it out the door. Pull the line and it will inflate. The rest of you wait for it to inflate then jump in," I yelled back

I was answered with a scream. It died quickly and I heard more muted voices coming from behind me.

Ten minutes later we were in the heart of the storm.

Maybe I should have faith because it looked like we were going to be able to get through this. The sky was taking on a lighter hue and the rain had slaked off a little bit. I had started say something when all of a sudden a huge downdraft sent us reeling. I was pulling on the stick with everything I had but I couldn't stop us from hitting the water. It seemed like we bounced as the pontons were ripped off slamming the nose into the water. Thankfully we didn't go end over end and actually managed to end up resting even on the water. I felt woozy from the sudden stop but I forced myself to move. I unsnapped my buckle and lurched my way back to the fuselage. Svetlana was unconscious and Tiffany was trying to wake her up. Jill was moaning in pain but to my surprise Amber was doing her best to wrangle the raft from it's container. I pushed her aside and grabbed it. I drug it over to the door and heaved it while pulling hard on the trailing cord. Thankfully it landed right side up and expanded correctly.

"Amber, I need you to get down there first and help them get in the raft." I told her as a wave came crashing through the open door.

She nodded and jumped down into the raft and looked back up at me. Svetlana had come around and together she and Tiffany staggered to the door and jumped out. I grabbed Jill in my arms and shuffled over as far as I could. A wave picked up the raft and I half threw her into the waiting arms of the other girls. The plane was beginning to lurch as the cockpit filled with water I turned around and ran back to grab my bug out bag and stumbled back to the door. It was raising up above the raft as the plane was starting to sink so I jumped out. My foot slipped from under me and I did a half gainer into the water beside the raft. I threw my bag over the side and grabbed onto the small rope ladder to haul myself over the edge. The rain was letting up and the waves were dying down. The girls were huddled in the center of the raft under the canopy. The adreniline rush was over and I damn near passed out.


After I caught my breath I took a look around. The rain had stopped and the ocean was gentle. The remains of my plane were floating around us. The fuselage finally sank leaving pieces of debris as the only thing left of my livelihood. Talk about depressing. I turned my attention to my raft mates.

Tiffany and Amber were holding onto each other crying, Svetlana looked like she was trying to shake the cobwebs from her head and poor Jill was white faced with pain. I guess it was time to say something.

"You guys did great, that was a hell of a clusterfuck and you all did well," I told them.

"Fuck YOU!," Tiffany screamed at me. "If you had a decent plane and knew how to fly we wouldn't be in this mess."

What the hell? Okay I was rational enough to realize that she was lashing out, but damn if being stranded in the middle of the ocean on a freaking life raft was the place to start venting. Then Amber decided to pile on.

"Seriously, I thought you were some kind of hotshot Air Force pilot. When I saw your plane I figured you had to be good to make a living with such a piece of shit." she said a little more calmly.

"Listen up cunts, I know you probably made it through school on your knees or back but you should have taken the dick out of your mouth long enough to know that planes need fuel to run. Put a couple bullet holes in a tank and guess what? We lose fuel. When we lose fuel I have to decide whether or not to take risks to get your STD laden twats back so you can start barf chowing until your next cocaine riddled shoot. If you guys aren't happy with the current state of affairs, hop over the side and start swimming otherwise keep your yaps shut while I try to figure out what the next step is," I yelled back. My temper was a little frayed I guess.

The girls moved to the farthest point away from me in the raft and gave me nasty glares. Svetlana appeared to shake the cobwebs out of her head and rolled her eyes at me. She went over and started talking to the other two. I opened my duffle bag and took out a waterproof first aid kit. I moved over to Jill and started putting a new bandage wrap on her leg. All I had in the kit was some ibuprofen but I gave them to her along with one of the water bottles I had stashed. She swallowed the pills and took a healthy swig. I got it back from her and finished it off. I rolled two bottles of water along the bottom of the raft to the other three women.

"Split those between you. Keep the bottles for when it rains. Don't drink salt water. If you have to piss or shit hang your ass over the edge. Watch out that sharks don't jump up for ya though." I gave them a nasty grin.

"We are in pretty close proximity to each other to be pissing each other off," Jill remarked through clenched teeth as I tied off her bandage.

"Tell that to them." I responded dryly, "They could be getting passed around a pirate ship right now or drowning in the middle of the ocean instead of taking a leisurely raft trip to our next tropical destination."

"You don't seem to think we are in much danger." Jill said.

"Oh it could get worse, but as long as it rains we will have enough water for a while, I have two boxes of protein bars in my bag along with waterproof matches, some fishing gear and other things we will need when we make land." I said with a forced smile on my face.

"You think we'll make land?" Svetlana asked.

"Probably, I am not an expert but I think the currents and wind will push us to where we can use those paddles to get us onto shore." I responded pointing to the paddles that were stashed on the raft.

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