Waxing Love


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Programming Note: This story is set sometime during the filming of season 5 of Buffy. This isn't of critical importance for your enjoyment of the story, but it will explain why I don't take things in a certain direction when the opportunity arises. You'll probably know it when you read it.

And now the story -

* * * * * * * * *

It all began with a knock on the door to Sarah's trailer.

"Who's there?"

"Hey. It's me."

"C'mon in Love."

"The door's locked."

Sarah's makeup artist Nicole went to the trailer door and unlocked it, opening it to let Jennifer Love Hewitt enter, then locking it again to ensure that no one else could get in unannounced. Turning to go back to her makeup work Nicole barreled into Love, who had come to a full stop and was staring at her friend in the makeup chair, her mouth hanging open in shock. Staring, because the blonde girl was slumped down in the chair, her ass hanging more than halfway off. Mouth hanging open because Sarah was also completely nude from the waist down with her legs sticking straight up in the air but bent at the knees so that her heels were beating against the backs of her thighs, leaving her bald twat completely visible and looking a little bit red.

"What? Isn't this how you have your makeup done?"

"Wha... How... Wh... Huh? What the heck's going on?" the brunette sputtered.

Sarah laughed, responding "Relax Love, Nicole is being a pal and giving me a Brazilian. Don't you like it?" spreading her legs as she spoke, giving Love a bird's eye view of her freshly waxed muff.

Nicole looked at Love, so eager to hear the young girl's opinion that she completely passed on Sarah's less than refined display. It wasn't how Nikki behaved when around her own friends, but she knew Love and Sarah were very close, and, being actresses, perhaps they were just more used to being naked around other people. Nicole hadn't been doing makeup work very long, but she'd been at it long enough to learn that actors were not like other people. They were a bit on the unusual side. But right at that moment all that was irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was what Love thought of the job she had done. This was the first time she had done this for the pretty blonde actress, and she was hoping it wouldn't be the last. A positive review from Sarah's best friend could go a long way toward making this a regular gig.

However, if Nicole was looking for a quick endorsement from the new arrival she was in for a bit of a letdown. Love simply didn't know how to respond. What she wanted to do was drop to the floor between her lover's legs and soothe the reddened flesh with her tongue, until she caused the young TV star to orgasm and thereby flood her mouth with fresh cream. That's what she wanted to do. And she almost started to move towards her best friend's newly bare beaver before catching herself. Oops. Almost slipped up there. That could have been a real problem.

Love knew that Sarah considered Nicole a good friend but she also knew for a fact that the makeup artist was unaware of the special relationship the other two occupants of the trailer had. The Hollywood starlets walked a fine line between their personal escapades and their public lives, they had to be very careful when it came to letting someone else in on their secret. Not that Love considered Nicole to be that much of a risk. She obviously adored Sarah and would do nothing that might cause her harm, but the two lovers had learned that it paid to be cautious. Trust had to be earned. At least that's how it had been so far. Given the current circumstances it looked like things might be about to change where Nikki was concerned.

Not knowing what else to do Love turned to Nicole and said "You did that? Wow, it looks really good. Did it hurt much?" This last was to Sarah, who was regarding the bouncy brunette with a knowing smirk on her face.

"No, not at all, and you know it usually does sting a little. She's really good at it. Hey, wanna give it a try?"

"What? Me? Oh, no, I couldn't! I... uh... I just shaved this morning, don't even have a 5 o'clock shadow, besides it wouldn't be fair to Nicole. She's your makeup artist."

Before Sarah could respond Nicole jumped in, "I don't mind. I mean, if you want to, it's okay with me."

Love was on the fence, Sarah could see that, and when Love was undecided there was one sure way to get her to give in and do what her blonde lover wanted, "Just try it Love. Please? Do it for me?"

That got Love's attention. Most people would probably think it was Love who could manipulate a person merely by asking them to do something just because she wanted them to, and, in fact, she sometimes did, it all depended on her relationship with the individual. But few would guess that Sarah was equally as good at influencing people, often with just a simple please. Especially if the person being manipulated was Love. The two lovers just couldn't say no to one another. Particularly if the request was even remotely sexual. And having what little bush she had completely waxed off by Nikki while Sarah watched would definitely qualify in Love's book as sexual.

Love was ready to cave, Sarah's please had had its intended result, but she required one last push and she would be off the fence. Plus she really didn't want to cause any trouble for her best friend.

"Are you sure it's okay? I mean, Joss won't be angry if I, you know, take time from one of his people?"

"Don't worry about Joss" Sarah answered, "I'm not needed for any more scenes today, maybe some blocking but that won't be for hours, and Nicole only does my hair and makeup, so she's free too. And she really doesn't mind, do you Nikki?"

Seeing her opportunity to make this a recurring thing she quickly responded "Nope. Fine by me. Really. It'll give me another chance to practice, that is, if you don't mind me experimenting on you?"

Sarah responded for Love, "She trusts you. You trust her don't you Love? Of course you do. Now c'mon, let's get you naked!"

Nicole looked at Sarah curiously, a sense that there was something going on that she was unaware of beginning to build in her. Was the blonde just a little too excited about this? Nah, she had to be imagining it. If anything, she was the one who was excited by the prospect of waxing Love. Why was that? Why was she so anxious for this to be more than a one-time thing? She had felt it from the beginning with Sarah. The thrill as she watched the blonde undress, the heat she had felt as she had trimmed the dark pubic hairs before applying the wax, the electricity that had run through her when her fingers made contact with Sarah's skin, and the initial flood of cream that had soaked into her panties as she spread the wax onto the puffed labia. Nikki was licking her lips as she remembered the feelings that had threatened to overwhelm her while she worked on her friend. The whole thing had bordered on sexual. No... it was sexual. That made Nikki's eyes go wide and she quickly turned her back on the others, arranging the things she would need if she was going to work on Love. Okay, she had to calm down. She couldn't be sexually excited about this and she certainly couldn't let Sarah and Love see that she was. Sarah would flip and she'd probably lose her job. Besides she wasn't into girls, she had a boyfriend that she loved, and he loved her. Yeah, he was on the dull side, especially in bed, but that was to be expected when you had been together as long as they had. The important thing was they loved each other. Sex wasn't everything, and she certainly wasn't a lesbian.

So why was she practically soaking wet?

Lost in thought Nicole didn't see the rapid, but mostly silent, exchange between the other two girls. When Sarah told Love to get naked the brunette considered the situation between her own legs and quickly shook her head no. She didn't want to take off her jeans and have Nicole see how wet she had become from the mere sight of Sarah's bald privates. And Nicole would see. How could she not if she was going to be removing the hair from the very area that Love knew was a dead giveaway of her aroused state?

Catching the nervous look on Love's face, and seeing that Nicole was pre-occupied Sarah mouthed, "What's the problem?" to her recalcitrant friend.

Love mouthed back "I'm wet!!"

Sarah just rolled her eyes, while out loud she said "C'mon, let's get these clothes off you. I'll help."

Love's eyes went wide as Sarah left the makeup chair, still bottomless, and came to her side. Staying between the aroused brunette and Nicole she began unbuttoning her friend's jeans while Love worked at her shirt. Dropping the jeans to her ankles Sarah surreptitiously grabbed Love's thong panties and pulled them up into her crotch, the fabric slipping in between the puffy pussy lips and absorbing some of the fluids. The older girl then reached down and with her index and middle fingers she pushed the fabric deeper into Love's snatch and wiggled it around a bit, soaking up even more of her younger lover's juice and getting a very soft gasp to boot.

With her fingers knuckle deep in Love's muff Sarah was forced to concede that her friend was indeed excited. Perhaps not quite as excited as Love imagined herself to be, but excited enough that it was sure to be noticed. She met Love's eyes and with a devilish smile she stuck her tongue out at her lover and fluttered it quickly then waggled her eyebrows at the increasingly turned-on brunette.

Love's eyes went even wider and she shook her head no once more, again mouthing her words silently, "No! We can't!"

The rest of their conversation took place without even the benefit of that form of communication, Sarah's tilted head and raised eyebrow asking as plain as if she had spoken it 'Why not?' while Love's own raised brows and jerked thumb in Nikki's direction asked 'In front of her?' To that Sarah gave another wicked smile, her own eyes going wide as she nodded her head yes as decisively as Love had shaken hers no just moments earlier. Love looked quickly over to the older girl and then back to Sarah. She then moved her index finger in a loose circle indicating the three of them, the unspoken question this time being 'With Nikki?' An even more decisive nod of the head from Sarah.

All this had taken place while Nicole fiddled with the wax and applicators and with Sarah's fingers still nestled in her lover's twat. When she wiggled them inside Love's tunnel once more the younger girl gave up trying to resist her friend any further. It was tough enough for Love to do it under normal circumstances, but trying to do it when she was already sexually aroused and getting more so with every passing moment, well, then it was damn near impossible. You might as well ask gravity to stop working while you were at it, your chances of success were about the same. Nodding in defeat Love's eyes closed and she had to bite her lip to avoid moaning as her favorite playmate's thumb began to brush the cotton of her panties over her already swollen clit. Sarah was pleased that she had persuaded her lover to her way of thinking but she also wanted to remind the dark-haired girl that this was not just about winning or losing an argument, this was ultimately about sex. Hot, sweaty sex. In Sarah's opinion one of the few things in life really worth arguing for.

Removing her fingers at last from Love's cunt the light-haired girl then dropped to the floor and helped the brunette step out of the jeans. Once the denims were out of the way she leaned in and inhaled deeply, drawing in the fragrance of her girlfriend's arousal, then with another playful smile directed upwards to the already stimulated actress, Sarah closed the last remaining distance and placed a quick kiss followed by a flick of the tongue directly on Love's still panty-covered clit, causing the younger girl to whimper quietly and produce yet more cream. Not wanting to get carried away so soon, and thereby blow any chance she had of getting Nikki involved, Sarah stood up again and turned back to her makeup artist, leaving Love to finish undressing without further assistance. Taking off her shirt Love then removed the panties from her crotch and slid them to the floor, feeling a little self-conscious as she did.

Love stood there in only her bra, not quite sure what to do with her hands, as Nicole called back to her, "Why don't you sit down and we can get started, okay?"

"Umm, yeah, okay."

She sat in the chair so recently occupied by her friend and tried not to look too uncomfortable. Judging from the laugh Sarah gave out when she turned and saw her sitting there she wasn't successful.

"C'mon Love, relax, would ya. She's not going to bite you. Nikki, tell her you won't bite."

Over her shoulder Nicole responded, "I won't bite."

"See, it is not to worry. Now relax, you'll love this, trust me."

Nicole still had her back to the others as she got the materials she would need ready. Sarah looked at Love and gave her a little wink, then blew her a kiss.

Love looked at Sarah skeptically, "Why do I get the feeling you're going to enjoy this more than I am?"

"Oh you'll enjoy it, don't worry. It's positively... orgasmic! I guarantee it!"

Again Nicole was struck by how excited Sarah sounded about what was to come. Dismissing the thought as a projection of her own enthusiasm she turned to the others and prepared to give Love Hewitt a bikini wax. The mostly naked brunette was sitting in an upright position in the chair, which was fine for conversation, but lousy for the purpose at hand. Assuming you could get past the mostly naked part and get on with the conversation part. When talking about Love that was not as easy as it sounds, not even for another woman.

"Umm, Love, could you slide forward a bit? I need to be able to, umm, reach, down there."

"C'mon Love, you saw how I was sitting didn't you, I mean my pussy was staring you in the face! I'm sure you must have noticed. You've gotta sit like that. Now slide forward and lay your legs over the arms of the chair."

Nicole got on her knees in front of the chair as Love reluctantly moved into position, her ass sliding forward and her pelvis tilting upward as she raised her legs and spread them, allowing the necessary access to her muff that the stylist would need. However, as the seconds passed, it became obvious that Nikki was not taking advantage of said access. She was sitting on her haunches in front of the chair, mesmerized by the vagina before her, absorbing the sight and fragrance of Love's all too obvious arousal.

She had no idea how much time had passed when she heard Sarah calling her name "Nikki? Nikki! Hello, Earth to Nicole! Anybody home? YO NIKKI!"

Coming to with a start she felt a deep blush cover her face as she stammered a reply "Sorry, sorry, I umm... I was just... Umm, I was thinking... I needed... Umm..."

Giving up trying to explain herself further, and failing miserably at it, Nikki set about giving Love a wax job similar to Sarah's. For a while she was able to work on autopilot, cutting the dark pubic hairs, applying and removing the wax, and then cleaning up the excess, repeating as necessary, until, at last, there was nothing more to remove and Love was now as bald as her best friend and lover. Seeing as how the wax job was supposed to be a Brazilian the makeup artist then spent the next few minutes searching for any missed fur between Love's legs. Searching rather... diligently. So diligently that she again did not respond when Sarah called her name.

Sarah and Love exchanged an amused look over Nikki's single-minded absorbedness in the brunette's twat. Figuring that this was as good a chance as any to put her plan into action Sarah gave her friend another wink then leaned in from Love's left, coming in under her lover's raised leg and bringing her head into Nicole's field of vision, and coincidentally placing her mouth within inches of the dark-haired girl's vulva, "Gorgeous isn't it?"

"Huh? What? Oh, yes. I mean, it's very... nice?"

Sarah began rubbing her cheek against Love's now hairless skin, "Know what else it is?"

Nicole swallowed audibly, her heart pounding in her chest so hard she was sure it could be heard miles away, "Smooth?"

Sarah turned her head, placing her lips a fraction of an inch above Love's clit, which was rapidly re-filling with blood and pushing out of its hood, "Tasty!"

So saying the blonde stretched her tongue out and began flicking it softly back and forth over the engorged nub, getting a long drawn out moan from both of the other women in the trailer. Nicole's heart was beating so hard she thought she might pass out even as she watched the erotic display play out in front of her eyes. She couldn't be seeing what she thought she was seeing. She couldn't really be watching Sarah Michelle Gellar licking and sucking another woman's clit. Could she?

She leaned in closer, letting the scent of Love's arousal wash over her, thinking she had never smelled anything better in her entire life, never seen anything hotter. There was no doubt about it, she was watching Sarah eat Love's pussy. Nikki watched Sarah's tongue as it passed slowly back and forth over Love's nerve bundle, watched the skin of the dark-haired girl's abdomen jump whenever the pleasure got a little too intense, suddenly wishing that it was she in the chair having her bud licked. She let out a little whimper as Sarah's tongue curled around Love's tender clit, getting another moan from the girl in the chair, this one completely uninhibited. Love had already moved well beyond her concerns over letting Nikki witness the two of them making love.

Seeing the look of rapture on Nikki's face Sarah backed away from her lover, much to Love's obvious frustration, and asked "Want a taste?"

Nikki looked up at her, eyes gone round "Oh, I couldn't! I mean... I couldn't... well, I've never... Well, I, umm..."

"Go on, just a quick peck." This might prove to be easier than Sarah had originally thought.

Nikki cast a quick look up to Love, then over to Sarah, "Umm, okay, I guess it wouldn't..." she was leaning closer and closer, her lips a hairs breadth from Love's clit, until there was no space between them and she brushed them against the swollen nub, quickly leaping back as if shocked by an electrode. She covered her face with her hands and blushed fiercely, taking on the shade of a ripe plum. If the earth had opened up and swallowed her at that very moment she would have been eternally grateful.

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