tagLoving WivesWBDP - Morris and Marcia

WBDP - Morris and Marcia


This story could have gone in several different categories, from BDSM to Interracial Sex or Group Sex. I finally decided to put it in Loving Wives because it seemed more that than anything else. You may disagree, but read the whole thing first. It's got a lot of stuff in it.


Within five days of our return from Vegas, Marcia said she no longer had any soreness from any of her piercings. She usually wore her nipple bars to work, but would occasionally put on the hoops or shields for me when she got home, wearing them under her sports bra when we'd work out together because she usually had another loose fitting t-shirt over that or walking around the house naked.

I would have to say that she went nude more than she used to before Vegas, putting clothes on only to go out or if we expected company. Perhaps it was a side effect of the exhibitionist streak she seemed to develop there, but I certainly wasn't going to complain about it. It wasn't uncommon for both of us to eat supper, or lounge about reading or watching TV while nude. Unless the weather was cold enough to be chill, but not so cold to turn the heat on, we also slept that way. The most she ever wore at night was a loose t-shirt.

Another unexpected benefit of seeing her naked all the time is that sex occurred more often. I liked what I saw and always had, but I didn't see it quite as often before. My losing weight and becoming more fit meant that I was also more attractive to her, and had more energy for her. Maybe before taking this time to rediscover ourselves, life had interfered more. Working too much, paying attention to the non-essential things in life, when what was really important was our relationship and how we could make it better for us. Now that we were paying attention to each other and playing with each other, we enjoyed each other and our company more. I'd see her walk by me naked, and I'd pull her down into my lap and we'd kiss and pet and had a very good time doing so. It seemed there was less opportunity to ignore each other, therefore we connected more, on all manner of things.

When we would go out with others, they commented on how attentive we were to each other, how devoted we seemed. I suppose we could have said that if you just make your wife your sex slave and then treat her like the valuable property she is, you'd be attentive too. The fact that she wore no clothes around the house reinforced how attentive I was.

Before my next weigh-in, I had time to make a few changes in the house. We'd taken shipment of all the things I bought at the Vegas convention. I did as Mistress Olivia suggested and put a hook in the living room with a plant to disguise it's real intention, a place to suspend Marcia. It was nice. Our home had 10 foot ceilings so that would leave a lot of space for her to spin. The rope cleat that allowed me to leave her up there while I worked below was anchored into the concrete floor behind the couch. The St. Andrews Cross slave furniture arrived and I found I could easily set it up in 10-15 minutes. I had Marcia try on the leather harnesses and suspension boots and gloves and they all fit perfectly, although she wouldn't let me actually use them until our play dates.

At my weigh-in, I was 213, the same as my pre-Vegas weight, our trip to Las Vegas having interfered with working out and weight loss, but I hadn't gained any back. It was still good for three more days. Since we'd just returned from a play date and Marcia had to work that weekend, I put off my weekend for a week as she'd have three straight days off.

When the day arrived, Marcia ate before coming home and when she entered from the garage on Thursday night, she was naked. I sent her to the bathroom to shower and shave. She left the shower and I was waiting for her, with all her slave gear. Kneeling for me, she waited for me to add her collar, then she displayed at my command, and I added her leather ankle and wrist cuffs. I changed her bars for one of her nipple shields, then we added her new body harness.

It really was form fitting, the groin straps snugging tightly on either side of the lips of her sex, all the straps adjusting firmly around hips, abdomen, chest and shoulders with the buckles kept off her skin by a layer of leather so that all she felt was leather all around. Her breasts were framed and separated by the leather. If she had lived 3000 years ago, she would have looked at home on the battlefields of the Celtics or Scythians. I also added the dangling Celtic design she'd picked out for her labial hoop at Slave Baubles. Sam's slave. Not only did she look like a sex slave, she looked like a sex goddess and she was mine. I ran my finger through her slit and found her wet.

One last thing I wanted to add and that was her We/Vibe. I wanted to keep her on the edge of release all weekend. Needing no lube, I slipped one end into her cunt and adjusted the other end over her clit. I turned it on. She knelt again and I offered her my cock which was accepted into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. Nothing like starting off my three days with one of her exceptional blow jobs. After I was hard, I had her lie on the bed with her head hanging over the edge, and I reentered her mouth. I plunged deep and felt her throat open for my prick. It never ceased to amaze me that she could do that. If anything came close to my throat, I wanted to gag. She always told me that I could swallow food without gagging, so it was just a question of learning to suppress it. I told her that I was never going to suck cock, so there was no point in learning.

It never ceased to amaze me that I could watch her throat bulge about an inch or so down it's length as my cock slid in, particularly in this position. The sight was so inspiring that it didn't take long for me to release my load and she absorbed my thrusts and swallowed each drop. After she cleaned my release, she asked for permission to cum, but I switched off the Vibe and denied her the climax. She gave me a look like 'it's going to be that way is it'. I smiled at her.

I led her into the living room where I had everything set up for her suspension. I attached the pulley cables to her shoulder D-rings and hoisted her up. The harness absorbed much of the pressure of her weight, but I could see her outer labia swell slightly with the compression on her groin. I attached her spreader bar to her ankles and parted her legs so I could devote some attention to her pussy. I turned on the Vibe again. I got her vibrating dildo and slowly entered her cunt, her vaginal lubrication was already substantial and it slid right in. Her moaning began immediately and she reached above her head and tried to lift herself with her arms to fuck herself as I wasn't moving fast enough for her. I tickled her under her arms so that she could not use her arms. I was in control of her orgasms, not her.

She pleaded with me, "Fuck me faster, Master, please fuck me faster."

My little slave was a needy slut, but it was my tune she was going to dance to today. I kept up the ultra slow penetration of my little slave until she was panting in frustration. I could finally see that the vibrations and my teasing of her sheath was going to bring her to a climax and I heard her breathing quicken to the point that she would have to ask for permission and I turned off her Vibe and withdrew the dildo. It's possible they heard her groan of frustration next door.

"Master, please, I need to cum. Please let me cum. You're driving me crazy, Master."

Of course I was driving her crazy. That was the whole point of today. Drive my slave crazy day. It was my intent to keep her on the cusp of release all evening long. It was time to alter her stimulation; go from pure sexual to a mixture of pain and sexual. I left her hanging there while I went into the bedroom for her blindfold, her whip, one of her larger butt plugs and her ben-wa balls. I started by placing the blindfold over her eyes. Putting some lube on her plug, I slowly pushed it into her dark cavern, struggling a bit to get it past it's widest diameter before I finally conquered her anal ring and it popped the rest of the way inside with her giving a slight groan as it did so.

"I appreciate that you've been working with these ben-wa balls," I told her, "but I don't think you've done so with a plug in your ass and your legs stretched so far open. Let's see what happens now?"

I pushed each one in her pussy, holding my hand beneath her until I was certain they would not fall out on their own. I could see her concentrating on constricting her kegel muscles to avoid losing them, a little harder to do with her legs outstretched. I stood up and gave her a little spin. As Mistress Olivia had suggested, she became a little disoriented and her hands went to her shoulder rings and grabbed the cables holding her suspended, searching for a point of reference. Turning on the Vibe again, I began to twitch the leather strands against her as she spun, striking different parts of her body as they went by. I wasn't particularly careful about where she was struck, only the force. Like always, I did not want to harm her, merely to tease her with the stinging blows.

At one point, she asked permission to cum and I stopped the Vibe and all lashing until I was sure that she was far removed from the tipping point. Once more she gave a whimper of frustration at being denied her release. When her breathing was close to normal, I restarted the Vibe and spun her in the opposite direction, applying the whip to the new parts of her body thus exposed with the altered spin. During one strike upon her mound, she lost concentration, released the pressure in her PC's and dropped her ben-wa balls. I stopped the Vibe.

"Tsk, tsk, slave. You should be focusing more on retaining your balls and less on your climax."

"I'm sorry, Master. Please don't punish me more."

I was already tormenting her, as much from her orgasm denial as from the light whipping. Why would I want to do more? I stopped her spin and reinserted the balls, telling her to do a better job of keeping them inside her 'hot, juicy cunt' and with a quick swat of my hand on her beautiful ass, set her to spinning again. Restarting the Vibe, I continued taking swipes of all the lovely parts of her parading before my eyes. After one lash stung her moist folds and set her dangle to chiming, she lost them both again.

She begged me to let her cum.

"Master, please let me cum. I don't think I can stand it anymore. Please, Master."

Instead, I turned off her Vibe and stopped her spin.

"It's obvious to me that you're no longer paying attention to keeping these balls inside of you slave. Perhaps you can do better if you're upside down," I said.

"Please, I'm begging you, let me climax, Master. I need to cum so bad."

"I don't think so, slave. You haven't done all that well with even some simple instructions to keep these inside of you. One shouldn't reward a slave for disobedience. It would set a bad precedent. No, I think we have to put you upside down for now. Maybe if you can demonstrate you're a good slave, you can be given permission to spend."

I left her hanging and got her suspension boots. Removing the spreader bar, I put the boots on, then lowered her to the ground and laid her on her back. I disconnected the suspension cables from her shoulders, put the spreader bar on the suspension cables and hooked them to the boots, hoisting her upside down, legs spread. Hooking her arm cuffs to a D-ring at her waist, she was flying blind upside down. I touched her cunt as I removed the dangles from her labial piercing and she shuddered. I ran my hand from her sex down her abdomen to the breasts, giving her nipple a twist and a pull. The Vibe was restarted and I picked the whip up again. Giving her another spin, I could see her trying to anticipate where I would strike next. I watched her turn, her beautiful body exposed in all it's glory, front, back, sides, no part of her unhidden from me.

The lashes snaked out, flicking against her breasts. A quick gasp and a flinch, what little she could move. Mostly a jerk of her stomach muscles causing her upper torso to lift upwards. The Vibe protected her clit, but I still had access to the rest of her cunt and I sent a quick flick against her moist folds. A deep moan followed, I wasn't sure if it was of pain or pleasure.

"Master, please let me cum."

Okay, pleasure then. "No slave, you can't." I turned off the vibe again. She'd been hanging for close to two and a half hours, now. I'm sure she was ready to explode now if I allowed it. Spinning her again, I went back to the bedroom and got her Womanizer. I knew that she was in a state of suspense regarding what was going to happen next. She couldn't be sure where I was, what I was getting or what was going to happen next. Setting it down for the moment, I stopped her spinning, removed the We/Vibe and grabbed the dildo once more. Her head was hanging down by my cock so I fed it to her mouth.

"Show me how much you want to cum, slave. Prove you want it."

She inhaled my prick, sucking it deep. I had been hard for at least the last hour as I teased my slave, keeping her needy and wanting. When I felt her lips wrap around my shaft, I plunged the dildo into her spongy pussy and turned it on. She was hanging high enough that I could lick her cunt without bending, and my mouth went to work on her clit while the dildo plowed her liquid heat. Despite my working her furiously, she maintained her concentration on my cock, taking it deep. I was aroused beyond belief and knew I wouldn't last long. She swirled her tongue around the crown while I thrust into her throat and that was it for me; I discharged into the sucking warmth of her mouth.

Not fifteen seconds after I first started spurting, she pulled off me to beg, "Master, let me cum. Please! Let me cum."

"Cum for me slave."

Her body began shuddering and I saw the pulsations of her cunt like a hungry little mouth dilating and contracting as she moaned into her release. I grabbed the Womanizer and pushing back her folds and exposing her clit, applied it to her little nubbin. Her orgasm never stopped.

"I'm cumming! God, I'm cumming. Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming!"

Her body was trembling and shivering, despite being upside down and hanging from her feet, it was shaking like an aspen leaf in the wind. The look on her face was priceless. I don't know why, but the sight of my wife climaxing, the expression of her face, there is no more beautiful sight in my eyes. Which is why I had to keep her in that state of orgasm for another four to five minutes. I stopped not because she quit cumming but because the waves of muscular contractions in her stomach would be aching in the morning. When her spasms stopped, she hung there limply, just breathing in gasps, trails of her pussy juice dripping down her abdomen.

I unhooked her arms so that she could protect her head as I lowered her to the ground, and she just lay there, still trying to catch her breath, her muscles still refusing to work. I unhooked the spreader bar and removed the suspension boots and she barely acknowledged I was touching her. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed and she just curled into a ball, still breathing hard. I climbed into bed with her and pulled her against my stomach, spooning her while caressing her breasts.

"That looked like it was quite good," I said. "Can you tell me what it felt like?"

She took a couple very deep breaths and slowed her panting.

"At first, it was just rapid fire orgasms, one right after the other, the next starting as soon as the previous one died. But they soon merged into one long climax that never stopped. It just went on and on. I would have asked you to stop, but I couldn't catch my breath. It never became painful, nor over sensitized the way they can when using something directly on the clitoris, it's just that I needed a pause, the waves were so demanding. I couldn't breath, my abs were fluttering like bird wings; they got tired from contracting so much. Damn! You should have let me cum earlier. Maybe this wouldn't have been so exhausting if you hadn't kept me on the edge so long, Master." The 'Master' was said with a hint of sarcasm.

"But was it good?" I asked.

"It was incredible, but at the same time, I don't know if I could take another one. At least not soon. I've got no energy left. Right now, I can barely move. I feel helpless. You know me; I hate feeling defenseless."

She turned into me and kissed me. "It was incredible though. Just don't do it again any time soon. I'm not sure I could take it so soon after this one."

That was the way we fell asleep; our arms around each other, legs intertwined, her breath soft against my cheek.

After rising the next morning, we showered and shaved and I fed my little slave. Had to keep up her strength for the full three days. I had her upside down (why did I like her upside down so much; I still haven't figured that one out, yet) on the St. Andrews Cross and was massaging her breasts and licking her cunt when her phone rang. All of her work numbers had a distinctive ring tone. When you're a police officer, you're never totally off duty. The rest of her calls we could ignore during our weekends, but not for anything work related. Since she was tied up, literally, I picked up the phone and noticed it was Morris, her partner for the last four years.

"It's Morris," I said.

"Pick up," she said.

"Hey, Morris. What's up?"

"Is Marcia there? He asked.

"She's a little tied up right now, can I take a message?"

"It's really important. Can you bother her?"

I gave it about a minute like I was looking for her, then held the phone up to her ear.

"Hi, Morris. What do you need."

"I'm having a few people over this afternoon at 1:30 PM, very important. I want you there, you and Sam both. Please, can you come?"

"Who's coming? What's this about?" She asked.

"A bunch of the usual suspects. I'll tell you what it's about when you all get here. Please tell me you'll come."

"Of course, Morris. If you need me, I'll be there."

"Thanks, goodbye." Morris hung up.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"I don't know. Pretty mysterious."

"Pretty mysterious ...."

"Pretty mysterious, Master."

"That's better. Now where were we?"

"I believe you were licking my cunt, Master, and fondling my tits."

"I believe you're right. Let's get right on that."

We kept playing until 11:30, then stopped to clean up and eat. I told Marcia that she had wear her butt plug and to put her We/Vibe on, and to expect it to be turned on at random and that she needed to be very good at hiding her orgasms as these people knew her very well. Even though I was giving up some of my play time, I still expected her to be available for my games.

Twice, I turned it on during the trip to Morris's house. I only left it on for about three minutes each time, but I wanted her to be both used to it coming on and perhaps close to an orgasm. I thought it would be deliciously evil if she had one around all of her friends. When we got there, not everyone was there yet, so Morris got us each a beer and we had a seat to await the others. I turned on the Vibe again and got a dirty look from Marcia, so I left it on. Morris appeared pretty edgy to me. Finally, his other friends arrived and he had us all sit down.

Morris stood for a few moments, not saying anything and I was really starting to wonder what was going on. Finally, he said, "There's no easy way to say this, but I'm dying." I thought he was joking and expected him to break into laughter at what would have been kind of a sick joke, but he stayed serious. I looked at Marcia. She didn't think it was a joke. She looked stunned.

"Morris, no! Please tell me that it's not true," Marcia said.

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