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We Are All Animals


Edited by Scalia

Well here, we are again. Another story for you to comment on, this one is an allegory I hope you like it.

The vista from my home is one of the most beautiful on earth. Wide gently rolling grasslands with azure skies and cloudbanks that reached to the heavens. My mate, Timet, had returned from a hunting trip. She is the best. I of course spend my days watching the kits and lazing around. My name is Ben. It is a good life for a king.

However sometimes things are not as idyllic as they appear. The kits were ripping into their mom's latest catch and making a fine mess of it. I on the other hand strolled to the den as I could hear the sounds my mate makes when she is having sex.

The low growl and hissing, Timet, is very vocal when she is getting a seeing too. She couldn't even wait until I woke up from my midday nap. She is always in heat when she comes back from her hunting trips. Says the thrill of the chase and bagging the game gets her juices flowing. Can't really blame her. After all, it is only her basic instinct. I just wish she would show a little decorum and not do it around the kits. Maybe show me a little respect in the bargain. Some king I've turned out to be.

Time to put a stop to this. For all my bulk I can move quickly and quietly when I have need. Did I mention I'm only one hundred and sixty eight centimetres and weight in at two hundred and eighty kilos? I have a fine head of hair; you could say it is my mane attraction. All the ladies swoon at my animal magnetism. Makes no difference though all I want is for Timet to swoon over me.

There is Timet with her ass presented to Carl. He is just going as if he'll never get to do this again. "Slow down you stupid ass, your angle is all wrong. Fuck don't tell me you squirted already I'm not even there yet." Timet is pissed. It seems Carl isn't very good at pleasing the ladies.

Although he has already cum Carl does not slow down. But I don't think he is listening to her: "Bite my neck you fucker! I said bite my neck!" Timet is so angry you can smell it.

I pad into the den and buffet Carl off my mate. "Just what do you two think you are doing?" I roar. At this point Carl is shaking the cobwebs from his head. It seems I hit him a little too hard.

"What does it look like numb nuts?" Timet hisses at me. "You lazy assed bastard! If you didn't sleep all day, it would be you fucking the shit out of me. You know how I get after I go hunting. But oh no! Not the king! He can't even be bothered to shag his mate when you know she needs it. So Carl stepped in to do your duty."

"Well Carl, it would seem I need to educate you in how to do it properly. Timet raise that ass, you're going to get fucked."

Timet raises her ass and looks back at me with a smug look of, "It's about time you fucked me baby, you know this pussy is yours, come and take it back."

"Carl you watching? Good! You don't get lessons like this every day, so pay attention. First you insert your cock in the bitches opening like this." I slam my cock into Timet and hold it there. Timet growls in appreciation. "Now you press down on her shoulder to hold her in place because if you do this right she will be like a leaping gazelle by the time you are finished." I press down on her shoulder blades forcing her face into the ground. I get a satisfying hiss from my mate. "Then it is slow powerful thrusts. There should be a bounce from your mate and a feeling you are driving her forward. And for god's sake when she tells you to bite her neck do it!" I proceed to put action to words as Timet starts squirming and hissing out her arousal. In and out driving her hard enough to inch us cross the den. Timet's growl starts out low and soft, by the time I have given her thirty strokes she is cursing invective that must be heard across the Serengeti.

"Bite my neck you bastard! Fuck that pussy! Whose pussy is it?" Timet is in the throws of heat by now. I do not relent as repeatedly I thrust into her. Finally, when she is mewling like a kitten, I thrust one more time and dump my essence into her.

"That Carl is how you mate with my mate. If you can't do it properly, I would suggest you don't do it at all." With that, I leave the den and go get something to eat. Carl takes my place and I notice he has learned from my instruction.

Hours later, as I watch the sun set over the majestic scene of the western Serengeti, Timet comes out to sit with me.

"You aren't angry with me are you Ben? You know I only love you, it's just that I get so worked up while I'm out hunting and I needed release and you weren't there to give it to me. Carl isn't the lover you are Ben, and I know I won't be have his kits with your swimmers inside me."

"How can I be angry with you Timet? You are just reacting to your basic instinct. I might as well be angry at the clouds for rain."

We lay there looking at the clouds turning a light red off in the distance. "I hear that the two legs have but one mate and they do not mate with anyone else. I wonder what that would be like."

Timet looks at me as if I am strange: "I saw the way you looked at my sister when she brought in that Gnu the other day. She is almost into her heat cycle and I know you will be taking a poke at her in the next few days Ben. Don't fight your nature Ben; we are all creatures of our nature."

"Yes we are all just animals Timet. I just wonder if there is a better way, that's all."

Timet smiles, "I had a two legs the other day Ben. It tasted a little like chicken, too stringy and not enough meat on its bones.

The sunset and the world turned winter would be coming soon and we would have to move with the herds. You can't change the nature of an animal but I wonder if there is a better way?

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