tagIncest/TabooWe Didn't Know

We Didn't Know


His big hands gripped her tiny rib cage as she rode him hard and steady, his mouth found her small but perfect breasts. Her tiny pink nipples were rock hard agaisnt his tongue and she shuddered at the sensation. Her hands, marked with black X's to indicate she was under 21, kneaded into his shoulders as she bucked up, a yelp of a moan escaping her full lips. He was so hot right now, this little 18 year old stranger from the club was just the thing to get his mind off the conversation he and his dad had had earlier, he still couldn't believe that his dad had proposed to a woman his son hadn't even met yet. And she had a kid too. They planned to all meet tomorrow, but tonight was about sweet release, and this brunette beauty was going to give it to him. Her long wavy hair fell down her back as she leaned her head backwards, shoving herself harder against him, taking him deeper than he thought was possible.

"Oh god, oh god, yes, Justin, fuck me!" she moaned hoarsly and he could no longer take it.

He grabbed her hips and pushed her back onto the bed, thrusting himself deeper into her, fucking her as hard and fast as his hips would go. Her cute face contorted as she screamed his name, moaning and panting she screamed louder and louder, the slapping sound between them nearly pushed him over the edge as he kept pounding her tight hole over and over.

Her pussy squeezed his cock tighter than before as she came hard, he finally let loose, shoving himself deep inside her with a few more thrusts before cumming himself.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned, as he collapsed on top of her, spent.

His softening dick still inside her as she ran her nails up his back, moaning into his ear.

"Mmm, that was the best fuck I've ever had!" she purred.

He smiled and rolled over, satisfied. She bent down and sucked their mixed juices off his dick and he groaned lightly, thinking this was the hottest chick he'd ever been with.

"Mind if I shower before I go?" she asked, propping herself up.

He nodded, pointing to the attached bathroom, watching her tight little body go as she went to wash herself off. He leaned back and sighed. Tomorrow was the day he would meet his new step-mother and step-sister, but tonight he didn't have to think about that.

The next day he woke up and sighed. He smiled thinking of the night before, that tight little babe wrapped around him. He felt himself stir and reached down, stroking himself to climax with thoughts of last night. Reaching over to grab a tissue to clean himself up he noticed the time.


He jumped up and got ready in a hurry, a quick shower, teeth, deodorant. He grabbed some clothes from the floor and ran out the door, grabbing his keys. He drove to the cafe, half dazed. He couldn't believe he was meeting his future stepmother and step sibling all at once.

He parked the car and smiled at the hostess as he passed, looking around for his dad. He spotted him near the back, sitting at a table, two women with dark hair sitting there with him, their backs facing the door. Waving he made his way over. His dad stood and met him with a hug and a laugh. He hadn't seen his dad this happy in a long time.

"Justin! Good to see you, son!" his father boomed, slapping him on the back.

Justin smiled and turned back to the table. His father touched the taller woman on the shoulder

"Son, this is my fiance, Rebecca. Honey, this is Justin!"

Rebecca stood up and smiled at him, she was very attractive for an older woman. Slim figure, gentle face, dark hair cut just above the shoulders and bright blue eyes. He smiled at her, those eyes seemed so familiar.

"It's so great to finally meet you, Justin!" She smiled warmly and gestured to the other girl at the table. "And I'd like you to meet your step-sister to be.... this is my daughter, Molly."

Molly stood and turned slowly. It took him a few seconds to take her all in, her hot body, her sweet and beautiful face, the X's still on the backs of her hands.

"Holy shit..." he mumbled to himself.

She took him in as well, smiling. "Hi!" She said with no indication that she had any idea who he was.

He was baffled, she seemed so cool and collected, he could barely get the word out. "Hi....."


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