We Must Continue


Samus managed to wonder how the creature knew how to form such an appendage, furthermore how it knew what she wanted. These thoughts were quickly banished as it moved toward her once more and quickly filled the void of the hunter's sex with its newly formed cock. Samus let out a wanton lustful moan and began to buck her hips against the parasites. Its penis filled her completely only stretching the hunter a bit. It felt so warm and wonderfully hard, so much better than the cold metal of her suit's subroutines. She was somewhat wishing that her hands and legs were not restrained so that she could wrap her legs around her lover's waist and her arms around its back. Her body started to squeeze at the parasite's phallus, pulsing and pulling at it as it was thrust up and down inside her.

Samus was then moved to lean forward and kiss the parasite herself, tonguing its mouth and moaning into it as she was vigorously fucked against the wall. The creature responded by increasing the speed and intensity of its hips as they bucked and bounced under her. The sound of its hips colliding with the hunters was amplified by the sound of the hunter's ass smacking the shower wall behind her. Samus let out a passionate moan and gasp with every push the SA-X made into her, all thought of why this was happening had left the hunter's mind, all that mattered now was that blazing inferno in her belly being put out somehow.

Samus could feel her orgasm beginning, her inner muscles began to pull at the creature's cock, milking it, coaxing its release as well. A river of moisture began to pour from her sex while they were connected to each other, she lulled her head back and closed her eyes as she let out a silent scream. She gasped and panted as her orgasm washed over her like a wave. The SA-X seemed to detect this as well as it thrust its hips hard and kept still as it began to ejaculate directly into her womb. Samus felt this warmth rush into her and the intensity of her orgasm changed from a wave washing over her to a dagger ripping into her. She let out a loud scream of perfectly balanced pain and pleasure, accompanying it with a few passionate explicative expressions. The feeling of the parasite's seed filling her womb was too incredibly good for Samus to consider what had just happened. The creature took Samus's head in its hand and began to kiss her again, lustfully tonguing while it gently bucked its hips with every pump of hot fluid it filled her with.

Samus had never felt more satisfied in her life, the blaze inside her had been doused by the creature's seed and reduced to a smoldering ember. She could barely register what was going on around her but noticed that it was still quite difficult to move, still weakened by the ice binding her and the most intense orgasm of her life. The SA-X moved back as its penis slipped out of her body and pumped a few more streams of its hot cum over Samus's naked, sweaty body. Its semen was bright orange-yellow and seemed to be the same consistency of the X parasites themselves. Its warmth actually felt soothing as Samus slowly slipped into unconsciousness, the last thing she saw before all went black was the creature walking out of the shower.

She awoke on the shower floor, her wrists and ankles sore from the ice that bound her. She stood up slowly, her legs buckling as she rose, still feeling a little stunned from the thorough mating she had just received. As she rose she could feel a bit of discomfort inside her body. She looked around and saw her Zero suit lying where she left it when she disrobed. She unstably walked back to her control console in the front of the ship. "Adam, I need a complete diagnostic scan on my body." She ordered.

"Acknowledged, commencing." replied the computer, a series of laser beams began to trace over Samus's body forming a grid pattern that scanned her. "Samus, a few hours ago I detected a 24 kilogram mass leaving the ship."

"Adam, doesn't this ship have the ability to detect intruders?"

"Yes, Samus, I have detected no intruders in this ship since the creatures from the Biologics Research Station took refuge here."

"And that 24 kilogram mass, what was it?"

"I am unable to determine that, Samus" The hunter's dread climbed, though the SA-X decided to spare her life, it was obvious that there was some sort of ulterior motive behind its desire to mate with the hunter.

"Samus, I have detected an anomalous mass and substance located inside your vaginal canal and uterus. Part of it appears to be sealing your cervix and the rest appears to be working its way into your reproductive system in a similar manor to sperm." The hunter placed a hand on her stomach, the SA-X had intended to impregnate her all along. Her fear climbed even higher as she swallowed a lump of anxiety. Samus then explained to the computer what had transpired hours before.

"Is there anything I can do to counteract the SA-X's sperm before I'm impregnated?" Asked Samus fearfully.

"Unclear, the substance blocking your womb has not only closed off your cervix, but has also safeguarded your entire reproductive system from outside interference. Should conception take place, nothing short of your death will stop the SA-X's offspring from gestating. "

"What about the Metroid vaccine, will that do anything?"

"The presence of antibody cells is significantly lowered inside the uterus, it is not likely it will have much of an effect, also given the amount of reproductive fluid the SA-X deposited inside you, the likelihood of conception is quite high. The SA-X could not have timed this assault better"

"What do you mean?"

"Samus, your ovulation cycle began yesterday."

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