We Submit


Story of compulsion, submission, completion, and wife shared.

Stefan is very dynamic and has that animal compulsion that attracts women and interests men. Large, muscled, lots of hair, mustache and beard. He has a charisma that makes you want to go along with him and do what he wants.

Megan had invited him to dinner and just informed me that Friday afternoon. Well, we often have guests, so no real surprise there, but a little regarding Stefan. We had a good, light meal, with lots of wine. Megan didn't seem to notice as Stefan, sitting next to her, kept her glass full, and she was getting pretty well loosened up by the time we finished.

We moved to the living room and decided to sample some Brendan's Irish Cream, which also goes down very easily. Stefan sat next to Megan on the couch, and he was close and closer as time went by, going so far as to hold the glass to her lips to keep her drinking.

His left arm reached around her left shoulder as she sat to his left, while the right hand guided her glass. They were thigh to thigh, and her summer dress had slipped up quite a bit. I could see her white panties, as I sat across from them. To my amazement, her crotch was wet, clinging to her labia. He was turning her on big time, it appeared. His arm casually drooped down and his hand was now touching the top of her breast, which she either didn't notice or didn't mind. On the other hand, I knew that she got horny when she was drinking, so it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise.

He was busy flattering her, admiring her dress, and looking down at her dress, realizing how far up it had slid. He gave her the glass and put his hand on her near thigh, bluntly asking her if she was showing off just for him. She looked down as his hand slid up her thigh and pushed the dress all the way to her hip, showing her panties and the big wet spot.

To my utter amazement, and, I hope, to the surprise of Stefan, she replied "Yes." Then she turned to him and started kissing him. Stefan wasted no time, took her glass and put it on the table, and moving his hands to her shoulders, pushed her down on the couch as he lay down atop her, kissing her deeply. He shifted position to move her legs apart and lay between them, then moved his right hand to her breast and started fondling and tweaking it. She moaned and wrapped her left leg up over his hip, thrusting up against him.

I was so shocked I couldn't move or say anything, as Stefan looked like he was taking my wife right in front of me. She was moaning and pulling him against her body, looking for all the world like his dick was in her, fucking her. After a minute or two, it was pretty obvious that if this was going to stop, it was up to me, because neither of them showed the least sign of halting their foreplay.

But Stefan beat me to the punch. He broke free of her kiss, looked at me, and ordered me, "Show me the bedroom." With that, he pulled free, stood up, and picked up my wife in his arms, her dress now pushed up to her waist. He turned to me and looked at me, defying me to defy him.

I quickly stood up, in shock and even in awe, and turned towards the hallway and led down to the master bedroom. Stefan was right behind me, and as we entered, he told me to pull the covers off the bed. I did, and he put my wife down into a sitting position, then simply took the bottom of her dress at her waist and pulled it up and off. My wife had a light bra on, showing very erect nipples, and her panties and slip-on shoes. It took Stefan but a moment to pull her bra up and off, as she raised her arms again to aid him. She kicked off her shoes as he pulled up to a standing position, then slid her soaked panties down and off, then tossed them to me with a big, malevolent grin, knowing that if it had gone this far, nothing and nobody, especially my wife, was going to stop him.

But as if that wasn't enough, he ordered me further. "Sniff those panties. You know she wants it. Now STRIP!" I quickly obeyed orders, knowing my wife's odor of lust as it filled my nose from her panties, as well as now in the room. She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs, showing her shaved mound, all wet with her secretions. I removed my clothes as Stefan did the same. We both watched Stefan as he pulled down first his pants, showing his boxers sporting a large bulge, then the boxers, revealing what he planned to plug into my wife, a large erection, thick and hard.

But Stefan was in charge. He ordered me over to between her legs and told me to taste her and feel her so that I had no doubts she wanted him. I moved in and tasted her vaginal secretions, that combination of musk and honey. She moaned with pleasure as I ran my tongue up over her clitoris, then down to her vagina, and a quick spasm pushed more fluid onto my tongue.

"Enough. Get on the bed and watch." I obeyed. Stefan climbed onto the bed, pushing my wife back to give him more room, then lifted her hips and dragged her up to his penis as he knelt in front of her. Moving his hips, he pushed the head against her perineum, then slowly slipped it up and across her vagina and spread her labia, wetting himself with her pussy juices.

He did this several times, and then he slowly pushed into her opening, her vagina spreading to accommodate his girth, and he slowly, slowly, in one long thrust, entered her completely. She accompanied this action with a series of moans, ohs, and yeses. As he bottomed out, she give a slight squeal and perhaps had another mini-orgasm. He then pulled out just as slowly, her labia clinging and stretching as if reluctant to let him go. Megan was going a bit nuts, thrusting her hips, trying to keep him inside her, but his hand on her ass kept her under control, as he moved once more to enter her fully.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" This was my wife, my lover, telling another man to screw her, regardless of the fact that I was right there and had nothing to say about it.

"She wants it bad, doesn't she? You suck her tits while I fuck her."

I moved to obey, keeping my eyes on her mound as Stefan slowly sawed into and out of her pussy, his cock shiny with juices, as she looked as wet or wetter than she'd ever been. He was slowly speeding up his rate, to her approval. Then she grabbed my head and pulled my face to hers and starting kissing me deeply, violently, lustily, wanting as much stimulation as she could get. I was now really getting into this, my own penis as hard as it had ever been. I used my free hand to play with her breast, pulling her nipple, pinching it, and squeezing her breast and rubbing it, then moving to the other and doing the same. My other hand kept me supported as the movements of her body became more animated. I realized that Stefan was now pounding her fast and deep, and she was moaning and gasping as we kissed. I doubt either of us had ever been that turned on, and that was due to another man taking control and fucking the hell out of my wife as I kissed and fondled her.

Then Stefan came, and there was no mistake about it. He slammed deep into her, stopped and gave a huge yell as he dumped his semen deep inside her. I could feel Megan gasp as each spurt pumped into her, knowing she was stuffed so full of him that every move was clearly felt by her. She burst into her own orgasm at that point, pushing me back as she shook her head back and forth, gasping out her own feelings and squirming up against Stefan. Stefan took that as a sign to resume fucking her, and volume of wetness, both hers and his now made it a very wet, sloppy sound, his balls slapping wetly against her.

I don't know if Megan passed out or just got beyond the ability to moan and move any more. She came to a rest, exhausted, I guess. Stefan pulled back from her, just dropping her hips to the bed, done with her.

Now came the totally unexpected and scary part. "Now it's your turn. Face your wife and get your ass over here."

I turn beside my wife, watching her face, eyes closed, glowing, smiling, silent. Next thing I knew, Stefan wiped his hand over her pussy and stuck his hand in my crack, wetting my asshole as I looked back over to see what he was doing. My God, what was he planning? Unfortunately, it was only too easy to guess. He scooped up another three fingers of semen dripping from her pussy and again applied it to my ass. Then he started to push his finger in, wetting and opening my ass, rubbing in and out. One move application and insertion, and Stefan was ready for the next step.

"Get into 69 position over your wife."

Still operating as a near automaton, I did as he said, deep inside horrified knowing that he was planning to fuck my ass. Sure enough, he walked around the bed and got onto it behind me. Looking down between my legs, I saw him fondle Megan's face, stirring her to open her eyes. "Watch this, darling. Maybe you want to play, too."

Then he used his legs to spread mine wider as he moved between them, straddling Megan's head and pushing the head of his (still?!) hard cock against my ass. I more or less lost my balance at this, my head going down between my wife's legs, face to face with her dripping, reddened, engorged, and gaping pussy. But I had no time to admire it as the head of his cock started slipping into my asshole. I automatically tightened against this intrusion, but a sharp slap on my ass got my attention, and suddenly felt the head pop in. He was not as gentle with me, as it took him only two or three strokes to enter me. My God, again. I had never felt anything like that before. I was full beyond belief, feeling like I needed to take the biggest dump ever.

"Lick that pussy!" I felt his hands pull me back, and my face was literally in her pussy, between the lips and wet. Just then he pulled back and slowly thrust in again. I felt my nose go down and push into her vagina. I quickly realized I'd better move and get in control, or I drown in their cum. I pulled up a little and put my mouth over her vagina, tasting her fluid and his semen mixed. I got a huge emotional jolt from the thought of tasting another man's cum inside my wife. I also got a big jolt in my ass as he thrust in harder.

Then I felt my wife's hands pushing her breasts up against my cock as it pointed down between them. She trapped it between them, and Stefan's thrusts made a massaging movement as I fucked her breasts as he fucked me. Something flipped in my brain, and suddenly I couldn't get enough of this, just like Megan couldn't get enough of him fucking her. I greedily lapped at her pussy as she squirmed and squeezed in response, causing more semen to flow from her and into my mouth. My cock was being massaged in the most wonderful way, and I know I was leaking like mad. And my ass was so full and getting stimulated, to my horror and to my delight.

Things moved faster and faster, my wife had another orgasm, and I shot off between her breasts. Stefan kept going, and I don't how long it took. I kept slipping my cock between her soaked breasts, now almost indistinguishable from being inside a pussy, and enjoyed her refreshed scent from her last orgasm, tasting mostly her now. Then Stefan repeated his performance of coming. He grabbed my hips, pushing me as hard as he could with his thrust, and yelled again. I could feel every spurt at the ring of my asshole as semen pumped thru his cock past the opening of my ass and deep inside me. He must have cum another gallon, from my reckoning, feeling his cock pulsing inside my ass. The pounding and feel on my prostate kicked me off again, and I again squirted out my own semen onto my wife's chest. I couldn't believe that there was more in there, but there was.

Finally Stefan pulled out of me, leaving me feeling both as if I just taken a big shit and feeling like I really needed to take another one. I gasped, and I slid forward, down off the bed and dashed into the bathroom and onto the toilet. Just in time. I gushed out his semen into the bowl. I had never felt like this in my life, totally turned on, totally disgusted that I'd been fucked and was dumping from it, still horny, and embarrassed over my wife's reaction to Stefan and yet thrilled that it had happened.

By the time I'd cleaned up and reentered the bedroom, Stefan had dressed and gone. Megan was still naked on the bed, legs spread, pussy still wet and enticing, and her chest smeared all over with my semen. She smiled languidly at me and just said, "Wow. I wish we'd made a tape of that."

She motioned me over and onto the bed. "Clean me up with your mouth, and maybe we can fuck again."

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