tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWe Take Turns with Amy

We Take Turns with Amy


Forcible rape is a violent crime, usually perpetrated by men who hate women. No woman actually wants to be a victim of forcible rape but a lot of women fantasize about the sex part of it, which would be okay if the violence and the injuries could be eliminated. Amy is one of those women. She is 27 years old and married with no children and she and her husband live in a house in the suburbs He is frequently away on business trips, and during those times, I go and see Amy and we make love. On the most recent occasion, we had arranged for two friends of mine and me to go to her house and "rape" her with no violence and no injuries. We had to plan carefully what we would do and what we would not do because we didn't want anybody to get hurt, pregnant, arrested or to catch a STD.

The scenario was that Amy would go for a walk just after dark, and when she came back, we would be lurking in the shrubbery by the door to her home. The shrubbery is cut so short that only a rabbit could hide in it, but were doing a lot of pretending anyhow. Everything went as planned. Amy unlocked her door and stood there while we stumbled out of our "hiding place" and rushed her into her house. At first, we were all wearing masks but we intended to remove then after we had blindfolded and tied up our "victim".

"Who are you?", Amy asked. "What do you want? Please don't hurt me. I don't have much money in the house but you can have it."

"We don't want your money", I told her. "There are three of us and we are going to take turns fucking you and you are going to suck us all off. We will tie you up so you can't fight us and blindfold you so you can't see us. You do what we say, and don't scream and we won't hurt you."

"Oh, please", she begged. "Don't do those awful things to me. I am a decent woman with a husband. Take whatever you want but don't hurt me. Don't rape me. Don't put your big, hard cocks in my mouth and make me suck you off until you fill my mouth with your hot, delicious cum." That last plea seemed a bit out of character, and Amy giggled when she said it but we were all just having fun.

"We know your hunband is out of town for a week and he can't help you, Amy", I told her. "We have been watching you and we know all about you and we are in charge so don't tell us what to do." The dialogue was so hokey when I said it that I almost laughed. After I gave my speech, we tied Amy's hands behind her, very loosely with soft rope and big knots so she could easily pull loose if she had to. We blindfolded her and removed our own Halloween masks. John picked her up over his shoulder and carried her up to her bedroom while Frank and I followed. Amy cautioned us to watch out for the loose carpet on the stairs, and we reached the bedroom safely, where John put her gently on the bed with a pillow under head. Other pillows were available if we needed them.

"This is my bed", Amy cried. "This is where my beloved husband and I make sweet love. Oh, please don't defile my marriage bed. Don't put your big hard cocks in my hot, wet pussy and fuck my brains out." Amy was doing quite a bit of ad-libbing, but it was all in fun.

"Shut up, Amy", Frank retorted. "Like number one said, we are in charge here and we are all going to take turns fucking you. You can't stop us so, like they say, just lie back and enjoy it.

Amy was wearing her oldest blouse, just one step from the trash can. It had several strategic cuts in it, making it easier for me to tear it off her. "My new blouse", she protested. John fumbled with her bra hook while I unfastened her bluejeans. "You ruffians! Have you no decency? Please leave my clothes on and leave me alone and leave my house." Amy was really getting ito it now, and as I pulled her pants off, I could see her panties were wet in the crotch. It smelled wonderful, and her pussy smelled even better after I pulled off her panites, leaving her naked and blindfolded and her hands tied behing her back.

Besides smelling great, her pussy was beautiful, especially with the juices dripping from it. Amy is a very attractive woman, short, with large breasts and a voluptuous figure. Her face is pretty, with curly, shoulder-length dark brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes which were covered just then with a blindfold. Her nipples, in particular, were large and inviting. I accepted the invitation and knelt beside her and started licking one of them.

"You brute! Leave me alone. Go away." That was Amy's verbal response. Her physical responses were to thrust out her chest to make herself even more available, and to coo her pleasure at what I was doing and the whole role-playing, which was getting to be more fun every minute. Amy's pussy was producing plenty of fragrant juices, showing just how serius her denials were. While I licked one of her luscious titties, I had one in either hand, gently fondling them and feeling the nipples grow erect, one under my tongue and the other under my fingers. I moved my tongue to lick the other nipple, and then switched back and forth. Amy was still cooing her pleasure while thinking up some other names to call me and the other "assailants".

Although Amy was naked, all of us men were fully dressed, having had no reason to undress yet, but then Frank started removing his clothing. We had no absolute schedule of what we would do, except that Amy would suck us all off, I would eat her pussy, maybe twice, and Frank and I would fuck her ass. John is hung like a stud horse, and Amy wouldn't be able to take that in her ass so he would fuck her pussy. Frank wanted to be sucked off first and he was waiting until I got out of his way and started to eat Amy's pussy. That seemed like an excellent idea to me because she was producing a flood of her delightful pussy juices and I knew they would taste even better than they smelled.

I got off the bed and went around and crawled back on the end where I took hold of Amy's feet and spread her legs. Being blindfolded, she didn't know exactly what would happen next but she could feel someone getting on the bed between her legs. The next thing she felt was a pillow being pushed against her pussy, and she lifted her ass off the bed to let it be positioned underneath her. Then she felt me lifting her legs up and placing my shoulders against her thighs and she felt my arms wrapping themselves around her thighs and my hands on her pubic area. We had not tied Amy's ankles to the corners of the foot of the bed because we were going to have to have someone underneath her during the three-way penetration we had promised her. When she felt me getting into position to eat her pussy, she knew what was happening next, but she didn't say anything until I started licking her juices from her pussy.

"You filthy pervert! What are you doing to me? That is where I pee from." That wasn't completely accurate, but it was close. While she was complaining, I sucked all the juices out and started licking the inner surface of one of her outer pussy lips. Before she could say anything else, she felt John getting on the bed and kneeling beside her head. Although Amy couldn't have known who was getting on the bed, his location by her head was a sure sign of what he wanted.

John knelt beside Amy's head and put his cock against her lips. "I've got a nice cock here for you to suck, Amy. Now open up your mouth because I'm really horny."

Amy turned her head away and retorted "Get your nasty thing away from me, you filthy pervert. I am a decent woman."

"C'mon Amy, this is a really nice cock and I know you are gonna like it. Just open your mouth and I will put it in, and you'll see."

Amy turned her face toward Frank, with her lips parted a bit. Frank put his cock between her lips and rubbed it there for a few seconds before Amy turned away. "Oh, you beast! My beloved husband kisses me there and you want to defile my mouth with your filthy thing."

"You know you liked it Amy. It felt good, didn't it? Lick it and it will feel even better."

Amy turned her head back again. This time her mouth was open a little farther and her tongue was protruding. Frank put his cock against her lips again and Amy licked it, then opened her mouth a little farther and Frank slid his cock in about two inches. Her mouth was still open and I could see Amy's tongue caressing the end of Frank's cock. Then she turned her head away again.

"If I keep doing that, you'll squirt your nasty old cum stuff into my mouth."

"It's not nasty, Amy. It will taste really good. You'll see."

"Wellllll, allright, I guess." This time when Amy turned back she had her mouth wide open and her tongue covering her lower teeth, ready to take Frank's cock into her mouth. He pushed it in partway and then she took over, sucking his cock all the way into her mouth. Frank lay on his side then, next to her, and Amy turned her body and started sucking his cock all the way in and out of her mouth.

While Amy had been coyly protesting, her pussy had been humping slowly into my face and producing the delicious juices that I love so much, and I had been feasting. After she started sucking off Frank, she produced even more, much to my delight. I really love eating a juicy pussy like Amy's, partly because of the delicious taste of it, partly because it smells so great and partly because a wet pussy feels so great to my tongue. While eating Amy's pussy, I wanted to devour all the juice she could produce, but even if there were no more, I would still continue what I was doing with my tongue.

What I was doing was licking between one inner pussy lip and its corresponding outer lip. I had started on the outer lip at its origin, below Amy's vagina, and licked up to where the inner lip started, and then let my tongue thoroughly cover the surfaces of both lips. Over and over again, I licked the same surface, advancing slowly toward the end of the outer lip. When I reached it I licked her mons, then came back to where the inner lip ends by joining the other inner lip to form the clit hood. I gently licked the clit hood and was rewarded when Amy's pussy started fucking more strongly into my face.

Amy was really enjoying sucking Frank's cock, bobbing her head up and down, taking the entire thing into her mouth, and then lifting her head so her lips contained only the head. Frank was moaning his pleasure because Amy does a really good job of sucking cock. Suddenly, she removed her mouth from his cock and asked, mischieviously "How do I know you won't squirt a lot of nasty cum stuff in my mouth and make me sick?"

Frank would have promised the world to get his cock back in Amy's mouth. "I promise you that if my cum isn't the most delicious treat you have ever tasted, I will untie you and you can watch the other guys take turns fucking me in my ass." That seemed to satisfy Amy and she took Frank's cock back into her mouth and, seconds later, her head was again bobbing up and down and Frank's cock was again going in and out of her mouth. Frank was the horniest of the three of us. He hadn't gotten any since we had all had a gang shag with another of my lady friends in a luxury hotel suite well over a week ago. He expected to enjoy all three of Amy's holes, and Amy was also in favor of that idea.

So far, I was the only one enjoying her pussy and I was enjoying it very much. Amy was also enjoying it, judging by the way her pussy was fucking my face and by the volume of pussy juices she was producing, but some of both were undoubtedly caused by her enjoyment of sucking Frank's cock. During the last biplay between Amy and Frank, I had started licking the other outer lip, and when Frank got his cock back into her mouth, I was just starting to lick between the inner and outer lips. I covered this pair with the same attention to detail, and licked both lips thoroughly. Again, I licked to the mons and came back and licked the clit hood. This time, I also curled my tongue under the clit hood and gently touched the sweet little clit that was protected there. When I did that, Amy's pussy started fucking my face even harder, and I saw that she started sucking Frank's cock much faster.

Frank was horny and Amy sucks cocks really well and I could see Frank clenching his hands, and straining to avoid cumming too quickly, so he could enjoy Amy's talents for a while longer. It didn't work, however, and I could see his face relax as he climaxed. Amy's face jerked as Frank ejaculated into her mouth, but she knew what to do about that. She continued sucking his cock but more slowly as she milked out his cum. When she opened her moujth, Frank took out his cock and held it while Amy licked off the cum from the outside, after draining everything from the inside.

"There", he said. "I told you it would be good. And it was, wasn't it?"

"Well", she said as she licked her lips to make sure she didn't lose any. "I guess it was okay."

Frank cumming into her mouth and her sucking and licking all his cum had brought Amy closer to cumming also. Her thigh muscles had turned out, presenting her pussy fully to me, and she seemed to be trying to wrap it around my face, she was fucking it up at me so hard. With her mouth empty, she was moaning and whimpering, and I could tell she was ready to cum. I clamped my mouth around her clit and, using my lips as a seal, started sucking on it, while my tongue caressed the sides and tops of that adorable love button. After two minutes of this sucking and caressing, Amy started to cum. Her legs clamped around my temples and oscillated back and forth as she tried to grind her pussy into my face. If her hands hadn't been tied, she would have grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy as she continued to cum. She was crooning incoherently until she climaxed by arching her back and lifting her ass all the way off the bed, and then she relaxed completely and her legs released my head. I licked some of the juices from her pussy but I left most of them because John would soon be putting his big cock in there and she would need all the lubrication she could get.

"If you disgusting perverts are through abusing me, would you please leave? I still think of myself as a decent woman, even though you have had your disgusting way with me." When Amy caught her breath, that was the first thing she said. Amy's legs were sprawled open and John was kneeling in front of her with his condom on, waiting until she recovered enough to take him in her pussy. She had never seen his cock but I had told Amy that John was really hung, and she had expressed her eagerness to take that big cock in her pussy and in her mouth although it would be too big for her ass. John moved forward and put his fingers on her pussy to open it up for him. Amy tried to close her legs but John was in the way.

"You monsters!" Have you no respect for the sanctity of my marriage bed? Would you defile what my beloved husband has always called his own?" That wasn't exactly correct but we all went along with the game.

"Amy", John told her, "you are about to get fucked big time." Then he lay down on top of her, opened her pussy with one hand and held his cock with the other hand as he prepared to enter her. Usually, the woman guides his cock in but Amy's hands were still tied behind her.

Amy was also still blindfolded and still hadn't seen John's cock and didn't know who was going to be fucking her. "Brutes! Fiends! I am a good, decent woman. Must you sully everythwoooooof." She cut off her complaints at the shock of Joh's big cock entering her pussy even a short way. "Owooooo" was her reaction when he thrust still more of it into her. "Aieeee", was her response when the big cock was in her all the way, and she wrapped her legs around his hips and lifted her ass off the bed. "Oh, my God" was what she said when John started fucking her with his first stroke.

That was the only stroke he made because this was going to be a three way. Once John had his cock in her, we were going to roll them over so Amy was on top, then Frank was going to stick his cock in her ass. After the first two men were in place and were fucking her, I would lie down by Amy and guide her mouth onto my cock. This would be harder to do than it was to talk about because Amy was pretending to be recalcitrant, and she couldn't have helped us much with her hands tied anyhow.

"Okay, Amy. We're all going to fuck you at once, so we are going to have to roll over you and the man who is with you now so you will be on top", I told her. I did notice Amy locking her legs around John, and he hugged her tightly around her arms and back so we could roll the two of them over. First, we moved them to one side of the bed so they would end up in the middle. John stroked his cock into Amy's pussy one time, just to be sure she knew what was happening, and she moaned but was otherwise silent.

It was easier than we had thought it would be. John was holding to her upper body and she, although pretending to be uncooperative, was holding to John's legs. First, John leaned to his left and we pulled on Amy and, surprisingly easily, they were both lying on their sides. Then John rolled to his side again, and we lifted Amy on top of him. She grunted as the jolt of the move drove his cock deeper into her pussy, but didn't make any complaints during the process. Once we had finished, that was another matter.

Frank was young and horny and the prospect of fucking Amy in her plump, juicy ass had his cock stiff and ready as he knelt, wearing his condom, between the legs of John and Amy and started applying KY Jelly to her ass. "You perverts", protested Amy. "That is my poo hole. Is there nothing that is too indecent for you to do? How long are you going to continue to abuse me?" Before she could say anything else, John stroked his cock in and out of her twice, and she just moaned and said nothing more.

Putting a cock into an ass usually takes two pairs of hands and Amy's were not available, so I spread her asscheeks and opened one side of her sphincter while Frank, after lubricating his cock, held open the other side of her spincter with one hand and guided his cock with the other. While we were doing this, John lay on his back with his cock all the way in Amy's pussy, and Amy lay still, but not quietly, on top of John. "Brutes. Monsters. Are you so vile and degraded that you would treat a decent woman like that? Are you going to make a sandwhich of me and..? Ooooo." That was the point when Frank inserted the tip of his cock into amy's ass, and thrust in the first two inches. Except for moans, Amy remained silent while Frank plunged the rest of his cock into her ass and he and John began simultaneously fucking her there and in her pussy.

Then it was my turn. Amy was fucking her ass and her pussy back to meet the strokes of Frank and John when I got on the bed next to her and lay down where she could easily reach my cock with her mouth. She thought it was probably me but she wasn't sure until I spoke to her. "Amy, I have a really nice cock for you to put in your mouth. You liked the other one but mine is even better." I put one hand on her head and held my cock with the other but I would guide, not push her head to my cock.

"I don't want to put your nasty thing in my mouth. I kiss my husband with my mouth, and how can I do that if I let you put your dirty thing in there?" Amy didn't really speak that well because she was panting and sighing and because her words were always interrupted by her pleasureable moans as Frank and John fucked her ass and pussy, and she fucked back to meet them.

"It's not a nasty thing or a dirty thing. It's a real nice cock and you will like it a lot. It's nicer than the other guy had and you liked his."

"He tricked me. He said he wouldn't squirt nasty stuff into me and he did. How do I know you won't do the same thing?"

"My stuff is really nice. And my cock is really nice too. How do you know you won't like it until you try it?

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