tagIncest/TabooWe Were Just Teenagers

We Were Just Teenagers


There is an interesting sexual dynamic between a brother and sister when they're close in age, both attractive, and both just discovering their sexuality.

I know that it was confusing for me. She was my baby sister and there was no other girl that I was as emotionally close to, but yet she was one of the most beautiful girls in town. She was my sister. I wasn't supposed to be sexually attracted to her.

"You have to take care of your sister!" Mom used to lecture to me. Then when we got to high school it was my job to defend her and lend a shoulder to cry on when her boyfriend broke up with her.

We double dated. We sat next to each other at the dinner table as the family discussed the day's events. We were brother and sister and yet there were times that I would wake up in the middle of the night with my underwear soaked, having just had a wet dream about her.

I felt that something was wrong with me. I felt that I was some sort of a pervert. It was a little help when my friend Jack, in a drunken stupor, confessed to me that when he came home from a bar, he needed to avoid his sister because he was afraid of what he'd do to her when he was drunk and horny.

At least I wasn't the only deviant one, and I doubted that I would ever do anything so drastic, but it also didn't make me feel any better about myself. It was still wrong and I was still weird.

History and Literature are rife with stories about sisters and brothers. Lord Byron had little contact with his half-sister until he was a young man. Their alleged relationship in adulthood resulted in his self-imposed exile from England. Although Heathcliffe (Wuthering Heights) was adopted, he and Catherine were raised, from an early age, as sister and brother. Their love definitely ruined their lives.

I wont try to rationalize my feelings for my sister. It was not romantic; it was lust.

I remember summer afternoons at our pool with my sister and her friends. The girls were all in bikinis, and I couldn't help but look at all of them; including my sister. She was just as pretty and sexy as any of them.

I also remember hot summer nights swimming in the pool with my sister. I always found nocturnal swimming arousing and swimming with a pretty young girl in a bikini made it even more so. The fact that it was my sister holding onto me in the dark didn't make it any less erotic, only more confusing.

One night after she left the pool and went into the house, I took off my suit and swam around nude. There was no lighting in the pool, not that anyone was looking, so my actions were obscured. I found myself so sexually charged that I had to relieve myself right in the water.

My fantasies during masturbation were also disturbing. Now there were many girls that I fantasized about, but sometimes I would succumb to fantasizing about my sister. It was somehow more erotic, but I always felt guilty about it later.

Sometimes I fantasized about being the girl having sex. Did that make me a homo? Or worse yet, I would fantasize about being my sister and having sex with me. Did that make me a pervert homo?

It is the great cosmic joke that nature makes you a sexual adult long before you mature psychologically. It's an even greater joke that sometimes, sexual urges can be stronger than the incest taboo, and thus my story.


It was a late Sunday afternoon. Our parents had gone out to a function and would not be home till late. That left just my sister and I alone. We were often left alone, so this was not uncommon.

I was in my first year of Junior college, and Trish was finishing up high school.

I lay on the rug in the living room reading a schoolbook. My sister was off in the family room. The book held no interest for me, and since I was a teenage boy, and perpetually aroused, my thoughts were on naked girls.

I was driving my erection into the soft carpet, and fantasizing about Kathy or Julie or whomever, when I felt someone kick the sole of my foot.

"What are you doing?" It was my sister Trish.

"Reading, what do you think," was my curt reply. I looked up without turning my body, since I didn't want her to notice my erection.

Trish is tall with brownish blond hair and green eyes. She has a light Irish complexion with just the right amount of freckles. Being just eighteen, her frame was slight and willowy, but she had ample breasts. That was a genetic gift from our mom. She had been a cheerleader the last few years, and so she had a confidence in her stance. She was dressed simple enough in jeans and a t-shirt.

"I'm bored," she announced.

A smile came to my lips. "Why don't you do your homework?"

"I did it already."

"I don't know what to tell you. I've got to finish this book before tomorrow," I said as I turned back around to my book.

I felt her come close to me. I figured that she would just sit on the couch and pester me, but instead I heard her walk over me and the next thing I knew she was laying on top of me.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm bored," she repeated.

She was lying on her stomach with her head lying on top of her folded arms. "This feels nice."

"You're crushing me," I protested. What was left of my erection was being jammed into the floor.

"Are you saying I'm fat?"

She wasn't fat, by any stretch of the imagination, but being 5'10" she had some mass to her.

"Trish, are you trying to be annoying, or does it just come naturally?"

"You feel nice," she ignored me. "You'd make a nice bed." Then she changed the subject. "I'm bored Danny. Let's do something," she said as she wiggled on top of me.

If this were a girlfriend, I'd have thought that she wanted to fool around, but since it was my sister, I just figured that she was trying to annoy me.

"What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know," she answered inanely.

"I'm not here to entertain you."

"Yes you are. You are here just to entertain me," she exclaimed as she rolled over on her back. She was treating me like some kind of couch.

"Ahhh! That's it," I yelled. She wanted my attention and now she had it. I flipped over onto my back sending my sister flying. I tried to grab for her, but she was too quick. Laughing all of the way, she sprang to her feet, ran across the room and headed up the front stairs to where our bedrooms were, and for the only room with a door that locked the bathroom.

I almost got her as I sprung up the stairs but the bathroom door slammed and locked just in front of me. The only sound I heard was Trish's mocking laughter. I was infuriated.

"I can wait out here all night," I yelled through the door.

"So can I," came my sister's annoying reply.

I went down the hall to my bedroom and sat on the bed. I had a direct view of the hallway if she came out, but then I heard the sound of the shower turning on. In our house, my sister was famous for her hour-long showers.

Fuck it, I thought, and went downstairs again to my book. A couple of minutes later I heard Trish's voice from the top of the stairs.




More silence.

"DANNY!!!" She screamed.

"WHAT???" I screamed back.

"Can you get me the shampoo that's in mom's shower?" she asked nonchalantly.

"Get it yourself."

"I can't. I'm naked."


"Danny please," she cajoled. She knew I couldn't refuse her when she took that tone. No matter how much my kid sister liked to annoy me, I still loved her very much.

I went into our parent's bathroom and searched behind the shower curtain for the shampoo. I spotted one that I normally saw in our shower, and brought it upstairs.

"Trish," I announced. "Is this it?"

The door opened a crack and I could see her poke her head around from behind the door.

"Yes, that's it," she said as she reached her hand out to grab it, but I pulled it away. It was my turn to annoy her.

"Danny!" She protested.

"Come get it."

"I can't Danny. I'm naked."

"Well you're going to have to," I teased.

"DANNY!!!" She screamed. This time she was the one infuriated. I held the bottle just out of reach and laughed. She pulled her hand back and slammed the door shut. I was a little befuddled until the door opened up and Trish burst out wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her.

"Give me the shampoo," she commanded, but I just laughed and then backed into my room with the bottle just out of her reach.

"Give it to me," she repeated as she followed me trying to grab for it.

She held the towel up with one hand and reached for the shampoo with the other. Since the towel was hastily put on it kept falling off her.

I kept backing up until my legs hit my bed. Trish lunged for the bottle, but I just held it up high toward the ceiling.

"Ahhhh," she yelled in frustration. She was leaning into me on her tiptoes. The feel of her body against me was electric.

Now my reaction was a mixture of amusement at her plight, and sheer lust as I was witnessing my sister half naked with just a little towel barely wrapped around her. Her tits were bulging out of their tiny restraint and they jiggled every time she jumped up to try and reach the prize.

"Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea!"

I reached down and grabbed the "hem" of her towel. I didn't pull on it I just held it firm, and the next time she jumped up to get the shampoo, the towel stayed and her nipples poked out of the top. I couldn't believe my eyes. For a second, my sister's tits where right there in front of me.

"Oooph!" she yelled as she grabbed for the towel and pulled it back up. She had no idea what had happened or that it was I that caused her topless act.

"Danny," she composed herself. "This is juvenile. Give me the shampoo." I just laughed at her.

"You want it? Here it is," I taunted her by waving the bottle.

She held on to her towel with one hand and with one Herculean jump, she vaulted for the ceiling. This time I didn't just hold the towel, but I gave it a significant tug.

My sister went up. Knocking me backward. The towel pulled from her grasp, and fluttered to the floor, and we both fell, with me laughing, onto the bed.

"DANNY!!!" She screamed in horror. We were both on the bed: she naked. I was hysterically laughing while I held her on top of me.

"Danny, you did that on purpose," she charged as I grinned like the Cheshire cat. She was so angry that she was hitting me across the chest. I finally let her go. She got up, grabbed the towel, and while she was facing away from me (I got a great view of her pretty little ass) she angrily donned the towel.

But instead of furiously storming off, she chose to stay and chastise me.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You think that's funny?"

I got out of bed, and still smirking, I nodded to the affirmative.

"You're an asshole," she declared as she started to smirk herself. She started hitting me again.

I grabbed her by the hands, and we started to wrestle. I lost my footing, and we landed on the bed again, but this time I was on top. I was also between her legs, and her areolas were just popping out of the top of the towel.

I was only wearing a pair of basketball shorts so my boner was quite evident between her legs. She just lay underneath, staring up at me, and we were both panting.

"You saw me naked," she said to me as serious as hell.

"Yes and I want to again."

She bit her lower lip, and looked up at me with knowing eyes. I had been with enough girls to know what "that look" meant. I started to grind my cock into her crotch. She gasped, put her hand to her mouth, and ground her crotch into my cock.

Her eyes never left mine, and she started to pant again as she answered each of my thrusts with her own. I was up on my elbows with my arms at her sides. When I grabbed the top of the towel she started to breathe even harder. We both starred down as I slowly exposed first her nipples and then her whole breasts. All the time we never stopped grinding our crotches together.

Her breasts were beautiful. Not too large, but well rounded, and she had pretty pink nipples and areolas. My mouth just naturally went to them.

At first I kissed her nipples, but then the lust overcame me and I started to suck on them. I could feel the passion build up in me, and when I looked up to see that it was my sister's tits I was sucking on, it became unbearable.

I didn't know how far she was going to let me go, but I wasn't stopping until she told me to stop. She answered me only with her eyes, and so far, the answer was yes.

I had to feel her pussy. So I rolled onto my side and I slowly ran my hand up her inner thigh. She closed her eyes, and whispered, "Oh God."

I found her labia, her lips and then with my middle finger; I entered her. Trish arched her back, thrusting her tits skyward and her hands clasped my penetrating hand involuntarily. All the while letting out a great exhale.

One finger became two, and resting my thumb on her pelvic bone, I thrust them into her. I felt the spongy wetness that was my sister's pussy. Her hips rocked forward and she panted with every piercing.

Her hand left mine, and frantically grabbed for my dick. First she massaged it through the material, but then she found my waistband. He hand entered my shorts and she enthusiastically squeezed the head of my prick.

I closed my own eyes in pleasure as she stroked my cock. Someone had taught her well. Her hand glided lightly over my skin with just enough pressure. She made sure that she paid attention to the head of my cock as well.

I probably could have came just by her jerking me off. It probably would have been the smart thing to do; both of us masturbating each other to orgasm. But hormonal-fueled lust has a way of trampling all reason.

I could smell her perfume and the light muskiness of her pussy. My next thought was that I wanted to taste her. I started to crawl down her body. Meanwhile my hand left her slit and I started to unwrap the towel. My hands started to shake as I saw her totally naked there in my bed.

Trish knew where I was headed. "Danny don't!"

"Ssssh," I comforted her. I kissed her stomach, her navel and lower and lower until I kissed her pubic bone. Her body was shaking with desire as I kissed the lips of her labia, and then as my tongue entered her. My tongue searched her until I found her clit; swollen with lust.

Her hands ran through my hair, and when they reached the back of my head she pulled me into her farther.

I sucked on her clit as I watched her squirm and arch her back in pleasure. She tasted wonderful, and smelled even better. My hands ran up her sides and cupped her breasts. My thumbs ran over each nipple. Her weak hand left the back of my head and caressed my hand that was caressing her breast.

I always considered oral sex to be a chore that I did to please my girl, but not today. I was enjoying the hell out of getting my sister off this way and was she enjoying it too.

Maybe that was it. Most girls enjoyed oral sex, but you could hardly tell they were getting off. My sister was moaning and sighing and it was getting me even hornier.

I was so full of lust, I couldn't think straight. I watched her pussy and tits heave in desire and all I could think about was how I wanted to fuck her. God, I loved it.

She arched her back again and then she sat up totally involved in her orgasm. She was panting short shallow breaths. And then she collapsed on the bed. Her whole body was shaking as wave after wave of orgasm took her, and she would jerk her body as she had each successive orgasm.

I wasted no time in sliding up between her legs. I wanted to be in her before she gained consciousness, but as my dick entered the lips of her pussy, she snapped back.

"DANNY NO!" She hollered. "Please don't! Please!" I stopped before I really entered her. "You're my brother. We can't do that."

Frustrated I rolled over onto my back. "Oh God." I couldn't do it to her. I wanted to so badly, but I couldn't if she didn't want me to. I did it to my first girlfriend, forced myself into her, and I always regretted it. I lost the girl because I couldn't control myself.

Trish rolled over on her side. She draped her arm and leg over me. He head was on my chest. My cock ached for her to touch it.

"I know you wanted to. I wanted it too, but we can't." She started to lightly run her fingers over my stomach. "You understand, right?"

"I don't like it," I replied, "but I understand."

"Maybe you'll understand this," she said as she started to lightly brush her fingers along the shaft of my cock. She was doing it so lightly, and I wanted her to touch me so badly, that I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my cock, as I forced her to jerk me off. It was wonderful.

She started to do it herself with her head buried in my chest and her leg still wrapped around mine.

"You like this Danny?"

"Oh God Trish, It feels great." She started to jerk me off faster. I was so full of lust, what with going down on my own sister, and the fact that she was naked next to me, jerking me off, that it didn't take to long. I was going to come.

"Trish, suck my cock." I begged.

"Danny, no."


"Please don't ask me."

"I did it for you."

"Oh God." And then I watched as my sister's head moved towards my aching cock, and then she took it in her mouth. It only took a few bobs of her head and I exploded into her mouth.

"Mmmph." She complained as my come filled her mouth, but she kept sucking me off until I was finished. It was one of the greatest orgasms I had ever had. It felt like I had a second and third orgasm as she kept her mouth on me. Working me until I was done.

She rolled over on her back as we both lay there gasping for breath. I could have gotten hard again for her, but she got up without a word, grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself as she headed for the bathroom.

I heard the shower start as I fell off to sleep.

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